Maria Anna Hotel - (Accommodation in Lourdas)

Meera V           

I was due to stay at this hotel with my family and luckily I read the comments on this website. Thank god that there is some sort of communication available that keeps ordinary customers informed. Olympic holidays have handled this whole situation very badly, they were aware of the incidents and failed to inform their agents who were selling holidays to this hotel. They behaved negligently and have put the lives of the customers in danger. Luckily after many days of arguing we were able to change hotels (for a fee mind you) but at the time I did not want to be going to a place which seemed unsafe.

I'm not sure what the truth is here but I believe in freedom of speech and people should have the right to state their opionions. I know for sure that Olympic Holidays will say and do anything to save their reputation - even if it is at the cost of the customer. None of the olympic staff every aknowledged the seriousness of this situation in the uk or in kefalonia and this is why I will never travel with them again. I have found their attitude extremely disturbing and I feel that they should not be allowed to get away with treating the customers in that way.

I hope the truth comes out and those concerned get what they deserve.

Olympic Holidays - (Tour Operators in Kefalonia)

Meera V           

Do not use Olympic Holidays to travel anywhere. They have no regard for their customers at all. They promise the world when they want to take your money and then go back on everything they supposedly stand for when there is a problem.

They will also lie to you if it means that they can get you off the phone, do not take any crap from them and stand up for your rights.

They are the worse holiday company I have every travelled with and I would never recommend them to anyone. They have no idea about customer service and keep you holding for hours on end on the phone. Being ABTA approved means absolutely nothing becuase they still treat you like crap and get away with it!!!

Take my advise and don't use Olympic!!!!!! They also overcharge you

Galaxy Hotel - (Accommodation in Lassi)

Meera V           

We stayed at the Galaxy Hotel in August and have to say we were very disappointed with the Hotel and the Owners.

The rooms were a good size but they crammed three of us in one room which was a squeeze. One person had a camp bed which was completely useless, dipped in the middle and squeeked all night so we had to put the matress on the floor. The matresses on the beds were very old and there were no springs left so we all had back ache each day, the pillows also smelt.

The cupboards were all dusty which made all the clothes smelly and dirty.

The chairs and table in the balcony was very old and dirty, we had no desire to look at it or use it.

The owners Anna and Goerge we found to be miserable and they watched our every move. They didn't even welcome us when we arrvied or say goodbye when we left. We needed to locate an open chemist one day and they couldn't even be bothered to help us. George also shouted at us once for putting a bottle of wine in the fridge. He shouted at another young girl of 8 becuase she didn't have a shower before going into the swimming pool. The breakfast was appauling, a bit of bread and coffee each morning, stay away from the tea it is disgusting.

DO NOT buy anything from the hotel, the drinks are extautionate and the food is too, there is a cheap mini market around the corner.

They also charge you for the fans so make sure you have a handy 50, they only take cash.

I have to say that the cleaners where lovely, they were extremely pleasant and made up for Anna and George's bad temper.

However, forgetting the hotel which was like faulty towers, the island is beautiful and the location is preety good, close to the main town. I recommend you hire a car becuase you will want to be out of the hotel for as long as possible.