Socrates - (Restaurants in Skala)

Martin S           

We have been visiting Skala since 1988 and first ate at Socrates Taverna, three weeks after it opened in 1992. This village is but one place we visit throughout the year, during our travels to varrious Countries throughout Europe and North America.

Skala and Socrates Taverna have now become a second home to us in the summer months and Costa's (father and grower of tomatoes to die for) and his family, who run the taverna, are great friends. There are very few eating establishments which will rival this one,for quality, authenticity and a relaxed atmosphere. Ask the locals who also eat there!

Some comments I read, criticise the limited menu. However, Socrates offers genuine Greek cuisine and does so at its very best. Such resteraunts do not need to supplement its menu with other non greek dishes.

If you want a pizza then fine, go to one of the other taverna's in the village. I for one visit any country in the world to enjoy both local and national customs. I certainly do not wish to eat food prepared or served, as I would expect to receive at home.

Rebekah (mother), Helena (dughter in law) and Socrates (son), daily cook outstanding fayre. Whether its the Lamb Kleftiko, Beef Stifado, Fresh Fish or simply the Giant Beans, Feta on the grill or Helena's now infamous chocolate cake. I have not met a dissappointed patron during the last 9 consecutive years of visiting Skala and eating at Socrates. Having returned yesterday we are already plotting a Setember return.

The resteraunt is tucked away from the main street, ideal to find a retreat. The staff out front, Dimnitri (elder son), Anastasia (daughter) and Denis(I'm sure he's related in some way) face the customers out front with a smile and friendly banter.

And if your really lucky, Denise (Anastasia's young daughter) will draw pictures on your paper table cloth and keep yopu amused between courses.

We have had the pleasure of eating at some very good and some not so very good resteraunts in our travels. This is consistently one of the best in the world. If it was not then I can assure you that we would not seek it out and look upon it as a fundamental and integral part of our Greek Holiday.

Please go, enjoy the fabulous food and speak to this lovely family.

Fiskardo - (Resorts in Kefalonia)

Martin S           

Picturesque but as many will tell you, overated. Assos is far prettier and you dont get ripped off when you buy something.

The drive and the views getting to the village are marvelous, particularly for the passenger. If he or she is of the nervous variety dont take them from Agia Efimia in an anti clockwise direction. The drops and the protewctive chicken wire do little to inspire confidence.

Once seen, Fiskardo that is, I doubt the majority would return unless by boat or ferry.

For me the place is becoming spoilt, but you can hardly blame them.

Kosmar - (Tour Operators in Kefalonia)

Martin S           

Two years ago we vetured to our favourite holiday spot Skala, travelled with Kosmar from Birmingham on a flight from hell. The plane was a British Midland loaned thing, which the owners obviously did not feel they needed to use any longer. (The science museum had also refused it). But it got us there and I was able to put up with that. However having arrived late after a prolonged transfer around the entire bottom half of the Island we were then given the opportrunity to meet our holiday rep.

Stella is her name, a geordie lass. She promptly told us that there was no key for our apartment so we had better stay in overnight. I suggested strongly that she ought to speak to the owners which, she decided she would and said she would return an hour later.

She did not, but through our greek friends in the resort we were able to temporarily sort the matter which she was unable to achieve.

Although we did see her with her boyfriend a couple of hours later in the bar and she said she had forgotten. She faild to resolve the door problem for the entire two weeks despite reminders and requests, so we were forced to clean our own room and change bedding as we had to use the cleaners spare keys.

I did write a letter of complaint about Stella, to Kosmar, pointing out that she was about as useful as a one legged woman in a bum kicking contest. It obviously failed to excite them as I see she is still one of their reps this year in Skala.

Don't lose your keys or give her any hard questions.

Myrtos Beach - (Beaches in Kefalonia)

Martin S           

Don't waste petrol going down the road to this gritty beach covered in dog ends.

The view from up top is far better.

Assos - (Resorts in Kefalonia)

Martin S           

Beats Fiskardo any day.

Mikelatos (Scandinavia) - (Restaurants in Skala)

Martin S           

I remember this taverna several years ago when you could still believe that you were in Greece whilst eating here.

If you want a menu that includes chicken nuggets and fish fingers, pizza and egg and chips, if you want to watch sky television whilst you eat and if you eat late and you want the resteraunt to turn into an interior disco, then come to the Scandanavian. The other awful touych is the selection of English beers, now available in cans and displayed at the front of the eating area.

You could eat elsewhere off the main street and experience some true Greek hospitality and flavours. Or if the Scandanavian is your choice, why do you come to greece? Save money and stay at home.

Socrates - (Restaurants in Skala)

Martin S           

Just returned from our second visit to Skala this year and another holiday of eating each evening at Socrates Taverna.

If you want authentic Greek fayre in hospitable surroundings, away from the more commercialised area of Skala then visit this family run taverna.
The lamb, whether it's the Kleftiko or the chops, or the beef stifado or rabbit which takes your fancy or if you are in to fresh fish then try the Sea Bass or Snapper. You will not be disappointed.

The family, Costas, Rebbeca, Dimitri, Socrates, Anastasia, Helene are a delight and they are more than efficiently assisted by Dennis and Vasullia. Young Denise is still drawing on my table coverings and her creative 'pigs', 'cats' and 'alligateroses' are improving.

Bravo to you all and thanks yet again for being such an integral part of any holiday.

Oh and by the way, after 18 years of eating in Greece, why has it taken me so long to stumble upon the tastiest of all dishes prepared by Rebecca! Squids in Tomato with Potatoes done in the oven!

Absolutely delicious and I defy even a non fish lover to not want more of this beutiful recipie.

Socrates - (Restaurants in Skala)

Martin S           


Once again back at Socrates at the end of September, beginning of October for our second Scala holiday this year.
I've said it before and forgive me but I'm going to say it again. Rebecca (mum) thank you your food is wonderful, so is your family.
If you want real Greek fayre, truely outstanding laid back service and enjoy it in one of the quieter backwaters of the village then visit Socrates.
Don't rush like so many people do, savour the evening, savour the food and get to know some delightful people. I appreciate that it might not be everyones cup of tea but as some one who has travelled quite extensively, enjoying some outstanding and sometimes odd restaurants this is one of the best consistenty.
Whether you are a fish, meat or veggie lover then be adventurous, ask Dimitris, Anastasia or Denis for some guidance. If the younger members of the family are in the taverna, Denise or Costas get them to crayon the odd dog or pig on your table cloth.
It all adds to the ambience of the place.
Thanks all of you at Socrates looking forward to next June and September 2006 when we return to the island having already re-booked.

Socrates - (Restaurants in Skala)

Martin S          10/10

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Can't beat the place in our opinion, although I appreciate that others will have their favourite little spot in Skala.

Have been going to the town for 20 years and we are lucky enough to be able to spend  4 weeks a year eating at Socrates Taverna and enjoying life in Kefalonia.
Fantastic family business, making the Greek eating experience an absolute pleasure. Found the restaurant in 1992, late one evening,  just after it had commenced business. It was full of Greeks eating and it has done for us ever since.
If you are not sure what is availble, and Dimitri or Denise have not told you the nightly specials..... just ask!
Eating Greek is a prolonged enjoyable affair, take your time and don't be in rush to get out of the place. If you follow those simple rules, you certainly won't leave Socrates feeling hungry and like so many you'll probably return time and time again.
Everything is cooked fresh and whilst Mum (Rebecca) has constantly inspired the menu for years, her very able daughter-in-law (Helene) is now taking on more responsibility for the dishes leaving the kitchen.
The standard remains just as good and Helene also has a flair for great homemade sweets and cakes. Sadly my waistline can testify to her skills.
Thanks everyone, including Stili whose English (& Greek) is coming along nicely.....see you all again next year.
Martin and Lesley Sullivan, Cheltenham.

Socrates - (Restaurants in Skala)

Martin S          10/10

click to enlargeclick to enlargeAte at the wonderful Socrates Taverna over the first two weeks of June. The food and hospitality are the very best and you only have to read my past comments to appreciate that this is somewhere very special.

Will be back again for another two weeks of heaven, last week in September, first week in October - see you all then

Socrates - (Restaurants in Skala)

Martin S          10/10

Penny you seem to contradict yourself! On one hand you say there was little choice, yet on the other you suggest you would have eaten there again?

I take it from your other comments elsewhere on this site that you are a veggie. Whilst I agree that any restaurant menu favours us flesh eaters, that's simply because there's more of us who are likely to turn up each evening. Nevertheless, the Greek Taverna menu probably favours the non eating meat type far more readily than in other countries.
Socrates I know can accommodate the swede basher admirably, particularly if you ask before you order.
Anyway, thank you all yet again at Socrates Taverna for two weeks this past October and we will see you all in 2009.

Steki Grill - (Restaurants in Poros)

Martin S          10/10

This has to be the best family run Taverna in Poros. We have been visiting the Island of Kefalonia since 1988, twice a year in recent times, and this 'backwater' retaurant is and absolute delight.

With Christos and Dyonisia out front you can be assured of first class attention and quality food. 

The location is quiet and superb. The best in Poros. Well done all and see you in September.........again.