Liberatos Village - (Accommodation in Lassi)

Jeremi J           

we are disgusted with the attitude of the staff at the accommodation and the high prices of the bar and super market.we are not pleased with the kosmar rep giving oscars a bad name .just to boost the liberatos profits. back handers?
try oscars the best nights out in lassi by far. from happy customers at oscars. ps. check out the albanian staff living in a tin shed at the accommodation!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Liberatos Village - (Accommodation in Lassi)

Jeremi J           

We found the Liberatos apartments ok but we feel that they could have been presented better ie cleaner and would benefit from being closer to the bottom of the huge hill!!!. Lassi is a pleasent area and we particularly recommend Oskars as an excellent evening out. They make a real effort.

Liberatos Village - (Accommodation in Lassi)

Jeremi J           

I enjoyed my stay in Kefalonia. The BBQ at oskars was good value. This is probably better than the one held at the apartments, recommended by the rep. It is also worth shopping arounf fot trips as you can find ones cheaper than Kosmar's (as they take commision!). Liberatos is OK but probably wouldn't stay there again.

Liberatos Village - (Accommodation in Lassi)

Chris C           

I have been to Kefalonia lots of times with Kosmar, I’ve stayed in various Apartments over the years, and on this occasion I am staying at Angelos with a spectacular Sea view.

The Island is very beautiful and the Greek people are so welcoming.

I have been to many places in and out of the resort but when I went to liberatos Village Bar, something horrified me.

Dennis the barman is showing the customers copies of papers from the Internet to create better business for Liberatos. He is giving a bad name to “Oskars Restaurant, Cinema Club, as well as other businesses.

I read these papers and noticed a bad comment about “Oskars” which was sent from the “alleged” Gary Shaw on the 2nd March 2003, then on the 7th March 2003, Mr.Gary Shaw sent one very good comment about Liberatos. This has made me think that there is feud going on.

Over the years I have been countless times to ‘Oskars”, I have always had excellent food and service.

The entertainment is brilliant with traditional Greek Dancing, plus lots of other popular English dance music. The atmosphere is excellent too.

Oskars is a Family run business and they all join in with dancing, etc to create this perfect atmosphere.

My suggestion to everyone is to definitely go to “Oskars”, taste his very palatable BBQ Food cooked in a traditional way.

I wish Oskars the very best for the future and I know they will keep up the good work, as they have done over the years.

They will rise above this Gangster rivalry and continue to go from strength to strength,

Liberatos Village - (Accommodation in Lassi)

Charlotte W           

We went to Oskars.
The entertainment was great!
The food was great!
The service was great!
What can i say it was great!
Hope to go there again soon.
Charlotte Walker

Liberatos Village - (Accommodation in Lassi)

Dawn R           

Oskars was excellent Daryl 12 yrs
We really enjoyed ourselves and will be returning,great food,very friendly and helpful people.Many thanks Dawn Richards.

Liberatos Village - (Accommodation in Lassi)


ive been to kefalonia three times and i stayed at liberatos studios once and it was fine.Ive tryed libertatos BBQ and it was very good.Ive tryed Oskars BBQ and it was even better.I will keep going to Oskars if oskar keeps up the good work.Im a bit angry about what is on the internet.Ive read liberatos and oskars website and on liberatos web page there are many bad comments about oskars web page why?,there is nothing bad about liberatos.Why is this happening?I think this is happening because they have businesses that clashes,but this is good for our pockets.I wish this problem between them will stop here and i dont want oskars page to fill up with bad comments after what i have wrote. I love liberatos,Ilove oskars and everybody in his family. I am from England and i like the right things and the truth.

Liberatos Village - (Accommodation in Lassi)


i have been to oskars many times and enjoyed it very much, and the same with liberatos. but people should give oskars a chance as well as liberatos as they are both excellent. why are there so many bad comments about oskars on the liberatos site?? there are no bad comments about liberatos on the oskars web site, this is why im writting all this on the liberatos website.
unlike many other bars and tavernas that we have been to, oskars have impressed us the most as they are very friendly and with the enthusiasm they show rubs off on the customers. do not believe any bad comments as it will be totally unworthy. this will be our third day at kefalonia and will certainly not be the last evening at oskars. all the members of the staff are lovely and we look forward to spending our evenings with them. to all people, just give oskars a go you will love it. from leanne and dave x x

Evans Studios - (Accommodation in Lassi)

Claire T           

i think evans studios is very nice and the location is very good. the size of the rooms are a suitable size.
i have been to oskars 7 times and i really like it as the entertainment and food is excellent.All staff is very friendly and make you feel very welcome as you arrive.go to oskars as you will have a brilliant night.lots of love claire from bristolxxx

Liberatos Village - (Accommodation in Lassi)

Chriss C           

hi my name is chris aka cross lol, i had never bin to kafalonia befor so i did not know what to expect, my mum told me i would have nothing to do, but she did not know about OSKARS did she..... The rep told us not go to OSKARS, we got a book about OSKARS about 2 or 3 days in our stay, we desided to try it anyway, you will have to try it for your self, the food the atmoss everything about it is amazing if you are not happy. shoot me ok. you will have i night to remeber ohnist.

p.s please excuse the spelling but i speek sence
i had the time of my life i am only 16 and even i had a good time so bring every one you know and just enjoy your selfs.