Andreas Apartments - (Accommodation in Skala)

Daniel B           

I have to agree with a lot of what has been said about the owner. I think she needs to understand that everyone who goes there is her customer, not just those who spend loads of money in her pool bar. Comments below about the BBQ and being in the pool at 2am is a prime example of them and us. You spend money in the bar you can do what you like. We were told off within 6 hours of arriving for having our towels on the balcony. The apartments themselves are very nice and well looked after but if you are going there check for damages immediately on arrival. Ensure you look for examples of wear and tear too as these charges may be foisted on you. We had a run in with the owner after a couple of days and her attitude to us was appalling. She blamed us for damages/wear and tear that were clearly already done and i pointed this out (the damage had clearly already had an attempted repair) to which she replied "It was not done last night because i went in your room and it was perfect. You have done it today". We are professional people and are not in the habit of damaging other peoples property. Furthermore,I would be interested to know why she was going in our room after we'd gone out as the room had already been cleaned that day.
For the rest of the holiday she totally blanked us but had the cheek to come and wave us off when we left (wanting to project a good image to others i guess? I found it quite distasteful). At the start of the holiday We had every intention of spending half the day by the pool, having lunch there then going to the beach, coming back and having a few drinks at the pool bar before going out. After the way we were treated we didnt spend another penny behind the bar never mind dare to dip a toe in the pool after 630.

You will need to be fit if you are going here. It is situated on a steep hill at the back of the village which takes its toll twice a day for a fortnight.

I understand that the owner is moving away from Kosmar next year and using Thomson Small and Friendly. I would say that the two stipulations for this are that you must be small and friendly. The latter, im afraid, doesnt apply unless you are prepared to empty your pockets behind the bar.

Elisabeth. Next year the apartments cost a good deal more and as such people will expect a good deal more. They will tolerate being bossed about and rudeness even less than Kosmar customers. You have lovely apartments but you need to treat everyone equally. Your attitude affected our holiday. We work hard all year and would like to relax, not be on edge all the time.

.......and another thing. A smile wouldnt go amiss.

Andreas Apartments - (Accommodation in Skala)

Daniel B           


"We are also professional people with a 15 year old son and we have respect."

Please do not hint at us not having respect.You do not know us in the slightest and your comments lean towards slander.

Andreas Apartments - (Accommodation in Skala)

Daniel B    for the other posters who claim my comments are nasty and harsh, well our opinions are based on actual events and after all, this is 2004, free speech and all that.

In 26 years of travelling abroad this is the first time I, or my parents, have ever felt strongly enough to complain. We will not tolerate such a lack of manners.

Andreas Apartments - (Accommodation in Skala)

Joanne M           

Im afraid I have to agree with the negatives on here. Im not going to go into much detail as what I have to say has already been said and I dont want my opinion shouted down.

What I will say is that those commenting about peoples respect should perhaps respect that other people have opinions too just like you are allowed yours.

For the record we abided by all rules (and there were many) such as not having friends on the balcony, showering before we went in the pool, not using sun tan oil by the pool but we still felt on edge all the time we were there.

Its a holiday to relax, not to be worrying all the time about getting into trouble should you let your concentration drop for a moment.