Panorama Village

Accommodation in Lassi

Craig S           

we visited these studios in june 2002 and although the weather was mixed the standard of the studios made amends. although on the quiet peninsula, a 20 mins walk takes you to lassi or argostoli and there is always a taxi. the studios were very clean and modern, the pool was well kept and sup**vised with a well stocked bar. we are returning again this year and will hopefully find the studios as we left them.

Wendy N           

As there are no comments about these apartments we thought we would enter one even though it was last summer when we were there. We had a really lovely holiday. The apartments were really modern and clean. Everything you needed was there. The pool is lovely and the only critisism I would have was that it could have been open for a little longer in the evenings (it often closed by about 5.30pm) A car is a good idea at least for a part of the holiday just to give the legs a rest as it is a good walk back from either Lassi or Argostoli but its a beautiful, quiet location with lovely views across the bay to Lixouri. Jerry the owner is a man of strong opinions and words if crossed but dont let that put you off it really is a lovely place to stay.

Adele S           

Thankyou to everyone at the Panorama Studios, Lassi, KEFALONIA, who made our holiday amazing! The staff at the apartments were great, The scenic Island was absolutely Beautiful & I would recomend to anyone a Holiday in Kefalonia! Long Beach is down the hill from the apartments and the best beach that we found on the whole Island (Gorgeous) how lucky is that! We stayed next door to a fantastic Welsh Family (Sharon, Digby & the Girls) and met some great People!
We (Adele, Andy, Marcia, Nick & Neil) would just like to Say Kefalonia is the Place to be!

Judy J           

PANORAMA STUDIOS, operated through LIBRA hOLIDAYS.....situated at the top of the hill between Lassi and pool, phantom cleaner, filthy balcony area, mouldy shower curtain, copious cobwebs and dust, engrained filth around sink/"cooker" area, broken shutters, etc, etc. My message to would-be visitors would be "DON'T DO IT"!! We love Kefalonia, and we expect basic Greek accommodation, but this was absolutely the pits!!

p.s. we are visiting Zakynthos this year, with Thomson Holidays, and would not trust Libra again.

Simon G           

Just returned haven't been to greece before but really enjoyed it, the food I found expensive and be prepared for expensive taxis back to the appartments( always ask the price 4 euros is the norm) nissan taxis beware! you will agree a price and as they they take you to your desination they will pick another fare on the way, without asking. Thinking how nice we can share the fare up the hill, but to no avail they want 8 euros! Greedy! Greece been there but I like value for money. Appartments were excellent!

Ruth S           

Forgot to add about these apartments - one of the main benefits of their location is that you can walk to Argostoli in about half an hour rather than take the 2-hour coastal road. We did it one evening and it's actually downhill most of the way.

Ruth S           

We thought these apartments were excellent. We were lucky as we got number4 which is on the first floor with a sea view, but compared to other s/c apartments we've stayed in on previous Greek holidays the Panorama Apartments were lovely - clean, brand-new, and surprisingly well equipped with crockery and cutlery. OK, it was a bit of a steep climb back up the hill, but as we usually did this after returning from the beach at the end of the day it was a lot cooler then. You basically have to plan to spend all day out and return late afternoon/early evening, really. It took probably about 10 minutes to get down the hill to Lassi main street, and then another 10 to get down to the beach. Going up it took about 15-20 minutes. The pool and its bar were really good (if a bit chilly!) and we found it a perfect location to explore the rest of Kefalonia from (we hired a car for 2 days).

Bob W           

we've just returned from the Panorama apts in Lassi.Firstly to say that they are 920 mts from the nearest beach is a joke!To get to the apts you have to negosiate a VERY steep hill.The apts were clean but we found the maids to be a bit on the surly side,to ask for a loo roll was a cardinal sin bearing in mind it's a hike to the nearest supermarket.The view from apt 6 was stunning,the view from apt 7 was of an olive tree.The pool was good but a bit chilly,the girls behind the bar were fun,and they bought us drinks.You must hire a car,try CBR we got the best deal from them.The best bars were Trentis and So Simple,the best restaurants were,Nefelis,Sirtaki and Sunset.We even tried the Kefalonian Meat Pie (you only try it once).The bad bits;because the apts are up a hill when we had an electrical storm we lost all power,we were in pitch darkness.We had no hot water for three days,it seems as if the owner (Andreas)would only switch it on when asked.If you needed a phone for emergencies tough! there is'nt one.The taxis charge you 4 or 5 euros just to go up the hill,they charge you 5 to go into Argostoli.The Rep (Sarah) tried her best but came up against G.M.T (Greek maybe time)when trying to sort out any problems.If you're looking for clubs forget it there aren't any worth mentioning.Overall Kefalonia is a stunning Island,some of the views are breathtaking but you miss them when you're driving,especially to Sami. Thanks to John, Jan, Simone and not forgetting Jordan for the fun,(dont forget you owe me two loo rolls!)Conclusion;suffice to say we wont be going back.Bob,Jayne,John and Chris (MK).

Lisa S           

By the way, this was a holiday from Libra.

Lisa S           

We have just got back from a "Holiday from Hell". This was the worst holiday we have ever been on. When we booked we were told there was a pool and was up a slight hill. We were also supposed to be within 500 meters of the beach. This was a load of rubbish. There was no pool, the slight hill was too far to walk with a two year old and the beach was definately not 500 meters.

The apartments were the dirtiest I have ever stayed in. The "cleaner" I don't think cleaned the whole time were were there. The resort I was told was the liveliest in Kefalonia - what a joke. I will never return nor recommend it to anyone.

Mark P

we haved booked into the panorama studios @ fanari on the hill, are these the bad apartments?
we have the studios with a pool if this helps. many thanks

Donna S           

This is a message for Helen Manson... I have just arrived back from a holiday in Lassi with my boyfriend, staying at the Panorama Apartments,Lassi(WITHOUT POOL)I wasnt aware that there was two different Panoramas so was a bit upset that we didnt have a pool, but the apartments were fine, clean and spacious with a huge balcony over looking the bay. The only down side really was the long walk up the hill, but apart from that we had a lovely holiday and you can use the pool a few minutes down the hill,in apartments called VIEW which was lovely. Hope your Mum and Dad have a lovely holiday, Lassi is lovely!!

Helen M

Can someone please give ne some information about the panorama studios in Lassi (the one without the pool). I,m a bit gutted as i've booked this holiday for my mam and dad and i've read a negative report about it (July 2002). They leave 30th August 2003.

Helen M

Can someone please give ne some information about the panorama studios in Lassi (the one without the pool). I,m a bit gutted as i've booked this holiday for my mam and dad and i've read a negative report about it (July 2002).

John M           

OK, so we hired a car. And you need it at the Panorama. The hill up to the apartments is steep and long. But the view from the pool - terrific! They're the cleanest and most spacious apartments we've stayed in in Greece. And we loved Kefalonia. So for the first time ever on a summer holiday, we've re-booked to come back next year. But watch out for the Panorama pool. Its lovely, and looks very clean, but we counted 12, yes 12! people with ear infections in the fortnight we were there. So they cleaned it, the rep had the water tested, and declared it OK. Cross fingers!

Sharon M           

We visited the Panorama studios in Lassi in July for my daughters eighteenth birthday and I have to say that it was the best holiday that we have ever had. The apartments were very clean and spacious. The managers, Andreas and Nikos were very friendly and would often buy us free drinks and the girls behind the bar were brilliant. The beaches were superb, clear and safe for children. We met up with lovely people and would like to say thenks to Adele and Andy, Marcia and Nick, Paul and Jane for entertaining us!

Beverley D           

Which panorama Do Libra Do ?
It seems that the Panorama Apartments that Libra feature do not have a pool , and , from speaking to a Doctors receptionist on the island who stayed there, these are not the good ones,although we didnt see them ourselves.
Sorry to tell you, but perhaps you can do something before you go.

Beverley D           

Just as the brochure says, these are up a steep hill.Taxis to Argostoli 4 or 5 euros ( the same as a short ride down to Lassi)
Lots of really good restuarants . In particular Captians Table off main square( just look for the double bass and boat outside) in argostoli, Sirtaki and Da Varonica in Lassi.We didnt hear of anyone having a bad mneal at any restuarant at all on the whole island!!!
Room (studio for 2) 18 has a wonderful view over the bay . All ground floor studios for 3or 4 all top floor for 2s.
Beware of the cloudy pool. We knew of 6 others with ear infections, possibly from the pool.First Choice Office re Health and safety informed.
Overall a wonderful holiday. We had a couple of spectacular thunderstorms quite unusual for August.
Be prepared for the 10 minute transfer possibly turning into an hour as you may pick up others in the more remote resorts !!
A few tips
1.If they drop you in Lassi to swop to a smaller coach, go and get water and basics from the supermarket . Once up the hill shopping becomes a little more difficult!!
2. Hire or take your own fan. Its gets pretty hot on the ground floor as you cant have the windows open at night.

Suzy A           

The Panorama studios we are going to was booked through Libra Holidays. Does anyone know if this is the good or the bad one ??

Rob W

We're going to the Panorama Appts (Lassi)in Sept.We booked through Unijet.There are some dodgy appts also known as Panorama,but these are available through a different company.If you booked through Unijet (Going Places)you should be okay.Can anybody help please? we need to know wether it's better to take trav cheques or euros or stirling,and do you get a good exchange rate.If anyones going there in Sept (first two weeks)then we'll see you there.Yammas.

Beverley D           

brian wallace, have a look at the website are reviews about both apartments. I think( from looking at first choice web page and comparing to your tour operator )that you have booked the "good" apartments.It seems that there are at least 3 "panoramas" in kefalonia!!

Brian W           

We are going to the Panorama Studios in Fanari next year with Goldensun. We have been told these studios have a pool and views of the sea. We notice there is also a Panorama Studios in Lassi itself, can anyone tell us which one is which of all the comments on this page as some are bad and some are good comments. We went to Lassi this year and stayed at the Yashatis which is on the fanari road and really nice and clean but no pool.

Beverley D           

BEWARE panorama apartments BEWARE
There are 2 Panorama Apartments one actually in Lassi(unijet,Kosmar)new in 2002 with pool with 31 units the other is a litle further out and doesnt appear to have a pool or a good reputation with less apartments ( I believe 10) .We are due to go to the former soon, so we can update this site on our return

Suzy A

We are going to Kefalonia on the 19th and have booked with Panorama Apartments in Lassi. We have found a number of Panorama Apartments on the island. We want to know whether there is a swimming pool. It's just a bit confusing as some have spoken about it and some not. Thanks!

Michael A           

Does anyone know if there is a pool at the Panorama Appartments in LAssi. The previous person seemed to say no ???


Caroline B           

After reading all comments, took it that there was a pool but we couldn't find one! It was on the top of a hill and very,very noisey from all the traffic going past day and night.

Donna S

has the Panorama got a pool??? some say yes some say no!!!!

Leanne G           

We booked as allocated on arrival and we could not have wished for anything better.

Pool was great. Within walking distance of both Lassi and Argostoli.

Richard C           

The panorama apartments are the cleanest and most modern we have stayed in during our recent holidays to greek islands.Although a steep walk up the hill, the views are wonderful.The swimming pool area is clean and child friendly.The bar next to it serves up a well chilled "Mythos"!! We ate in a variety of restaurants, La Gondola and the captains table in Argostoli were excellent. I had the best stuffed vine leaves ever at the captains table.We had July temperatures, it reached 41 c on the last day!!! - a bit too hot.One note of disappointment though,I do not consider the greek islands to be a cheap destination anymore in terms of food and drink etc.Both last year in Samos and this year in Keffalonia, we noticed a hike up in prices.Expect to pay 10 Euros for 2 sunbeds at the long beach,3 Euros for a small beer, and 4 Euros for a very small taxi journey. Whilst appreciating that the local economy depends on tourism to a massive degree, I feel that they have gone too far. It is sad to say that next year we will think twice about Greece being our destination!

Geoff W           

The pool was great with sun loungers and brollys, a bar next to the pool also serving light snacks, very relaxing.
the appartments face west over luxuri and the sun sets right in front of you. quite breathtaking,
we walked to argostoli every day and it only took us 40 mins at a steady pace, and if you dont like walking its only 4 euros by taxi.
the best eating places are in argostli such as the captains table.
but in all honesty the panorama is very quiet and peacfull not like lassi , the lighthouse can been seen from the panorama and is worth a walk to it.
Gerry is the landlord of the panorama studios and he hires out great big fans for 2 euros per day belive me its worth it in hot weather
and the hot water was plentifull at anytime of day.
overall a great and quiet place to stay with breathtaking views.

Geoff W

Is anyone going to the Panorama ? I have just been there and I can say that its the best appartment ive been in out of 5 years of visiting Kephalonia. especially room 6 with 2 balconies.

Lynne L           

No safety deposit boxes - own pool with loungers and umberellas a plenty. Very clean indeed. No hot water ever though. Up a very steep hill and when the brochures say 980 mtrs from beach what they actually mean is about 2-3miles walk. On the up side though the location is very quiet, it was just a bit too out of the way. If your not stingy you can jump in a taxi (which are a plenty) back up to the top of the hill for 4 euros (be sure to agree the price with driver first). Lassi is lovely but would choose a different location if going there again.

Beverley D

can you hire fans close by , are there safety deposit boxes, are there brollys and beds by the pool?
cheers if you can answer, beverley

Kerry M

Where about's in Lassi is the Panorama Studios

Sharon M

we are going to be staying at the Panorama studios in kefalonia and would like to know whether they have safety deposit boxes

Marianne G           

We wre pleasently suprisedf as we had been given a big one! Sorry to all those who didn't! The apartments were basic, but clean and modern. Each comes with their own balcony area. And depending on which side of the building your on, then you may face the sea, which is beautiful, especially at sunset.The pool area is lovely, plenty of sun loungers, and a bar serving all drinks and snacks, the pool also over looks the bay. The walk is quite steep, but it helps to walk off the food and alcohol, although if legless-get a taxi!

Colin H           

The apartments were basic, but clean. The location was excellent, if you don't mind walking up steep hills, but because it was up the hill it was quiet. Argostoli was as easy to get to as Lassi. Turn right and go up over the hill, then left, for Argostoli. A taxi back from Argostoli was only 4 Euros and well worth it. A taxi up the hill, from Lassi was 3 Euros. Makris Gialos was the best beach, clear, clean water and sand. Eating out was good for variety, quality and price. The China House in Lassi was the best chinese food, ever.

Pat C           

These apartments are quite new, and work is still being carried out on the grounds. A lot of work has gone into the surrounding and will be stunning when fully established. The pool and bar area have fabulous views and we often sat around the pool late into the evening. The staff are very friendly and helpful and the whole area is kept very clean. The apartments themselves were quite basic, but had everything we needed (including a kettle). Towels and bedding were changed regularly, the bins emptied daily and the apartments themselves cleaned on a regular basis. The only drawback is the fact that they are situated on top of a very steep hill and it's a long hike for a loaf of bread!!! May not be suitable for anyone unable to walk too far, but the views out way the lack of breathe!!! We hired a car, so wasn't to much of a problem and there is plenty of parking. Very impressed and would definately go back.

Terri B

pleas can you confirm if this property has its own pool thanks

Simon C

Please tell me which brosures you advertise in, for the uk. Also, please could you e-mail me some photo's. Thankyou.

Brian M           

The studios were brand new for 2001 and, although basic, had everything we needed. The pool had a beautiful view of the sea and was so quiet during October that it was like having our own private pool!

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