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Laura C           

i know, thanks, i agree with you about having his address splashed around the internet, not a good idea, i'm actually laura carter, i just changed my name for some reason, dont know why!
dennis is a real ladie's man though isnt he! he meets alot of people over the years, it must be lonely for him though if he meets a woman/girl holiday maker who he really likes but can't have a future with, he's not with anyone is he? i really didnt agree with the man who said dennis was a p**v!


I dont think Dennis would like his personal info on a web site either.

Louise C           

Loz — Why don't you just write to him direct at the Liberatos, I'm
sure he wouldn't want his address splashed all over the internet
(oh and don't be too disappointed if he doesn't reply, he looked
like the type of guy that could have a different girl every week!!)


Has anyone got Dennis's address for i want to write to him, he's a really nice bloke and theres some things i want to talk to him about, but could you please type it down on the web page for my emailing system is buggered up and i dont really want to give out any personal details ie address, mob number etc.........Can anyone help? (You dont have to if you dont want to)

Laura C           

I TOTALLY agree with 'hulk hogan''Jeremy Jeremy' must have STRONG feelings about this 'Oskars,' Liberatos village rules, a brilliant place to go to if you want a nice, relaxing holiday which includes a greek night, bar, swimming pool and gorgeous, nice staff;a place which you'll never forget, where as 'Oskars' is an restaurant, look 'Jeremy Jeremy' worry about your life, your love life and important things, otherwise it's pretty obvious that 'Oskars' is your life, is it?! Stop bein pathetic!!!
And as for your comment on sayin that the staff has an attitude, well matey, thats where your wrong you've got an attitude, and mind your own buisiness about where people live, in tin sheds or not, at least their not as pathetic as you, OK?! (Do you agree with me people?!)

Laura C           

i went to liberatos village in may for a week from the 18th-25th it was amazing!! the owner george is really nice, and dennis is brilliant, he can really show you a good time and is somebody you will definitly remember when you think about your holiday there, would recommend it to anyone, apart from ederly people due to the steep approach, my step-mum was pregnant at the time so it was diffucult for her to walk down the hill as well, greek night is amazing!! i love you dennis and am moving to kefalonia later on in life, will see you again sweet heart!!
(i love you dennis forever and always, hope you can remember me! xxxxx)

Hulk H           

people, i think it's pretty obvious that "jeremy jeremy" is an employee or owner of Oskars. either that or he or she has too much time on their hands to sit at home and defend a restaurant they went to on holiday. i have to admit he or she is very passionate about Oskars. if only they would be as passionate about their love life maybe they wouldnt sit and write 4 or 5 comments about how they love oskars and hate liberatos.

Fay W           

Just returned last night from Liberatos after having an excellent
holiday. The pool was huge, the snackbar/pool bar was excellent
and the apartments were spacious, clean and everything had
been thought of (including mozzi screens). Nothing was too
much trouble and though I had to report a broken shower hose
to George on the first morning, the handy man was around our
apartment like a shot to repair it! lovely guy!! Only complaint —
Tell people about the loo roll !! we were expecting the maid to
replace it, only to find when your first ‘free’ roll runs out, you have
to buy your own!! we only found out AFTER we had run out!! (we
don't mind buying it as long as someone tells us to start with!!)

Sad to hear about the feud with Oskar's. Didn't notice anything
myself but also didn't eat at Oskars as (due to reports on the
web) it sounded too pretentious. I suppose this is where the
internet has its downside, everyone has different needs and

THAT HILL!!! my partner and I timed it, 5 mins to walk down to the
main resort road, 8 mins to walk back up to Liberatos. Its not the
length, its the steepness! We only used a taxi twice, both times
coming back from a boat trip from Argostolli when we still had
sea legs!! 5 euros all the way back from Argostolli to Liberatos
or 5 euros just to go up the hill, its up to you to work out what's
better value and we'd rather put our money towards good food
and wine!! (Also felt sorry for families with small kids and

All that aside, I absolutely loved the Liberatos Village and would
recommend it to anyone!

Rebecca W           

We got back last Sunday from Liberatos - this was our second time here and like last year we had a super time. We will definatley go back. Dennis is such a nice bloke, he kept the bar open late every night for us and nothing is too much trouble for him - he works very hard. As for comments regarding Oskars - we never saw any papers from the internet last year or this year. I found out there was a 'problem' from Oskar himself when Warren and I were walking down the hill into Lassi one evening. Oskar was parked on the hill and called us over - he gave us leaflets slagging Liberatos Village off saying take no notice of the staff (we didnt have a clue what he was talking about!) Even so we gave Oskars a try. There were 13 of us in total and Oskar asked us when we walked in where we were staying. As soon as we had the meal (which was nice) he gave us all questionaires to fill in (who recommended Oskars? etc).....then he came round with comments from the internet which included Liberatos Village being slagged off. We decided to leave early and Oskar followed us out with the same leaflets he had given us on the hill!!!! Surely this man is mad! (or desperate!) We ate out every night in other restaraunts and NEVER had to fill in forms. He ruined what could have been a good night - we didn't appreciate being hassled. Back to Liberatos - all other staff were great - as soon as we got there George called us over - he is so nice as are all the other staff Gerry, Maria, Ben etc. We cant wait to go back to Lassi and wont stay anywhere else except Liberatos Village.

Lauri A           

I have stayed at Liberatos in may and i loved it !..The accomodation was excellent and staff were spectacular. They would all go out of their way to make sure everyone was happy. As for reading the comments of any "fued" going on between Oskars and Liberatos, i never witnessed anything of that sort, as a matter of fact, it doesnt make any sense, because they are different types of businesses, and in no way have any reason to compete. Everyone is entitled to there own opinions i suppose.
ps. Already re booked for august 2004!!!!!!

Chris C           

I have been to Kefalonia lots of times with Kosmar, I’ve stayed in various Apartments over the years, and on this occasion I am staying at Angelos with a spectacular Sea view.

The Island is very beautiful and the Greek people are so welcoming.

I have been to many places in and out of the resort but when I went to liberatos Village Bar, something horrified me.

Dennis the barman is showing the customers copies of papers from the Internet to create better business for Liberatos. He is giving a bad name to “Oskars Restaurant, Cinema Club, as well as other businesses.

I read these papers and noticed a bad comment about “Oskars” which was sent from the “alleged” Gary Shaw on the 2nd March 2003, then on the 7th March 2003, Mr.Gary Shaw sent one very good comment about Liberatos. This has made me think that there is feud going on.

Over the years I have been countless times to ‘Oskars”, I have always had excellent food and service.

The entertainment is brilliant with traditional Greek Dancing, plus lots of other popular English dance music. The atmosphere is excellent too.

Oskars is a Family run business and they all join in with dancing, etc to create this perfect atmosphere.

My suggestion to everyone is to definitely go to “Oskars”, taste his very palatable BBQ Food cooked in a traditional way.

I wish Oskars the very best for the future and I know they will keep up the good work, as they have done over the years.

They will rise above this Gangster rivalry and continue to go from strength to strength,

Jeremi J           

I enjoyed my stay in Kefalonia. The BBQ at oskars was good value. This is probably better than the one held at the apartments, recommended by the rep. It is also worth shopping arounf fot trips as you can find ones cheaper than Kosmar's (as they take commision!). Liberatos is OK but probably wouldn't stay there again.

Jeremi J           

We found the Liberatos apartments ok but we feel that they could have been presented better ie cleaner and would benefit from being closer to the bottom of the huge hill!!!. Lassi is a pleasent area and we particularly recommend Oskars as an excellent evening out. They make a real effort.

Jeremi J           

we are disgusted with the attitude of the staff at the accommodation and the high prices of the bar and super market.we are not pleased with the kosmar rep giving oscars a bad name .just to boost the liberatos profits. back handers?
try oscars the best nights out in lassi by far. from happy customers at oscars. ps. check out the albanian staff living in a tin shed at the accommodation!!!!!!!!!!!!!


hi all i hope your ok. i can't wait to be back again and i want to know what happened to that bar man who worked from the 14 may untill about halfway through the week?! Jerri i hope your ok now and George cheers for being such a star! ill see you both soon, miss you all. Charlotte xx

Katherine S           

I too just came back from being at the apartments for a week. Our room was great. We chose a quiet room and in general it was. It could have been cleaned a bit more regularly and was a tiny bit run down. However did not change our opinions of the place! Me and 2 friends had a wonderful time. Dennis the barman was particularly nice and we went out with him to a couple of great bars. Thanks to all the people who made our holdiay so much fun. Only warning about the place is that it is a place pretty much for couples and family, not groups of friends.

Gary P           

Just come back from the Liberatos Village and was very impressed with the setup. Our apartment (A2) was spacious and had everything we needed with an excellent view from the balcony. The swimming pool and surrounding area was excellent, probably one of the best I have visited. Fair enough there's a hill to walk up but it's not that bad. The only problem is the price of the shop and bar, sometimes paying x3 what you would elsewhere, what a pity.

Patrick M

i need to know the name of the apartments where i stayed when i went to kefalonia last year heres some info on this apartments;
It had its own pool and tennis courts from the room balcony you could see the runway and beyond that the sea the pools edge was also like a balcony do you know what these apartments are called please email soon if you do

James N           

my wife and i went to kefalonia jun 2000, stayed at some crap little apartments (antonio) with olympic but used the pool at liberatos - george was a really friendly bloke. watch out for dennis as he is a p**v - my wife was 3 months pregnant and he still tried to hit on her even though she told him about being pregnant and where to go!

Sharron S           

I have been to Kefalonia for two years in a row and because Liberatos Village was so excellent the first time we stayed in exactly the same apartments the second time. The beaches are amazing and the apartments are wonderful, althought the hill is a little steep, when you get to the top the view is well worth it!! I would definately stay again.

Lesleigh M

6 ov us girls r going 2 liberatos nxt may. is there much nitelife in lassi, r there any niteclubs or late lively bars? we always go 2 zante but wr fancying a change nxt year.

Liz and jess S           

Got back from Liberatos village a few weeks back and we had the best time ever! Although that steep hill definitely kept the pounds off! Most of all we loved the bar and spent many a night drinking ouzo with Dennis and George! Dennis was fantasic, he certainly looked after us. Dennis - we're sending you the holiday photos so you can put them in the bar! Jerry - get well soon, you were fab also. And as fit as I must say! We'll see you all again soon! The apartments are basic but they all are in Greece. That walk isn't just a little walk and we don't recommened it in midday sun. Bars are ok - get Dennis to take you out, he knows were's he's going xxx

Chris H           

We stayed at Liberatos the last two weeks in May. It's a great place to stay. George and Dennis (you the man!!) were excellent hosts. Nothing was too much trouble. Very relaxing environment whilst we were there. The hill is steep, which may cause a problem for the elderly or disabled but the cabs are cheap and friendly. The kids will love it. Safe pool, great beaches and restaurants nearby. Do explore the Island. The scenery is beautiful. You can hire a car through Liberatos. We've never been so relaxed. We've already booked to go back May/June '04. See you there.

Gillian L           

Why are these apartments being voted the best in Lassi. We spent 14 days here (May-June 2003)and they were never cleaned (by cleaning, I mean with soap and water) - I felt like Hyacinth Bucket - cleaning every day - especially the bathroom which had a leaking sink from us arriving until we left. The small hill/bank people refer to is not small - it is an absolute killer - if you used taxis every day over a period of 14 days you would spend 50 euros getting up to the apartments. We have had far far better accommodation for much less - and not been treated like something on the bottom of the owners shoes because you didn't lie around the pool or drink and buy from their bar/supermarket. The Greeks here are not the most friendly - in fact they can be quite abrupt and rude when they feel like it - we personally would not recommend this village or the area. We looked forward to this holdiay as we had tried to get into the village for a period of 3 years - I really wish we had not bothered.

Charlotte d           

kefalonia is a great island and liberatos is really good george is very friendly. dennis cheers 4 staying all those evenings later than u should so we could drink more! will probally be back 4 u nxt yr wit my parents again.c ya in 2 years when im there to live!!! hill not so good 4 elderly/disabled ppl.

Alison I           

We had a brill time staying at Liberatos. Very clean, lovely surroundings and everyone was very friendly, would recommend it to anyone.


What can I say Liberatos was the best holiday I went on! I went last year in August and it was brill! It was really clean and nice views the walk up hill was not too bad better when parents got a car though! The staff were really friendly George was brill, and Dennis you were a star you gave me and everyone else there a good time and your well fit! I'll definatley will be going back next year this time with my friends so i'll see you then. I recommend Liberatos to anyone unless you have walking difficulties due to the steep approach.


liberatos was ok. but when people say it isnt a big hill. trust me it is. it costed us so much because we always got a taxi up the hill because as it was july it was far 2 hot 2 walk up it. the people there are lovely though and the accomadion is nice too. xxxx


the apartments are a 10-15 minute walk down hill...going up a little longer...fantastic view of the ocean as well...

Amy B

apparments on or very near the beach ?

Charlotte T           

i love liberatos, but he hill was a bit tiring until my parents hired out a car. all the staff are great george is relly friendly and dennis is the best barman ive ever known (gorgeous too) ill see you all at liberatos in 2 years when im back there to live. get well soon jerry the day time barman!!! xx

Aphrodite L           

The Official Web Site for Liberatos Village is ready, you can visit us at, which includes updated photos, message board, & facts about Liberatos Village, & The Beautiful Island of Cephalonia.

See You Soon!
From the Liberatos Family

Wilma J

We have booked the Eleftheria apts in Lassi for 2 weeks next month - I have stayed in Lassi a couple of times before but never at these apts - has anybody out there got any info for me. I will be very grateful if you can help

Carol D           

Stayed at Libertatos Village in May 2002. Excellent accommodation and George, the owner and his family were very nice and made you feel very welcome. Rooms cleaned daily. Shop can be a bit expensive. Sells hot food, breakfast etc. Bar also a bit expensive. Pool cleaned each evening - water very cold though. Always able to get a sun bed by the pool. Apartments are situated up a hill, not as steep as you would think, but not maybe good for elderly, and not situated as high as some apartments. You are within walking distance of beach, shops, restaurants etc. Would definitely go back to these apartments again. Was great holiday for myself, my mother and son and a great family holiday, not a place for the young and lively.

Gary S           

Fantastic place to stay Dennis was brill views were out of this world see pics.

Gerasimos L           

The official Web Site For LIBERATOS VILLAGE is WWW.LIBERATOSVILLAGE.COM Liberatos Village should NOT be mistaken for Liberatos villas, and has nothing to do with the apartments for any booking information please visit our web site or call at Tel. 02671026601 fax 02671026603 Thank You Gerasimos Liberatos

Gary S           

We had a fantastic time,the views from our studio were stunning.Restaurants in Lassi serve good food and are cheap.Phaedra and Sunset restaurant are really good , keep away from Oscars it's cram-em in feed-em and ship-em out ,not really relaxing.

R I           

We stayed at Liberatos in October, it was peaceful, friendly and fun. Never before have I had such a welcoming, relaxing holiday. The staff were very generous and entertaining. The owner, George, is a real gentleman and a fabulous host! Going to Kefalonia?..Stay at Liberatos! Many thanks.

Aphrodite L           

Coming soon the OFFICIAL website for Liberatos Village and Villas WWW.THELIBERATOSVILLAGE.COM

Andrea P

Dear Sirs, we are looking for about 15 studios or apatments from about 16 august to 24 august 2003. Pls inform me about. Regards. Andrea Pezzatini

Eddie R           

We visited May 2000 and ive just got round to doing this (I hoped no one else would find this place.)The views are stunning and the location excellent George the owner was there when we were and Dennis the bar man was really good fun. The greek night was a good atmosphere and all the staff made the night.I have been going to Greece for the last 10 years and this was definetly the best self catering appartments I have stayed in. The unanimous verdict of the guests when we were there was that for the price it couldnt be beaten .One day I will return I hope in the meantime it is not spoiled.P.S we went with Kosmar

Mel K           

Stayed at Liberatos in September. Staff was very polite, rooms clean, and the pool was excellent! Definately would recommend it to all. Cheers!

Laura M           

I fancied Dennis the bar man!! It was really good I went in August this year. It was really clean nice scenery good for any age as it has plenty of entertainment! Good music and friendly staff the barbeque night (thursday) was excellent! I would definitely go back I would recommend it to anybody as they would enjoy it! I will be going back again in the near future!

Sue N           


Angeal S           

I stayed in Liberatos Village for two weeks in 1999. My only complaints are that there was mould on the walls, the showers flooded the bathroom on a regular basis and there were always an abundance of woodlice on the floor. When I visited, the staff were actually the owners children (who are Greek-Americans), and were pleasent enough. It's a good 10 minute walk to the beach and you have to climb a very steap road to get to the Apartments. I'd be inclined to find something better than Liberatos as it's quite expensive for what you get. That was my first trip to Greece so I didn't really know any better.

Polly H           

Cleanliness:Bathroom fitments/floor of studio not cleaned in 2wks,although a repeated request was submitted to Kosmar rep. Quietness:Bar staff appeared to play their choice & at their noise level - loud. Location:Great views,long haul back up after eating out.Taxi charge 4Euros for the ride up.Could end up cheaper to walk into Argostoli with more selection and be charged 4Euros for the return journey. There is only 2 showers in the pool area to use when you are ejected from your studio @ 11am on departure day to clean up, if U R willing to cream up & get a few more rays. These are being used by all guests including guests sitting around the pool. It ends up like a paddling pool.There is no facility for guests departing apart from a few umbrellas by the pool bar to sit and wait for pick up.It can be very uncomfortable it sit there in midday sun for too long.

Polly H

Telephone number for Libertos Apartments: 06710 26 601 602 + Greek dialing out code.

Nicky V

I want to try and contact the Liberatos Village direct and was wondering if anyone has their contact details i.e on a business card, headed paper , bar mat! etc. If you could let me have it I would very much appreciate it.

Keith J           

lovelly place,brill views across bay,large clean pool(always get a bed!),bar bit pricey and so is shop,pleasant walk down to village but you dont want to walk up to often!(unless your a fitness freak!)would definately go again,but go with kosmar they are much cheaper than jmc!

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