Resorts in Kefalonia

Jodie P           

A really beautiful place but a little bit overrated.  The only place where we were told we couldnt eat unless we had booked, and quite expensive too.  Gorgeous setting with all the yauchts, very san tropez!Lots of original pre-earthquake buildings left too which is interesting.  Great views of Ithaca just 200m away, and a very classy and stylish place to visit.   

Mick T           

Fiskardo is busy to say the least. Packed with tourists. But you cannot deny that it is pcturesque. this is the third time we have been there and it doesn't change. You will pay more for souvenirs and food but there are plenty of tavernas to eat in and generally the quality is good. Miss it and you have missed one of the best places on the Island

Wendy S           

Pretty place, but a little 'up it's own' for my liking. I agree that shopkeepers were not as friendly. Perhaps it's because they are assured customers cos the place is a tourist hot-spot. Prices are inflated. The postcards I bought were double the price than they were in Poros. But it's worth a visit. Just don't do your souvineer shopping there. Do visit the little museum.

David B           

Very pretty little town. Too rich for its own good and full of yachties showing off. But well worth a visit.

Sally P           

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We loved Fiskardo, so relaxing and classy.  We had been warned that prices were expensive and told not eat there but how could you not in such a beautiful setting,  we thought prices were pretty much the norm for good tradional Kefalonian food.  If your looking for cheap and cheerful your best bet is Skala or Lassi.  We thought Fiskardo rocked!!!!


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Hard one really?,a nice place to see but seemed overcrowded with boats and yachts,in my view seemed to spoil its character.

We also found that the shop keepers here (not all)were not very polite as in other places,they would take your money,but no thank you's or can I help.
maybe they are fed up with tourists?

Ann F           

  We stopped here after driving round the North of the Island.  Although quite attractive, it was more in a cosmopolitan way, with lots of posh boats and people sitting at waterside bars who thought they were something special. Lots of places had menu boards outside but no prices. We were warned beforehand not to eat here as it was pricey .  We bought some water and ice cream in a supermarket and even that was more expensive than anywhere else. We took some lovely photos and looking back it is nice place to visit but we stopped in Assos beforehand and found it to be far more beautiful and natural with some lovely tavernas. 

Joanne B           

we visited fiskardo in one day, drove from lourdas, stopping off at assos on the way, the views over the mountain roads are spectacular, lots of chances to stop for photos, especially the view of myrtos beach. Fiskardo itself is very nice and very upmarket, lots of shops to browse in, and they have a lovely ice-cream parlour, with every flavour of ice-cream you can think of. It has a beautiful harbour and lots of waterfront cafes, although we did'nt eat at any of these, the food looked very good.

Martin S           

Picturesque but as many will tell you, overated. Assos is far prettier and you dont get ripped off when you buy something.

The drive and the views getting to the village are marvelous, particularly for the passenger. If he or she is of the nervous variety dont take them from Agia Efimia in an anti clockwise direction. The drops and the protewctive chicken wire do little to inspire confidence.

Once seen, Fiskardo that is, I doubt the majority would return unless by boat or ferry.

For me the place is becoming spoilt, but you can hardly blame them.

Elle W           

A really pretty town, lots of shops to browse and the restaurants are nice with good menus. I didn't find it too expensive and the service was good. Only spent a day here but would defintely visit again. The journey through the mountain is slightly hairaising but an experience!

Ashley H           

We only visited Fiskardo for one day, but it was memorable for the little bakery on the corner of the harbour. The baklava (and i speak as one with experience of all things swet and gooey!) was out of this world. THe whole thing was so dripping with honey and rosewater that I had to wash off in the sea as it had dribbled up my arms, down my chin etc. Buy some!

Susan B

can anyone suggest a small house/cottage to rent in Fiskardo or nearby? preferably by the sea, within walking distance of tavernas, shops etc?

Stephanie N           

The best thing about Fiskardo is the drive to get there. We came up from Lourdas and it took about 1 1/2 hrs. The drive is a white knuckler but spectacular views the whole way.

Fiskardo itself took us about 1/2 hour to go through (on foot) it was pretty, but very over rated. Lunch was as expensive as dinner everywhere else on the island and nothing special. We wouldn't return.

Daniel V           

We drove from Argostolli and what a drive it was! the drive took about an hour and a half including stops on the way for photos.Beware of greek maniac drivers and various different species of livestock wandering on the road!!! When we reached Fiskardo we were a little dissapointed because of all the hype we had read about the place. We were expecting quaint original greek suroundings but got a very commercialised place full of very overpriced shops and bars.Dont get me wrong the place was pretty but not in the way that we expected. Make sure you take your own food and water because they are very very expensive here! If you need the loo here you will find no public toilets but it is greek law that you can go into any bar and use theirs without asking! If you are after a good beach for snorkling there is the little beach just before Fiskardo that was used in "THE FLIM" a little rocky but fantastic when you are in!!!!!!!

Kerrie G           

We thought Fiskado was totally charming and incredibly picturesque. We just arrived back last week from our first visit to Kefalonia and absolutely adored it - Fiskado was one of my favourite places! It may be more expensive than other bits of the island but, as someone else pointed out,Kefalonia IS more expensive than lots of other Greek islands anyway (We have visited 4 others so far). This is not 'scruffy, down to earth Greece'so just enjoy it for its breathtaking beauty and decadance!A very classy place!


Fiskardo is totally and utterly over rated, I was really disappointed after the drive to discover that it’s basically a tourist trap. Most of the buildings had a fresh coat of paint on them and looked brand new and what old buildings there was, al seemed to be in a state of disrepair. The waterfront is one long chain of identikit restaurants all offering food at twice the prices of the rest of the island. A Greek Salad which cost under 4€ at the beach was over 7€ here, totally disgraceful. If I ever go back to Kefalonia, I wont be going back to Fiskardo.

Alison O           

Picturesque but slightly overrated in my opinion. Didn't appear to be many Venetian buildings around. Fairly touristy, and food more expensive than elsewhere on the island, but excellent quality.

Try beautiful Foki beach just along the coast for peace and quiet, calm, clear water and excellent snorkelling.

Tim G           

I loved Fiscardo. Very small and picturesque. The island as a whole is expensive for Greece and Fiscardo is more expensive still. But well worth a visit and for posing around on your boat in the harbour. Okay, so it might only be a small, hired motorboat. But is size really that important?

Vicki C           

We visited via public bus from Katelios which took 2-3 hours and gave us alomost 5 hours there. It cost 6 Euros each way. We very much liked Fiskardo- a great place to people watch at the lovely restaurants around the harbour.

P. A           

After all the hype, this was disappointing. Overpriced and not half as delightful as Lixouri, Sami or Argostoli.

P. A           

After all the hype on how Fiskardo was the "jewel in the crown" proclaiming "architecture in a pretty fishing village not to be missed"!! We were very disappointed.
It's expensive compared to the rest of the island and some of the shop assistants were disinterested in your custom if you weren't spending a fortune. In one shop I waited ages for my change because an item I had purchased was 3 EUROS and I had given her a 5 EURO note. She eventually huffed and puffed and rooted until she gave me 2 EUROS back in coppers.
Its not a place we'd rush back to.

Susan M           

Don't go when its raining! Probably lovely when the sun is out but we went during a horrific thunderstorm and there weren't many places to take shelter. Some nice little shops though and well worth a look.


Dont believe the hype.Yes,its beatiful,yes its characterful but it has been ruined by rich yauhters and tourists and qhite a few of the resturants were very rude and unfriendly(not all though)It has a kind of snobbish atmosphere but if you like that then thats ok...the drive there is STUNNIG though.We came from myrtos bay and around the top.Very scenic.

Nigel L           

Take a break from the beach, hire a car for a couple of days, take in Myrtos Beach and Assos town/castle and plan to arrive here around 3.00pm. You'll have plenty of time to find somewhere to stay and it's well worth while.

Stroll around the harbour and take in the shops. Food is fantastic and reasonably priced - try the grilled Octopus at Tassia's (on the waterfront) - You can feed the fish at the same time.

Don't come back from Kefalonia without visiting.

Mike R           

We drove from Lassi, and it was worth the trip. Fiskardo is everything already mentioned below and more, it seems to have a flamboyance and character about it lacking in some of the other resorts. Maybe it's because it was untouched by the earthquake in '53. Your holiday will not be complete without a visit here.

Rick P           

Fiskardo is beautiful. There wee some amazing back streets and things to see.

If you go you MUST go to Tassia's resteraunt. We were reccomended to go here as the owner is a Greek TV chef.

The food was superb. We all ate a seafood dish and the Sea Bass was the best we have ever eaten. The Prawns were the biggest I have ever seen and were succulent, sweet and tasty. Nothing was over done in the way of spices or herbs and the real flavours came through. The service was good and it is worth buying her book as it is not only a good cookbook but also a good history of the Island and Fiskadro itself.

Carole T           

i've read all of the comments about Fiskardo on your web site.all the 'Hype' etc and felt it was my turn to comment
The first time i saw Fiskardo was in 1997 we sailed in to the Harbour and all you could hear were the sound of crickets as you headed towards the pretty little village tucked away from the rest of the world. I fell in love with the place. Then it was beautifully shabby, charming and full of authentic atmosphere the pastel paintwork all needed a new coat of paint, time seemed to stand still. We went again the following year, again by boat. the familiar sound of crickets welcoming us back, still shabby, still beautiful
still loved the place. and then THE FILM. Kefalonia's best kept secret was out. Thanks Nicholas Cage! We stayed well away as all of a sudden it was the place to visit. We decided to visit again in 2002 this time we booked an apartment for a week in September. What a suprise we had (although not entirely unexpected) Tourisum had arrived in Fiskardo. The pastel paintwork was all tarted up there was a new jetty for the boat hire, and the Euro had arrived.We did notice the price increase as a lot of people had commented on. We stayed in a wonderful apartment just outside of the harbour. What we did discover is that although all of a sudden it was the 'St Tropez' of the Ionians, scratch the surface and it was still the charming place I fell in love with. we've booked again for next year this time 2 weeks.
Fiskardo is now more commercial but still beats a purpose built holiday resort any day!!!

Helen E           

Fiskardo has a lovely little port and original architecture from before the 1953 earthquake. Beware of pricey shops. Go to Irida's cafe for breakfast on the harbour, costs a little more but well worth it

Helen E           

We were staying in Svoronata and took the car up to Fiskardo. It takes about an hour and a half but it is well worth it. The road up there has some of the most beautiful scenery you will ever see in your life but it is a bit scary with many sheer drops into the sea!

Monica K           

Just back from another fantastic Tapestry hol at Almyra.
Visit Herodities Panorama taverna at top of hill above Emblysi
beach. Fantastic value, lovely food and genuine people!
Vassos is the most rude and indifferent place to eat - avoid at
your peril.
Try Tassias and their grill for some entertainment - very fierce
lady - Delia Smith of Greece!
We were their for the tremor - very exciting - the earth did move
for us!

Emma M           

We hired a car and drove up from Skala, which was quite a long drive, but worth it. Fiskardo is different from the rest of Kafelonia, and you can not really go to Kafelonia without paying a visit. It is supposed to be the place where loads of celebrities go to, although we didnt see any, but you can see why. We took a picnic and ate it by the side of the harbour, feeding the fish, although there are plenty of resturants that you can eat at.

Mark W           

We stayed at Zavatata Sofita, An annex of the Porto Fiskardo apartments in Aug 2002.Came back in Aug 2003. Did not enjoy it as much this year. We found it more expensive, locals in shops not very friendly Felt the tremors from the earthquake in Lefkada on Aug 14th (50 years to the day of the 1953 quake in Cephalonia) it put us on edge for the rest of the holiday wondering if it was going to happen again.

Linda E           

We stayed at Nicolas Taverna in Fiskardo for a week in September 2002. This taverna overlooks the whole of the pretty harbour and from our balcony we could sit and watch the comings and goings of the yachts. We loved to stroll around the town in the evening taking time to decide one where to eat tonignt. We were not disappointed once!

Laura N           

This was a tiny wee fishing village set in beautiful surroundings. Lots of restaurants by the water, would recommend a dip at the local beach.

Karen B           

Very pretty.

Gary B           

Lovely little up-market resort, where traffic is banned from the tiny
streets or the harbour-side - most entertaining episode of our visit
were the antics of the yuppie "Sunsail" holiday sailors, attempting to park their craft in the tiny harbour. All was going well until the
catamaran arrived, and decided to get its' propellor caught up in the
mooring ropes on the "Sunsail" crowd! The antics were better than any
Monty Python film - and even more enjoyable, sitting on the glorious
harbour-side, with a refreshing glass of Mythos!

Fay W           

Pretended to be a rich yachie and tried on vastly overpriced
jewellery!! Sat and had a fresh orange juice on the balcony of the
cafe with the sunflower tablecloths, came to 7 euro for two but
worth it for the surroundings and views! Found the only shop on
Kefalonia that sold ’Zoe’ T-shirts, excellent quality and selection
of colours, they feature ancient greek images, The Trojan Horse
is the best one! (though all look good on blokes!!) do all your
prezzie shopping here, its sooo unique (!)

Sara P           

What a beautiful place. Fiskardo is slightly more expensive, but then so are most tourist attractions. It's worth paying the extra though to be part of the atmosphere and appreciate the scenery. A really pretty place and one of my favourites in Greece so far.

Gill P           

We loved Fiskardo. It's really relaxed. There are some lovely pebbly coves that you can take a refreshing dip in. Nightlife is bars and restaurants - I don't think you go there for clubs! Which is one of the reasons we liked it - you don't get your loud boozy element so that's refreshing. The fabulous Myrtos beach is nearby too and that is definitely a double plus.

Robert P           

Very pretty, small, busy fishing village. Expensive I suspect because of the yachties but then I'm jealous 'cos I want one.

Julie W           

Fiskardo is a lovely little place. If your looking to unwind and like to sit and watch the many boats in the harbour over a cold beer, then this is for you. Not really a resort to stay in for a week, but to visit is a must.

Jamie W           

Really nice little village. We enjoyed feeding the fish with our bread.

Rebecca N           

What a beautiful place! Well worth the visit. We visited here as part of the island tour for an hour wish we could of stayed longer!

Darren M           


Leanne G           

I loved Fiskardo, apart from Lake Melissani it was probably one of the places I enjoyed the most in Kefalonia. Yes it is quiet and relaxed but that is exactly what I like most about the island.

Barry S           

Visted the town during the first week in June. It was much smaller than we expected and very quiet during the day. If you're on a budget beware, prices are between 30 and 50% higher than on the rest of the island. Quite pretty. If you're into boating you'll love it.

Marise F           

Spent 2 weeks in Fiscardo last year with Tapestry Holidays. Yes it is full of the yachting crowd, but what a wonderful town. It really comes into it's own in the evening. There is no loud music or roudy crowds, just the sounds of people enjoying the food, wine and atmosphere - all the things that persuaded us to book again for 2003. We love Fiscardo

Alison W           

This is a very pretty place, if you love boats or want to scuba dive then this is the plcae to go. Too many tavernas I have to agree but the ice cream parlor was excellent.

Sarah B           

Probably the most picturesque fishing village i've ever seen, but all the cafes crammed in around the edge of the port ruined it a little. Food at the restaurants was good but expensive as were the shops but try the bakery, the honey pastry thing was really nice as was their bread! Lots of sunsail boats in on the day we were there, saw someone i went to college with!!!

June W           

A bit "Ho Ra Henry" Full of the "Boat Crowd" It is a lovely setting - but We prefer quieter resorts. Rather expensive but you have to visit once !!!! Prefer Assos

Cheryl K           

A bit boring as there wasn't much to do there and the food was very expensive. Worth going to if it's on the way.

Kate F           

Not as nice as we had been expecting. It's very, very touristy, and all the food is twice the price as anywhere else. Couldn't walk round the harbour because it is wall-to-wall tavernas. Pretty, but too busy, and too exploited. If you're driving up from the South, just stop when you get to Assos, and go there instead.

Aaron C           

Fiskardo was a beautiful little village, you could really see the age in the archutecture. Shame we only had an hour there, we nearly missed our coach back to lassi!!

Sarah T           

Fiskardo was beautiful. Not a lot to do, which was probably the attraction! A few shops and quite a few tavernas, offering lovely food and drinks. Quite pricey but relaxing. Just sitting in the sunshine with friends/family having good food/drink and watching the world go by - perfect. ** RECOMMENDED **

Lynn C           

my sister and i had a wonderful drive to fiskardo, the scenery was breathtaking, had the best tuna salad ever,not much to do really a few shops.

Phillip E           

Don't bother, not worth the drive, just full of posers and people saying "darling", lost all of its character to the boating set, the only thing it has going is the picturesque setting

Marianne G           

We loved Fiskardo. Very beautiful and relaxing. Nice just sitting and watching the boats and the locals go about their business. A 'must' to go and see.

Philippa Y           

Spent a lovely morning walking around the village a few too many large tourist groups but to be expected

Phil P           

Not sure where Christine and Andrew visited (see below), but not sure it was Fiskardo. We spent 2 weeks there and found the prices to be in line with other resorts, the place has atmosphere (which Assos lacks) for which I am prepared to pay a few cents extra. The food quality and variation was excellent (try the Penna and Salmon at Irida on the quay). The beaches were no worse than anywhere else on the island for cleanliness (although Emblisi beach is not attractive, it is clean). Yes there are flotila yachts about but this is what makes Fiscardo a 'living' village. If you want a.... 'what is there to do next?? lights out by 10o/c holiday'..... don't go to Fiskardo. If you want atmosphere, relaxation, great food and

Phil P           

Have just returned from 2 weeks in Fiskardo and we loved it. Yes it is more 'visitor' orientated than other places and there are yachtie's about, but the presence of the flotila boats gave the place some life and atmosphere both during the day and evening. We visited most other tourist 'must see' places as well as the out of the way locations and put Fiscardo at the top of the list on most aspects. Assos, which I admit had a picturesque bay, had very little else and the best view was from the road out.....and it was dirty. And despite what people tell you it is not 50% more expensive to eat or drink in Fiskardo! We would certainly go back.

Ian G           

Much nicer than we expected after reading all the poseur comments. Great place to sit by the harbour and have a coffee or a beer. It is really expensive to eat compared to the rest of the island and to the rest of the Greek Islands we've been to but there are some cheaper places that are good. As for the poseurs - well yes there is a lot of money there - big yachts - the Onassis yacht was in while we were there, but if you like people watching, its facinating.

Ian G           

Stayed in Fiskardo for 2 weeks with Simply Ionian - Villa Penelope, about 5 mins drive from town. Scenery round here is breathtaking and Fiskardo itself is nice. Nothing more, nothing less. It is expensive because of the big yachts that come in and the captive market from the flotillas, so look at the menu carefully before taking a table - there are some cheaper places. However it is a lovely place to people watch and chill out.

Jill M           

Never got as far as Fiskardo because we stopped to look at Myrtos Bay and stayed six hours!! We'll visit next time - promise!

Alex M           

Just don't understand why they make such a big thing of the place. Touristy to the hilt. Lots of far more natural villages to be found on your travels round the Island.

Ruth S           

Very nice, but not as nice as I was led to believe. It's worth a look.

Doug T           

Ok, to be fair we didn't hate it per se, but it was not as pretty as we had been led to believe and was full of shops, restaurants and people that smacked of nouveau riche. If we had wanted to spend all day looking at vulgarity I could have rented ‘Howards Way – The Complete Series’ on video. Not what we had hoped for at all.

Andy L           

Nice place to visit, but PLEASSEE... don't rush around like some of the other tourists... just grab a table by the water, get some drink (maybe some food) and watch life go by, as the people with BIG money bring their boats in and out. This is a good place to relax!

Don D           

We went not expecting to like it because we had heard about it being a "Poser-place". We thought that it was lovely for all the pretention, The drive there is something else though! Visited a nice beach just outside of Fiskado as we left - expected it to be very busy but were surprised it wasn't. It was really VERY nice. Ignore my gradings for nightlife - only there during day.

Steve M           

Very pretty and probably a good place for star spotting as there were some VERY expensive boats in the harbour. Took a picnic lunch and walked out along the wooded area to the left of the harbour and watched the boats go to and fro. Very relaxing. For me though Assos was far more charming. Didn't have time to explore the castle, so will have to go back!

Christine C           

What a pose! We went with an open mind, but were sadly disappointed by it. "Tavernas" by the moorings were overpriced & the food was poor. There were loads of people milling around pretending to be linked to the gin palaces that were berthed. Those on the gin palaces just watched everyone watching them.An hour was all we could stand in the place.One to avoid.

Mat H           

Nice place to visit and have lunch in the harbour. I preferred Assos but wife preferred Fiskado so my advice is go to both!

Joanne Y           

Nice place but not as wonderful as I'd been told. To be honest I don't really know what all the fuss is about. I thought it was a bit of a false tourist attraction really - sorry!

Irene C           

Visited Fiskardo to see what all the hype was about. It is a lovely little fishing village with some VERY expensive boats in the harbour but it was nothing startling. Assos was much more picturesque and breathtaking.

Jacqueline K           

Very pretty, wonderful place to watch the world go by. The food was excellent and very nice, unusual, little shops.

Susan A           

Fiskardo is very pretty - that is undeniable. But I prefer Asos, both visually and for it's atmosphere. Fiskardo is very expensive compared to the rest of the island, and the general feel was of a place very much up itself.