Glass bottom boat trip - (Kefalonia Excursions)

Nigel L           

This was the biggest rip-off ever. Poor locations, wine which was undrinkable, young girls being sick all over the place on the way home (which was quite funny as long as you held your nose).

The adventure! involves 30 minutes of snorkling, a beach B-B-Q (food was good)where you remain on the beach for around 4 hours and then the trip back to Argostoli. The Captain did his best by informing you about locations etc. but not really that interesting. All in all we were never further than 2 miles from Argostoli.

I'm sure that if I'd seen some dolphins my view of the trip would be different.

Fiskardo - (Resorts in Kefalonia)

Nigel L           

Take a break from the beach, hire a car for a couple of days, take in Myrtos Beach and Assos town/castle and plan to arrive here around 3.00pm. You'll have plenty of time to find somewhere to stay and it's well worth while.

Stroll around the harbour and take in the shops. Food is fantastic and reasonably priced - try the grilled Octopus at Tassia's (on the waterfront) - You can feed the fish at the same time.

Don't come back from Kefalonia without visiting.