Liberatos Village

Accommodation in Lassi

C H           

We have just come back from Kefalonia and it was the best holiday ever! Liberatos is probably the best place to stay in Lassi - great pool and nice location. Hill not that bad if you are fit! To avoid high shop prices, there is a Lidl supermarket on the road out of Argostoli to Skala. Lassi gets a bit dull during day and in the evening so head to Argostoli for better restaurants, or even get ferry across to Lixouri (only 1.20 Euros). Hire car prices v high so try before you go - we got a jeep for 4 days for 160 Euros! Beach lovely. Head to Assos and Fiskardo for some nice scenery. Made some excellent Greek friends in Lixouri too.

Vaggis V

i need to know the price

Anne-other G           

Bit of a climb but well worth it for the views at the top. Agree that shop/ bar is a bit pricy. Lassi seems great but a bit quite in early season (visited early May).
All restaurants seemed good but try the Golden Dragon (on the coastline walk to Argostoli-fab). We liked lunch at the Taverna on the beach at Lassi (Yaki Doo-dah, can't remember the name!!). Enjoy a real greek gyros (doner kebab).
Both caves-well worth it and cheap entrance fee. Myrtos beach is stunning visually if not a bit sharp underfoot. Well worth a visit and good if you like to catch some rays.
Hire a car directly from the agents on Lassi strip to save some cashÖÖbut donít tell your rep, they got very Ďfunnyí with us!!
Overall, a fab place to visit, very picturesque and romantic. Enjoy!

Paul R           

the views were great, the walk up the hill to the place was'nt a problem but the studio was filthy/damp.A move was refused and the cleaner sent in again to no avail.We ended up cleaning the place ourselves,so be warned take your own cleaning equipment if you get put into block"C".take PLENTY of money if you intend to spend time at the village it costs an arm and a leg to eat/drink there.
Would I go back to Lassi,YES.Would I go back to Liberatos village NO NO NO.

Lib G           

George - we went last year and personally thought Dennis was great - however I don't think all the guests felt that way (see some comments) - George(owner) did'nt go into any great details about why he left but from what he did say I don't think he'll be back !!!!!

Lib G           

Chris - I would say it depends how fit you are and how much you cycle at home, it would be ok to go up and down the strip at Lassi but you need to be seriously fit to ride up and down to the Liberatos village - people are not joking when thay say about the hill, I can't recall seeing anyone on a cycle - you'd be better off with a donkey - personally we hang out at Lib village all day then taxi out on a night (but we are lazy cows) !!!

George B           

Just read that Dennis is gone... We're going back again soon & it wont be the same without him... Does anyone know why he left? Thanks

Chris P

can we hire bicycles in Lassi or are the roads not really suited generally? any info regarding cycling would be well recieved.

Chris P           

Ey up Jacqui!

I can't wait!! can you? xxx

+if the hill is really really steep, i'll carry you up it babes!

Sarah C           

Just got back and can honestly say we're looking to go to Liberatos again in September for a week. Weather was fantastic - although we had one slightly cloudy day with a shower. Food was great. Fantastic views from every angle.
The hill can be a bit of a shock to the system when you first arrive - but we hired a car for most of the stay and in any case the walk can work of the fabulous greek food that we gorged on!
One thing I will say is that the drinks are a bit pricy round the pool- but thats not really a whinge.
In fact the holiday was so good we've book to go back in September, this time we're going to take our little boy and our parents. The whole place is great for kids - I found the whole resort very clean and Makris Gialios Beach is great for the kids.
Oh and we recommed Nefalis Restaurant for their stuffed peppers!! yum!

Anita L           

we have just returned from a week at LIBERATOS comm / 16 may 2004.
i have never climbed a hill like it in all my life !!!!!!! the mother of all hills........but the views are fantastic. we were in lasssi 10 yrs a go and it has not changed one bit.....all is still the same....the appartments are nice...take some clean wipes etc the maids only empty the bins..nothing else....the pool is lovelly and all apartments get a sea view. we had fantastic mealls at ARGOSTOLI ....La Gondola in the square. hired a car for 4 days/covered the isalnd. a lovelly resort........

Lib G           

We have just returned from another brilliant week at lib village. But must let Laura know - Dennis is gone!! further details to follow..............................

Louise D           

I have just returned from Kefalonia after staying in these apartments and had a wonderful week. We did not venture to Oskars but not one person mentioned it so did not feel the need. However after reading this web site before we went we were quite intrigued and we asked Dennis about it and were told that he has no problem with anybody at Oskars so it would seem it is very hyped up. We even listened to Jackies welcome party and she never mentioned oskars either. This web site is for people to air their views about the apartments so that other holidaymakers can get a feel for the place before then go there not to talk about Oskars. We had a great week everybody was really friendly and the apartments were kept clean. I would recommend anyone to go to Liberatos Village for a lovely relaxing holiday but I have to say the hill is a complete nightmare. October was very quiet but great if you just want a week completely relaxing!!!!!


Just a little note to all at Liberatos.
Hope you had an excellent season and wish you all an even
better one in 2004. Keep up the excellent standards in your
superb apartments (spotless, modern and spacious) and the
beautifully maintained pool area.
Ignore all the morons who insist on using this site to boost
Oskars, most of them are so stupid they can't spell or speak
English correctly (so they are probably Greeks employed by
I would go back to Liberatos and I will recommend the village as
a place to stay to anyone who wants to holiday on Kephalonia.
Good Luck and see you again one day.


hiya, we r just bk fi stayin at the libaratos village n we thot it was gr8! but because we were there in october it was a bit 2 quiet. i dont no how any1 can sag off dennis tho bcoz is soooo great! he is so friendly and is not a p**v! he talks 2 every1 not just young girls! i agree with laura carter - dennis is the gr8st and he is sooo cute!! and dennis if u read thit u better remember me!( am the scottish 1 and my mum was teachin u 2 dance!!!) loadz of love! rachel x.x.x.x.x

Laura C           

Hi everybody, i agree with Gregory, when your on holiday you should enjoy yourself, but it's not as if you want to be ripped off, Liberatos village is a brilliant accomadation, but hasnt got good prices in the mini market, so i strongly recommend you to shop in lassi, not at Liberatos.
P.S. Love you Libertos x x x x

Tracey O           

We have returned from Lassi in the last few days, and we stayed at Liberatos Village. We were pleased with the accommodation.
We did not find the cleaning a problem and found it good that the maids were flexible about the times.
The climb is steep but not a problem if you are in good health and reasonably fit.
The bar prices seemed reasonable to us - the prices at the bar/discos on the strip were a little more if anything. Denis is doing a great job and doesn't seem to deserve the criticism.
Denis if you are reading this, sorry Carol and I missed you on the last night but we came back so late the pool bar was shut. So bye bye!

David M           

I have just returned from a week at the liberatos..first the plus points....staff are friendly..view excellent..across bay. ....pool good
the existent, do it yourself job..towels sheets etc...changed twice a week..fresh for when you arrive.and changed mid week...sub standard...pool bar prices exorbitant double that charged in the bars on the market....vastly overpriced...6 eggs 85 cents in lassi s/market..liberatos 4.65 euros for 6 eggs.
as gregory commented i too like to be on "holiday" however being ripped off is not a part of being on holiday.
toliet rolls...when you use the 1 roll thats your own...sums up the mentality of the place..not a typical greek reception....enjoyed the week...beautiful island..will visit again but not at these apartments


We agree with Gregory's comments - believe us the 'service' you get at Liberatos is well worth the extra euros!!!!

Gregory L           

oh by the way MALCOLM, did u go to kefalonia on holiday or did u live there for a few years? my gosh! im sorry im not going to bring tins of food with me on holiday nor am i going to shop around LIDL and other supermarkets to save a few cents. id like to believe that if i'm on holiday i'll just try to enjoy myself as much as i can. sure i'm not going to like getting ripped off, i'll try to avoid it, but i'm not going to stress over where i'm going to buy tea bags. listen mates, just try to enjoy your holiday anywhere you go in the world...worry about saving pennies when you're back home!

Gregory L           

emma learn how to spell before you make comments on anything!


I have read all of liberatos page!
I have read all of Oskars page!
I understand that liberatos has declared war on Oskars for some time now.
George stop making propaganda against Oskars.
"OSKAR" we wish you all the best.

Laura C           

Emma have you not read what i've said or do you not understand english? Everyone else is writing about liberatos village on this page, whether good or bad comments, thats what this web site is for, Liberatos village!
Nobody else is writing bad comments on "OSKARS" web page, so don't do it on this web page, OK?!


Every year i take my holiday in kefalonia and i enjoy it very much.
I am sure that Liberatos is trying to ruin Oskars reputation and his web site.
"OSKAR" defent yourself in this conflick
Ps. I recommend "Oskars to every one for its good food,service,entertainment and family atmosphere.

Natalie C           

with a pushchair i wouldnt advise walking up the hill. it is to steep. the price of the taxi to and back from town cantre is about 5 euro's at the can enquire for a fan at liberatos village.the town centre is about 30 miniutes walk away but i would advise it at that time of year it is to hot!the availability is good we got two, two bedroom apartments last year around the end of july time. so you should be ok.the price to saty at liberatos is resonable.

Nathan J

Going to Lassi next June as my sister is getting married there. I am interested in the Liberatos Village accommodation. A bit put off by the steep hill as my wife and I have a baby who will be a year old at the time we go. Does anyone know whether it's a struggle with a pushchair or is it manageable to walk back and forth to the town centre. Also the holiday brochures are a bit vague on the distance from the centre, can anyone confirm the mileage. Can anyone comment on the prices, availability and standard of driving of the taxi drivers there. Also is it advisable to request air conditioning for that time of year.

Malcolm B           

Malcolm and familly again - sorry to be bore but one point I ,missed and that is we did much touring of Kefalonia and looked at other places of accomodation in comparison to Liberatos and did not think you could do much better on a like for like basis with regards to situation and entertainment variety. BUT if on honey-moon then go to Fiskardo and enjoy nothing but ROMANCE.

Malcolm B           

Hello to all going and been.
Personally my familly and I LOVED staying at Liberatos village but will first point out a few negative points, then many positive!
NEGATIVE-2.5 euro for a cold 330ml beer but 1.2 euro for a warm 500ml better bar population at the lower price would definitely happen.
Like wise with supermarket prices- the owners should look at buying bulk from LIDL on the outskirts of Argostoli and selling cheaper with same quality.
POSITIVE POINTS are that the staff will help with any thing in any way that they can and room cleaning and linen changing is done around the convienence of the guests, so no rude chucking out of apartment to suit cleaners!!
We and Liberatos experienced water supply problems from Argostoli and the maintenance guy did his very best to fix it at 11pm and we had water again by 8am and the fault lay with Argostoli council supply and a bit like here in the UK -you are at the councils mercy!
Excellent atmosphere around pool (except when buying drinks Ha Ha )- as the kids get to run and jump and splash and have a great holiday time in the water with as many inflatables as they can hold onto and big kid parents get to duck them and throw them about safely and have FUN!!!!!!!
We stayed in Stammo 3- a 2 room apartment and such an apartment quality in Aberdeen would fetch £650 per month BEFORE bills like water and electric. Grand view and well set out with enough equipment to use it as a real self catering as we made a good few meals and picnics.
Generally our stay in Kafalonia was great but the Euro prices are enough to throw a familly budget to hell. So a couple of RECOMENDATIONS for familles travelling on familly budgets:
Rent a car at 30 euro per day as you will save 10 per day on taxis and this gives you the freedom to go to supermarkets like LIDL and stock up economically and allow more freedom when you want. The bus system in our opinoin is too stretched out to be used as a sight seeing aid.
Take tins of food with you like tuna and other favourites as the prices are extortoinate e.g. tuna tin U.K.=69p KEF.=2.50(£2)!!
Tea bags are 10p each but coffee is same and also pays to shop about as some supermarket prices vary by as much as 100% for the same products.
Buy your beer, wine and water in LIDL and make use of your self catering fridge!!!!!
Freeze bottles of water in your self catering freezer and use the frozen bottles in a cooler bag for travelling and sight seeing.

Well I'd better shut up now but we are just back from a fantastic two weeks hol and if we had known what we knew by our second week we would have had an easier time with our hard saved pennies.
"PITA IN THE SQUARE" in Argostli is good food at low low prices.
GOOD LUCK on yer hols and you will love Kefalonia.

Kevin W           

Brilliant view ,nice appartments ,found the pool area very crowded and the prices in the supermarket on the high side.Prices at the pool bar were silly(high)-so we drank at other places.We had one breakfast there ( first morning),then found much better.Did the staff really think they wre doing you a favour by serving you!!??.Found them unfriendly and unhelpfull-because we ate and drank elsewhere due to prices and quality ??
The hill up was a hard walk,but not as bad as we were led to believe.Lovely location though .Going back to kefalonia but will stay elsewhere.

Laura C           

By the way Dennis dont worry, you have alot of friends and people who care about you so you shouldnt worry about what other people think...........

Laura C           

HEY!!!!! WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?! Will everyone just calm down!! My mother asked me to print her off some comments about Liberatos village because she might be going there next year but i'm not going to, simply because this site has turned into world war 3!!!!!
Will everybody stop talking about OSKARS?! This web page is about LIBERATOS VILLAGE! YES, YES, YES, OSKARS is a brilliant restaurant to go to and LIBERATOS VILLAGE is a brilliant place to go to also!!
Dennis calm down will you! Not everybody likes everybody, theres alot of people who DONT like me but theres also alot of people who DO like me, and i expect it's the same for everyone else, will everybody stop bad-mouthing each other and will everybody stop bad-mouthing Dennis, will everybody stop bad-mouthing OSKARS AND WILL EVERYBODY STOP BAD-MOUTHING LIBERTATOS VILLAGE!!!!!!!!!
Dennis i might be going to liberatos village next year so if i do i dont want to find you slagging off OSKARS, ok?!
I love Liberatos village, i've never been to OSKARS myself but everybody has different style and different taste buds so dont go round slagging off Oskars OR Liberatos village's food, ok? I'm quite pissed off with the amount of fighting going on between everybody, why does everybody have to hate eachother?
Liberatos you are brilliant and apparently so are you Oskars, so both keep up the good work and both mind your own buisiness, Liberatos village worry about visiters, tourists etc.... and Oskars you do the same, i love you Dennis and will hopefully see you next year (then you might remember me!) Everybody just take a deep breath and CALM DOWN!!!

Wilson P           

we all had a great time here, the staff were really friendly. we all enjoyed the barbecue, the food was better than oskars. it would have been a perfect holiday if we didnt have the hill to climb.

Dennis T           

hi every body. i thing you people don't getí it do you. i never toll anybody not to on oscar restaurant. but some people talk s**t. i have no thing to do with oscar and i don't give s**t about his restaurant. some body say dennis never help anyone which restaurant to go, but they thing itís easy but its not. because some people like that place and some donít. and if i have good time with young girls this itís my problem. i do talk with anyone. but iím not going to talk to anyone coz i can't trust anyone for what they say here. my work itís to serve drinks that it. if you com to my and if you don't i get the same money.


I'm a bit confused here - why are all these comments about Oskars on here? - this is a comments page for Liberatos Village. Why don't all these people post their messages about Oskars on the Oskars comments page? It isn't exactly difficult to see the headings of 'Liberatos Village' and 'Oskars'!!!!!!

Jess L           

I was sitting and drinking at Liberatos studios and I heard a rep saying bad things about Oskars to the people nearby, and telling them that Thomas Cook tells it's customers not to go to Oskars. I have read the book "Thomas Cook Hotspots - Zante, Parga and Kefallonia" and excellent things about Oskars are written in it. Thomas Cook is telling the truth about Oskars - it's very good. So that rep was lying to those people, which isn't god for holidaymakers. Dennis, who works at the bar, said the food at Oskars is crap, and the entertainment is "so-so" - don't listen to what these people say about Oskars, listen to Thomas Cook - everybody go to Oskars, you will not be disappointed!!!

Sheridan R           

We recommend Oskars to all holidaymakers, because Oskars is the best! The first time we went to Oskars was because of their advertising, but I have also read the WHSmith holiday guide, which has excellent reviews of Oskars, and they are definately telling the truth. Don't miss Oskars, they have fantastic food, service, the whole night is great fun!! It's a family business and is on the Fanari Rd to the lighthouse. Dennis, don't drink too much and don't lie to the people about Oskars - we love it!!!

Lucy M           

We had dinner here at the BBQ the other night - it wasn't very good, trust us!! The service was really bad, and the BBQ wasn't very nice either, the food didn't taste very fresh at all. They weren't very helpful when we asked them for information about Lassi - they basically wanted us to only stay there. We definately won't be going back there again!! OSKAR - BEWARE OF DENNIS AND LIBERATOS, THEY BADMOUTH YOU!

Stephanie V           

dennis, you are such a jackass!! you are very short, and you're not very intelligent! we are from australia and have been to kefallonia twice. you are obviously trying to mislead holidaymakers about oskars - i have read all the messages on your liberatos page, and can't believe how many bad comments there are about you personally (being a p**ve etc on the july 10, 2003 - so not cool!!). all the bad comments for oskars are not valid, because they are obviously by your friends - why don't you tell the truth to holidaymakers about oskars? we are telling all the holidaymakers to definately come to oskars and have a drink at the bar, and see for yourself what an excellent place it is. the food at oskars is fantastic, especially the bbq!! the service is excellent, and the atmosphere is not to be missed! we love australian people, english people, oskars restaurant and all the staff, and we love greek people!
p.s. dennis, you are a horrible person for trying to fool the english tourists!
p.p.s. oskars bbq is definately the best in kefallonia (liberatos bbq is cooked 2 hours before, that's why it's not as good)

Catherine A           

just arrived back about 3 hours ago from liberatos village..... and what a fantastic holiday we had.... apart from the bloody great hill {we were right up at the top)the appartments were spotless and the linen was changed 5-6 times while we were there.... george, dennis and jerry are extra friendly and will go out of their way to help....dennis is excellent at his job including flirting with the young girls... but as far as we seen that was all it was a job!!!!!
the drinks are no more expensive than town... so if you don't want to pay the prices stay at home!!!!!!
all in all a fab family holiday and we will be returning asap
thanks all
catherine,tassos and kelly antoniou x

Steve M

Thanks Laura !!

Laura C           

Hey, so called 'Dennis Dennis' we all know it's not you!! your someone doing a prank joke! (Whats the point?) Dennis from Liberatos spells differently, and he dosen't even talk like that, trust me, we've all met him.

Laura C           

They supply towels steve

Steve M

Do Liberatos supply and change towels or do you have to take your own

Steve M           

I am going to Liberatos Studios on 14/9/03. Can anyone tell me if they supply towels ect or must we take our own.

Dennis D           

Hello Everyone, it's me, Dennis! I know you all love me - I do! Oskars is rubbish, but if you do go there ask for the house speciality 'Captain Corelli's Revenge' - but put a bog roll (bought from the supermarket) in the fridge first!


hi there folks! if you are looking for a fantastic holiday i recomend liberatos village in lassi in kefalonia! i thought the staff were very friendly especially dennis the small cute bar man and for your infomation is not a p**ve! the hill was ok going down and easy going up as we got a taxi all of the time, (but remember to barter with the taxi drivers).i am definately going there again as it was paradise! love becks.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x.

Mick/jane/laura/becks/ m           

dabbaday!! Hey all (again.) Yes Jeoff- staying in Calafornia was great.(?) The missions with the army and the crazy teenagers were good laughs. lol. cu all soon.

Laura C           

Dennis i cant believe you write something on the web page!!! (Or is it someone else doing a prank joke......?)
Anyway if it is you dennis then i'll talk to you; i heard about you getting drunk, maybe you were drunk dennis you just cant remember, alcohol can do alot to somebody,bad things, thats why maybe you shouldnt drink so much anymore i'm not saying you were drunk and getting abusive but i dont know what happened, your a good person so dont let drink ruin you, ok?
Anyway, my step-mum had her baby on 25th august, he's so beautiful!! His names Jack, i know you probably dont remember me because you meet alot of people of the years, but you remember Diane and Chris dont you? We were with them alot. I dont know why alot of people are saying alot of horrible things about you, but we're all different i suppose and are entitiled to our own oppinions, i hope i get to see you next year, i really miss you! :-(
Stop slagging off Oskars!!!! My Dad and Step-Mum went to Oskars, they said the dancing was good but the food wasnt too good, i suppose you're two good buisinesses, and are in competition, but saying bad things about them wont get you nowhere.
Anyway, i hope to see you next year, and i love you very much......!
Liberatos you are brilliant and keep up the good work!
Big kisses to you all, x x x x x x x x x x

Jeff J           

Had a great time in Calafornia met lots of new friends. The apartments and facilities were very good but the hill( oh god ! the hill ) was the only bad thing about the holiday, oh apart from the prices ( oh god ! the prices ), i would still reccomend this holiday to anyone , it was great. The kids met loads of new friends or should i say an army of new friends and said it was the best holiday so far, i'll second that. Gerry and Demis ( looks completly different out of his kaftan and without the beard) were great too. If you like a beer ask for Mirtles or Amstad, you might get a funny look but i bet they know what you mean.


dabbaday!! came back from the island on the 10th of august, but still remember it as the best holiday by far! yes, i am one of the crazy teenages that went on the mission with all my gr8 new friend out there! a near by reasturant called " zorbas" is one not 2 b missed, but watch out for ur feet! lol. the barmen dennis n gerry were always up 4 a laugh! n dennis.... loved the dancing!! gerry just = yummy! bit of a walk up the hill, bt the taxis were gr8!
best holiday ever ever ever!!!!!!!
love you liberatos village!!!!! xxxxx

Chriss C           

hi my name is chris aka cross lol, i had never bin to kafalonia befor so i did not know what to expect, my mum told me i would have nothing to do, but she did not know about OSKARS did she..... The rep told us not go to OSKARS, we got a book about OSKARS about 2 or 3 days in our stay, we desided to try it anyway, you will have to try it for your self, the food the atmoss everything about it is amazing if you are not happy. shoot me ok. you will have i night to remeber ohnist.

p.s please excuse the spelling but i speek sence
i had the time of my life i am only 16 and even i had a good time so bring every one you know and just enjoy your selfs.


We went to Liberatos in July and had a great time, but we've had an even better time reading the on-going mail, on-line fights, cursing, is Dennis a git or not - brilliant - keep up the good work everyone!!!
For the record - we liked eveything about it, everyone was really nice and as for the 'hill' - get a taxi - we did, if you want to holiday somewhere flat - try Amsterdam.
Lou & Lou, Bristol.

Laura m           

Hi. We came back 2 weeks ago and had a great time. Yes, there was an earthquake but the pool wasn't closed for 2 days. And as for the arguement which has been reported below:: I did hear shouting and a group off us went to investigate. Dennis was not dtunk and he never said what the reported statment claimed. The holiday was fantastic and Dennis is probably the most friendliest barmen in the world. The bbq was great. Everything was great.

Rebecca W           

I think enough is enough now - why are people slagging off Dennis so much? Okay - not everybody likes everybody but why not leave it at that? In my opinion Dennis is a really friendly helpful person who wants everyone to enjoy their holiday. He works hard as do all the other staff. As for people saying he is a sex maniac - WHAT 27 YEAR OLD MAN ISN'T!!!!! And the flirting is TWO sided - if girls flirt with him he is going to do it back! I think half the people who call Dennis are just jealous - give it a rest now it's getting boring!

Dennis T           

hi everywon.its dennis from liberatos village and i have ben working at liberatos 6 years.its the best pleys you can find.nice rooms;mini market;bar with loats a drinks and coctails and the prices ar very good;loats of difrent music;60's 70's 80's 90's and its loud till 12 a clock after i have to put low coz the bar its bet clouse to the rooms.but the bar stiill stay open.i never ben fighting with any english people for 6 years i try to do my best.but som people go too far on internet/ but why;.all my frinds its english/then why i shud hate english people.i have good time with averywan.if som body dont like me thats mean he hate me' but i dont hate him. big thanks to avery body for good messagis and bed messagis

Rob M           

Just returned from a fortnights holiday at Liberatos village, and please be aware that all is not as it may seem if you read all the comments. we were without WATER for minimum 1 day (No flushing toilet, no shower etc), the owner blamed the eathquake but we had experience of this prior to the shaking ground. The pool was closed for 2 days because the water was too murky to see into, then because they tried to sort it with too much chlorine-GREAT!!!!The owner got mardy when challenged about this, shut up bar & shop and vanished. Hill leading to Lib Vil is V.steep, okay if your training to be an athlete-taxi's for those who aren't (4-5 euros).Plus points-Long Beach great for kids etc, Argostoli square has good restarants (La Gondola, Papparazzi), Lassi good restaurants-(olive press,fish restaurant). Island is beautiful & we shall return, just not to Liberatos. Have a good Holiday!

Carol B           

We returned from these apartments last week and were glad to be home.The apartment was lovely but the floor was dirty when we arrived and there was no cleaning done during our fortnight there and we were without any water for 4 days during the second week(we could'nt shower,wash or flush the toilet)with no explanation or appology from the owners.The Kosmar rep blamed it on the earthquake we had on the Thursday but we had been off supply since the previous Monday!!Also the apartments lower down the village had water!During one trip down in the evening to fetch water in a bucket several of us were nearly killed by a drunken madman driving up and down the narrow lanes between the apartments who had young girls inside screaming for him to let them out,guess who it turned out to be? Dennis,so drunk he could hardly stand up and very abusive,one comment being,"i hate the English".He also kicked a pot over and picked large stones up to throw at the apartment nearest to him when told to go away and sober up.Even though this incident was reported to the rep, and you could see the scrape marks on the road where he lost control and gone off the edge, no appology was ever received from this awful young man who's only interest seems to be in the young girls who holiday there.The pool bar is charging like a wounded buffalo and the supermarket is just as bad.The beds by the pool were covered by towels by 8.00 AM by people saving beds but many not surfacing until much later(i will never call the Germans again as this is an all British accomodation).All in all we would not return here and were very disappointed after so many positive comments from previous posters but do wonder how many of these are from those young girls i mentioned earlier.


i have been to oskars many times and enjoyed it very much, and the same with liberatos. but people should give oskars a chance as well as liberatos as they are both excellent. why are there so many bad comments about oskars on the liberatos site?? there are no bad comments about liberatos on the oskars web site, this is why im writting all this on the liberatos website.
unlike many other bars and tavernas that we have been to, oskars have impressed us the most as they are very friendly and with the enthusiasm they show rubs off on the customers. do not believe any bad comments as it will be totally unworthy. this will be our third day at kefalonia and will certainly not be the last evening at oskars. all the members of the staff are lovely and we look forward to spending our evenings with them. to all people, just give oskars a go you will love it. from leanne and dave x x

Mick/jane/laura/becks/ m           

Location up a hill but barter with taxis and you will be fine!!(4euro) Lots of choice in restuarnts and bars!! Quiet accept for the crickets.(ekek) Bar lively with pool parties and bbq's. Pool nice with cool diving board. Made loads of friends and the kids went on missions. (domminay?!) Appartments clean. Pool toilets had the odd blockage. Good barmen. Dennis keep your dancing up- great dancer!! Phaedra's best restuarant. Explore the island with a hired car. We hired a car when we got there through thomas cook/ avis and got a free day!! We all love Dennis and Gerri!! Argostol;i- spoilt for restuarnts and shops. Great holiday-hot tempertures- see you soon!!

Laura C           

Carrie Winkler just cause you think dennis aint to good looking didnt mean he's a bad person, cause he is ok! He's a nice bloke and looks shouldnt matter, your 10 year old son must be tall for his age cause dennis isnt that short, well, he is short.....!
And for that person who said their daughters should be locked up they dont!
I agree with fay, everybody who works at Liberatos work very hard to make sure that you have a fantastic holiday there, if anybody who's not been to Liberatos village book now!!!!
I dont know if i'll write to dennis, i might be going next year so if i do i'll have alot to talk to him about!
And those people who talk about oskars well stop cause this site is about Liberatos!!
Overall am VERY pleased about my holiday at liberatos and i dont want to go anywhere else, no where else in the world!

Peter H           

My family and I stayed for 1 week at the Liberatos Village in July. The brochure states "friendly owners". Never spoke to them unless asking for an overpriced beer. they may have been friendlier if I was a Blond with rather large Knockers. I noticed 99% of the comments about being a wonderfull place and how marvellous the owners were are female. We had mouse dropping in our room plus a resident mouse. mentioned this 3 times and nothing was done. Over rated and would not stay again, but the rest of the island was brilliant.


ive been to kefalonia three times and i stayed at liberatos studios once and it was fine.Ive tryed libertatos BBQ and it was very good.Ive tryed Oskars BBQ and it was even better.I will keep going to Oskars if oskar keeps up the good work.Im a bit angry about what is on the internet.Ive read liberatos and oskars website and on liberatos web page there are many bad comments about oskars web page why?,there is nothing bad about liberatos.Why is this happening?I think this is happening because they have businesses that clashes,but this is good for our pockets.I wish this problem between them will stop here and i dont want oskars page to fill up with bad comments after what i have wrote. I love liberatos,Ilove oskars and everybody in his family. I am from England and i like the right things and the truth.

Rebecca W           

I agree with Fay - Liberatos is great. Would just like to say to Carrie Winkler or whatever she is called, if you are referring to me when you say you are sick of everyone going on about Dennis, well he is just a good friend....I don't 'fancy' him....I am getting married next year and Dennis is also a good friend of my fiance Warren...I don't think it is very nice to call him what you did - but then again everyone is entitled to their own opinion! Like others have said - if you have opinions of Oskars - then post it on their message board - this is for Liberatos!
We would definatley be going back to Liberatos next year but we are getting married....if anyone is reading this that hasn't been - you are in for a great holiday. The apartments are clean as is the whole complex - the drinks/snacks are no dearer than other hotels in lassi (my parents stayed in the Hotel Mediteranee and their drinks were even more expensive) so give them a break - they are trying to make a living and they do a VERY good job!!!

Alison K           

Well said Fay - I totally agree with everything you said. Liberatos is a fantastic holiday destination - the appartments are clean, the bbq nights are great entertainment and the staff are all fantastic and really make the holiday more enjoyable. I am totally fed up with hearing about Oskars on this site - if you want to speak about Oskars then go into their guestbook! it's not that i don't like Oskars - in fact I have no opinion of it because we never ate there while on holiday but this Oskars/Liberatos feud is getting ridiculous. If Dennis or any other staff at Liberatos are bad mouthing Oskars (and I have to say that I certainly never encountered any of that) then so what it doesn't mean that you have to listen to what they are saying and not eat there. Go to Oskars if you are annoyed by what they are saying and form your own opinion! I have no complaints about Liberatos - I've said it before and I will say it again, Victoria and i loved Liberatos so much that 3 hrs after we returned home we were at the travel agents booking for next year! Can't wait to be back!!

Fay W           

This is getting ridiculous now, its obvious someone from Oscars
is trying to hijak this site from Liberatos.
Once again.... I stayed in the Liberatos July 13th-27th. The
complex is excellent, the staff go out of their way to make your
stay as enjoyable as possible, nothing is too much trouble. The
apartments are first class and very clean especially the newer
blocks. The pool and snack bar are excellent and Dennis is a
normal friendly bloke who speaks to couples, women, men,
young or old, he just makes sure you are enjoying your holiday!!!
Liberatos offer a BBQ every Thursday with greek dancing and a
pool party on Saturday nights, the bar is open till late every night.
Liberatos is located in an ideal position, it is not far from the
resort centre and I have stayed up far steeper hills in Gran
Canaria!! The supermarket is more expensive but aren't all
family run shops just like over here!
All in all this is an excellent location for a holiday for couples or
families alike!! and no, I am not being paid by Liberatos!!
I would definitely go back to Liberatos if I was staying in Lassi
and would recommend it to anyone.

Liberatos V           

Lisa must be a fat lazy cow!

Dawn R           

Oskars was excellent Daryl 12 yrs
We really enjoyed ourselves and will be returning,great food,very friendly and helpful people.Many thanks Dawn Richards.

Charlotte W           

We went to Oskars.
The entertainment was great!
The food was great!
The service was great!
What can i say it was great!
Hope to go there again soon.
Charlotte Walker

Rebecca W           

see post on
speak to u soon xxxx

Rebecca W           


Steve A           

The best apartments on the Island by far. Everyone is so friendly and they are kept clean on a regular basis. Barbecue night and dancing is a great night out and the staff go out of their way to ensure you have a lovely holiday. Would recommend it to everyone apart from anyone with walking difficulties due to the hill at midday.........but then that is why Kefalonia is such a beautiful place , mountains et al

Alison K           

Yeah wasfirst time there and could't have aked for a better holiday! So are you gonna write to Dennis at Liberatos?

Laura C           

I am mad about him! Was it your first time at Liberatos Vllage? Glad that you had a good time there!

Alison K           

Hi all - myself and 2 of my nieces were at Liberatos in June and although it may be suited for couples more than groups of friends we had an absolute ball!! I would totally recommend it to anyone looking for a fantastic holiday. I definitely did not notice anything like a feud going on between liberatos and oskars so don't know what the story is there. Laura sounds like you are totally smitten with Dennis - have to say he wasn't exactly my cup of tea but he is a nice guy. Much preferred Jerry myself and my niece was quite taken on with Andreas who dj's at the Thursday night bbq! We loved Liberatos so much that we were at the travel agents 3 hours after we got back to Edinburgh booking for next year - 45 weeks and counting!!

Laura C           

That's why i've decided not to........

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