Villa Mare

Accommodation in Lourdas

Samantha W           

We booked Villa Mare as a late deal with Kosmar and went for a week from 8 June 2003. No complaints at all. Room was failrly small and basic but suited our needs. Only 10 metres from the beach with Dimitris beach bar right on the beach charging 1.5 Euros for a large beer. Two tavernas just along the beach were both superb and we only ever made it up the hill to collect our hire car.
Only minor downside was it was a heatwave in June and temps were up to 42.
Probably the best holiday we've ever had and we would go back tomorrow.

Belinda C           

We booked a late deal through Kosmar and picked the Villa Mare as it was so close to the beach. This was the making of the holiday as we wouldn't have been too happy walking up and down 'the hill' everyday! We had a 1st floor twin-bedded room with a balcony looking out to sea. The room was clean, light and airy and although there wasn't any air conditioning, it didn't matter as you could leave the french windows open at night and benefit from the sea breeze and the therapeutic sound of the waves (we did take a mozzie net to sleep under though!). The self-catering area was limited to a sink, fridge, two-ring stove, a couple of pots & pans & few cooking implements - enough to prepare light meals, but in reality we only used the stove to boil water for coffee, and the fridge to keep the beer cold!. Yhe ensuite shower room was a bit small, but very clean and functional and there was always plenty of hot water. The cleaner visited twice during the week, and supplied clean sheets & towels etc. The villa is only 10 yards or so from the beach and close to a friendly beach bar which stayed open as late as you wanted. There is a lovely pool, complete with umbrellas and loungers behind the villa, which was built at the start of this season. It was a bit too hot for us there though, so we stayed on the beach most of the time where there was a nice cool breeze.
So in summary - I can highly recommend Kefalonia, Lourdas and the Villa Mare!

Debbie W           

We stayed in the Villa Mare from the 8th june for two weeks, only two days after the pool was compleated. With no word of a lie it was the best accomodation in the resort. We could not have asked for more, right on the beach, very clean and smart and most of all very friendly, and the pool is FAB!!!!!
We are going again in sept and would stay in the same place. For young and older alike. (we are in the young bracket!!!)

Mike S           

As our Holiday wasn't till Aug, and we no longer trusted Thomas Cook, we cancelled and are going to Skiathos!!

Janet O           

sorry to hear that Thomas Cook have let you down too, Mike, though it doesn't surprise me. Hope you get a really good holiday and I will post my views on Skala when I get back

Mike S           

Just to update.Thomas Cook have moved us from the Villa mare. 3 days after I paid the final ballance!!!Wanted us to go to Scala.So we've cancelled and are looking for something else

Janet O           

Have just read the last two comments, this has also happened to us - we booked in January, they cancelled Lourdas Beach Apartments in February, then on 16th May cancelled Villa Mare and are now sending us to Skala. Rearranging the holiday was not an option as we celebrate our silver wedding on 17th June (we go on 15th) and we booked time off from work last year so that we could be away at this time. Leaving it so late to re-arrange means that only accomodation in Skala is available, so it's that or no holiday. Thanks, Thomas Cook

Mike S           

We were booked to go to the Lourdas Beach Apts but have been relocated to the Villa Mare. We are going with Thomas Cook in Aug.Reading last comment hope we are not "relocated" again!!

Biddy S           

We found our heaven on earth in May 2002 loved everything about the appartment and location. We are glad others find it too steep, too hilly and too quiet therefore it stays that way!!. We booked to go again this June 2003 and 2 weeks before our departure the travel agent Thomas Cooke cancelled our holiday and wanted to relocate we didn't want that. So anyone know how to book these appartments??

Philippa Y           

Excellent location for beach bit of a walk into the village proper though.

Matt W           

Didn't know what to expect as it was not in the brochure but were more than pleasantly surprised. Lovely location not 10 metres from the beach with a nice view across the bay to Zakynthos. A bit of a walk up the hill to the main village but we found the nicer tavernas were along the seafront anyway.

Vicki R           

The rooms are very close to the beach. A word of warning thought its very hot in the rooms as there is no ceiling fan or air con so I strongly recommend either taking a fan with you or you can hire one at the top of the resort.

Ellen W

What are the Lovidis Studios in Lourdas like?

Rosemary P

Which UK tour operator deals with Villa Mare studios, please.

Liz H           

Lourdas is VERY hilly - the appartments are very near to the beach & you can hear the waves hitting the shore from your room. Rooms were clean, with a good size fridge & one of those Greek luxuries - a shower curtain! Not really suitable for the infirm tho', on account of the hills, unless you hire a car. Taxi to the supermarket is 5.

Susan F

what are the apartments in Villa Mare in Lourdas like