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Starlight Hotel
(Accommodation in Skala)
10/10 Richard Murden
Hi (yammas),My name is Richard,we 1st visited the island in 1994 & had holidays there up until to 2005.we are are trying to get back intouch with Lakis,Georgiga,Lucky house.Veto bar Spiros,makis,christo,george at the scandavia mike & doris. Christo,hereciles,demetri yannis.My wife was Known as the ketchup girl(because she got really sunburnt) gallera Christo & Annie.we would love to come back may of email if you could pass it on is also we are on face book(richard murden from nottingham,england)p.s spiros we will be all ready for a famous Frog !!!!!
View 3 posts by Richard Murden ip - GB
10/10 Caroline L
This small hotel just off the main street of Skala in Kefalonia, is an absolute delight and such good value.  We went with Olympic Holidays on a last minute deal and were very pleased with our choice.

The hotel does bed and breakfast only, no main meals, but that is fine as it is only 2 minutes stroll from the main square in Skala where there are plenty of good tavernas and restaurants and bars to choose from.  (Ignore the Olympic brochure where it says that it is 10 minutes walk from the bars and tavernas - it isn't!)  It is in a great location.  Not noisy at night, just a short stroll up a side road off the main square, which is well lit at night.  There are no lifts in the hotel, just stairs, but you can always ask for a ground floor room if that troubles you and in any event the hotel is only 3 stories high - ground, first and second floors.

This hotel is a family business as many are in Greece, and is very efficiently run by Rita and John.  Rita is a Greek lady born on the island, and has owned and run the Starlight for 20 years.  John is a well-travelled Englishman who manages the hotel, so helpful and friendly, with a wealth of local knowledge between the two of them.  Rita and John usually mingle with their guests in the evenings on the outside terrace or in the bar, which is a nice welcoming touch.  

We had a twin-bedded room as we were two female friends travelling together.  The room again was spotless, clean and comfortable, with plenty of hot water for that late afternoon shower when you come up from the beach.  Nothing is too much trouble for either the maid, John or Rita.  If you need anything, just ask.  We needed extra pillows and had them immediately.  There is a fridge in the room (no extra charge), television, with small charges made for the air conditioning if you want it or a room safe for your valuables.  This 2 star hotel is such fantastic value we thought that charging a little more for the extras that not everyone wants to pay for is an ideal way of doing it, as you then have a choice.

There is no swimming pool at the Starlight (hence the 2 star hotel rating) but don't let that put you off.  There are plenty of free entry pool bars in Skala to use instead.  The ones along the beach front are lovely at the Tara and the Pikiona, and nobody mithers you to buy more drinks or food than you want at them.  There is no need to pay extra for a hotel with a swimming pool at all.  

The main beach of Skala is about 5 minutes walk from the Starlight Hotel (not 15 minutes as in the Olympic brochure!), a pleasant stroll down the main street past all the tavernas and shops.  From Skala beach you can take some lovely boat trips with Captain Vangeli.  We did 2 day trips on his boat, to Ithaca and a Kefalonian Coast Cruise, and both trips had stops along the way at secluded beaches for swimming - bliss!  Ask John or Rita at the Starlight Hotel on the best days to go on these sea trips as they know these sea waters and the local weather.  John will check the shipping forecast for you!

There are many great tavernas to choose from in Skala and our favourite was the Manor House just a minute's stroll from the Starlight.  We went there twice during our week's stay.  Do try it!  The lamb kleftica was superb.  

During our stay we also did a coach trip around the island calling at the usual spots of Melissani Lake, Assos, Drogarati caves, and my particular favourite - Fiskardo, the "St Tropez" of Kefalonia.  

To sum up, we thoroughly enjoyed our week's stay at the Starlight Hotel and will most certainly be returning.  I have stayed at many 5 star hotels all over the world but I can honestly say that I enjoyed this friendly little hotel just as much, if not more.  It has the personal touch missing from big hotels, and as such, makes for a wonderful stay.  I would recommend it most highly.
1 post by Caroline L ip - GB
10/10 Jed W

We satyed with Rita for the third time in August 2008.  The previous times had been in the early 90's and she hadn't changed a bit.  Same old welcome and very pleasant with it.  This time we went with our two kids 12 and 9.  She remembered us from 1995 when our son was a baby and she had bought a cot and toys for his pleasure.

We really enjoyed our stay with Rita this year and found the hotel to be very clean and the rooms spacious.  We had a wrap around balcony where we could look over the mountains and the sea.
The breakfast was adequate and the morning welcome from the two girls and John was always pleasant.
We always take people as we find them and John was in no way pushy or over friendly.  Just the right balance.  I think that most people that return to the Starlight are treated as friends and nobody ever tries to put demands on you.  I regularly went down for ice from the bar and it was given unreservedly.  I certainly don't think you need to 'keep an eye' on anyone.
We would return again as I feel that the welocme we would recive would be friendly and most genuine.
View 22 posts by Jed W ip - GB
6/10 Penny W

Stayed for 2 weeks early August at Starlight Hote.  Simple and clean, pleasant room. Quiet location but very short walk to beach, bars etc.  Breakfast was adeqaute, toast and crousant, howeve if you wanted anything extra it was very expensive - if you really want a bigger breakfast it would be cheaper at one of the cafes.  Disappointed that a traditional greek hotel had a Liverpudlian, John, for a barman.  We decided to have a gin & tonic each on the first night, support the hotel, that was fine, so we repeated it on the 2nd night.  However this time John charged us for doubles which we had not asked for.  We did not use the bar again, and from what we could understand speaking to other guests we were not the only ones to be taken advantage of. Someone must have complained, as after this incident there was a tarrif on the bar. If you use the bar pay as you go, John tries to get you to put it 'on the bill' but you will not have any way of checking anything. Christina and Maria were brilliant

View 6 posts by Penny W ip - GB
 Gabby M

Hi, me and my other half have found a reasonable deal to stay at the Starlight hotel at the end of august and thought it might be a bit nicer than the s/c we stayed in last yr.. Just wondered if anyone had been more recently than 2006 incase things have changed?

Also, any idea if the rooms vary, i.e. are the twin rooms bigger than the double rooms? The reviews make it sound like the hotel isn't too far from everthing but olympic make it sound further than other accomodation, did anyone find the walk to the beach etc a problem in the heat??
Would really appreciate any advice or pictures! thanks, Gabby 
1 post by Gabby M ip - GB
  Trevor W

My girlfriend and I have just returned from a wonderful week's stay in Scala. We were supposed to stay at the Ocean View Hotel but when we arrived we found that we had been allocated a room in the basement which we were really upset with as we had named accomodation and had requested a high floor with a balcony. The rep told us that there was room at the Starlight so we went straight down there to see if we could stay there. We were greeted by Rita who was very helpful and offered to ring the rep for us. We were charged an extra 12 euros a night by Olympic Holidays. We weren't charged for the fridge in the room, we had a balcony with a sea view and breakfast consisted of fresh crossients, rolls and either little homemade pastries or biscuits with fresh coffee and juice every morning. Delicious!! The hotel was spotless and Rita was a charming hostess. We would definately stay there again. Scala is a lovely part of Kefalonia with lots of good restaurants, fab beaches while still retaining lots of traditional Greek charm. Fantastico!!!

1 post by Trevor W ip - GB
  Angelina M

spacious sparkling clean rooms good position lovely small hotel

pluses fridge in room near town in quiet position good views balconies standards maintained regarding cleanliness and comfort short walk to pool and lovely beach
minuses- pricey extras such as 35euro a week for a safety deposit key and the same price again for air conditioning.
1 post by Angelina M ip - GB
  Neil R
Spotlessly clean but beware everything else in the hotel you pay extra for. Breakfast included in your holiday package is two slices of bread. If you want two poached eggs its 5.50 euro extra! It costs you 21.00 euro to have your fridge switched on for a week and the same for a safety deposit box. Also if you have wine it is not the advertised 1.50 euro but 2.50 euro (big measures says rita ha!). Dont run a tab you get stung when you leave!!!
NEIL ROBINSON (October 02, 2002)
View 22 posts by Neil R ip - UK
  Neil R
Spotlessly clean but beware everything else in the hotel you pay extra for. Breakfast included in your holiday package is two slices of bread. If you want two poached eggs its 5.50 euro extra! It costs you 21.00 euro to have your fridge switched on for a week and the same for a safety deposit box. Also if you have wine it is not the advertised 1.50 euro but 2.50 euro (big measures says rita ha!). Dont run a tab you get stung when you leave!!!
NEIL ROBINSON (October 02, 2002)
View 22 posts by Neil R ip - UK
  Carole C
For anyone wishing to visit or re-visit The Starlight Hotel speak to Rita to enquire or to book on(+30)26710 83226/83436 or Fax(+30)26710 83435.
View 2 posts by Carole C ip - UK
  Carole C
For those who know the Starlight Hotel, Rita is now booking independently having been let down at the start of the season by her former tour operator. This left her with no time to find an alternative company so please contact the hotel directly for the time being. You can find their details on
Direct flights are available with charter companies at good rates if you look about.
For those who don't know the Starlight it is in an excellent location, convenient for all that Skala has to offer and with the added bonus of being very peaceful. You will find a friendly welcome and a spotless hotel. We have enjoyed staying at the Starlight for several years and look forward to many more visits.
Although booking independently involves a little more work, we are sure it will be worth your while!!
Watch this space for more info for 2004/5.
View 2 posts by Carole C ip - UK
  Brian W
I am a diabetic and I agree with my brother, but he forgot the bar, no diet coke or lemonade, and the tonic for his gin left a lot to be desired so we only used the bar once in two weeks
1 post by Brian W ip - UK
  Don W
BEWARE THE HIDDEN CHARGES we stayed here september 2003
rooms are great provided your not above the bar and want to sleep go,s on till the early hours, rent a fridge 35 euros per week rent a safe 25 euros per week, we never asked about the a/c "just as well" THE BREAKFAST i thought comments we read were not to be believed two slices of bread and jam with coffee or tea BUT TRUE and on sundays saturdays bread,RITA"S is good host but its all business
View 2 posts by Don W ip - UK
  Oliver W
Fabulous little hotel. Very friendly and very very clean. Perfect location within short walking distance of all you want. No pool but not a problem, just head for the fantastic Pikiona pool bar down and to the left along the beach.
We did have a very noisy fridge in our room so beware!!
View 4 posts by Oliver W ip - UK
  Michelle C
My boyfriend and I just got back from Skala and we loved it. Not too touristy, lovely restaurants and the weather was wonderful. The Starlight was a great hotel to stay at, 5 minutes from the main street a couple more minutes on to the beach but far enough away to be quiet and relaxing. Rita was very friendly and always ready to have a chat with you. The entire hotel was extremely clean and well maintained, the beds made and bins emptied every day. I would definitely recommend staying there. In answer to the question about use of other hotel's pools, usually there will be a sign outside the hotel stating visitors welcome.
1 post by Michelle C ip - UK
Can U Help?Oliver W
I am staying at the Starlight in July. Someone mentioned using a pool nearby. Which ones would we be allowed to use?
View 4 posts by Oliver W ip - UK
  Julian F
We had a wonderful time here. Arrived late at night 30/6/02 on our honeymoon to be greeted with flowers & a bottle of wine. We were looked after v.well for two weeks by Rita & Sylvia. The maids kept the room v.clean & tidy. The hotel is in a quiet location but still closer than most to the centre of the village. There's no pool but there's one only 5mins walk away. After an evening meal in the village return to the Starlight outside bar for a night of great conversation & banter.
1 post by Julian F ip - UK
  Neil R
Spotlessly clean but beware everything else in the hotel you pay extra for. Breakfast included in your holiday package is two slices of bread. If you want two poached eggs its 5.50 euro extra! It costs you 21.00 euro to have your fridge switched on for a week and the same for a safety deposit box. Also if you have wine it is not the advertised 1.50 euro but 2.50 euro (big measures says rita ha!). Dont run a tab you get stung when you leave!!!
View 22 posts by Neil R ip - UK
  Ann C
Just got back. Hotel very clean and friendly in nice location 5 mins walk from the beach. Be aware that breakfast is not amazing (coffee, juice, two pieces of bread and butter) and you will have to pay extra for fridge, air conditioning, safety deposit box.
1 post by Ann C ip - UK
  Andy B
Just got back, hotel excellent, clean & only two minutes walk from main square. Rita (owner) and staff all very friendly.
1 post by Andy B ip - UK
  Sue C
Fabulous place to stay. Accomodation clean and spacious. Service brilliant and staff excellent.
ip - UK
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