Pelagos Bay Hotel

Accommodation in Skala

Paul J           

We've been to pelagos twice before and love it to bits!!! Can't wait to get back in July this year. The hotel is amazingly clean and tidy, the atmosphere is outstanding and the staff (family) couldn't be more helpful. We went with my sister in law and family last year with little Jo, my nephew, who was just 1 and with friends on their first visit to pelagos. It's brilliant to know that places still exist where you can take kids knowing that they will be perfectly safe and will have fun too.

Billy, keep up the good work mate - you're doing a brillinat job!!!
See you soon
The St. Helens Gang

Tony A           

I cannot believe some of the negative comments made about Pelagos Bay and Billy and the clan.
Lyn and I spent a superbly relaxing week there last August meeting up with our friends Pete & Maggie who were fortunate enough to spend a fortnight there. We met some great people and enjoyed the informal and welcoming atmosphere so much that we have booked to return this August.
Good to see Tash & Nat making comment here - hope you're both well!!!
If you want a relaxing time, with good fun available and a warm welcome then Pelagos Bay is THE place to stay.
If you want a TV in your room - visit Butlins!
See you soon Billy.
PS. Are the roads any safer now Vasoula's passed her driving test!!!!!! :-)

Tasha and nats S           

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hellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllo, every one at pelagos bay

its the two natashas or natalies here well actually tasha and nats. we just read some of the earlier comments and to say the least we were a little upset .  we are two early 20 year old and we loved it.!!!!! we got exactly what we were looking for and more. the staff couldn't have been nicer and there is no doubt that it was genuine , and as for the tv well if you wanted to watch some be sociable and watch it in the lounge, because isn't the whole idea of a holiday to relax and meet people.

we had a fab time and have been working on our pool and darts skills for when we come back and see you all. plus we promise not to run away from the karaoke .

if you want a holiday of a life time go to pelagos bay.

lv tasha (blond) and nats (brown)

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p.s we'll be back try and stop us!!!


Tony W           


Kirby S           

Hi guys can't wait to come back, This has got to be the best place in the world.

Cu in May 06
Kirby & Paul (Bradford)

Ann & greg R           

 To Vasoula
Just found out that Vasoula has passed her driving test, we all send our congratulations to you Well done!
Look forward to seeing you all next May and October.You can take us for a long drive while we are there.
Ann,Greg,Stuart,Sandra and Joseph

Kirby S           

Yia Sou

I am really upset to have just left this hotel again on Sunday. This was my second time in Kefalonia and twice I have stayed at Pelagos Bay and I love it, the staff are so friendly the hotel is clean and everyone remembered me from last year which is always nice.
The food is fantastic and I totally disagree with anyone who said the music was too loud on a night, when we went to bed if the patio door was shut you heard nothing.
We met some lovely people Hi to Lewis & Rachel, Andy & Alison and everyone else who was there. Billy is fantastic and also taught my boyfriend to ride a uni-cycle which he has now gone and bought since we have been home. Yia Mas to Yannis relax and Vassoula you Naughty Girl once again congrats on passing your driving test. Love you all see you in May 2006

George S           

Just arrived back yesterday from This wonderfull Hotel and looking forward to going back next year. Billy thanks for making everything special and I will beat you at pool next time. Vasulla you are amazing how you can laugh and joke all day and never tire I don't know and Yannis with his 'Chill take it easy' behind the bar in the evenings makes it all so much fun. To our new friends Bob & Lorraine, Gary & Lorna and regulars Tony & Carol hope to catch up with next September.

George & Linda Edinburgh  

Nickie W           

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I've just been reading the previous comments and couldn't believe my eyes!

Billy, his family and staff go out of their way to make sure all the guests have an enjoyable holiday.
You will never meet a friendlier, genuine bunch of people.
If you spent your whole life searching you probably won't find a cleanier, friendlier hotel than Pelagos Bay.
All I can say about the noise and prices is that all the rooms are air-conditioned, but if your going to sleep with your patio door open then of course your going to hear some noise and the prices are the same in any hotel.  Oh, forgot about the TV.  Who watchs TV on holiday!  You've got fantastic scenery all around the island.  If you want to watch TV you might as well stay at home!
Keep up the good work Billy!

Ann & greg R           

Hi Billy

We had our house broken into and all the info you gave us names etc have gone along with your email address.Can you send them onto me please.Love to all your family and you.Ann,Greg,Stuart,Sandra and Joseph.xx

Ann,greg,stu,sandra,joesp R           

I cant believe what I have been reading about Billy and the fabulous Pelagos Bay Hotel. We stayed there in May of this year with our grandson of 10 months old and not once was he disturbed with  so called noise. This is the best Hotel we have ever stayed in and have already booked to go back in October 2006 with another couple we met at the Hotel in 2004.I cant fault anything at this Hotel.Dont ever change Billy you are first class. Ann,Greg,Stuart,Sandra and Joseph

Vicky H           

Skala is a really nice place and would love to go back but not to the pelagos Bay.  The Hotel bar had partys every night till 3 am and one night it was gone 5am before the noise stopped.  Each room over looked the bar so there was no getting away from it.  Not Ideal for this quiet island.

Chris S           

We can only echo Chris Myers comments.

With so many instant 'friends' visiting, the place starts to feel cliquey, the layout is such that the bar area noise is funnelled to the rooms not good for adults or kids wishing to sleep . Kefalonia is a place we will revisit but not the Pelagos Bay Hotel which is over rated at 3 star. If you are having a stag do hen party or a birthday celebration you will probably enjoy a week at this hotel.

Kirby S           

Pelagos Bay is fantastic there is a gorgeous restaurant two minutes from the hotel and all day round the pool they serve the nicest food, They do chips, Salad, burgers you name it.

The walk to Skala village is about a ten minute walk it's a nice relaxing walk and there are quite a few restaurants in Skala.
I went in September last year it was my first time to Kefalonia I came back and booked again to go on the 9th October this year and I cant wait. I recommend Pelagos Bay to anyone

Martha B

Apart from breakfast are there snacks at all (ie chips or crisps etc at the bar)or do I need to bring some food? And is it an easy walk to town or by a sheer cliff drop or very hilly??

Stephen K           

click to enlargeMyself and my wife Paula and our kids Sean and Lucy DREAM about this place. We have been lucky enough to go twice over the last couple of years and are looking to grab a last minute deal there over this summer if we are lucky. You can take what you want from a holiday at Pelagos Bay...if you want to chill out, relax, hide behind a pair of sunglasses and read a book or three...then that is fine and I defy you to find a better place in which to relax. If you want to be a little bit more adventurous, Billy is the man to arrange some special little games, tricks, practical jokes, even some wonderful and lifelong memorable trips out to the places only a local daredevil would know. The food is absolutely wonderful around the pool at lunch time and the greek night/barbeques are fantastic.The beer is ice cold and there is even Guinness in the fridge with a bottle of blackcurrant behind the bar for a Guinness and black...delicious!!

Billy, Barbara,Katerina and all the great children, Mr and Mrs Vosnakis,Vasoula, Fatos, Bleed, Thomas and all the wonderful staff behind the scenes make this place home from home...make sure you go the ship to eat at`s superb.
Love to you all and I really hope we do meet again.
Steve, Paula, Lucy and Sean Kinsella

Ann,greg,stu,sandra,joesp R           

Back a few days after our Pelagos Bay holiday and we've already got withdrawal symptons. Our second visit to Pelagos Bay (Skala) was as good as the first time. Always a pukka place, and great friends. Our son and daughter loved it. Joseph, our 10-month old grandson, is smitten with Vasoula and has a new friend in Stavroula. So many thanks from us for being so wonderful to Joseph and providing all those things he needed to keep him happy - bless you for that.  Katerina, those cakes you made were outrageously tasty - mmooorrreeeeeeeee! (x x). Great to see old friends from October 2004 - Austyn , Nicky and Tomas. For early May, weather really good (definitely get a suntan so use suntan cream) - we went october last year, so useful to readers who haven't visited Skala before. Fatos is back at the Ship restaurant - this guy is one of the reasons to go this restaurant, the food is the other: para-kel-o Fatos.   Billy we had a great time, as you already know, and look forward to seeing you and everyone (Yanni, Xanthoula, Katerina-Billy 2-Stavroula, Vasoula, Roula, Bleeol, and your wife and children Barabara-Yanni-Katerina. Not forgetting AYEASHA!) next year. Love Ann, Greg, Stuart, Sandra and Joseph   

Liz S           

The hotel was very clean and comfortable, however, the breakfasts, in our opinion, were quite poor. Very limited choice, cornflakes and toast (every day). We at least expected some fuit, yoghurts, cheese and croissants. If people are happy with what he offers day in day out then fair enough, not for us again though.

Extreme mike & kathryn:-) K           

Our third year at billy's place our second home, weve stayed in 3/4/5* hotels around the world, none come close to your hospitality,next year booked before leaving :-).Sorry Barbara, Yanni & Caterina were not there this year. We still had a brilliant time with Billy my extreme brother Efharisto, Vaso the bingo caller:-), Tommy gun:-)Bled & Fatos from the penelope 7 islands taberna. Billy you work very hard giving excellent customer service to your guests, nothing is too much trouble. I don't understand how anybody can make any bad comments or find fault? Maybe thay should go take a jump from a short cliff:-)We met some friends from last year Chris & Pat(Scrivens), Alan & Brenda. The party for Rose's 48th Birthday was brilliant I belive she was very sad when she had to come home another happy guest to your home. Pelagos Bay is a fantasy place, a good balance to suite most happy go lucky no strings easy going people.
Billy you do get everything right as far as I'm concerned. You are my younger extreme brother weve had some great fun especially the uni-cycling, I got my first level certificate after 2 weeks of training from Billy, the sound around the pool area was billy shouting instructions Push,Push,Push Straighten up, shoulders back, tummy forward....:-)ha, ha, ha....
give all our love and wishes to all the Pelagos Bay tribe see you all again next year regards Mike, Kathryn, Danielle:-)*****

Ann,greg,stu,sandra,joesp R           

Just arrived back from the most fantastic holiday at the Pelagos Bay Hotel (Billy's home). We have only been back twenty four hours and already we have booked a holiday there in May 2005. This time we are taking our son, daughter in law and our grandson. Billy and his family make you feel so welcome its like being at home. For anyone who hasn't been to Pelagos Bay Hotel before; the accommodation is excellent and superbly clean. The grub is pukka and the entertainment a winner. Vasoula's bingo calling is second to none (6 and 8 - 69; a single duck and one fat lady - 28). For those who have been to Billy's home here is a piece of memorabillia (the frog). Cheers to Billy (this guy's the governor), Billy's Dad (happy birthday dad), caterina, vasoula, and not forgetting Tomos (we still say your laugh should be a mobile ringtone).
Love Ann and Greg

Kirby S           

Well what can I say this was my first time to Greece and I really enjoyed it. I will definately be coming back next year. After our 5 hour delay in Manchester airport when we finally got their Billy was so welcoming taking in our bags, telling us that his home is our home and to make ourselves comfy!!
The view from our room was amazing, the people there were great and well what can I say Thomas and his amazing laugh I have never hears anything like it before and your Pelagos Bay cocktails are amazing!!
Vesoula your so lovely, Lively and cheeky thanks for a great time see you next year guys!!
West Yorkshire

Karen H           

Well here we are back home, our third visit to beautiful Kefalonia. Billy made us feel so special, rose petals on the bed, shells, balloons, bubbbly all a wonderful surprise. What a fantastic welcome, off the coach big hug then straight to the bar.then to see vosoula again. THis is the first time we have been away without kida now 19 and 21 both have returned and will again. These is no place like Pelagos Bay, yes, we will be back. have met some wonderful people, sam and james, steve, paula and kids, also jim and barbra and so many more. Also nice to fatos again.

We will be back next year.Billy, thank wll see us again, all of us.

Love, to you, barbra, yannis, catelina, vousoula, fatos and bleet? bled? xx

Steve B           

We have just returned from our third visit to Pelagos Bay and the holidays just keep getting better and better. From the moment we arrived it was just as if we had never been away. Billy was there to welcome us and Vasoula was waiting for us in the bar.

The diffenece at the Pelagos Bay compared to other hotels we have stayed at is the lengths Billy and his team go to to ensure your holiday is first rate. Wine, balloons and sweets were waiting for us in our room on arrival and on our wedding anniversary, Billy, unknown to us, arranged for petals to be spread across our table at the Pines (restaurant) in the evening and he also paid for our wine as well - thanks Billy.

Thomas is always friendly and helpful and in the evenings both he and Billy ensure you are fully entertained.

The crowning glory has to be that during our first week we were sitting in the bar with 8 other people who had actually been there at the same time as us during previous visits. Not bad considering that it is a small but perfectly formed hotel - sorry Billy I mean home.

Look forward to seeing you all again soon.

Steve & Sue Brown

Jason P           

I've been meaning to write about the amazing time we had here with Billy, Barbara, Thomas, Vasoula and everybody else for some time, but having just read the comments from the unhappy honeymooners, I feel I need to set the record straight.

My wife and I spent our honeymoon here in June 2003. Never have I known such a genuine person as Billy on holiday. From the moment we stepped off the coach, he made sure everyone was in no doubt that he would do everything possible to make sure we all had a fantastic holiday, and he was very true to his word. Everyone wants something different from a holiday, and Billy made it his job to ensure that everyone got what they wanted. For us, that meant him sitting everyone at the bar, and personally carrying our cases to our room where we found (to our surprise) beautiful roses and a chilled bottel of Champagne with 2 glassess awaiting us. His strict instructions, to relax, enjoy, chill out, yell over the balcony if we needed anything and come and have a drink at the bar when we were ready. Quite how he could have made things any better for us, I have no idea.

The hotel itself is great, it's in a perfect location, a short (20 min) stroll from the main town, and the walk is very pretty, but if you don't fancy it, taxis are cheap and readily available. The pool was great and there's a small bay just over the road from the hotel which we loved. The rooms are well laid out, and immaculate all the time, and all have a wonderful view out over the pool and further out to sea. The noise from the pool/bar at anytime didn't bother us or anyone else that we heard of. The balcony doors keep any noise that does make it that far at bay, and you need them closed while the air conditioning's on anyway.

Skala itself is also very pleasant, there's something to suit most tastes with plenty of variety, and we didn't have a bad meal all holiday. We hired a car and travelled around the island. I cannot recommend Myrtos beach enough, it was on the other side of the Island, and we first saw it on the Island tour. As soon as we picked up the car, we headed straight there, it was so good we made the journey twice. Despite the earthquake (which everyone will tell you about) there's a lot to see and do on the island of Kefalonia, and we struggled to fit everything in.

Also recommended are the weekly events put on by Billy & Co, which are a great laugh, with plenty of good food (Watch out for Thomas with his Bear size portions). You should be warned if Billy offers to take all the guests from the hotel to his friends Taverna in the back of the pick-up truck, you'll either fall out or won't stop laughing for weeks.

Finally, the thing that made our honeymoon so special, and so memorable was everyone at the Pelagos Bay. Special mention has already gone to Billy and his wife Barbara, but we musn't forget Thomas and Vasoula. Vasoula looks after everyone around the pool during the day, and I don't believe she's capable of not smiling, she was lovely to everyone for the whole time, and kept us endlessly entertained with her antics. As for Thomas, he is crazy lovely guy, a better barman I have never met, and I'd give anything right now for one of his beers served in a frosted glass straight out of the freezer!

If you're off here on holiday you're going to have a wonderful time, and if you're reading this Billy send our love and thanks for a wonderful honeymoon to everyone.

Jason & Lisa

Karen H           

This is the third time we have been to Kefalonia and the second time we have stayed at Pelagos Bay, due out on the 17th August, can't wait to see you all again!! Vousoula? hope you still have the Santana cd will be expecting to hear maria, maria, ok? just wonder what practical jokes you may have up your sleeve Billy!! the crazy girls send their love and will be out there next year. This place is absolutely faultless and you can guarantee you will want to return over and over again. Billy treats everyone brilliantly, he is easy going, a great laugh and his family make you feel very welcome.

See you all very sooon.!!!

Kaz and Paul Halliday xx

Karen H           

yes towels are supplied!! we'll be there in a few weeks also.

Karen and Paul Halliday.

Karen H           

This is the third time we have been to Kefalonia and the second time we have stayed at Pelagos Bay, due out on the 17th August, can't wait to see you all again!! Vousoula? hope you still have the Santana cd will be expecting to hear maria, maria, ok? just wonder what practical jokes you may have up your sleeve Billy!! the crazy girls send their love and will be out there next year. This place is absoloutely fautless and you can guarantee you will want to return over and over again. Billy treats everyone brilliantly, he is easy going, a great laugh and his family make you feel very welcome.

See you all very sooon.!!!

Susie O

i am going to pelagos bay hotel in a couple of weeks, can anyone tell me if bath towels are provided in the rooms.

Carolita and tony G           

My oh my, I cried when we left. I have lived and traveled from Africa to Mexico to Texas and have finally found my heart. This was our long awaited Honeymoon, so we truly wanted it to be special and fun. Well, I need not have worried. From the moment you step off the bus, you are special. Billy told us that if we wanted a 'regular hotel', that we could find one down the road, as this was his home and he and his family welcomed us. Our room had flowers, wine and rose petals on the bed, our view was magnificient and again I shed a tear. The whole 2 weeks(you must do 2)was an experience to never forget. Yes, there was music at the bar everynight, but I just closed my patio door and slept in complete quiet. So you can have peace or party, the best of both. I am 53 years old and am not a heavy drinking yobo, so you can understand that 'Billys House' is a treasure for all enjoy life. We took the island tour then rented scooters. WOW! We have already booked in for October Scuba Diving. We love you Billy-Barbara-Vassoula-Rula-Thomas-Blood and all the rest. See you in October. Quando Regressamos, corazones!!!!!!

Ian david & ali            

Superb holiday yet again absolutely loved it ! We always said that we would never visit the same place twice, well we have just returned from our 3rd visit to Pelagos Bay and each time just gets better and better.

From the moment you arrive to the time you leave, Billy and the rest of the family make sure that your holiday is the best ever.

If you want a relaxing holiday, good food, excellent clean accommodation, and great hospitality then dont bother looking anywhere else in Scala. This is definately the best hotel in Scala, the rating and decription in the brochure do it no justice.

The Greek night/quiz evening is a must for getting into the spirit of things, plenty of good food and wine. Great night for getting to know the other guests. (That is unless your completely unsociable !)

I think the comments speak for themselves. Try it you will love it !

It goes without saying that we will be back next year for the fourth time.

Nigel & coral B           

Our fourth time to Pelagos Bay and it just gets better. From the time you step off the coach Billy will make you feel relaxed and welcome and your hliday will start straight away.

What is so nice about staying at Pelagos Bay is the way you are made to feel part of the family. We enjoy the friendly chats with Billy and Barbara and Billy is a mine of information when it comes to where to go and what to see on this beautiful island.

Vasoula is so happy from when you walk into breakfast until she goes home in the evening, which is when Thomas takes over behind the bar and we have had so much fun with him, hearing about his life and his daily antics. And there is his laugh, if that doesn't get you laughing then nothing will!

If you are thinking of booking to go to Pelagos Bay don't hesitate, whether it is for one week or two you will have a great time. Make sure you book for the Greek night in the hotel you will be guaranteed good food and lots of fun, with Greek dancing until you drop and Barbara's world famous quiz, but get your thinking hat on because you will need it!

I know you read the comments from time to time Billy, so thank you again for a great holiday and please send our regards and best wishes to the Vosnakis family and the Pelagos Bay crew.

We will be back next year and can't wait!

love Coral & Nigel

Daniel B           

We were at the hotel at the same time as the couple below and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. This was the best holiday we've ever been on and are looking forward to going back to see Billy, Vasoula, Barabra and family as soon as possible. Yes, the music was played till quite late, probably til between 2am and 4am each day but if people are more sociable then they wouldn't be in bed complaining about the noise but joining the poeple downstairs in the bar having a good night.

There was a variety of ages at the Hotel. There were a few couples in their early twenties, the bracket which I fall into, a few in their 30's-40's and some in the 50/60's. All seemed to be enjoying them selves and many were returning for their second visit to Billy's hotel. I think that tells you all that you need to know.

Billy and his family were very happy to help if you needed anything and were always trying to make sure you were happy.

Best parts of the holiday were Vasoula's 20th Birthday Party and the last nght where most people stayed up until 2am having drinks and joining in a few magic tricks.

A little messgae to Billy, Keep up the good work - ignore the bloke below and hope to see you either later on this year or sometime next year - Hope you have a good birthday on 25th May!
Danny & Rachel

Definately recommend it to anyone! Best Holiday Ever!!!!

Sharon T           

All I can say is that this is the best holiday that we have ever had and we have been to a lot of countries for our holidays. Billy and Barbara, Thomas and Vasula make you very welcome as soon as you step off the coach. The hotel is spotless and the rooms are imaculate. The food in the hotel is very good (especially club sandwich) and very reasonable. The hotel is about 20 mins walk from the town.

There is a restaurant called the Boat approx 2 mins walk down from the hotel which is excellent for both food and value, Fatos is very friendly and will make you very welcome. You must make a visit here.

Billy is an excellent host and Thomas and Vasula are the life and soul of the party. I really did not want to come back home and we will be going back next year. Thank you for making our holiday and Lee's birthday so special. Thanks for the cake, ballons, karaoke and for organising the party and games. Everyone seem to join in and enjoy themselves, the Welsh couple espeically seem to really enjoy themsleves, and the lovely couple we met Billy and Sally and all the other couples too many too mention.

Even though we were in a foreign country I felt very safe being at Pelagos bay with Billy looking after us. I was ill one day with Sun stroke and Billy went out of his way and drove into Skala to the Chemist. Any other hotel would tell you to see your Rep. Nothing was too much trouble for him.

As for the comments of the Honeymoon couple you always get one. Firstly they have contradicted themselves by saying Location average and was 2km from the town. Yet they said they booked it as it was out of town. And if Billy was such a buisness man why does he go out of his way for people. In their thirties, or born in the thirties this is the question. As for the price of things at the hotel we found this very reasonable, you may want to come to Lake Garda in August with us then you will see whats expensive. We will probably be seeing you in the future on Holidays from Hell I'm sure you will try and get on that programme.

Billy and Barbara don't forget to come and see us when you are back in Bolton especially if Yani starts school at Markland Hill in October. If not we will see you next year. Take Care All our Love to the Gang. Ps Hope Vasula got her email birthday card that I sent her. Sharon and Lee XX

Chris M           

We're well travelled (pretty much every continent), in our thirties and open minded - but the place is a sham. If you're looking for somewhere quiet (and good value) then look elsewhere - otherwise book here or go to Faliraki.

We got back yesterday from our 2-week Honeymoon at Pelagos Bay and spent the whole time feeling uncomfortable and wanting to escape - we booked because it was out of town and expected it to be relaxed and quiet - ironically we were there at the same time as the party below and frankly they (and Billy) made ours (and others) life hell at night. Sitting on the balcony for a quiet drink was never an option.

The place is very clean, extremely well presented with excellent facilities - but its characterless - its about as Greek as Butlins.

But THE worst thing is the constant (and I mean constant) music - from 9am until the bar closes (which could be any time up to 4am) - its always on.

Billy - yes hes a charmer, but hes also a businessman - hes invested heavily in the infrastructure and wants his money back. Let me give you some examples:

Beer: £2 pint, you can go elsewhere and pay half that for 500ml, not the 440ml he serves in an (often short) pint.

Cocktails: very small, they cost between £4 and £6

Food: we ate there once - we had a small pizza, the base was from the freezer and the cheese was edam and feta, cost £4.50

Breakfast: is basically toast and cornflakes (thats every day, he appears to have forgotten about the Greek tradition of Eggs on Friday), if you want anything else then you have to pay - an English is £4, which isn't bad except when you consider thats on top of what you've already paid for breakfast. The Pines in town is excellent for breakfast and costs the same (you get real freshly squeezed orange - not the orange squash at Billy's).

In-room safe: £15 for the key

Electricity: its wired so that you need to insert a key in the slot to get the electricity to stay on, if you have a baby monitor or need to charge batteries when you're out then you need an extra key to keep it on - and Billy passes comments if you leave the balcony light on

Rooms: excellent - we had a double bed, bath, fridge, air-con and it was spotless. Unfortunately all of the rooms overlook the pool, which is also where the bar is and the constant noise echos around the largely empty concrete space and the patio door does little to damp the sound.

Greek night: is £28 for two people - we didn't go so can't comment on its authenticity or quality - but you can easily eat anywhere with wine in a proper restaurant for less than £20 for two

Partying: regular - he even had one for his staff for her 20'th - lasted until 4am - if you see a large red "the party stops here sign" outside the gate then expect a late night.

Location: its 2km from Skala, there is only one local restaurant as Pelagos doesn't serve food at night - the food is good but the menu is limited. The road is unlit and there are no paths. There was no bus service when we were there and taxis soon add up.

Hire a car!: its the only way to see the beautilful island

The bay: is its best feature, its down steps and is a very relaxing place away from Billy's slot machine.

He describes it as a "big house full of friends" - maybe for the gullible, but not if you want peace and quiet and a piece of Greece.

Michelle T           

The Pelagos Bay Hotel is of outstanding beauty, from the time that you arrive you feel like a family member. The memories that you take home, will last you Forever. I would recommend this hotel to anyone who enjoys peace and tranquality. Experience the Greek night on your first week as you will definitely need time to recover.

Simon W           

We went to Pelagos bay as part of a party of 11 for a 40th Birthday party.

After a trying journey from Manchester we arrived at Pelagos bay to be greeted by a very cheerful and genuine Billy and Barbara who made us feel relaxed and at home from the very first minute.

The hotel is excellent and the facilities including a good sized pool and great bar are also excellent. The whole hotel is always spotless and the rooms are immaculately kept.

We spent most evenings and into the early hours sat in the bar with Billy Barbara, Thomas and Vasoula who were all lovely and helped to make our holiday what it was. Billy also put on a party for Lee’s Birthday which was excellent with party games and karaoke, and also Billy’s special challenge the Wall which was great fun.

The bay below the hotel is great to sit in and is easily accessible with steps down to the beach.

As for the location the hotel is about 20 minutes walk from the Centre of Skala but is a nice walk in the day/early evening however a taxi is a must once it has gone dark as the roads are not lit (a Taxi costs only around 4 Euros so is very reasonable)

Pelagos provides food until around 16:30 however there is a restaurant that is well worth a visit about 100 yards away called the boat. Fatos is the man to ask for there and the food is both varied and of an excellent standard, arguably the best in the resort.

All in all an excellent holiday during which I feel I made some more friends in the form of Billy, Barbara, Vasoula, Thomas oh and of course ayessa, You could say we arrived as strangers and left as friends.

I would recommend a visit to Pelagos Bay and I will be going back as soon as I can.

Billy and the Gang – If you read this thanks for a great holiday and see you all soon.

Simon and Sherrie

Darren W           

Many thanks to all of you that experienced my 40th Birthday party at pelagos bay and more importantly, sampled Billy and barbara's hospitality, you now know why there wasn't a better place worthy of celebrating....the fireworks, pool full of balloons, the plate smashing, shame there were none left to serve breakfast on the following morning !!!

It was great to have you all there to celebrate with me, as Billy says, we met as strangers and left as friends !! Now you see why Michelle and I will always return, hopefully some of you will too.. may I suggest 3rd week in May 2004 for Billy's birthday, we've booked already !

Billy / Barbara (Yanni / Katerina)
Many, many thanks, look forward to seeing you at xmas in Preston, remember it'll be turkey with all the trimmings !!!
Vaso / "Tommy-Gun Thomas"
As ever, you work tirelessly to meet our demands, now put your feet up for 4 months.
Fatos, a true friend but give up the Greek-dancing !!

Many thanks to you all

Darren & michelle

Ruth D           

Well it was better than home from home as I didn't have to do anything...
It was BRILLIANT won't ever forget it, we are will be going back next year,Billy and his family were terrific and all the staff..

We just didn't want to leave that day 21st october 2003,could of easily stayed another week.

Ruth & Dennis Donoghue

Alice S           

We have just returned from a fab week with billy and his family
and excellent staff. We were made so welcome from day one
and left as friends and will definately return. Thanks to Darren for
celebrating his 40th we have a vague memory of a great party
night, thanks to billy and staff. I cannot recommend a
friendlier,cleaner more welcoming hotel than the pelagos bay
(great for kids too). We will hopefully be returning very soon.

Peter G           

Great place to go !!!!! The vosnakis family will welcome you as their own family...... The weather is briliant. The bay is very nice to go swimming. The hotel is very clean.Stuning views from the rooms. We will come back next year.

A special thank you to the Vosnakis family !!

Matt M           

What a fantastic time! I just got home and the first thing i have to do is reccomend this place to anyone who is thinking of staying in skala. The pool is fantastic and brilliantly maintained and the whole hotel is clean and comfortable. Vasuloa is the life and soul of greece and billy was a fantastic host.

Not much else to say on the hotel really. Absolutely brilliant!

Edward R           

Only dropped by a couple of times as hotel opposite excellent coved beach & was convenient stop wlaking from San Giorgio to Skala town. Both my wife & I thought the hotel looked wonderful and found Vasolua/Billy very, very friendly & fun. Would seriously consider staying at this hotel instead of one of the larger ones if we went to Kefalonia nbext year.

Ted & Hazel

Ray A           

This was our first visit to Kefalonia and what a wonderful island it is. Billy, Tommy and Family made us so welcome (Even though Billy was in some discomfort after his opp)and Vasolua you are a star. The room, view ,little bay,pool,and anything else we;ve forgot were excellent. Anyone thinking of going to this Hotel GO!!!
Every comment made is true.

Thahkyou for a wonderful holiday

Ray and Jan Southampton

Claire B           

Thought about, was a bit harsh. Should have been excellent all round.......

Kris C           

I would recommend Pelagos Bay to everyone. It should be at least 9/10. An immuculate hotel that is as friendly and welcoming as anywhere i have been. Thankyou Billy and family for making us feel so welcome and for helping us make our 2 weeks in Kefalonia so special.
Also a hello to all the friends we made whilst in Pelagos Bay including Nikos and Daisey. When i watch the Lions loose next season i'll be thinking of you!

Kris Cayless, S.Ockendon, Essex.

Claire B           

Our first holiday to Kefalonia and it was excellent. We couldn't have stayed in a better hotel. Billy and his staff were very friendly and made us feel at home. The hotel was spotless and the pebble cove oppositie gives this hotel a unique location. We had the best holiday and look forward to returning in the very near future.

Niko & daisy S           

I love Pelagos Bay Im coming back next year and the year after and the year after that. Thanks Billy, Vasolua, Roula and friends I will wear my Cameroon top with pride.


Niko & daisy S           

Pelagos Bay is the friendliest hotel we've ever stayed at and we will definitely be back next year. The pool and facilities are lovely and it has been a joy to stay here for two weeks.

Karen H           

We stayed at pelegos bay at the end of June. It is a great place to stay. My first
impression was when we were greeted by Billie and were told this was his
home and that his house was our house and he wanted us to feel at home,
He made an effort to learn our names and always used them. Every aspect
about the apartments offers the personal touch. The hotel is set outside of
Scala and so either a walk in the dark or cab journey is required, but this is
very cheap and takes two minutes. You couldn't wish for a nicer place to stay,
we will definately be going back.

Adele R           

What a welcome on my first visit, I cried when I left. My second visit was like going home and that for a Welsh person is something very special. I am due to go back for my third holiday and I am really looking forward to seeing Billie and all the family once again. As far as the Pelagos is concerned, what can I say, for those of you that have stayed there you all know how good it is and for those of you that haven't been you should go and find out. I'm looking forward to my next visit in October 2003.

David S           

We stayed in August 2002. The welcome was very friendly, with Billy and his extended family looking after all our needs. Rooms great, pool good, bar excellent. A bit of a walk into Scala - but no problem.

Nigel & coral B           

10/10 our third time to Pelagos and definitley not our last. We have visited a lot of Greek islands and the accomodation at Pelagos is the best we have ever stayed in. Billy is a superb host and has a wonderful team with Sam & Vasoo. They really cannot do enough for you to make you feel welcome. If you are thinking of going do not heitate to book, just make sure you leave a room for us.

Tom T           

4/10??????? who ever wrote that has never been to stay.we had a fantastic time there.Billy and Sam are fantastic,we had a great time,at night and they took us on some adventures in the day.i cant recommend this place enough. cliff jumping from 50ft, under water cave exploring, rock climbing, swimming with Turtles, and many many more!!!!

Kath G