Andreas Apartments - (Accommodation in Skala)

Michelle B           

The Andreas Apartments themselves were to a very high standard and in a great location on a hill overlooking Skala but we cannot say the same of Elisabeth who we found to be the most annoying woman on this planet. There were so many rules and regulations we felt like we were in a "Concentration Camp" and not on our holidays we which had saved up all year for.

She was okay with you if you spent money by the pool (very expensive!!) but if you didn't she would glare at you all day making you feel really uncomfortable. We weren't allowed to take food/drinks around the pool, splash in the pool, take inflatables in the pool and generally talk or breath around the pool.

Upon our departure Elisabeth said to my husband and I "come back to see us when your little boy is older" which comes across to us that she doesn't like children.

I wouldn't step foot in the Andreas again if my life depended on it.

Andreas Apartments - (Accommodation in Skala)

Jim A           

I have just returned from a 2 week holiday in Skala with my partner (we are both in our early 60's) and we used the facilities at the Andreas Apartments every day as our accommodation had no pool. My children are now grown up and have families of their own and it was a pleasure to sit and watch young children having fun around the pool (until Elisabeth arrived). What a dragon. We made friends with a couple of families whilst we where there and they seemed to be bombarded with rules and regulations, filthy looks and were made to feel uneasy the whole duration of their stay. They weren't being disrespectful to other holidaymakers they were just having fun.

Families go on holiday to have fun in the sun and if this is not allowed at the Andreas then it should be made into an "Adult Only" accommodation.

If you have booked a holiday to the Andreas be warned. NO FUN ALLOWED. I know of at least 3 families who will be putting in an official complaint to Kosmar about Elisabeth and her attitude to holidaymakers. At the end of the day we are her customers and she should be doing everything in her power to make this a holiday to remember and by golly I will remember this holiday with sadness at the young children who wanted to have fun but couldn't.

Elisabeth CHILL OUT.

Andreas Apartments - (Accommodation in Skala)

Michelle B           

Reading through all the comments I have come to the conclusion that more people have complained about Elisabeth than those who have not. Says it all really.

I agree with Mr Addison's comment about these apartments being made for "Adults Only", very child unfriendly even though there is a children's section of the pool "DURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR" and, yes, I am one of the families who will be putting in an official complaint to Kosmar. My husband and I took our "well-behaved" two year old son to the Andreas for a well earned holiday after such an awful year - my dad has been very ill and my niece is in hospital having major surgery. We were treated like something you find off the bottom of your shoe. For your information Sarah Bowmer and Andy Coke, we too are professional people and have RESPECT for others, provided of course that they respect us too.

We hardly used the Andreas as we hired a car for most of the fortnight and got to see a lot of the island which is absolutely beautiful but the times that we did spend at the Andreas we seemed to be the target of criticism. We dropped no litter, we didn't play loud music and my child was certainly not unruly.

Stella was absolutely brilliant and told us that there had been a lot of complaints about the Andreas - some minor, some major.

Don't be afraid to complain about Elisabeth's rudeness/bossiness - stand up for your rights. We paid just as much money for this holiday as everyone else and we should all be treated in the same manner. I agree 100% with Daniel's comments.