Nirithes Hotel

Accommodation in Skala

Julie O          10/10

Hi Napoleon and  Dina,

Once again we are delighted to be coming back to stay with you again on 17th June until 1st July 2010.  We look forward to seeing you and your family then.    Can't wait.    Very best regards Graham and Julie  Oates.

Julie O          10/10

 Hi Napolean and family.    Graham and I would just like to wish you a good break now that the season for you is over.   We always enjoy reading the comments and look forward to seeing you again next year.   Please do enjoy your well-deserved break.   Love to all.   Julie and Graham x

Napoleon A

Hello to all our guests.I just wanted to say a very big thank you to all of you and add some small things just because we are coming to the end of the season.Somebody wrote in my comments book that the prices in the bar were high and the menu was limited and that the cleeners were lazy but just because he paid for 3 persons 390 pounds for a week he ll come back because the pool was nice and me and my mom were nice as well.What is my response to that THANK YOU BUT NO.first of all he should have know that is a snack bar of a hotel and not a super maket and that in the 2,50 euros for a coke he is paying the service the electricity and the staff and that there is a difference between a snack bar and a restaurant and at the end of the day nobody forced him to buy anything from the bar but I can understand why he is complaing about it.Its the bargain he found and the lack of money.Anyway  A very big thank you to all our friends(they are a lot) I wish you a good winter Napoleon

Glynis L          10/10

 Napoleon and Vicky. Just arrived back after our third consecutive visit to Nirithes (fith year in a row to Skala}. Yet again we have come back relaxed and refreshed. The coach came early for our pick so we did not get chance to fill in the visitors comment book. Have to agree with previous entires we did enjoy our stay this year in room 303. Our son and his girl friend will be with you on Tuesday, I hope they enjoy their stay as much as we did !!!!! Keep up the good work and as we have said before still cannot find a Greek salad as good as Vickies !

Mike and Glynis Chester.

Clare H          10/10

Hi Napolean, Mama and family

I just want to say what a fantastic time we had at the Nirithes.
Firstly our luggage went missing for two days with all my medication in it, who came to the rescue??? Napoleon
I cant express the gratitude i feel towards this family, they made our holiday so special.
Apologises go to you for the late nights we kept you and mama awake, with our loud drinking parties.
Anyone going to Skala i would suggest you hire a car but look around for the right one as some are expensive, me and my friends are known as the panda group for the little car we hired, we nicknamed her donna kebab but she lasted the three days bless her!
Thanks again for making out holiday very special xx

Michael W          9/10



Derek B

Hi Napoleon,

I was sorry to read your comments about one of your guests - I know it is of little consolation to you but any one who on having a problem does not speak directly to those who can remedy the situation are really not worth worrying about.
If they have  not got the common courtesy to give they names then forget about them and revel in all the good comments you get from the majority of your visitors.
I'm pleased that minime is giving you a lot of pleasure and into plenty of mischief, that's what little ones should be doing, we are really looking forward to seeing him - he was only 4/5 months old when we visited Scala.
We are on count down, only 4 weeks to go, we fly and arrive with you on the 4th August and stay for 2 weeks.I see from the Kef weather forecast that temperature are getting into the low 30's - please can you reserve those temperatures for our holiday.
See you in August,
Derek and Sue

Napoleon A

Dear Friends,

  I have to inform our friends that some times is very hard to help or sort out a problem without been informed.Today we had a situation like that and somebody(I wouldnt call him a man because he didnt write his name)wrote a very bad comment in our guest book.He said that the pluming was loud and that the cleaners were shouting but offcourse he didnt say anything to me or to Laura our rep.He also wrote that they wont come back so here is my answer to them.DEAR SIR WHOEVER YOU ARE WE DONT WANT BACK.Me and my mom are all day here from 10.00 till very late at night(sometimes till 02.00)tryning to make your holiday pleasant and somebody who doesnt like something writes anonymous comments like that without having the nerve to come and say it like a man.....Well forgive me but I think that he is not proud of what he is.I m apologizing for writting this but when I saw it I felt very bad and out of temper.Once again I have to thank all our guests(specially dodgy Dave and the lovely miss Kitty)who are expressing their gratitude by writting all these good comments.And to answer to Dereks guestion mimime is now19 months old and he gives us a very hard time but we are loving every moment of it.Can you please tell when you are coming?
 Regards napoleon

Derek B

Hi Napoleon and Family ,click to enlarge

It is just over 5 weeks to our second visit to Nirithes and for 2 weeks this time.
Having had a taster of just 1 week last year we decided to make it for 2 weeks this time, like many of your returning guests.Now we know a bit more about Scala we can relax and enjoy ourselves more than last year.
Please would it be possible to have the same room ( 303) as we had last year, nice view and level from
Looking forward to seeing you again and all the family - " minime" must have grown a lot by now
and into alsorts of mischief,
Best wishes ,
Derek and Sue Beechey

Cath H          10/10

Just wanted to say another big thank you to Napoleon and family for a brilliant stay at Nirithes, can't wait to come back in September. Dave and I feel home sick for Kefalonia and you all. Keep the Amstel cool for Dave

Take good care of yourselves and don't work too hard
Love and very best wishes
Kiity and Dave XXX 

Napoleon A

Hello to all our friends.We had a situation today and just because we dont want to create an missunderstadings I have to inform all our viewers that check out time is 10.00 and not whatever time guests think it is and jut because the guests in one room thought that the bus would pick them at 16.30 they should leave the room at 15.00 without letting us know and havent packed their things causing a very big mess.These situations are not nice and we are trying to avoid them.By he way all my best to Jullie and Graham.Regards Napoleon

Julie O          10/10

Hi Napoleon, Dina and Vicky Just returned from two wonderful weeks at the Nirithes - as always, great holiday and fabulous to see you all. Thanks very much for everything - including the same room as usual!! We look forward to seeing you soon, hopefully in September. Cheers! Julie and Graham Oates x

Napoleon A

Hello to all our friends.Jyst to let you know that our e-mail has changed.The new one is price of the safe deposit box is 15 euros for a week.regards napoleon

Emma C


This is a message for the owner of the Nirithes Aparthotel.  We are booked into your accomodation at the end of June and would like to know the dimensions of the safety deposit box within the rooms if possible.
Many thanks,

Julie O          10/10

Hi Napoleon and Dina
We are delighted that we have just booked to stay with you again on 21st May this year for 2 weeks.  Again, it would be lovely if we could have the same room - cannot remember the number (which I know does not help) but it was on the top floor overlooking the pool - maybe 306?.   Please don't worry if we cannot have this room - we are just delighted to be coming back to see you all.
See you in three weeks!    Can't wait.
Kind regards
Julie and Graham Oates

Napoleon A          9/10

Hi Dave.I promise to do my best but still I havent received the lists for the 30th.


Derek B          10/10

Hi Napoleon,

Having spent a lovely week at Nirithes last May/June Sue and myself hope to return next summer.
Sue is not a snake lover and knowing there is a snake festival in the middle of August she would rather avoid that time if the apartments are involved. She would be quite happy to stay by the pool as long as no snakes are around.
Looking forward to seeing you and Vicki again, and of course minime, who by then should have a proper name,
See you,Derek Beechey

Julian B

 Just returned from a great two weeks in Skala staying at the Nirithes. Thank you Napoleon and Vicky for being such good hosts. Hopefully the baby is now getting to sleep before 3am!!

Napoleon asked us on more than one occasion about the cleanliness of our rooms and always took time out to speak to us / have a joke. If you are unfortunate to have any problems, then go and speak to Napoleon rather than moan about it to the First Choice rep.
The hill doesn't get any easier even after 2 weeks but who cares. An excuse, if you need one, to have a couple of extra Mythos for the return journey. There is also the benefit of being away from the music / bars in the centre.
Thanks again Napoleon and Vicky - we still talk to baby Ella about the frog and the night visit to the swimming pool.
From the Bailey family 20 July to 3 August 2008. 

Paul T          10/10

Only 5 weeks to go, and we'll be back - can't wait.

Stayed with Napoleon about 4 years ago, and loved every minute of it - enjoy!

Ian P          10/10

Glad to hear that the puppy has found a home. This was the only worry of our whole holiday! Thanks to Napoleon and Mum for all their hard work - we had a lovely holiday and definitely want to come back next year - looking forward to those fabulous chips! For those worried about 'the Hill' - piece of cake, especially with a Mythos and a couple of cocktails on board! Emily, our 16 year old, gave our 8 year old a piggyback up some evenings. Excellent holiday all round.

Nicky & Ian Pickett and girls.

Napoleon A          10/10

Hello.This is Napoleon again.I m very glad to say that the puppy find a house where he will be loved thanks to Ruth our rep.

  Many thanks to her

Derek D          10/10

have just returned from Nirethes after one week,just one word


Vicky M          10/10

We have just returned from two absolutely wonderful weeks in Skala. It was my second visit to Nirithes but the first time my husband had been to Kefalonia. I can honestly say hand on heart that it was the best holiday we have ever had. We relaxed completely, enjoyed beautiful weather apart from one day of on and off rain. Napoleon and Vicky, his Mum, were so lovely. They clearly want people to enjoy their holiday and will do everything in their power to make that happen.

The accommodation is beautiful - clean and modern - and I've never seen such nice places on any other Greek Island I've visited. The bar food was delicious and we ended up eating there a number of times. There are gorgeous restaurants in Skala - we'd recommend the Old Village, Aeolos and Apostolis.
May was a really good time to go if you don't like it unbearably hot. When we arrived it was in the low to mid 20s; when we left 2 weeks later, it was in the very high 30s and gorgeous. If you can, get out and about on the island because it is beautiful - a stunning island.
Thank you Napoleon, Dina, Vicky and Tassos (and of course cute little Minime) for a fantastic, near-perfect holiday. We will be back as soon as we possibly can!!

Neil S          10/10

Just returned from a week here. First time in Skala. Napoleon and Vicky were very helpful and nothing was too much trouble for them. Rooms are large, airy and clean. Pool area is good with plenty of space and loungers. Bar snacks are all freshly cooked and delicious.
I did the walk into Skala and back twice a day, the slope is good excercise, so don't be put off.
Highly reccommended, will certainly return.
Skala is a good resort with plenty of choice for eating out, you would need much longer than a week to explore all the options.
Go for it, you won't regret it.

Neil & Sheila Snowden

Kay C          10/10

We have just returned from 2 weeks at the Nirithes.  Napoleon and Vicky (his mum) are absolutely great and if you need anything, or if you weren't happy with anything, tell them.  They really want to know so that they can keep improving. The apartments were light and spacious.  The most modern apartments we have stayed in on the Greek islands.  The pool was big with a large surrounding patio area, with plenty of loungers for everyone.  There was never a shortage. 

The hill, which is referred to so often with this complex, was not a struggle at all.  If you've got 2 able legs, it was an enjoyable walk after your evening meal, but if you're not up to it, there's a taxi rank and you can easily get a cab for Euros 5 back up the hill.  We didn't find a bad restaurant in Skala and our favorite had to be Sunrise on the beach (if you like fish) about 300 yards to the right of the main drag as you walk down. 
Napoleon's sense of humour was brilliant.  They love to have guests return to the bar of an evening and we certainly enjoyed their company.  Without a doubt Phil and I shall be returning as soon as we can.  One of the most relaxing holidays we've ever had.  And yes - Dina has had the baby - a boy, not yet named and he's now 4.5 months old.

Angela D          10/10

 Hi there, myself and my partner Roger Callen came out in October 2004 and had a great time in Kefalonia staying at the Nirithes. The apartment was great as were the staff. We are due to come over in May and we can't wait, we are really looking forward to staying there again, certainly ready for a relaxing holiday in Skala. We hope to do the walk up to Old Skala again (not very relaxing, but worth the effort , early start and plenty of water recomended). See you soon.

Roger and Angela

Jackie N

I have read all the comments and am glad that the owners have taken the time to reply to mr holden it shows you care you cant please everyone.  I stayed in the worst apartments in Kos where I had to clean after the cleaners and there we balls of human hair stuffed in bushes that were still there after a week beat that I dont blame the owners I blame Thomas Cook for the prices.   I intend to book tomorrow for 2 weeks at this hotel.  I do like a clean room if its only the floor, leave me a mop and I will clean if you like (im serious) im really looking forward to staying here Im sure it will be great.
see you in July with my noisey family of 2 (husband & teenage daughter)
cant wait
jeff jackie & jazmon

Simon B

Can anyone tell me if Napoleon and Dina have become parents yet?

I think the baby was due in December.

Derek D

my wife and i have booked a holiday to stay with you on 1/6/2008,have read all of the reviews and most seem very positive.
it is our wedding anniversary on the 1/6/2008 and my birthday on the 2/6/2008 ,so it a time of double celebration.
looking forward to seeing you
derek & philippa

Michelle W          10/10


We stayed at the Nirithes in August 06 and have just booked a week in late August 2008.  We can't wait!  We usually like to try different resorts and apartments but enjoyed our stay at the Nirithes so much last time that we have booked again.  The resort of Skala itself is lovely and peaceful with great tavernas and bars.  The beach is also lovely.  The apartments are also spacious and very clean and there is a lovely pool area that never got too crowded so it its easy to keep an eye on young children.  We were also made to feel very welcome by Napoleon who showed us around our apartment on arrival and made us aware of all the facilities.  We are really looking to coming back in August! 
M Whiting

Tina S          10/10

Hi Napolean and Dina
We stayed with you in July 2006 and had a lovely time. With regards to previous comments by Mr Holden, I find it most unusual that he did not speak to yourself about any problems he may have had. We found you and your family most helpful and obliging and had a wonderful holiday and made many friend. We would recommend these apartments to anyone in an instant. Many happy years to you all and good luck on the birth of your new baby. Hope to see you in the future 

Napoleon A

Dear Mr Holden,I have to say that I m sorry for saying you didnt stay with because you did but the registration was under the name of your wife.You stayed in room 200 which is a studio for two persons with a balcony,and you ve requested a cot.You ve stayed for a week and through out it  you ve asked us by giving my mom a piece of paper a tv ariel for the tv in the room.First of all when I escorted you to the room you didnt say anything about the floor or about the cot which it was made for your baby.All our cots are made by steel and they have a wooden floor with a small matress in blue.Im pretty sure that if you had a problem about the room which on your arrival was cleaned and mapped as a logikal person you should have report any kind of complaint either to us or John our rep.You say that the shutters were always oppened by the cleaning lady who was coming in and thats true just because when you were leaving the room apart from the shutter you had the windows shut us well and I ve told the cleaning ladies to open -not only yours-all windows in order the rooms to have air.I know that all this wont ghange your mind about our hotel but I m sure that if you have told me about it or told the maid the room would be much better for you and your family.

   Regards Napoleon Agelatos

Dave R          10/10

Thank you to Napolean,Vikki, & Staff, another wonderful 2 weeks in beautiful Kephalonia. The appartments were clean and spacious, as usual we were well looked after by you and your staff. The pool area is addequate and not overcrowded and lunchtime snacks excellent. Meals in the town are varied and delightful ,I can highly recommend  Sirrocco, and the walk back up the hill,taken at a very sedate pace, is enough to allow everything to settle in time for a few nightcapsss in the bar with friends. All in all a wonderful place to relax and chill out away from the hectic life we live in U.K.  Best wishes to Napolean and Deena and your expected new arrival in December, I hope he allows you more sleep than your visiting Turkeys ,Napolean

Best wishes Dave & Chris Rushton

Sally C          10/10

Just arrived back home yesterday evening,Luke and myself have enjoyed another brilliant week staying at the Nirithes.As usual Napoleon and Mamma made us very very welcome and could not do enough to make our stay relaxing.Dena looks brilliant and pregnancy really suits her next year we hope to meet the baby untill then have a nice long rest over the winter.We will bring curry .
Lots of love
Sally &Luke.

Paul H          4/10

Just returned from a week at the Nirithes, our experiences are as follows:-

Apartment floor filthy, it cannot have been mopped for weeks if not months. Within 5 mins of being in our room our 10 month old daughter had black knees from crawling on the floor. Our first stop was the supermarket to purchase floor cleaner and cloths so we could clean our apartment floor. Having spoke with other guests about the dirty floor they had the same problem
We never used the safe deposit boxes and left our money and valubales in our room, locked away with the shutters down during the day when we were out. When the maids came to empty our bins they opened the shutters and doors to the balcony and left them open, not very wise!
We requested a cot in our apartment which upon close inspection contained bits of wire and plastic that could quite easily choke a small child
The Hill is not a steep as people make out and its a nice stroll to the centre
All in all not as great as we expected and we wont be returning!

Peter &jayne H          10/10

hi napoleon .arrived home safely .we had a fantasistic time in scala .the appartment was first class we could not fault it .your staff were very freindly and helpfull .we will be coming back hopefully next year sorry about the little problem we had with the electrics it was actualy my fault not the wifes .we left some wine for the girls who cleaned our room for us they was very helpfull give them our regards napoleon and we hope you have a good break through the winter months .once again thank you and your staff for a great holiday best regards pete and jayne howarth

Napoleon A

Dear Claire,

  Thank you for choosing us to come for your holiday.As I see on the rooming lists you have booked a studio 2-3/1c with a terrace.I promise you that I ll try my best to give you a nice room.
  Thanks you again and we are looking forward to sseiing you on Sunday

Andy W          10/10

Hi Napoleon

Got home safely last night although plane was delayed by 1 hour.  What a great holiday.  Skala was more than we expected.  Not too busy but lots of good places to eat and not expensive.  Beaches in Skala a bit pebbley but Mounda Beach was beautiful and sandy.  Your hotel was perfect for a family who wanted a safe clean comfortable place to have their holidays.  It was not noisy and the way you looked after your guests was perfect.  The pool was brilliant, clean safe and we loved every minute of all the time we spent there.
If anyone is reading this deciding whether they should go and stay with Napoleon I would have no hesitation in recommending him so go and have a great holiday.
Thank you to you, your Mum, your staff for giving us a brilliant holiday.
Andy Helen and Rachel  

Julie O          10/10

Hi Napoleon and Dina - we are so pleased that First Choice have come back to us with a late deal.  We are now booked for the 28 August until 11 September with you and we can't wait.  We are so pleased as it was looking as if there was going to be no availability.   It would be great if we could have a room on the top floor as last time - overlooking the mountains/pool.  Don't worry if this is not possible - we're just grateful that we are able to come to you again.   See you in 2 weeks.   Regards and best wishes to you both - Julie and Graham Oates

Napoleon A          9/10

Dear Richard,

We too are looking forward to seeing you.I m afraid I cant help you with the car I ve stopped doing car hire but I can pointsome offices in Scala and Argostoli with good prices.I would like to inform all our friends(guests) of the Nirithes that my e-mail has changed the new one is
Best of regards Napoleon

Andy W

Hi Napoleon

Looking forward to our holiday with you arrive Sunday
Andy, Helen and Rachel

Stuart F          10/10

Hi Napolean!

We had a fabulous stay at Nirithes and you were great company!The rooms were excellent and very clean, and the pool was fantastic. The balcony was excellent looking out over the pool area, and the bar, as you know was a great success to us, as we ate there every single day.Thank you so much for making it such a pleasant holiday.
Stuart Farrimond (room 303)

David W

 Hi Napoleon

My wife and I plus two friends have booked for one week, arriving on the 16th September 2007. We have booked 2 x studios with balconies (and sea view if possible) on the top floor with First Choice. We are coming to Kefalonia to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversaries so we want to make this a very special holiday. I would appreciate your help in making this happen. See you in just over seven weeks.
David Whyborn

Ian M          10/10

click to enlargeclick to enlarge Hi Napoleoan,

Thank you and Vicki for making our stay so fabulous.
The studios were great,spacious and well equiped .
As a family we enjoyed every second of our stay and will look forward to seeing you again.
The pool was fabulous and our grand-daughter made full use of it as well as making lots of friends.
Vickis omlettes are wicked and recommended.
Ian,Carol,Kate abd Olivia

John L          10/10

 just arrived back from nirithes apartments in Skala. Excellent apartment,big and clean. Great pool and you could stay in it until 8pm if you wanted. Napoleon and his Mum  made you feel very welcome and their greek salads  are excellent. Mythos lager was served very very  cold, which was nice. The hill  is testing but  look upon it as a keep fit exercise.Hope to return soon

Jed W

Hello Napoleon,

We stayed with you last year, and in reply to your comment below I would like to apologise for the very rude behaviour of you English guests.
I can't belive anyone would react to you in such a way.
We always found you to be very genuine and helpful with any problem that occured (we only had a broken toaster and you dealt with that right away).
We will be in Skala in August and look forward to coming up the hill to say hello to you, Dina and your Mum.

Hayleigh O

Hi Napoleon and Vicki,

I no it is abit late but thankyou very much  for providing a nice place for us to stay when we came no holiday. The rooms were lovely the swimming pool was lovely the food was amazing and the sun was very hot. i couldn,t have wished for a better holiday then that thankyou again. How are you? Hope you remember me i will send you  a picture to. How is your girlfriend and the baby? write back thanks again
Hayleigh xxclick to enlarge

Napoleon A          9/10

I just wanted to say that we as owners have nothing to do with the allocation to the rooms.The main system in the uk sells the rooms and we place the guests in the rooms.There was a couple mr Smith and his wife who stayed in room 101 which is in the ground floor.To me they said that they had payed for a room with a balcony and the same to the rep.I told them that if thatwas the case I would change them but after checking they hadnt so that was the room they had paid for.The rep tryied to allocate them in another room again in the ground floor but different room type but this also didnt work out.I have never promised to put them in another room and it wasnt me the one to blame anyway I was more than happy to give the rep a bottle of wine to as a good will jesture.Today they left and they wrote on our comment book a very bitter comment about me.All those years we have tried very hard to keep all our guests happy trying to help in any way we can.Anyway I really think that there was a missunderstanding with this couple because there attidude wasnt the one I expected from an English couple(they didnt even say hello when greeted) but if they didnt like the accomodation it was very easy to ask the company to move them to another one.Once again I would like to thank all the guests that write their comments and say a big thanks to sloppy John and the rest of the partie who during their stay ate all my pizza supply and we are looking forward to see them again.Gia sou ghloe and thomas.Best regards napoleon

Mark A          10/10

Just wanted to say a big thank you to Napolean and Vicki(his mum) for helping to make our stay a brilliant one. The Apartments are really nice and kept clean. Nothing was to much trouble and the Amstel in those cold glasses made the holiday worthwhile on there own. Will definetly be back!!

Mark,Clare & Chloe and John,Sonja & Thomas.

Ian M

My wife ,daughter and granddaughter plus myself have booked the Nirithes for two weeks in June.
We have been to Kefalonia before and are very much looking forward to our stay in Skala.
Having read the comments I am sure we will , and look forward to meeting you Napoleon and your family

Carmel B          10/10

Hi Napoleon
My husband kevin & I are returning to stay at Nirithes on tues 8th May 2007.
We have enjoyed our many times we have stayed at Nirithes, and look forward to seeing you and your family again. Cannot wait for some warm sunshine in  Scala, and your hospitality.
We have booked a room with balcony, so we know you will give us one with a lovely view!!!
See you soon
Carmel & Kevin

Napoleon A           

Dear Helen,

sorry for delaying to answer.Now about your request you have to book through first choice but you have to know that you must ask for a balcony not as a request but you have to pay an extra amount for it.That s because the company charges differntly for studios without a balcony and with.
  Looking forward to seeing you Napoleon

Jo S           

Hi Napoleon. We are coming out to you in july 07. We have not paid extra for a balcony. Does this mean we will be on the ground floor and if so will we be able to open a door and sit just outside while the kids are sleeping??
Would you mind giving us an idea of the price we would expect to pay at a restaurant for a meal with wine??
Thanks alot. We can't wait to come out !!!

Napoleon A           

Dear sir,I just read your letter and all I can say is that to check your booking and find out if there is a bl indication if so then you ll have a balcony if not then you ll have a ground floot studio.I m afraid that I cant guarantee that you ll be on a high floor or not.The company is the one that does everything, so when I receive the rooming lists I just do the allocating.

   Regards Napoleon

David W

Hi Napoleon My wife and I plus two friends are coming to Kefalonia in September 2007 and have seen your studios in the First Choice brochure. We would require 2 x studios with balconies (and sea view) on the top floor, would you be able to guarantee that these would be available ? as we would not want ground floor studios. Look forward to your reply. Regards David Whyborn

Sally C           

Thank you again Napolian for all that you and your mum did for us.To anyone wishing to go to Kefolonia these  are the best appartments you will find.The bar is very reasonable in prices and Napolian does the best cheese burgers.Very clean and tidy .Thank you all again.

Sally,Luke,Sue and Steve.

Napoleon A           

Dear Linda,

   Hello from kefalonia Greece.I m Napoleon Agelatos and I would like to inform you about the pool.There is a jacuzi area suitable for children and the depth starts from 50 cm till 1.90 m.I hope that will help.We are looking forward to seeing you.Regards Napoleon

Louise T


We are hoping to book nirithes for this summer and would like to know if the pool has a shallow end suitable for smaller non swimming children to splash around in (the youngest is age 4)
Could anyone let us know
Many thanks
Louise Tydeman

Fai B           

Have just had a 2 week break at the Nirides, the last 2 weeks of  August.  Went with my husband and 2 children and we had a great time, the apartment was big enough for the 4 of us and the pool was great, nice and big and with plenty of sunbeds, my kids loved playing pool in the bar area and the kittens were a hit, although very upset when they were taken away! Hired a car from Greekstones (after recommendations on this website) and found them every bit as helpful as stated.  The Island of Kefalonia was fantastic with lots to see and do.  Skala itself was lovely we loved all of it, the tavernas and restaurants the beaches, the square everything, we chilled out from day 1, which was exactly what we needed.  Met some great people around the pool at the Nirides and we are all meeting up next year, same place!  If you haven't already guessed we loved our holiday and had a great time! Can't wait for next year

Jed W           

Hello Napolean, Dina and Mum,

We stayed at the Nirithies the last week of July first of August and had a really good time.  The rooms were spotless and cleaned every day.  The room was large compared to some we have stayed in and the facilities excellent.  We only had one problem, our toaster broke on the first morning - I told Napolean straight away and when we returned that evening he had left a brand new one still in the box!
I found Napolean to be extremely pleasant, not intrusive at all.  He left you alone to get on with what you wanted to do.  Not like some places in Skala where if you don't feel like joining in, you can be made to feel unwelcome.  We have two kids and when we returned in the evening it was just nice to sit on the balcony and have a drink while to kids got to sleep, I didn't think there was too much noise from the bar at all and it did get quite busy.
My only complaint would be that there was perhaps too much chlorine in the pool - but then I'm super sensitive!  We loved the surroundings and the views from the balcony down to the sea and up towards Old Skala.  My son and daughter loved the new kittens and were quite sad to leave them (my daugter left food and instructions to another kid on how to feed them).
All in all a nice place to stay.

Napoleon A           

To respond to mr Wallis all I have to say is that its not our fault that his ghildren suffered fro ear infection sad but it can happen.As for their ghildren behaviour I was told and saw it His son stuck in one of the kittens chewing gum and we had to take to the vet in order to remove it.Also to respond to the people that say that the bar was pricey I only have to say that its a bar in greece not London and compered to others prices are very logical and if somebody likes to buy staff from the supermarket it is accepted but the supermarket has low prices everybody knows that and we all know that its different to buy staff from a bar and a supermarket.I would like to say a very big thank you tp all the guests who support us over the years.Best of regards napoleon.

Ps.Its not our fault when guests get rooms without a balcony.You have to know that you get whats you pay and the company charges less for a room without a balcony and more with

Karen T           

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  Hi Tina and Paul, I hope you remember myself, Calvin and Siobhan from Akti Dimmy's last year.  We went to Zante this year and had a wonderful holiday.  I am glad to hear that you also enjoyed your holiday.  We are interested in going to Kefalonia next year and would be really grateful if you could e-mail me at so that maybe we could catch up and have a chat.  It would be nice to hear from you.  Cheers, Karen

Jo H           

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We have just got back from the Nirithes and were put in a ground floor apartment. We were a bit disappointed not to have a balcony but on the plus side the apartment was cool at a time when temperatures reached 50! At night it was cooler too being so low down but be warned that the bar is opposite so if you want an early night forget it. It didn't bother us but the couple next door had a young child and found it too noisy. You can sit outside but there isn't really a view. The apartment was huge and very clean, everyone kind and helpful.

Christine M           

I am thinking of booking to stay at Nirithes in May next year as they look really nice and this will be our first trip to Kefalonia (we usually go to Lindos, Rhodes). My only concern is that it is difficult to guarantee a room with a balcony and view which is quite important to us as we like to spend alot of time outside eating, drinking and soaking up the last of the days sun before going out in the evenings!!!. Has anyone stayed in the groundfloor rooms? If so i'd really appreciate your help in advice as to finding out what they are like...many thanks.

Michelle W           

We have just returned from a great week staying at Nirithes in Skala. (8th-15th August 06)  The apartment was very clean and spacious and the Napolean who runs the apartments made us all feel very welcome.  We paid 49 euros for air conditioning for the week which was well worth it.  The pool was lovely and there were always plenty of sunbeds whatever the time of day.  The bar was nice although quite pricey and food was very expensive so we tended to get rolls from the bakery nearby for lunch and go out for dinner is Skala.  The highlight of the week for our children was the cat and her 3 beautiful kittens that lived near the pool area.  We spent most of our days running after our 3 year old daughter who wanted to see the cats rather that play in the pool!  All in all we had a lovely relaxing week and some fantastic meals in Skala and Poros and we have already picked up a brochure for Nirithes for next summer! 

Mark, Michelle, George and Katie Whiting
Newport Pagnell, Bucks

Michael W           

We just got back from a 2 wk stay at the nirethes on the 15 aug, all in all not a bad place for greece if your looking for a relaxing holiday, a car is a must to explore this beautiful island, we felt nepoleans bar prices a little expensive considering we got mythos for 85c at the supermarket! and both our kids got ear infections which  is in question after we found others including adults with ear problems too so would recommend ear plugs if in the pool for long periods, our daughter was in agony on the flight home with here ear and was a relief when we arrived at gatwick.despite this would recommend


Rob P           

Just got back from 2 excellent weeks at the Nirithes.

The apartments are clean and large and Napoleon, Dina and Vicki happy to help.
The pool bar does a reasonable selection of food, including a really good Greek salad, its pricey but convenient.  The pool itself is lovely and always busy enough but not so much that you're crowded out or can't get a couple of seats together.  Only downside is the incessant 80s music - its not a bad selection but it'd be nice for a bit of quiet every now and then.
The Nirithes is clsoe enough to town for an easy walk to the shops/bars/tavernas/beach but away from the crowds.  Not sure what the problem with the hill is - its a doddle day or night - and I was pushing a pushchair or giving a piggy back up it!  If you live anywhere even vaguely hilly it won't bother you.
Maybe the stars of the show were the three kittens who kept all the kids amused all of the time.

Tina S           

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Hi Napoleon and Dina
Just returned Tues 11th July from a wonderful two week holiday at Nirithes. Excellent hosts, lovely apartments, very clean and gorgeous pool. Loved every minute of it. We had great food in all restaurants, some great bars etc.Napoleon and Dina very helpful and cat and kittens beautiful. Will definately recommend these apartments and will book again soon. Thanks again for a great holiday.
Tina and Paul Stewart - Grimsby

Mark E           

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Probably one of the best holidays we've had!  The hill up to the apartments is a challenge but if you avoid the hottest times it's no problem.  Very large apartments nicely furnished and the place is kept very clean.  Pool looked very nice and was cleaned each night and didn't seem busy although we did not use it.  The owner Napolean was very friendly and happy to help.  Skala was all very pleasant and every meal was a good one.  Beach great although sea had not warmed up much when we were there (mid June)!  Great resort to chill out, would not be for those wanting a wild night life!  Highly recommended.

Fai B           

I am visiting Scala this summer, and so is a friend.  We are staying at the Nirithes Aparthotel and our friend is staying at Liana Apartments, am wondering if anyone can tell me if they close together and if it is going to be possible for us meet up with our friend? Thanks for help with this one.

Gail D           

Just returned from kefalonia stayed at the nirithes for two weeks with my husband and baby. Loved it so musch that I decided to cancel my flight home and stayed on with my baby. Unfortunately the nirithes was full but had no problem finding other accomodation. We had a wonderful extra two weeks and it was no problem getting a flight home. The most amazing thing about Kefalonia was the people they were just so kind and helpful. I will certainly return in the future to restore my faith in mankind and for a bit of sun!!!!

Tina S           

Hi Jackie
As far as I am aware Napolean the owner of the apartments has his own car rental business (VKM) and have checked website and it is cheaper than Greekstones.

Napoleon A           

Dear friends I m sorry but you can only book via first choice in order to come to our hotel.I cant make direct bookings,there is a slight possibility for next year though.ANY WAY we are looking forward to see our old and new friends this year.regards napoleon

Michelle W           

We are really looking forward to staying in your apartments in August.  We are staying in a studio apartment, do these studios have balconies or terraces?

Rosie C           

Sorry Napoleon - I've just realised that I'm being really stupid - I've just seen that the messages go to you directly!  So, hello Napoleon - we enjoyed our holiday so much last year that we want to come again and would like to book directly with you if that is possible?  Would you let us know if you are allowed to do this now.  Hopefully, we'll see you this summer if you have any room left.