Resorts in Kefalonia

Don L           

Nice to visit.Because of the yachting /sailing fraternity the prices are a little inflated but has a number of nice shops and decent restaurants.

Sharon W           

Only one downside...realy pricey.:(

Sharon W           

"I left my heart in Fiskardo..." Seriously, I did! It was so pretty it did'nt seem real, and the fishes just swimming so close to the harbers edge.....sigh.

Allison F           


Janette H           

Lovely place to sit and watch the world go by.

Sue C           

What a place to eat and chill out - lovely. Definitely a must to see some the old traditional buildings mixed with the vast array of yachts.

Jo P           

A very pretty little place and well worth a visit. We came from Skala, but the drive itself is worth doing as the mountain scenery is just spectacular.

Emma S           

Found this harbour a bit too pretentious - full of people posing on their yachts watching everyone go by. PLenty of bars and restaurants though

Nigel F           

Think of a greek harbour seen on a picture postcard and its probably Fiskardo.The only town on kefalonia not touch by the 1953 earthquake so its still got its original buildings.You can actually see your worries just fade away.

Julie H           

quite attractive village - one of the few to escape the 1953 earthquake - but most of the original buildings seem to have been painted over with pastel colours. bit too cute and not a very good experience of the real kefalonia. very expensive too. we had a coffee that cost 3 -very expensive for the i

David K           

This area really shows off an area of Kefalonia unlike any other part. This was the only village to survive the earthquake in the 50's and in some areas it is easy to tell. A very nice place to visit

Michael S           

a lovely little harbour with some of the best tavernas right on the waters edge, the food is supberb. I have never seen so many fish in a harbour before.

Andrew B           

The only good thing about Fiscardo is the ferry leaving. This yachting style place is over run with pseudo upmarket package persons on flotilla holidays thus creating a surreal atmosphere of wealth. Thus raising prices. The place itself may appear attractive at a distance, but on closer inspection the nearby beaches are covered with tar,sewage and rubbish. In part this is due to yachts disposing if their sewage off emblisi beach (to the north).