Maria Anna Hotel

Accommodation in Lourdas

Debbie W           

we just got back from the maria anna and had a fantastic holiday. all the staff were helpful and friendly.lana is a great person and a real character it was lovely to meet her.we have already decided to go there again next year.the only thing to mar our holiday was the stupid time we had to leave for the airport. we had a 12.20 pm flight and were forced to leave at 7.20 am by the rep. so we spent over 4 hours at the airport waiting for our flight anbd missed our breakfast and werent even offered meal vouchers. so be warned! we are writiung to olympic about this.but we would definitely go back to maria anna but would get a different flight though.

Pam C           

Dear God, we thats me and my husband are going on holiday and to Maria Anna Hotel we are stopping in July 2004 can some one out there please put my mind at rest, have things changed this year


Hey kim! gutted were not going at the same time, just hope others our age are! olympic sent me an email after i emailed there customer services. I just gave my concerns and they assured in writting it would all be ok! ( lets hope!) hope you have a good stay. we will have to report back on this website as to what we think!
"Adios!" or whatever they speak over there!
Love george

Kim W           

Hi George, thanks for your reply, I contacted Olympic too, only got a phone call back but they said they hadnt had any complaints about the hotel other than noise from building work nearby which is now completed, put my mind at rest! How did you get an email from them - I'd like to have something like that to take with me , just in case!
I am going with my boyfriend too, on the 20th June for 1 week, so wont see you there! I am 24 so yes we may be the only under 30's too!
Have a great holiday, I'm sure we all will, Kim x


hey kim.
I have also booked my holl for june 29 for a week with my man. when i saw the comments i was also worried, but all of these issues are over, olympic hollidays have assured me. the manager in question is aparently not working there any more and there should be no problems. i suppose i cant stay at the ritz on my student loan so the anna maria will have to do!! but i am looking forward to it never the less. my view is, if you go thinking its going to be awfull it will be! the accomodation in greece is pants any way in general, but who wants to stay in a hotel for a week? i plan to be out and about as much as possible! hope you havnt canceled already! it would be a shame coz im sure you got a great deal like i did! the rep in question is also different i have been assured. if all fails, i have the e mail from olympic hollidays which i will bring along stating all my worries are sorted so if there is a prob, we will be moved, but im sure there wont be. when are you staying? and who are you going with? im abit worried myself and my b friend will be the only under 30s on the island! But its all an adventure! i will check this page and hope you respond to know how your getting on. Good luck. georgexxx

Kim W

I have booked a holiday to the Marie Anna for June. Unfortunately before booking I had not read the comments on this site. However, some of the negative comments are quite old and I was hoping someone could give me some feedback of how the hotel is this year? I dont want to cancel the holiday and some feedback might be able to put my mind at rest! Thanks!

Tom M           

My family and I have stayed at the Maria Anna Hotel three times and we are going back again this year. Although I cannot comment on what occurred at the hotel last year, it beggars belief that Yannis would behave in any way other than being a perfect host. During our stays there were lots of single girls and for that matter some single parents and none were treated with anything other than courtesy. Nothing and I mean nothing is too much trouble for Yannis the Manager or the owners Gregory and Jenny who always do their utmost to make your holiday fun and to suggest that you cannot get a second cup of coffee with your breakfast is ludicrous, I very often had two or three cups with mine and the rooms are cleaned every day without fail. The food cooked during the day is excellent and the barbecue/karaoke nights are great fun, the music at nights can be loud I suppose but people want to have fun when they are on holiday and if this includes a bit of late night singing and drinking so be it. If you want quiet after 9 o`clock then go to Bournemouth!! Kefalonia is a magical place with magnificient scenery and the people are friendly, there are many fine places to eat and drink and beaches that are truly brilliant. Go to Kefalonia, go to the Maria Anna and meet Yannis, Gregory and Jenny, you will be in for a pleasant surprise. Tom, Lynda, Matthew and Benjamin Murrell

R L           

Had the most amazing time in kefalonia. The Maria Anna was fine, accomodation typical greek basic, but hey when in rome..isn't that the point of a holiday. The views were briliant one side mountains and one side the ocean. Yannis was great, he was fun, he didn't let the rain dampen our spirits. And very hard working, nothing was too much trouble for him. His cooking was fantastic,you could easily eat here for the entire holiday! I find the comments about breakfast upsetting, yes it was basic but filling. If you did your research you would probably be horrified at the the difference in what you paid for your holiday and the amount that the hotel recieves from that. You would be foolish to avoid this hotel, i have some fantastic memories and will be returning next year. Olympic holiday rep on site only seemed intrested in mature holiday goers and selling them the tours, trips and hire cars all endorsed by olympic holidays of course. Expect to be invisable to her if you are under 30 found this insulting. But hey, no fault of the Maria Anna or the staff but I couldn't find anywhere appropriate to voice this.

Paul B           

We have just got back from 2 weeks at the Maria Anna.We had read all the comments before we went and did not know what to expect.What we found was a qiuet hotel which was clean an had great sea views from our room ,and the pool .The food was excellent and Yannis was very friendly and helpful.The area is very hilly and quiet and if this is what you are looking for we would recommend it.I would stay here again,I feel sorry for those people that cancelled their stay there as they missed out on an excellent holiday,also I am suprised that people can comment on a hotel an people that they have never seen or met!!!

Meera V           

I was due to stay at this hotel with my family and luckily I read the comments on this website. Thank god that there is some sort of communication available that keeps ordinary customers informed. Olympic holidays have handled this whole situation very badly, they were aware of the incidents and failed to inform their agents who were selling holidays to this hotel. They behaved negligently and have put the lives of the customers in danger. Luckily after many days of arguing we were able to change hotels (for a fee mind you) but at the time I did not want to be going to a place which seemed unsafe.

I'm not sure what the truth is here but I believe in freedom of speech and people should have the right to state their opionions. I know for sure that Olympic Holidays will say and do anything to save their reputation - even if it is at the cost of the customer. None of the olympic staff every aknowledged the seriousness of this situation in the uk or in kefalonia and this is why I will never travel with them again. I have found their attitude extremely disturbing and I feel that they should not be allowed to get away with treating the customers in that way.

I hope the truth comes out and those concerned get what they deserve.

Jamie D           

Withstanding the bedroom designed for a bachelor hobbit, karaoke singing that would give Simon Cowell a stroke and the scratchiest walls known to mankind, the Maria Anna gets two thumbs up from us.

Carla S           

This is really none of my concern now as I have cancelled my holiday to Maria Anna and rebooked elsewhere, but I am glad that I visited this site as a forewarning about the dangers that may be faced by two young girls going on a relaxing holiday after graduating university. It seems that the standard of service at your hotel is what you may expect of the likes of a grubby backstreet hotel in Ibiza! And may I also show my support for the two ladies who reported life altering abuse at this disgraceful establishment; I hope this 'Yannis' gets what is coming to him, which I am sure he will. As for the "grow up" comment aimed at the 36-year-old mother of two, is this really appropriate? "Grow up" is something that the 19-year-old girl may not be capable of as a result of this horrific incident. I think the only people who need to get a life are 'Yannis' and those fools standing by him. Good luck girls!

Mick B           

i thought the idea of comments is you put down what you feel after your holiday, so thats why i mentioned lana & how much we enjoyed our holiday. As for your comments GROW UP

Maria S           

what is the likelyhood of 2 people coming onto the net taking into account that I posted mine very late at night on here and both put nice things on the same date and had to come on and added it in such a short space of time after mine given how late it was? Its wierd because if everyone checks all this site for this hotel you will see that it has taken a year for a small handful of people to come forward and how many said nice things? and yet all of a sudden we have an influx to say how good it was. Those who did go on holiday after the events that took place, maybe you ought to be thanking us for highlighting the issues because if we hadnt I dare say your holiday wouldnt of been so good because clearly your saying that there have been major improvements. Do you really think they are going to behave in the same manor after all thats been exposed? I think not but then it doesnt take alot to work that out.
I dare say they will be nice to everyone now and act in a better manor which they should and watch what they say and do and moleycoddle the guests in a vain bid to try and make themselves look good.
Do NOT judge a book by its cover because its not always what it seems. As for lana, yes she is a fantastic person and that has NEVER been an issue has it? so why even mention her as if she is an issue? Tut tut. As for the views! is that from the maria anna? as from what everyone else could see from the hotel was just building work all around and plently of noise from it too or didnt that get seen by those who visited after? If you walk near to the beaches, yes you have fantastic views.

Pauline J           

We just came back from the Maria Anna and thought Yannis and the hotel were great. We would certainly go back again.

Mick B           

our names are mick & chris, we had a great holiday, the hotel was great ,BBQ brilliant, views fantastic, hotel food superb.YANNIS was great and so was LANA, SOME OF THESE PEOPLE CANT HAVE A LIFE

Maria S           

ps. Im not even going to waste my time on you now yannis. I will let the relevant people deal with this matter the right way.

Maria S           

yannis bita? maybe you could highlight your bosnian name for the english peoples reference and not the greek name of which you aquired yet does not stand legaly when under the greek law, not under the english law either. is it compulsory for an albanion man to change his name to a greek name when he starts work on a greek island? maybe you got christened or something to enable the new name. didnt you like your birth name yannis? im sure we all have reasons for everything eh!
interesting that you have used the name of the greek owner of the maria anna hotel as gregory tsimpourlas. i do not have a problem at all with you including gregory as he is already included for his part already.
please could you also state which "english" holiday companies you worked for before olympic as we could then do some back ground research into them on you as well. please ensure you add your birth name and not the one you have stated here and stop telling people you are greek when you are in fact a bosnian which was pointed out at every chance by the greek police and the name you use here is not your real name. what we could then do is check out your good character as it were, which we both know your not such a good person.maybe the english police with the addition of both your names could check you out too.
also, i am sure in due course you will also find that i had in fact tried for several days to contact the olympic rep namely sue who in fact didnt comply to her duties when she was given several messages left for her in more than one place.had she of done her job that she was paid to do then you wouldnt of got a chance to get as far as you did with me but on saying that she went straight to you before she even told her bosses and told you what we had said despite our requests to talk to her boss and not you and deal with it the right way.she breached our confidence too. im sure your aware however that i did inform the british embassy in athens though before i got the details of the police. maybe if you and sue hadnt of made it so protract and difficult for me to get the information i needed then it would of been alot sooner.
as for the numbers on the board, maybe you would care to update them if you havent already done so as they were out of date apart from believe it or not, the fire brigade.
its wierd because you are saying that several guests witnessed all these things. those guests are in fact in contact with legal reps and yet thier accounts dont even remotely tally up with your made up events.
not that i should have to defend myself on here but then now you have made my name public i will defend myself so be prepared as i am not drunk and i have the support of my boyfriend, family and friends amongst others and not as vunerable as the times you abused me and sinead. after reading your comment i have to say your back is very much up against a wall yannis and a rapist will always say that the woman was begging for sex or asking for it or getting paid for or sleeps around, sexualy promiscuous just to make himself look better and try and throw the blame on the woman so when you make out she is so easy for sex then she must be a tart and you just a poor innocent by stander. im just pointing out a fact on what rapists generaly say. who are you trying to kid, yourself or everyone else because it isnt me? the reason you have made such pathetic lies up about me is because i am a serious threat to you hence your comments. what was you hoping for? that i would just take it and see it as an experience? i have to admit you put the fear of god into me along with gregory and almost did take it but then why should i? well it was a terrible experience and if you bringing my name publicly helps other women then i am prepared to leave it on this site.
also, i stood on the balcony shouting out i was english and wanted sex with my children there eh? and i also got paid for sex? what a pity you dont know me eh! please ask this imaginary person, man or woman to come forward for questioning and maybe state the price i was imaginarily paid just for references sake. i assume you still have the names and addresses of the guest that gave you hear say information? if you do could you please supply it to a solicitor. as your making it up could you also ensure it goes into 50 figure numbers and even then it would be too cheap.
just out of interest, wasnt it also you that accused another female guest of coming back with a man and he made sexual advances to her and there was a bit of a commotion outside in the main entrance to the hotel? when the man and woman you both accused and spread rumours found out and tackled you about your lies, didnt you then accuse another woman for the sake of it?and all because what you had said was a pack of lies on your part and may i add the woman was a single parent on holiday on her own. she even confronted you and told you that silly men like you spread viscious rumours and she told you off. i hope you have the witness details of that situation too? or did you think if you could spread lies about her too then you would be able to step in at a later date to try and **** her too? seems like you are forming a patern in your behaviour yannis. youve made some serious allegations and slandered me in a big way yannis and to lie in a court of law is an offence.
i was drunk all the time as well eh? with a 10 year old daughter with me, with a dissability do you think that would be likely? on 2 occasions i drank(the 1st not alot) and on both you assaulted me the 2nd time being the most terrible. but to have a drink is not a crime but to **** or seriously sexualy assault women is a crime and women should not have to live in fear that when they go on holiday a drink is an invitation to be abused because you see them as vunerable and easy prey for your sick needs. so lets not try and diverse to wether i had a drink or not and stick to the issue and facts yannis. please check what you have said before writing it down. i waited a week eh? well if i arrived on the thursday then went to the police on the wednesday doesnt that make 6 days? it took alot for me to go to the police especially after you, gregory, gregory's friend and jenny threatened us not to go to the police. you wasnt exactly quiet about it when you all said those things given that or you just didnt realise there was 2 families sat right outside listening, did you get their statements? i felt very threatened at the time especialy when you walked off shouting like a mad man when we said we were still going to the police.
wasnt it you that also told me after you shouted at me whilst i was on the phone at the supermarket to my boyfriend in england and you demanded agressively that you wanted to see me and when i refused you walked along side me up the hill then got verbally agressive and demanded i talked to you in the restuarant and grabbed my arm and led me there and then told me that single parents are disgusting and men would not want them as anything but for sex because they had children from another man and men only want thier own children and that women in thier 30's you always use a condomn with them because they carry std's ? its strange that yannis because when you tried to **** me you couldnt find the condom could you without having to let me go. at least now i can establish why you didnt go as far as raping me and how i got out.would you also like me to highlight the rest of what you done to me that night and the other occasion? the sad part about it is, yes it was the 2nd time id had a drink on that holiday and i should of been safe to walk up the stairs to my room regardless of if i was drunk, paraletic or sober. you as the manager were in a position of trust. i only wish i had been so drunk that i didnt remember any of it at all because it has crippled me inside and affected my life in a very bad has even affected my kids and my boyfriend whom has been taking the presure when i go into very low moods and now my sex life has been seriously affected wasnt just what you had done but also how you and gregory exposed my children by taking away the english families that were specifically looking after my children leaving me histerical when gregory used them against me in the police station by telling me they were with his friends.those friends were the other perpetrators in sineads case. it was also like a knife in me when you walked passed the man andrew one of the english guests and patted him on the back much to his disgust in front of everyone and said it was a good day and laughed in my face as i broke down in tears at the thought of any harm coming to my children when i couldnt get to them and protect them from you and your friends. but you knew that which is why you and gregory used the one thing against me that would make me crumble and for a short while you succeeded but you should of thought of the long term yannis. for any mother that is a living hell in itself. so its not just what you done, its the whole situation. maybe you can also think of the hours i now spend on the phone at night talking to the samaritans. i have a very strong belief yannis and that is "god pays debts without money" and i am sure he will judge you for the person you truly are.
i will now leave my case in the capable hands of the legal representatives here in england and also in greece.
think of the teenage english boys and what you said to them! think also of the teenage boy who droped his pizza and what you done to him. do you remember that? the parents do. i doubt they are your witnesses either. how many women do you think are now taking action against you and the hotel yannis? more than 2. so that leaves you how many witnesses? didnt you have to be warned about your over friendlyness to a little boy that you started petting a little bit too much? i am sure that once the full details of your past working history and the fact all holiday companies will have to disclose eventualy the names and details of those guests staying where you worked, will bring out alot more than you bargained for.
now please excuse me whilst i get back to my life and try and piece together what you have taken away. the facts will speak for themselves all in due course yannis. i may not sit on this site all the time but i can bet your life you will do now because from what i can see not many people have said a good word about your character have they and that dates back to last year? maybe your problem was you knew you couldnt have me willingly so you took what wasnt yours to have when i had a drink because you knew that was the only way you would ever get near me. i rest my case.
ps. as you didnt know my name i wonder whom supplied it to you or did you take advantage of the records on guests list at the hotel? and you consider yourself to be trust worthy? i doubt it. you have acted neither profesional nor conducted yourself in any reasonable manor. and if your going to add my name at least spell it right. it is teresa not teressa.

Gregory T           

My name is Yannis Bita and i am the manager of the Maria Anna Hotel, Lourdas, Kefalonia. I have been the manager at the hotel for 8 years and during that time i have worked with many holiday companies from england - for the last three years with Olympic Holidays. During my eight years i have never had any problems with the 5000 clients that have passed through the hotel except for complaints about the noise from the pool bar particularly on BBQ and kareoke night. It upsets me to read the comments on your web-site from Sinead McDermot and Maria Smith (real name Teressa Cooper, who both stayed at the hotel this summer. Comments made by Sinead Mcdermot that her key broke in the lock of her door on her first day at the hotel but she did not have to wait a week for the key to be replaced - it was replaced within two days. If i had sexually harrassed her against her will why did she wait for 8 days before reporting it to her rep or contacting the police - telephone numbers are available in reception of the Olympic board for both the Olympic main office and the police and why did she give me a postcard from Kefalonia with her telephone number in england written on it asking me to stay with her if i went to england and telling me that i was a lovely person. Maria Smith (Teressa Cooper) arrived at the hotel with her two young children a few days after Sinead McDermot. Not long after her arrival she was seen by guests sitting around the pool and by her children to come out onto her balcony and shout that she was english and wanted sex. I was also told by other guests that not long after she arrived she had sex with another guest and was paid for this service. Teressa was seen to be drunk on most days and spent her time pestering me, i did not want to have any relationship sexual or otherwise with her. If i had sexually assaulted her why did she wait for a week before reporting it to her rep or the police. On the first wednesday of Teressas stay we had our BBQ - Teressa ate, drank and danced until 3am when she decided to call the police as she felt unsafe at the hotel. The police arrived and took her to the police station, she returned some hours later only to go back this time with Sinaed McDermot. I was called to go the police station at 8am with the hotel owner. About one hour later some clients from the hotel learned what had happened and came to the police station to give statements as to what they had seen of the two 'ladies' behaviour. The owner of the hotel called the olympic rep and her manager to the police station to give assistance in the matter - they spoke with the guests making statements and with Sinead McDermot to find out what the true situation was. Once all the statements had been given at the police station everybody left and it was decided by Olympic Holidays to move the two ladies to another hotel in another resort - both didn't want to leave the Maria Anna!!! You would think that if their claims about me were true thay would want to leave.

Cathy H           

Our names are Cathy and Peter and we stayed at the Maria Anna this summer for our holiday. We enjoyed our stay very much in particular the BBQ and Kareoke evening which included fantastic food.

Amy G           

We stayed at the Marie Anna hotel in Sept 2002.
Apart from being refused an extra piece of bread instead of the toast and Yannis the manager going mad at us for even daring to ask.
And we question when the sheets were going to be changed as they hadn't been changed for 5 days!! Again he went mad at us.
He made us feel very un welcome during our stay, i don't think i would go back to kefalonia due to the horrible hotel and Yannis being very rude.
It therefore does not suprise me about what i have read, i hope it gets sorted out for the ladies concerned.

James M           

We decided to take a last minute deal in the first two weeks of
July.After travelling all day we were rudely "welcomed" at the
airport by our rep Sue and taken by coach to Maria Anna. We
arrived at 23.00 were given the key to our room. The room was
no bigger than an airing cuboard ,the windows didn't open and
the noise from the pool bar was very loud. I asked the manager
for a new room away from the music which he gave to us
although he was so drunk I'm surprised he understood what I
said. Our new room was much quieter but we had a broken
shower, no toilet seat and the nightly visit of the local
cockroaches. We mentioned all of this to Sue but were told that
as we had moved rooms without her permission we would have
to move back to our old room or pay extra....she had two hopes.
The breakfast was awful the pool dirty and between Sue the
manager and the rest of the staff our holiday was one I'd rather
forget. Please take my advice and do not use Olympic holidays
and certainly do not go to the Maria Anna Hotel. Kefelonia is the
most beautiful island and one we would visit again though next
time not with Olympic.
P.S if you have a room on the bottom floor mind the dirty water
from the balcony above!!

Maria S           

Customer sevices... You state "please will all interested parties refrain from making allegations about people who cannot defend themselves as they are in Greece". Do you think those involved gave the victims the same curtesy? NO. Did those involved (perpetrators) have the same curtesy when they took responsible english guests looking after the 2 children and trapsed them down the police station for no reason leaving the 2 young children of the victim alone to fend for themselves in the hotel with the perpetrators family and friends? Did they have the same curtesy when they also used those children to intimidate the victims by letting the mother know whom had them? Did the holiday company whom had a duty of care to those children go and check on the children at any stage during the mothers 14 hour ordeal in the police station? No. For those whom need more information if they have been through similar no matter what hotel or holiday company, please contact the home office, greek embassy here in England, trading standards, and the british embassy in Athens. It is not acceptable for any victim of crime to be treated the way they were no matter what thier experience.
Did those in Greece allow the victims to defend themselves when the perpetrators were allowed to sit in the room during thier statements or phone calls with the british embassy and continuously frighten the life out of the mother by letting her know they had her children frightening the life out of her as she feared for her children?
Maybe you could also answer why the holiday company knowing the youngest child had a dissability did not check on the well being either of that child? Yes it will now be left in the capable hands of the other governing bodies named above.

Customer S           

With reference to the recently reported sexual assault allegations at the Maria Anna Hotel in Lourdas, Kefalonia and as this matter is subject to investigation by the relevant authorities on Kefalonia, please will all interested parties refrain from making allegations about people who cannot defend themselves as they are in Greece and await the outcome of the investigation, as you would here in the UK.

Maria S

i also went to the maria anna hotel and was seriously sexualy assaulted by the manager and spent a grueling 14 hours with the police in argostoli which had to be the most harrowing experience i have ever had especialy as the police men were not english spoken and had to have translation by another greek policeman whom spoke such little police it became very hard to explain what had happened although eventualy i got my point across and had no support from the rep sue whom in fact told me to not go to the police as she is good friends with the manager and owner of this hotel. the matter is currently being investigated by olympic holidays and would be greatful if anyone has experienced anything of this nature as a woman to contact olympic holidays whom are fully aware of the ongoing problems. my advice to anyone is dont go there if you dont want to be abused then reabused by an ancient police system that clearly needs to be updated in tune with the times. single women please beware as it is and can be a dangerous place. dont think if you have children your safe because i am a single parent. this man came into my room with the key without my permission and on coming up the stairs one night to go to my room was dragged into a room by the manager and seriously assaulted and he also tried to **** me.

Sinead M           

I am a 19yr old girl who travelled alone to Kefalonia this summer for the fourth time, I love it and am friends with some lovely greek people. This was my first time to Maria Anna, and Lourdas. On arriving at the hotel my key broke in the lock so for 1 week, I had to rely on the Albanian manager, Yannis to let me into my room at night.During my stay he sexually assualted me and a 36yr old women who had young children with her, we went to the police and got thrown out of the hotel for not keeping quiet. This case is currently being investigated, so if there are any other girls who have had to go through this, whilst on holiday at Maria Anna, please get in touch via Email Thank you!

David P           


Wayne W           

The Hotel Location is suitable for those who like walking and prefer to be a bit out of the centre. The beaches are a long walk though 30 minutes plus and all up hill on the way back. Breathtaking views from the south facing balconies though. The maid and breakfastlady was nice although wait until she offers you another cup of coffee rather than asking for one. Pool was cloudy. The manager wore a Leeds Utd shirt one day and a Man Utd shirt the next, both premier league sh*te and no consistency. I think he should wear an Olympiakos or some other Greek team shirt. Also single women beware unless you like overpowering attention from Greek men. Overall the hotel is OK if you just want somewhere to crash and like to go out a lot. If you don't like knowing everything about everyone and them knowing everything about you don't hang around the bar too much. Lourdas itself is lovely, friendly go to Casa Del Blue and the Muses Cocktail Bar, also hire a car and drive around, go to Rombola Winery interesting and free samples.

Pat J           

This was our first time to Greece and we fell in love with it! No complaints about the Maria Anna Hotel, the staff were great nothing was too much trouble for them if you had any problems (we didn't). The pool/poolside bar was a good way to meet your fellow holiday makers. Trapezaky Beach was a pleasant walk down to, but... we got a cab back!! Veiw from our balcony was BREATH TAKING. We will definitely be going back

Anthony B           

Staff-fantastic,Atmosphere-fantastic,Location-not great for pedestrians, breakfast-leaves a lot to be desired although the rest of the cuisine is great and you must try their barbecue night. If a poolside holiday isn't for you try walking in different directions, it is worth it.

Jeremy *           

We came to Kefalinia expecting peace and quiet - what we got was Butlins. Breakfast - cheap corn flakes and sweet orange squash - every day. Every day & night - pool bar playing loud music until the wee hours (it wasn't even Greek, but rather Euro MTV)- we were promised by the manager that the music would be turned down at midnight - no chance - even after much complaining it was turned down at 24.00 - 00.30 unless there was a Karaoke night. Cathy (the rep) told us "If you want quiet, don't go to a hotel with a pool or a pool bar" - thanks Cathy, guess Olympic missed that pearl of wisdom out of the brochure - accidentally? That pool by the way, was grim. The island was fine - but don't get ripped off, hire a car from Budget rather than the one that pays the rep a commission (and save about 50%). The location (20 minutes walk to Lourdas Beach) - hmm, if you were 6'6" and have very long strides then I suppose it's possible, tell you what though - double it on the way back. Moral of the story - go with Tapestry, every time we saw their stuff we went green. Thanks for letting us stay at your pool each day Tapestry - no MTV either. Pool was very nice also. Villa Rosa.

Claire P           

If you are looking for a quite and relaxing holiday, do not stay here. The pool bar plays extremely loud music until the early hours of EVERY morning. During our stay we slept in 3 different rooms - trying to get away from the noise.

Steve J           

The location was good, but unfortunately the hotel was noisy with the Pool Bar disco. If I wanted to go the Iya Napa I would have. Breakfast was OK, but no chance of a second cup of tea or coffee!!!! Beware the steel spike in the bedroom floor to secure the Balcony doors.

Cathy M           

We stayed at the Antonia Apartments next door, which has just been built, but used the pool and Taverna at The Maria Anna Hotel and watched the World Cup on there TV. The food was lovely and the BBQ nights good fun. I can recommend the Chicken Souvalki, it was so tender and juicy the best I had on the Island. Lovely hotel, the people that run it are excellent and make you feel very welcome. Construction has finished now so you should enjoy yourself. Its a Olympic Holiday site on

Rachel B           

Although there was contruction work going on nearby in 2001 we still had an excellent stay. It was much more quiet and picturesque than the hotels down in the more crowded Lourdas bay. Great service, lovely pool with view out over the ocean....and a healthy walk down to the beach to keep those buns tight.

Kathy J

which uk holiday tour operator deals with maria anna hotel?we stayed there 3 years ago and fell head over heals in love with the place.