Kosmar - (Tour Operators in Kefalonia)

Keith A           

I have just read the comments entered by Martin Sullivan on his visit to Skala with Kosmar two years ago and have to say, having just returned from a holiday with my wife in Skala with Kosmar, our experience could not be more different. We were very fortunate to have Stella as our rep. I can only describe her has excellent. She heads a very effective team. Stella herself is very efficient but friendly. Nothing is too much trouble for her. My wife was unfortunate enough to have a minor accident when taking a shower which resulted in the shower head being broken. Stella just happened to be present with the apartment owner when I reported the breakage. Stella immediately enquired after my wife's welfare and even though I told her she was only slightly hurt she still visited her. Not only did she do this, but the next day, her only day off that week, she arranged for her colleague Phil to pay us a further visit to check that my wife was OK. Our view of Stella is not just based on one visit. We have travelled to Skala twice a year with Kosmar for the past two years and each time have met Stella and she has never been any different. We are always pleased to see her and she lets us know she is pleased to see us by going out of her way to be helpful. When we were there last year one unfortunate lady travelling with Kosmar fell down a flight of stairs and had to spend a week in hospital. Stella gave up much of her own time supporting this lady.

While I like to read comments on sites like justkefalonia I have never before contributed but given what I feel is an unjust personal attack on a hard working rep by Mr Sullivan I felt I had to. To make such comments in such an offensive and smart aleck way two years after the event perhaps says more about the customer than the rep. I feel that many people would regard such an attack on a young woman who is probably not in a position to be able to answer for herself as both cowardly and despicable.

Out of interest our flights were all from Birmingham on modern aircraft that are part of the Thomas Cook fleet. All departed on time and arrived early. Our transfers were good with excellent commentries from the reps involved.

Andreas Apartments - (Accommodation in Skala)

Keith A           

Anyone preferring the studios or apartment in the two more traditional buildings at the Andreas should not that these are still avaiable with Kosmar for 2005.