Andreas Apartments

Accommodation in Skala

Ian C           

We are returning to the Andreas Apartments on the 16th of July this year for 2 weeks, we stayed there two years ago but couldn’t get in last year, due to its popularity.


I am surprised to read the comments on this site which describe Elizabeth as rude and unwelcoming. We found her and her husband Denis, to be the most welcoming hosts we have ever experienced. On our departure, Elizabeth presented us with a gift to remember our holiday.


I would However like to say that as a couple without children, we are extremely grateful for the way in which Elizabeth and Denis pay close attention to the behaviour of their younger guests. In our experience, the parents usually do not. Having a holiday spoilt by screaming kids is a luxury.


This is definitely not a “Brits Abroad” establishment and it is worth every penny of the cost to have quiet, well managed clean and comfortable accommodation.


We look forward to returning this year to the Andreas apartments where we are sure of a warm and friendly welcome. Perhaps those who felt they did not share our experience might wish to consider using somewhere with lower standards. We however, would not.


Ian Cavanagh and Guy Tucker

Martin W           

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Photo of Andreas 11

These apartments are just to the back of Andreas Apartments which can be seen if you look between the two buildings

Tricia H           

This was our first visit to Greece(Aug 05) when the coach started backing up the hill to the apartments we thought OH MY GOD! where are we going? only to find that the apartments were Fantastic!!!  Elisabeth and her family were absolutely Brilliant we had our 2 year old son with us and Elisabeth was wonderful with him we we could not have wished for a better place to stay. THANKYOU!! Hope to see you soon

Janet G           

Just got back from our second visit to these apartments.  We had a wonderful time and the Andreas was just as good as we remembered it from last year.  This year we took our parents and brother and his wife.  They really appreciated the high standard of cleanliness and maintenance and the wonderful peaceful situation of the apartments.  Thanks to Elisabeth for helping to make it a perfect holiday. Skala is a great place for couples and young families.  Plenty of restaurants to try out.  We have never had a bad experience, there is too much competition.  Can't wait to go back.

John &           

We went to these appartments last year and found them to be the best we have stayed in in Greece. We have been to Crete and Rhodes and the places we ended up in were like hovels in comparrisson. Due to past bad experiances we were a little worried about what we might find when we got there, but we really shouldn't have bothered.

Theses appartments are top class, they are so peaceful and friendly and all have fabulous views of either mountains or the sea.
We enjoyed using the pool on many occassions buy didn't feel pressurised by the staff if we went to the beach instead. A couple of times we enjoyed drinks at the bar, or a toasted sandwich or ice cream. It was nice to have these options when you are so far out from the village centre.
A bit of advice... If you are staying here don't bother lugging out hairdryers or kettles as they are all provided in the rooms.... Leave them at home and bring more clothes or shoes!!
Anyway if you are lucky enough to be staying here this summer, then enjoy it as you will have a great time.

Hollie F           

I have just found these reports and after reading them I am very surprised with what I have read.

I have been staying at these apartments with my parents since they first opened.
Every May we return to have a fantastic holiday; we also go and visit when we have been to Kefalonia on a cheap flight-only deal in September.
We have become very good friends of Denis and Elisabeth and their family.

The apartments are fantastic; they have been kitted out with the most beautiful furniture. Nothing has been spared, there are hairdryers, kettles and SOME EVEN have..... BATHS!!! These apartments are pure luxury!!

The views from the balconies over looking the pool are stunning and the location is perfect for a peaceful and relaxing holiday.
They are positioned just out of Skala, at the back of the village towards Old Skala, it doesn’t take long to walk into the village though.

Denis and Elisabeth are a lovely couple and we enjoy spending time with them when we stay at their apartments, they are very friendly, warm and kind people.

I would highly recommend these apartments to people who want a nice quiet and relaxing holiday in gorgeous accommodation and situated in beautiful grounds.

See you soon! Hollie, Mike, Karen and Steve

Barbara W           

Please can someone tell me where these apartments are in Skala?

Thank you

Samantha M           

WOW!!!!!!! This was the BEST holiday that we have ever been on. Thank-you so much to Elisabeth and her family for making it so perfect!!

We were there for two weeks from 25th July to 8th August. Flew from East Midlands with islandsflug, plane took off on time from east midlands and early on the return trip from Kefalonia (you never think it can happen).

It was the first holiday that my boyfriend and I had taken together and we couldn't have chosen a better island/resort/accommodation and tour operator. We stayed at the Andreas Studios & Apartments in Skala, our Kosmar rep was Stella and she is the best rep I have ever met.

She helps you with everything you need and takes a keen interest in how your holiday is going. She is very friendly but hard working at the same time. On her evening off she came along to the bbq at the Andreas but unfortunately spent most of the evening on the telephone dealing with a problem for a group at another accommodation. All was sorted and she enjoyed the rest of the evening, a very dedicated young lady.

We stayed in a studio which was cleaned twice weekly complete with linen and towel change and the bins were emptied every day. The pool area was immaculate and the room was gorgeous!!

We have already booked again for next year, but unfortunately we have booked the LAST room with Kosmar for 24/7 until 31/7. I understand that the main block is with Thompson for next summer. Hopefully we will be able to return year after year.

Can’t wait for the next 48 weeks to pass quickly so we can return.

Stella we saw what that Mr Sullivan put (or what ever his name was), I’d say he had the wrong airline/resort/accommodation/tour company and rep, YOU‘RE ACE. Sorry we didn’t say ‘bye’ at the airport but you looked rushed off your feet. See you next year.

Sam and Dean xxx

Samantha Morgan (August 17, 2004)
Location: UK

Joan R           

Excellent apartments - Best in Skala!!!

Hollie -           

I have just found these reports and after reading them I am very surprised with what I have read.

I have been staying at these apartments with my parents since they first opened.
Every May we return to have a fantastic holiday; we also go and visit when we have been to Kefalonia on a cheap flight-only deal in September.
We have become very good friends of Denis and Elisabeth and their family.

The apartments are fantastic; they have been kitted out with the most beautiful furniture. Nothing has been spared, there are hairdryers, kettles and SOME EVEN have..... BATHS!!! These apartments are pure luxury!!

The views from the balconies over looking the pool are stunning and the location is perfect for a peaceful and relaxing holiday.
They are positioned just out of Skala, at the back of the village towards Old Skala, it doesn’t take long to walk into the village though.

Denis and Elisabeth are a lovely couple and we enjoy spending time with them when we stay at their apartments, they are very friendly, warm and kind people.

I would highly recommend these apartments to people who want a nice quiet and relaxing holiday in gorgeous accommodation and situated in beautiful grounds.

See you soon! Hollie, Mike, Karen and Steve

Emma M           

Hi George. I take great offence at some of your comments you have made.
Please explain how me and my partner could have handled our situation with the toilet seat any different? We notified Elisabeth as soon as it had happened, and she was still rude and blamed us when it was obviously done by an earlier guest.
Now look at my post about the toilet seat, and have a look at how Elisabeth could have handled it differently.

Also we were told by Stella the rep that she had had lots of complaints about Elisabeth, and that Thompson were 'Welcome to her.'

I think you need to think about what you type before you type it, as I believe most of the negative comments on here as I have experienced Elisabeth's rudeness first hand.
As for what her sons will think when they read this board, her sons already know what their mother is like as one of our neighbours told us after they had been talking to one of them. His words after my neighbour had complained were, "We know what my mother is like."

As for you putting that people posting on here are proffessionals, but basically post rubbish, well I am a teacher. Are you going to pick up on me as well?

Daniel B           

George. You say to stop the one upmanship and then go on to patronise those with a differing view to yourself. I shouldnt reply to this as I normally ignore patronising people. I wondered who the first one would be to pick up on my libel/slander error and use it as some form of defence for the apartments. Well done, you win the prize. (I can be patronising too).

This is not a case of one upmanship or posting a negative for a positive (I've put 3 excellents just to balance mine out for you), it is people with views like yourself who wont accept that others have a different view so choose to give personal abuse and start with the sly name calling. Who is in the wrong? Those who tell the truth about their poor experiences on 'holiday' or those who dish personal abuse.

As for 'say something nice or say nothing at all'. Well, believe it or not this is a site for honest reviews. I wouldnt be doing my duty if I lied about our experiences. Your comments that Elisabeths children read the age so we should not say what we think are, quite frankly, laughable. Another attempt censor us.

Take some of your own advice and let people have their own opinion without shouting them down.

BTW, stopping short of using foul language (something no one else has felt the need to resort to) on here doesnt excuse you. You still considered it (children read this board dont forget). You pick up on errors in postings and state that this will 'forewarn future guests of the kind of people they may have to put up with'. Look a little closer to home. Your snobbish attitude to those you feel superior to does just show what normal, down to earth guests will have to put up with.

I await more patronising comments or sly name calling from the Elisabeth fan base.

Michelle F           


George S           

Is it not time for a halt to be called on all this chat line one-upmanship for it serves no purpose and achieves no results, for every negative comment, somebody will post a positive one.
This page is no doubt read by Elisabeth and her family, will those who can only post hostile remarks not bear in mind that her children may also read the page, how would you like to read similar comments about your own mother, have a little christian spirit and follow the old adage "If you cannot say anything nice then try saying nothing at all"!
Elisabeth does not respond to these comments, she has no need to, her apartments are fully booked year on year, all that is achieved by comments from people who cannot spell OGRE, and not use the feminine derivation of Ogress, and others who ascribe to being professional but obviously do not know the difference between slander and libel only go to point out their own shortcoming and forewarn future guests of the kind of people they may have to put up with.
For goodness sake "Be cool, get happy"!

Joanne M           

Im afraid I have to agree with the negatives on here. Im not going to go into much detail as what I have to say has already been said and I dont want my opinion shouted down.

What I will say is that those commenting about peoples respect should perhaps respect that other people have opinions too just like you are allowed yours.

For the record we abided by all rules (and there were many) such as not having friends on the balcony, showering before we went in the pool, not using sun tan oil by the pool but we still felt on edge all the time we were there.

Its a holiday to relax, not to be worrying all the time about getting into trouble should you let your concentration drop for a moment.

Daniel B    for the other posters who claim my comments are nasty and harsh, well our opinions are based on actual events and after all, this is 2004, free speech and all that.

In 26 years of travelling abroad this is the first time I, or my parents, have ever felt strongly enough to complain. We will not tolerate such a lack of manners.

Daniel B           


"We are also professional people with a 15 year old son and we have respect."

Please do not hint at us not having respect.You do not know us in the slightest and your comments lean towards slander.

Samantha T           

You wont have a "holiday" if you stay here!!!

Samantha T           

I agreed with all of the comments about Elisabeth - she is an ogar!!

She is very rude to her guests, she goes into peoples rooms when they are not there, snooping around. I have heard from a number of people who did like her but have fallen out with her due to her bad attitude!

She has taken a whole hurd of guests into another guests apartment to show them around without their permission!! THAT IS OUTRAGEOUS - They could have stolen something for all she knew.
Elisabeth needs to understand that people have paid for their rooms and she has no right to take people in someone elses room without their permission.

She is grumpy and Miserable.


People go on holiday to enjoy themselves not to answer to other people and feel unwelcome.
I have no children but went on holiday with another couple but were told off for going into their apartment or sitting on their balcony! What are we supposed to do when we have come away together?? Our rooms were far apart also!!!

If you want my advice – STAY AWAY!!! Don’t waste your money, when you can have the same treatment for free in the army....

Jean and steve W           

WE feel we need add a few more comments after reading all the other comments in more depth. The appartments are the best we have had the pleasure of they are immaculate, the showers are out of this world,just what you want after a day laying in the sun,the views are breathtaking,in fact the whole complex is awsome.We most certainly do not think 2.50euros for large beer is expensive we were paying 3.50e in Zante.See you in Oct Elisabeth we can go back there and know we will get what we have paid for a friendly relaxing boozy holiday.

Teresa F           

Well said Jim ! As one of the families who have just returned from the Andreas ( but will never be going back ) we certainly were made to feel like lepers! One of the guests,who certainly didn't seem to have any manners at all,accused us of coming from a council estate,which we found most disrespectful.This was because my nephew (who is only two) happened to scrape his chair on the balcony!What a crisis!Well MRS! for your information we are all in very well paid jobs and live in a very respectable area.Could it be because we aren't Southerners?Or is it the fact that your daughter may be very friendly with Elisabeths son?The simple fact is you have got to be one of the "in" crowd to fit in at the Andreas.My advice is "STAY AWAY"

George S           

What a shock I had on discovering this site. I could not believe that I was reading comments that purported to be about the apartments and family that I and my wife Diane have visited for the last three years and enjoyed every wonderful day. The apartments are without doubt of the highest standard and kept that way. The pool area is likewise maintained.
Denis, Elisabeth, Andreas and Arthemis are a most hospitable family and make excellent hosts, Diane and I have eaten in their appartment and dined with them in many of the best restaurants in Skala and Poros, we also have had the use of their shower and bathroom on our last day before flying home.
Personal comments about Elisabeth are nasty and completely uncalled for. What she has, which some of the guest do not, are STANDARDS and I for one like the high standards they keep.
Unfortunately this year, the first two weeks in July, we had to put up with what can only be described as a "Family from Hell". Four adults and a little "Ba" with no concept of how to get on with other people in a civilized way, they even allowed the child to defecate in the pool after repeated requests to put a nappy or Pampers on the brat who was obvously not in control of his bowels. I and a number of other guests lodged complaints against this family with the Kosmar reps in Skala and we successfully got them barred from the pool area, oh how our second week improved.
I cannot praise the Andreas apartments or the Travlos family high enough. The highest recommendation must be that the apartments are fully booked the year before you wish to go and the majority of the bookings are from returning families.
We shall be returning again next year and will enjoy every minute of our stay.

Jean and steve W           

Well we have just read the comments about the Andreas or shall I say about Elisabeth. We are parents of 4 grown up children, grandparents to 3 small children and we can see were Elisabeth is coming from,if she sees a small child running around the pool she can see the danger that some times relaxed parents cannot.Elisabeth is not a dragon as some people have described her but a thoughtful, warm hearted, caring and CAREFULL person. Our first holiday there was by accident, a late deal, we have been going back every year, twice a year infact.We could not get booked in for our August Holiday we had to make do with Zante so we made our own way over to Kefalonia to visit Elisabeth and we were made very welcome. there are not many dragons that I know that would give up there beds for holiday makers! If people would just spare a little time to get to know somebody before making harsh judgements they would find a lovely person.

Emma M           

Andy, we were not disrespectful holiday makers. We didnt take lilo's to the pool, we didnt shout or scream form our balcony, and we dont even have children.
The fact of the matter is that Elisabeth doesnt appear to like guests!

Sarah....the barbeque wasnt a 'one off.' She does it every week, and maybe the one you went to was the first one. However while we were there, lots of people went to the first one, but nobody to the second one as everybody had realised what she was like.

The 'concentration camp' comment was interesting as that was also passed while we were there!

Michelle B           

Reading through all the comments I have come to the conclusion that more people have complained about Elisabeth than those who have not. Says it all really.

I agree with Mr Addison's comment about these apartments being made for "Adults Only", very child unfriendly even though there is a children's section of the pool "DURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR" and, yes, I am one of the families who will be putting in an official complaint to Kosmar. My husband and I took our "well-behaved" two year old son to the Andreas for a well earned holiday after such an awful year - my dad has been very ill and my niece is in hospital having major surgery. We were treated like something you find off the bottom of your shoe. For your information Sarah Bowmer and Andy Coke, we too are professional people and have RESPECT for others, provided of course that they respect us too.

We hardly used the Andreas as we hired a car for most of the fortnight and got to see a lot of the island which is absolutely beautiful but the times that we did spend at the Andreas we seemed to be the target of criticism. We dropped no litter, we didn't play loud music and my child was certainly not unruly.

Stella was absolutely brilliant and told us that there had been a lot of complaints about the Andreas - some minor, some major.

Don't be afraid to complain about Elisabeth's rudeness/bossiness - stand up for your rights. We paid just as much money for this holiday as everyone else and we should all be treated in the same manner. I agree 100% with Daniel's comments.

Steven, B           

We returned back from our 2 week holiday at the Andreas on the 22nd of August. We must say that it was an excellent holiday and we enjoyed every minute of our stay at the Andreas apartments. The apartments were spotless and were cleaned every day. The views from the apartments are fantastic and the pool was the best that we have ever seen, it was kept exceptionally clean and was cleaned every day. The pool bar is not expensive as some people have stated, and the comments made about Elisabeth by some guests that have stayed in the Andreas Apartments are truly harsh!!
My parents and I got along with Elisabeth just fine and we all really like her. Comments made about her strictness around the pool are not warranted, what she is asking people to do (i.e. asking people to shower before entering the pool) is only commonsense and it was nice too swim in a very clean and lilo free pool.
Elisabeth is a lovely warm and kind person! Stella’s not that bad either! ;-)

Steven Helga Barry

Sarah B           


Sarah B           


For your information we didn't spend loads of money behind the pool bar during our holiday, we never drank there at night and maybe had a beer in the daytime, sometimes between us.

The BBQ was a one off that Elisabeth wanted to do with the help of her friends.

We are also professional people with a 15 year old son and we have respect.

Sarah B           


People tend to loose respect on holiday , for others and the owners.

A fantastic holiday was enjoyed by the 3 three of us, and I must say we wrote to Kosmar to back Elisabeth 100% with the problems she endured during our fortnight stay (27 June - 11 July)

Jim A           

I have just returned from a 2 week holiday in Skala with my partner (we are both in our early 60's) and we used the facilities at the Andreas Apartments every day as our accommodation had no pool. My children are now grown up and have families of their own and it was a pleasure to sit and watch young children having fun around the pool (until Elisabeth arrived). What a dragon. We made friends with a couple of families whilst we where there and they seemed to be bombarded with rules and regulations, filthy looks and were made to feel uneasy the whole duration of their stay. They weren't being disrespectful to other holidaymakers they were just having fun.

Families go on holiday to have fun in the sun and if this is not allowed at the Andreas then it should be made into an "Adult Only" accommodation.

If you have booked a holiday to the Andreas be warned. NO FUN ALLOWED. I know of at least 3 families who will be putting in an official complaint to Kosmar about Elisabeth and her attitude to holidaymakers. At the end of the day we are her customers and she should be doing everything in her power to make this a holiday to remember and by golly I will remember this holiday with sadness at the young children who wanted to have fun but couldn't.

Elisabeth CHILL OUT.

Andy C           

We have just arrived back from Andreas appartments for the third year in a row. It was yet again a fantastic holiday! It saddens me to read the comments about Elisabeth, she is always making sure everything is of a high standard and will not let people ruin the holidays of others. Yes she is strict and has rules but only those who are disrespectful to other holiday makers seem to be the ones who don't get on with her. I know when I arrive the appartment will be immaculate, the pool will be cleaner than any other pool I have been in, it will not be full of inflatables when trying to swim.The pool is open only until 6.30pm in order for it to be clean the next day! I have seen the build up of oil at the end of the day due to some people refusing to shower everytime before they enter the pool. There fore in order for the chlorine to work the pool has to be empty and is available from 10.30am the next day.I would say it is probably not the best place for young children, we have teenage girls who also are grateful for Elisabeth's 'rules'. We know that our holiday will be free from noise from other guests, litter, loud music, everthing we expect but have never had the pleasure with previous holidays. We enjoy the pool bar in the evenings and the prices are no different from the village bars. We must respect the Greek tax laws with regards to taking drink and food from your room to the pool which many people find annoying but it is not Elisabeth trying to make money but repecting her own business laws. We often returned to our room and enjoyed lunch on our balcony with the most breath taking views. We will be returning!

Sarah M           

I was very surprised to read some of the recent comments about Elisabeth Travlos, the owner of the Andreas Apartments. We have stayed at the Andreas three times and have always found Elisabeth to be courteous, friendly and helpful. In fact over the years the Travlos family have become friends. They even send us Christmas cards.

We have returned to the Andreas again and again because we love the apartments. The view over the Ionian sea to Zakynthos and the mainland is stunning as are the views of the mountains. The apartments are also very well maintained, spacious and attractive and cleaned regularly.

I also do not understand the comments on this website from other guests about the use of the Andreas pool and the poolbar. Our use of both these facilites is minimal - we prefer to swim in the sea and tend to frequent the Scandinavia bar until late. This has never had any adverse impact on our friendship with the Travlos family.

I do hope that those reading the reviews of the Andreas on this website will not be put off by the negative comments. We have always had wonderful holidays at the Andreas and will be returning in the future.

Michelle B           

The Andreas Apartments themselves were to a very high standard and in a great location on a hill overlooking Skala but we cannot say the same of Elisabeth who we found to be the most annoying woman on this planet. There were so many rules and regulations we felt like we were in a "Concentration Camp" and not on our holidays we which had saved up all year for.

She was okay with you if you spent money by the pool (very expensive!!) but if you didn't she would glare at you all day making you feel really uncomfortable. We weren't allowed to take food/drinks around the pool, splash in the pool, take inflatables in the pool and generally talk or breath around the pool.

Upon our departure Elisabeth said to my husband and I "come back to see us when your little boy is older" which comes across to us that she doesn't like children.

I wouldn't step foot in the Andreas again if my life depended on it.

Teresa F           

We have just returned from our holiday to the andreas apartments and we can honestly say they are the best apartments that we have ever stayed in.They were situated in a lovely position and were absolutely spotless.We didn't stay in Elisabeths apartments(Thank goodness)She has to be the most horrible evil woman that you could wish to meet.The reports that we had read about her were true.She took an instant dislike to us because we had children.By the end of the first day,the children dared hardly move or breathe.The atmosphere around the pool was awful and if looks could kill none of us would be here now!One of the other guests summed it up in one word"COLDITZ".We definately won't be returning to the andreas apartments again,well,not while Elisabeth is running them!

Daniel B           

I have to agree with a lot of what has been said about the owner. I think she needs to understand that everyone who goes there is her customer, not just those who spend loads of money in her pool bar. Comments below about the BBQ and being in the pool at 2am is a prime example of them and us. You spend money in the bar you can do what you like. We were told off within 6 hours of arriving for having our towels on the balcony. The apartments themselves are very nice and well looked after but if you are going there check for damages immediately on arrival. Ensure you look for examples of wear and tear too as these charges may be foisted on you. We had a run in with the owner after a couple of days and her attitude to us was appalling. She blamed us for damages/wear and tear that were clearly already done and i pointed this out (the damage had clearly already had an attempted repair) to which she replied "It was not done last night because i went in your room and it was perfect. You have done it today". We are professional people and are not in the habit of damaging other peoples property. Furthermore,I would be interested to know why she was going in our room after we'd gone out as the room had already been cleaned that day.
For the rest of the holiday she totally blanked us but had the cheek to come and wave us off when we left (wanting to project a good image to others i guess? I found it quite distasteful). At the start of the holiday We had every intention of spending half the day by the pool, having lunch there then going to the beach, coming back and having a few drinks at the pool bar before going out. After the way we were treated we didnt spend another penny behind the bar never mind dare to dip a toe in the pool after 630.

You will need to be fit if you are going here. It is situated on a steep hill at the back of the village which takes its toll twice a day for a fortnight.

I understand that the owner is moving away from Kosmar next year and using Thomson Small and Friendly. I would say that the two stipulations for this are that you must be small and friendly. The latter, im afraid, doesnt apply unless you are prepared to empty your pockets behind the bar.

Elisabeth. Next year the apartments cost a good deal more and as such people will expect a good deal more. They will tolerate being bossed about and rudeness even less than Kosmar customers. You have lovely apartments but you need to treat everyone equally. Your attitude affected our holiday. We work hard all year and would like to relax, not be on edge all the time.

.......and another thing. A smile wouldnt go amiss.

Emma M           

The view from the apartment we were in was fantastic and worth the money alone. As for cleanliness, it was ok.........we had to sweep water from the bathroom floor down the grate as the grate was in the wrong place, and if we didnt, the water leaked through to the living area.

A big word of warning. Elisabeth was a massive factor on our enjoymnet. We noticed on the first monday we were there that the toilet seat had come away from the hinges, and had broken in two or three places and had obviously tried to be fixed. We left a note for the cleaner/Elisabeth on the Tuesday about it, and nothing was done, so we left the same note on the Wednesday.
On the Wednesday night we went to the pool to pay for our fan, and Elisabeth was fine while she was taking our money, then accused us of breaking the seat. We explained that it had obviously been broken before as there were a few seperate pieces that were dirty, and she wouldnt accept this.
She then said that she would have to go to the mainland to get a new seat, and that we would have to pay. We said we were not going to do this as we hadnt broke it, and she said that we would. We told her basically that we were not having it, and we were going to complain to which she said, 'You will not complain!!'
The next day we wrote a letter to Stella the rep as we were away on a day trip, and she was superb. She spoke to Elisabeth, and to cut a long story short, we didnt pay for the seat.
HOWEVER Elisabeth was very rude to us for the rest of our holiday. Also interestingly, next door's toilet seat was broken, and she tried the same trick with them!!

Elisabeth and her family work very hard to keep the apartments and the pool nice, and its a shame that her attitude spoils it.

We wouldnt go back to this apartment as it was a steep walk back anyway from Skala, but Elisabeth's attitude put us off as well. She was overbearing, downright rude and nasty, and we are also writing to Kosmar to complain.

Stella on the other hand was superb, and we love Skala as we had gone the previous year, so I will give a big thumbs up to Skala and Kosmar, but a massive thumbs down for the Andreas.

Steve R           

Just returned 1st August. This is by far the best accomodation I have experienced in 7 visits to the Greek Islands, and mainland Greece. However, I must agree with the previous comments about the ownwer. Elisabeth is apparently famous in the resort for her strict rules, which seem to change day to day.

Janet G           

Got back from our holiday last week. We had a wonderful time and could not have wished for better accommodation. The apartment was immaculate and even had a full size bath in the bathroom. Bath towels and toilet paper were provided (a first in Greece for us!) and the apartment was cleaned and fresh sheets provided twice a week. The pool was beautiful and scrupilously cleaned every day. The comments about the owner I think are rather unfair. There were rules about the use of the pool which I think made for a much more pleasant atmosphere (no unruly families spoiling the enjoyment of everyone else). We found Elisabath and her family perfectly friendly and obviously very proud of their apartments and asked if everything was ok for us, providing us with extra pillows etc if we required them. The only downside is that next year they have gone to Thomson and have put the price up by over two hundred pounds. Can't wait to go back.

Sarah B           

Absolutey brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sarah B           

We returned from Andreas Apartments on 11 July after the best holiday we have ever had.

The apartment was excellant. We had a bath, a shower, a shower curtain and a shower hook. A hairdryer and a kettle.

It was cleaned twice a week and the bins emptied everyday.

Elizabeth was fantastic.. Yes she was strict around the pool but it was for everyones safety and enjoyment.

My 15 year old son was there and made friends with a 16 year old, they used the lilos in the pool but when other people were swimming Elisabeth asked them to take them out. It's all down to respect.

We played water polo and numerous ball games in the pool and Elisabeth was fine with this.

She serves wonderful salads and sandwiches all day and the ice cold Lowenbrau lager is a must at E2.50 for a large one.

We had a BBQ on the last night which she had never done before and she asked for help. About 30 people attended and a great night was had by all, we ended up in the pool at 2 o'clock, even the cleaners and the pool boy came.

We would like to thank Elisabeth for the best holiday ever. We will be returning soon.

Ruth H           

Although we rose above it most of the time, it was extremely difficult not to let the overbearing presence of Elizabeth 'get to you' The hotel next door whose name escapes me, bearing in mind we only discovered it on the afternoon we were leaving, was much nicer .

Watch out Elizabeth - you've got competition and it's a good job.

Jane G           

We have just returned from Skala, Kefallonia, stayed at the Andreas Apartments. Stella was our rep with Kosmar and I can honestly say that she was the best rep we have had in the 17 years we have been travelling abroad.

Skala is still a compact place (we visited 14 years ago), although there are many restaurants there does not appear to be too many ‘Greek’ tavernas. On the whole the food is good wherever you eat, but I would suggest looking down the side streets. Apostolis is excellent and Greek and on the main road to Argostoli there is a little place which does Gyros, it has green painted railings outside and this is excellent and extremely good value for money. In fact the Greeks themselves eat here on a daily basis.

The Andreas apartments were well looked after and clean. However, Elizabeth who owns the new block of apartments which has the swimming pool in front of it does not appear to be child friendly. Whilst we were there for two weeks, there were only three children aged 12, 11 and 5 who were well behaved and they were shouted at (by Elizabeth) on numerous occasions, for splashing in the pool, making the water go over the sides of the pool and generally enjoying themselves. Woe betide if they tried to play with a ball or a lilo, again they were shouted at. The atmosphere around the pool was not at all friendly and it could be seen by the fact that even though the apartments were full there were only 5 people around the poolside on a daily basis and the pool was excellent, clean, crystal clear water.

People staying in Elizabeth’s block were told off for still being on their balcony at 12.45am and were told (shouldn’t you be in bed at this time?), other people who had visited with friends were told off for sitting on their friends balcony, (and after the friends had left the room, Elizabeth visited to ensure that no crockery, utensils etc had been removed).

We stayed in the older blocks (although they were only 5 or 6 years old) and were excellent, bins emptied every day, cleaned twice during the week, bedding and towels (excellent and large) changed twice a week. We would visit Scala again but would not stay at the Andreas Apartments, even though we had a good time - purely due to the demeanour of Elizabeth.

Keith A           

Anyone preferring the studios or apartment in the two more traditional buildings at the Andreas should not that these are still avaiable with Kosmar for 2005.

Joan W           

The apartment was excellent - had a large kettle, which was nice. Sheets cleaned every 3/4th day. Plenty of cooking utensils (although we didnt use these much as eating out was such a pleasure). The only thing to spoil the holiday was the owner's inability to realise that just because there was a bar we didn't have to use it! She was a very happy person whilst you were spending money there, but really miserable if you didn't. She forbade anyone bringing anything from the apartment around the pool. The new block was better than the older one too. Will not be going there again.

Elisabeth T           

if you like to book for 2005 for ANDREAS APARTMENTS you have to go through THOMSON HOLIDAYS AND NOT THROUGH kosmar that are for this


Someone has kindly sent us the's

Linda H           

I have just booked to go to the Andreas Apartments in 2004 and was wondering if anyone had their direct email address as I would like to contact them prior to my departure.

Sam A           

Excellent in every way, The Andreas Apartments were extremely spacious and clean with gorgeous views of the sea and neighbouring Zante. We found Denis & Elisabeth most welcoming and the facilities (pool, bar etc) were great. One thing being on the top of the hill it did give you plenty of exercise which may not be to everyone's taste!! The room service Denis & Elisabeth provided at supermarket prices was truly ingenious and saved us lugging 6 bottles of water up the hill every day!!

Would definitely return to the Andreas!!

Ian C           

we stayed at the andreas last year for the last week in July and First in August. the weather was 40degrees and the Travlos's (Elizabeth and Dennis) couldnt do enough to help you. the room was spotless and cleaned regularly (more often if you asked), the location perfect and the hospitality personal and faultless. Elizabeth got up at six am to wave us off and even gave us a momento of our stay. we have left it too late to book there this year and have had to book the San Giorgio which just cannot be as good. the only criticism was Kosmar and the lies they told about the delayed flight home,('forgot' to inform us of a 20 hour delay!) not the fault of the travlos'and the andreas who i would reccomend unreseredly. i have noted the comments about the pool prices remember you get precisely what you pay for if you dont want to get off your sunlounger (which they provide free of charge) then pay for the privelidge of having a drink brought over to you...........some poeple!

Ivan N

We live on the island of Agistri and would like to spend a week at your apartments as we have freinds staying there from the u/k. we are looking to stay for 7 nights commencing the 8th Aug.
Could you please help. I would be obliged if you could give me the price of your rooms. Could you help us find accomadation in Skala if you cannot accomadate us.

Stuart H           

The first impression you get of the Andreas Apartments is the spectacular views and scenery with magnificent sea views. This year Denis and Elizabeth have added a poolside bar serving draught beer, wine, soft drinks, snacks, salads, coffees and ice-creams. They have also provided a toilet block and an undercover seated area, which is very welcome when the temperature is in the 80's, which it has been for the last few weeks. We had our honeymoon and consequent anniversary there and highly recommend the apartments for its location and facilities. The only thing we noticed is that people are getting it confused with the apartment block next door which is also named Andreas.

Colin S           

We visited the andreas in august 2001 and had an exellent time. My first time abroad. Iwas a bit nervouse but found the whole holiday enjoyable. Plenty to do. we went a couple of excursions and boat trips and really found the atmosphere very plesent indeed. Not too crowded but lively in the evening.

Jax P

prices for a double room for 2, from 18.06.03 - 12.07.03

David .           

just returned from scala 7/09/ girlfriend and i stayed at the andreas apartments.situated at the foot of the mountain just out of town the location i felt was excelent.views were tremendous.the golden sun reps rightly say there the best apartments on their torch is needed as the brochure sugests it is well lit up when walking back at night.maid service is only once a week to change towels and bedding,maybe twice would be better.Take a hook with you to hang your shower on the wall,and there are no shower curtains so bathroomfloor can get slippery.Andreas says next year both buildings will be Kosmar bookings.loved scala,loved the apartments,the weather was not great.but wold`nt hesitate to go back.Not sure enough to do here if you bring children.

Garrie O           

WE have just returned (sept 02) from the Andreas. The owners Elizebeth and Dennis, have a great sense of pride in thier apartment and rightly so. The appartments are clean and they do strive to keep them this way. We went with our two children and they were made very welcome, particularly by Elizebeth. We were a little concearned to find on arrival that they were not in a apartment next door to us and feel that should have been made clear by Kosmos. Whilst the kids had a great time I would not suggest that it would be good for all children as most of the guests are couples. If your kids are noisy and boysterous I would not suggest this as a option. The pool has recently opened and is cleaned daily with plans to build a pool side bar next year. It was really great to come back to the apartment to have a dip prior to going out for the evening. We felt the price of drinks around the pool a little expensive (€1.20 for a can of soft drink €2.20 for a beer) and I hope the bar does not go the same way. You are a little outside (5 mins walk) outside Skala which is a real advantage as it is wonderfully quiet at night. You have great views across to the other greek islands and this is really a great place to chill. It is also cooler at night! We really enjoyed our time here, the only major critisim is the last day arragements where we turffed out of our appartments at 10.00am and not collected until 4.30pm. Whilst dennis and Elizebeth made a curtesy room available until 1.30pm, our luggage was left open to the elements (and anyone else). Unfortunatly it was raining on the day of departure so it was fortunate that we still had our car otherwise it could have been a very wet day! This is not a reflection of a brilliant stay but is something that needs looking at. I would reccommend the apartments, particularly if you are looking for a place to chill that is close to the town but far enough out as not to be in it. The only noises you are likly to hear at night is the sound of the morning cockrel!!!!

Michael M           

Our rep told us that our apartment (No. 2) was the best apartment in Scala. 2 large double rooms with balconies, bathroom and a full kitchen. We had heard that the apartment is a long way from town and the beach but its just a nice distance. Lets you stretch your legs and either burn off some of the excellent food or the Mythos beer. The place was spotless and Demis, the manager is a really nice, obliging guy. The pool at the hotel next door is excellent too.

Eddie D

The brother of Andreas apartments Golden Sun owns this one. They are located in the same grounds.It only opened about June 2001. We went in August and it was excelent. Two stories of very clean well built apartments with wonderful views. Very nice owners. We are going again this year with Kosmar. I would like to get in touch with the owner to make some extra arrangements but have lost their details and Kosmar cannot give them to me. Can anyone help with a phone number or E-mail.

Jo P           

We hadn't seen any pictures of the place until we arrived but were extremely happy with our choice when we got there. The views from the terrace were amazing, and the apartment was spacious, clean and had everything we needed. The pool opened whilst we were there, which was the icing on the cake - we'll definitely be going back!

Linda H           

My husband and I stayed there for our honeymoon last year and it was fantastic. The spectacular views of Zante from the balcony, the wonderful mountain backdrop, the smell of the pines, the clicking of the cicada's, cockerel's crowing in the mornings and Scala's beautiful beach and clear blue sea all made it memorable. Andreas is very friendly too and we're going back this year!

Lesley B           

beautifully situated at the foot of Mt ainos; slightly out of the village up an incline but very peaceful, in well kept grounds. The owners are very friendly and the appartments are immaculate. Views to Zakynthos from the upper appartments.Sitting on the balcony at night, listening to goat bells and cicadas with a glass of wine - perfect!