Lefteris Village

Accommodation in Lassi

Kate U           

stayed many times at Lefteris and we can't fault it. Would strongly recommend hiring a car. The only negative comment, from a young family's point of view, is that the pool does not have a shallow end suitable for young children.

Lyndsay W           

My fiance and i visited Lefteris Village in July 2003. We thought the area was stunning, the owner very friendly and accommodating. The rooms were clean, no infestation problems. There were ceiling fans, cooking facilities, clothes lines to dry swimsuits on, and a lovely private terrace area. The communal pool area was clean and spacious, and the pool itself cleaned daily. Due to the depth of the pool, there were few children staying which meant for a peaceful dip in the pool! We particularly liked it because it was secluded from the busy capital, and the local town of Lassi. The traffic was beneath us, as we were in an elevated position, and the noise didn't really pose a problem. There were a few stray dogs that roamed freely, but this was a problem seen all over the island, (like many other greek islands), and the owner was pretty powerless to stop them. We were told about the long walk into Lassi, but it didn't pose too much of a problem as we hired a vehicle for a reasonable price. Hiring a vehicle is a must anyway in order to see as much of the island as possible. I have recommended these appartments to my sister and brother-in-law and they will be staying there this May. I will be staying somewhere else in Lassi, but only due to Lefteris being fully booked. I would recommend Lefteris to anyone, i thought as far as S/C apartments go in greece, i couldn't fault them.

Glenda H           

Have these people been staying at the same Lefteris village that we stayed in during July 2003? Although the views were spectacular, the busy road during the day and night, the dogs barking and roaming freely around the pool all day and night, the dirty pool area which was never cleaned during the fortnight we were there, the young people visiting on motorbikes during the middle of the night, the uncleaned rooms (cleaned twice in the fortnight-only because we complained1), the bedding changed twice (again only because we complained), all helped spoil what for two of us was actually our silver wedding anniversary and for the other members in our party their first holiday abroad together. In fairness we were told the owner had been ill, so what! this was our expensive holiday and she hadn't paid for it! If you are a mountain goat the long trek up the long and winding road would be enjoyable, but for the rest us it was hell on earth and don't think about carrying any shopping with you up the hill particulary ice cubes or anything frozen unless you want wet legs!! One of our party, no names mentioned took the quick route down i.e. on her backside after sliding on the greasy road from the sap on the trees. Make sure you are good at bartering for taxis as the locals are good at charging over the odds for a quick 3 minutes in the car up the hill!! Make sure you shower down when you come off the beach in Lassi as the drivers don't like you to mess up their cars and will refuse to take you up the hill. This means that you will be carrying your beach gear (lilo, towels, beach bags etc aswell as your ice cubes).However if you still want to give the taxi driver your money, they will gladly accept this and then drive away!! If you feel you are overweight and want to lose it quickly this is the place to stay. Oh and I nearly forgot, some of the apartments don't have any facilities to cook, so if you want to make a meal, because you've run out of spending money (on taxis) you've got little chance. Some of the apartments electrical appliances are incorporated into the sink area, which the owner states is perfectly safe! However, a very good source (ie electrician) tells me electricity and water don't mix. Plumbing leaves a lot to be desired and one of our toilets leaked so much you didn't need to go in the shower, you just stepped into the bathroom. Don't say you haven't been warned!! The island is a beautiful place just stay somewhere else.

Steve B           

Nice Location, although a car is a must. The road leading to Argostoli has traffic running on it all night,often enough to become irritating. Do NOT expect them to keep to the advertised cleaning schedule, our apartment was cleaned once and the bedding changed twice in a fortnight.The bedding should have been changed three times a week and the apartment cleaned twice.
It all sound negative, but we had a great holiday and it is a good location with great views.

Jacqueline T           

Lefteris Village is halfway between Lassi and Argostoli at the top of a veryt steep hill. It may be at the top of a hill but the view over Argostoli bay is something else. On our first night we took a wrong turn and ended up walking in completley the wrong direction so be careful. It is about a 10 minute walk from Lassi and 20 minutes to Argostoli. The walk in the evenings is lovley but I would not recommend it during the day as it is so hot. If you intend walking home in the eveing I would bring a torch as it is badly lit up. Taxis are easy to get and cost around 4. I would advise to hire a bike or car and go and visit some of the beautiful beaches and sites in Kefolina. The lady who owns the appartments is orginally from New Jersey and she speaks good english. Swimming pool is very deep for children. We had a fantastic holiday and would recomend it.

Rosanna M           

Very good apartments, very spacious and clean. Good kitchen utensils. Lovely pool although very deep not good for kids. Beautiful views. Apartment is uphill and about a good 20 min walk to Lassi, coming back up would prob take half hour. Would suggest hiring a car if staying here. Extremely quiet.

Jiddy K           

We visited Lefteris (and Greece) for the first time in August 2001. The island is beautiful, stunning beaches and scenery, with Lefteris Village offering what must be the best view from a resort in the whole world! Greek people are exceptionally warm and friendly. If you are lucky and find yourself at Lefteris with like-minded adults (i.e. no kids), then you will totally absorb its tranquility. The poolside is blissful, with just the odd motor vehicle disturbing the fabulous peace. Amazing scenery down towards the sea, just rolling hills, which sparkle at night. Apartments cleaned daily, located right at the top of a hill, meaning unsuitable for children/prams (hooray!). Can't wait to go back, loved the place. Just one word of advice... don't take the kids to Lefteris, leave us one oasis!

Sharon K           

myself and my husband visited May 2003 without the kids it was great. Nice and quiet. Apartments okay though I strongly advice that you hire a car not just for the walk up the hill but its the best way to see the island. Dont book the trips through the reps as its cheaper to do it yourself. A must is the glass bottom boat trip which you can book direct from the ship on a night in Argostolli. Book your car from Panam car hire in Lassi, we hired a jeep, it was the mankiest thing you've ever seen but because it was half broken when we got it we werent bothered about thrashing it through the gears. Got all over the island in third gear, it just wouldnt have fourth. Panam is the cheapest car rental place and there are no hidden extras the guy who works there is english his name is steve and he'll sort you out. You must try Oskars its a fantastic night out you get chance to join in some greek dancing and you may even wind up doing a bit of table dancing. There are no shops near to your apartment so make sure you have some water. The cleaner there is really helpfull, she comes from New Jersey so her English is good. There is a steep incline up to your hotel and when you get dropped off you'll have to drag your luggage up there yourself, it's a bit like doing a bush tuker trial but once you get there its worth it.

Chris S           

the apartments were clean and tidy.the kitchen contained all the utensils you need.The pool was clean.the walk up the hill to the apartment was exhausting.Obviously being that high up the view was fantastic. Before getting a taxi ask the price to apartments as there is no set rate. Take at least a bottle of water with you as on arrival at the apartments as there is only a long walk down to get provisions

Louise W

We have booked a holiday to the Lefterie Aparts in Kefalonia, summer 2003. Does anyone have any comments about them? What facilities do they have in the kitchen? We have been to kef, twice before and stayed in the Fanari Hotel,ab fab, are these apartments situated anywhere near the Hotel? look forward to your comments

Mat H           

If you want somewhere a little out of the way then this is the place. Lefteris is situated on top of the hills between Lassi and Argostoli. It is a fair walk up hill from Lassi, about 1km I guess, but well worth it. The view across the bay at Argostoli and to the hills beyond was breath taking. If you don't fancy the walk its very quick & cheap by cab. Good size pool again with very good views and hidden from the nearby road and footpath so very private.

Mat H           

If you want somewhere a little out of the way then this is the place. Lefterie is situated on top of the hills between Lassi and Argostoli. It is a fair walk up hill from Lassi, about 1km I guess, but well worth it. The view across the bay at Argostoli and to the hills beyond was breath taking. If you don't fancy the walk its very quick & cheap by cab. Good size pool again is very good views and hidden from the nearby road and footpath so very private.


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