Myrtos Beach

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Steven A           

the best the best water blue love it see u in  2007

love steve alisandratos point cook

Sarah P           

  breathtaking veiws , but no shelter from sun, i consider myself a strong swimmer, but wished i had of listend to advise about strong under currants,i had areal problem getting out, really scary. 


Neil R           

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Gareth J           

The one in all the brochures! Spectacular - both the drive down, and the scenery when you get there. Well worth the trouble. Very exposed so it gets really hot, and swimshoes help a lot on hot pebbles. Visited twice during our stay ( July 05) to find complete contrast - sea was like a mill pond during our first, but very rough during the second. Our friends - who are strong swimmers - reported very difficult conditions. Only afterwards did we learn from the locals of the problems the undertow can cause - scroll down for more details. Think twice before swimming, but still well worth a visit.

Mechelle G           

Best beach on Kefalonia, don't visit without seeing it.  Best to purchase a pair of surf shoes (available from most supermarkets) as the beach is pebbly as you enter the water.  Although the beach is popular, there is still plenty of space to find your own little patch away from other people if you want to, and not too crowded considering how lovely it is.  Some days the sea is really calm, other days it can be a bit rough so be sensible according to your abilities.  Don't be scared off by the horror stories of people drowning, but do be careful.  I love this beach!


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Sally P           

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Came to kefalonia in May, had great weather and Myrtos Bay was beautiful, it was never very busy and the sea was stunning, visiting late evening was also very special, just sitting reading your book with your feet in the sea.... great 

Stuart M           

 Myrtos Bay is stunning, that is the easiest way to describe it.  We have visitied it on numerous occassions and no matter what time of day you arrive it is always worth the trip. 

From the south of the Island it takes about 45 mins in a car along some nice winding coast roads and the final stretch of road down is even more winding but don't let that put you off!!!

John W           

Does look superb from the road above,but then so does chessil beach,when you get down there(and the road down isnt that bad?)its not that special.Sea is quite awkward to get in an out because of the large rocks on the bottom and even on a calm day you can feel the undertoe the water is very clean as are most of the beaches on Kef and the sand/shingle is similar to Lourdas beach I think it must be the the location with the limestones cliffs behind that make a lot of people rave about it. 

Kevin 3           

click to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlargeWe liked Myrtos beach,didnt find any problems? not too crowded found a parking space and had shade under our beach brolley,make sure you take one.

Also the Nudist tend to go to the right of  beach so if you r offennded be warned.
We did go in last two weeks of June 2005
Also it is pebbley so take your beach shoes.

David B           

A beautiful place to be sure. Should definitely be on anyone's itinerary BUT

1. This is an EXTREMELY dangerous beach for swimming. Ignore anyone who tells you it isn't. The locals avoid swimming there like the plague and every year there are horror stories of someone being dragged out and under by the fierce rip-tide. Be warned.
2. There is no shade - although the cafe is large enough to linger in.
3. The drive down is a b***ard when cars are coming the other way, and parking at the bottom is a nightmare. Forget walking down. Get there EARLY.
4. Petani Beach has all the same features and is safer, less crowded and easy to get to.
But oh, that view from the cliffs at Myrtos.......

Graham G           

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Beautiful !!!!!!!!!!!
We have never seen such a wonderful colour sea.
The views as you make your way down to the beach take your breath away.
We spent three days on the beach and took our lives into our hands every time we went into the sea.
My children are 13 and 15 and fairly strong swimmers and they struggled with the waves but enjoyed every second of it.
The beach bar was very well stocked and the prices were very reasonable.

Nigel C           

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Magical views as you drive down to it. Unfortunately the sea was very rough and it would have been dangerous to go in. We were told by the holiday rep that there are strong undercurrents here. No one should go to Kefalonia without seeing this beach!

Paul K           

The road down isn't as bad as it looks..... and no coaches!!

Lisa A           

What can I say I loved it in the film and was even better in real life. We are spending our honeymoon this year in Kef and that will be the first place we shall go. Like someone says a piece of heaven on earth

Barker F           

Sand was good, day was fine, road was tricky but easily accessible to those who can drive, toilets were very Greek: ie: hole in the ground, smell was nasty (my little girl gipped).Apparantly 6 people died last year due to the very bad underwater currents, but yet some people seem to think they are immune to death (An excellent swimmer would struggle if caught, as we were told so many nasty stories by the locals!!)


This beach took my breath away. I have never seen such a stunning beach with the most amazing, breath-taking, heart-stopping views. Crystal clear, azure blue waters, crashing waves which I could'nt stop staring at... definately has the WOW factor ! The sand was very clean, a nice little beach bar and about 4 beach showers which was really good. The only downside would be that it certainly is not safe for swimming. There is an extremely strong under current which was quite scary. Definately not safe for children. A must visit though

Alex S           

The trip to myrtos bay is an adventure in it's self, you may dislodge a kidney travelling down thie 4km 1 in 5 hairpin concreate road (with very few barriers) but that is obviously what it takes to get to PARADISE.
When the earth was created a little piece of heaven broke away and landed in kefalonia
It's a must, even just for the cliff top veiw.

Helen P           

Who needs to get in and out of the water? We were lucky and went there on a very calm day, and once we were in the water getting out was the very last thing on our minds!!!!! We don't really like sand anyway (it does get everywhere doesn't it?)
It looks beautiful, the water is clear and the fish are friendly... We went on one of our car hire days so time was pushing on and I'm afraid our only regret is that we didn't stay longer. If you want sandy beaches try Xi near Lixori - the water isn't as clear (beacuse of the sand) but it is also a very cool beach!

Sarah C           

Saw all of the pictures on the postcards, but what a mistake! When we got there there were 3 people there. The waves were enormous so we couldnt swim. The waves had swept up all of the seaweed which was deposited on the beach which attracted lots of flies. So in the end we left. Beach snack bar very nice though!!

Dion E           

Wow from above. It really takes your breath away.
It's a different matter once there.
The beach is white cobbles so quite uncomfortable to walk on.
The sea has bigger cobbles and some serious under currents so I'd advise children not to swim unattended.
The sea gets deep quite quickly too.
I really enjoyed it though.

John H           

The views of the beach from the viewing point on road above (particularly when approaching from the North (from Assos) are breathtaking. The beach itself is very nice, but if you intend to spend the day there, I would recommend taking someting to eat with you - the wooden snack bar has a far from inspiring menu!

Martin S           

Don't waste petrol going down the road to this gritty beach covered in dog ends.

The view from up top is far better.


We thought this beach was beautiful, great for sunbathing, but a bit too pebbled for kids to play on, though some were there when we were. The sea is quite a task to get into but once there well worth it. The sea was calm and very cooling considering it was very hot on the beach. We loved it and would recommend to other adults. By the way - don't use the portaloos as they are disgusting.

Stephanie N           

This is a very beautiful quiet spot. Maybe the most beautiful on the island, but the beach itself is a pebble beach and it makes getting in and out of the water a little tricky. The water however is the most amazing of all the beaches. It is as clear as glass and you can swim out for ages and still see the bottom perfectly. The setting is spectacular, but it's not a great place for playing in the sea.

A V           

If you do intend visiting this beach where you will get some brilliant views as you drive/ride (even saw some brave cyclists), please please please take our advice and eat at the final taverna opposite the T junction before your finally travel down to the beach. To describe the hut and toilets on the beach as basic, in my opinion is a compliment. You'd do much better enjoying the hospitality of the couple at this taverna, while you eat a delicious meal and pleasantly watch the day go by for an hour or so before making your way down to the beach itself. The gentleman insisted I accompany him into the kitchen to see for myself that the moussaka was being freshly prepared and was not 'one they'd prepared earlier'.


Stopped off here on our way to Assos and Fiskardo as we’d heard it was supposed to be amazing, what a disappointment! While the colour of the sea was nice and the beach wasn’t too bad, it just failed to live up to all the hype. The toilets were pretty grotty as well. Worth stopping off to have a look at from the road to Assos though, although you wont get a photo of an empty beach due to the bar, lounger’s, umbrellas, volleyball court etc.

Joanne S           

This was the best beach we went to in Kefalonia. It was idyllic, blue seas, no litter and there weren't too many people on it too. I would definatley recommend a visit here.

Corinna H           

WONDERFUL! ;-) I love it...!

Joanne V           

To be fair, all the operators do warn of the currents and advise you not to swim, if you go to the beach and swim, it is your decision. There is a lifeguard, who , whilst we were there, did tell everyone in the water to get out as it was getting rough. However, there was still the odd idiot ignoring this advice. I loved this beach and have come back to Kefalonia this year as loved it so much last year. It is stunning and definately worth several visits if you have a car. I would say early July is the best time to go, as thats when we have been both years and it is very quiet, very few tourists.

Jaine H           

This bay is a spectacular sight looking down from the road and once down on the beach (after a hair raising drive) it is lovely to lose yourself in the atmosphere of "Captain Corelli's beach". I have been for the last two years and am going again shortly. It never fails to make me catch my breath when I see the wonderful colours of the sea. Truly a paradise !

Mike R           

Maybe I missed something here, but I think that this beach has been hyped up far too much. We arrived early(11 am) before the hordes and did have a swim which was OK, it does get deep very quickly and there are lots of stones. Curiously there were also about a dozen goats on the beach that day also. It might be the most photographed beach but all I can say is that the best thing about it is probably the views from the road above to Assos. Makris Yialos is Lassi is by far a superior beach.


This is a stunning sight, as one of the ten most beautiful beaches in the world I guess it should be, we only passed it on a day trip out but definately worth a stop. Very dangerous currents and murky water to beware of.

Una C           

This is just to warn everyone about this beach. It is hyped up by all the tour operators as a 'must see' but it is extremely dangerous. We were on this beach in 2001 and a young man drowned , got pulled out by the current. My husband was in the sea with dozens of others making a human chain to try and reach him. Talking to the locals we were told that 3 or 4 people drown there every year!!. It was a terrible experience and I cried for days after it.
The beach in Lassi is the best in my opinion.

I S           

If you go to Kefalonia you have to go to Myrtos at least once.

Spectacular scenery but ignoring the view (which is impossible) I would have to say that as purely as a "beach" it is not the best ( certainly not top ten ). The beach is not the fine white sand it looks to be fom the cliff top - as others have commented it mainly white pebbles. In comparision with the view its a bit disappointing once you get down there

The sea can be a bit choppy & gets very deep very quickly but some superb colours if your prepared to swim out a bit further.Not really one for small children

Get there as early as you can before it gets too crowded. You can drive right down to the bottom & so long as everyone observes the one way system at the bottom it isn't too bad. We drove down back in a Fiesta without any alarms

Mark L           

this is a lovly beach. the water and beach are very clean the view is out of this world,the water is quite carm I've seen rougher
No Hally Berry getting in or out of these waters as it is a very pebbely beach I was like an up turned tutle trying to put my flip flop back on, you can buy plastic sip ons whitch is best for all the beaches in Kefalonia but do not let thet put you off We had a great time

Mick P           

I don't think you can travel this far and not visit this amazing beach. The views en route are spectacular and the cool, salty water is perfect for a quick dip if you are a confident swimmer. The loos are vile. (Saw a lot of locals using rocks as wc!) Take drinks and food as prices in the beach bar are very dear.
p.s. This beach features in "that" film.
Mick, Pauline and Kids. (17th - 31st July 2003)

Pauline S           

Spectacular drive down on mopeds. If your in a car, you'll have a tough job winding down the hill through the cars parked either side of you. The throngs of Umbrellas & tourists spoils the scenery - it's not a quiet secluded beach & the pebbles hurt like crazy! I like sandy beaches much better-less painful.

Jane P           

We loved it at Myrtos Bay. Absolutely stunning and so much fun. It is well worth a visit. It will always hold special memories for us. A taste of paradise.

Fay W           

Posing potential? What's that all about? anyway back to the
beach (this is my first beach review!)..... Pebbles hurt like hell to
get into the foreboding sea but was well worth it. Lovely wild
beach! part white sand part large/small white pebbles Don't take
your kids there, we saw some stupid parents letting their
toddlers get smashed about by fierce waves. Even though I've
given it below average ratings in the given categories, my partner
and I loved it and had a great sundrenched afternoon there.

Haralabos S           

I visit the island almost every year! every time i do that, i take a north tour from Agia Efthimia to Assos-Myrtos-Fiskardo having as one of my top priorities to take photographs from the beach of Myrtos. Every time i take the same photos again and again and again...

The weaters are very clean, the colors are fabulous. In the Myrtos beach was voted among the top 10 beaches in Greece. What else do you need besides that?

Don't come in Kefalonia without visiting Myrtos...

Gill P           

This was our favourite beach. Lovely view from the top and lovely when you get down there. We went there lots!! Didn't experience the current that people have mentioned. The sea was lovely and turqoise and you could just float around - I loved swimming here more than anywhere else. The beach is quiet too which is good. We're going back this year!

Robert P           

Bearing in mind the publicity perhaps we expected too much but I though it was another beach better observed from the cliff top than being on! Sand a bit stoney but convenient cafe on site with loads of cars parked in July, probably packed in peak season. We didn't experience any of the apparent undercurrents, but assume they're there somewhere.

Joe D

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Lisa L           

The view looking down to the beach is amazing and is worth going just to look at. As far as beaches go it was very stoney and painful on the feet, but the water was lovely and clear and warm. and seeing as we went at peak season it wasnt overly busy. There were alot of families with children here so it wasnt really a peacefull beach and it seemed that alot of the locals come here which is nice.

Oliver W           

Amazing view and great to take pictures of. That is about it though. The drive down was a bit hairy too. Worth the look but thats all.

Rachel C           

AMAZING! the sea was cyrstal blue and not too cold. the pebbles on the beach was tedious but didnt ruin the spectacular views. enclosed by white mountains....just perfect!

Barry S           

As many others have said, the view from above is impressive. The beach itself is quite pretty but we were there at the begining of June and it was baking hot. The sun reflects off the white cliffs and it can become quite unbearable. We spent most of our time in the sea to keep cool.
We have been there, done that. Won't go again.

Trevor M           

The drive down is very scenic with fantastic views of the bay.
There is plenty of room to park on the beach,but as there is no real sand to speak of, you need footwear for both in and out of the sea.
Also beware of how steep it is at the waters edge, within a few paces you can be in water up to your neck and find yourself being pulled out to sea.

Darren M           


John B           

This is a spectacular beach with breathtaking views. The trip down on a moped is quite an experience, especially with a joint weight of over 25 stone & crap brakes. If you take kids though, you need to be VERY careful, as the current & undertow is very strong. If we had taken our kids I couldn't have left them for a second. You also need strong feet but all beaches on this island are the same.

Darko J

were is the Myrtos Bay Beache

H M           

Felt the beach was overated, not great for snorkelling, even on a calm day you could feel the current pulling at you.

It also tended to be REALLY hot and bright, hotter and more intense than on other beaches due to the whitness of the beach and cliffes, so beware those that burn
Costs of 2 beds and Umbrella - 9 Euros! expensive but it does have showers, Eco friendly toilets, changing area and a well shaded and well stocked Beach Bar.

Leanne G           

Looks spectacular from above. Well worth teetering over the edge to get a good shot. But a bit disappointing once you've navigated the winding road down.

Too many cars parked up ruined the picturesqueness

Shaun T           

Best beach we saw on the island, in fact best beach we have ever seen!

Louise W           

This was an amazing beach, and well worth a trip. I think its even nicer than any picture suggests.

It's pebbly and can be a bit painful getting in and out but lovely scenery and not too busy either.

If you have kids, be wary of the undercurrent.

Beth L           

This was brilliant - we got really hot on the way down to the beach on that treacherous road and then the sea was icy. Very good for snorkelling

Kasey S           

Myrtos is magnificent. A true paradise. This beach is usually very calm. However, be very careful of the undercurrent. My friend and I almost died as we were swept away from shore. As others have noted, the water becomes deep very fast. There is a drop off that you can see from the cliffs. It was a life altering experience for both of us. This beach is quite private and there are not usually very many people there. I don't know where he came from, but an older man with white, long hair and a beard appeared that day with a white rope. We were miraculously pulled to shore. It was quite a traumatic event as the waves kept crashing over our heads and the force of the water propelled us in somersaults under the water, into the shore and rocks as we held on to the rope. Thank you to this man where ever he may be. He saved our lives and we are grateful.

Kylie B

the nearest and possibly cheapest resort to Myrtos Bay. plus information on other local attractions ie. bars, clubs, sight seeing, activities etc. Cheers

Phillip E           

Well worth the exiting drive down, spent most of a morning there and, as we visited in early October, not at all crowded. Weather was great as well. The sea was actualy warm and great for snorkleling. You do have to climb out at some points along the beach as the pebbles do build up with the waves, also it gets quite deep very quickly. We were advised not to sit outside the cave as loose rocks can be dislodged by animals from up above (maybe we missed a sign). Didn't try the snack bar so can't comment.

Marianne G           

We didn't actually use the beach, but we drove down, and view is amazing. It looks like something from paradise!

Neil R           

Pretty beach, not my favourite see comments for Skala (favourite Petani beach).

Phil P           

Apparently recently voted one of the top 5 beaches in the world and I would agree for location, views etc(stop on the road down for great photo & video opportunities). Sand was non existent, more like very, very, very small pebbles through to large stones, but beautifully white. Getting in and out of the sea can be 'interesting' as the shore drops away very quickly, but once in, swimming out and looking back at the view is fantastic. Tips, unless the soles of your feet are like an African natives, take suitable footwear for use both on the beach and in the water. Move down the beach away from the taverna for a bit of peace and quiet. For those that have seen Captain Corelies Mandolin, this is where the 'blowing up of the mine' scene was shot.

Ian G           

Must be good if we liked it - even in the rain - the drive down to the beach is hairy enough without torrents of rainwater! Sea colours are stunning. Liked the bar, where we tried to shelter from the rain (not much use with a bamboo roof)- owner agve those who stayed free ouzo to warm us up. Public toliets are the one downside.

Jill M           

Fantastic place - never seen a beach with no weed or flies before and the sea was better than swimming in the pool. Only down side was the constant music from the bar - why do they think everyone wants music all the time? A place that beautiful should be peaceful!

Steve L           

Surely the best on the Island. An hilarious drive down from the cliffs and the beach bar played extremely cool and relaxing music.The Sea was a tad treacherous and therefore not great for kids

Chris H           

Quite impressive beach, with suicidal approaches. Very very busy in August full of mainland Greeks but mostly very loud Italians. The swimming is not safe, and lifeguards are posted. Not even topless when we went.

Kate S           

Well what can I say.............Fantastic, clean, warm water well worth the hours drive from Lourdas over the mountain roads with the mad taxi drivers coming towards you over taking two cars on a blind bend! didn't want to leave, check out the wonderful little cave at the end of the beach.

Helen M           

I put the sand down as poor as it does not exist, in its place are huge white pebbles that somehow dispite there size get in your shoes. The breath taking views are well worth the trip down there though and you get the impression that you'v just walked on to a bond film.

Becky C           

i thought it was really beautiful. great photo opportunities! i enjoyed swimming through the cave as it was great for snorkelling. the is a large rock underwater next to the cave which you can stand on in the middle of the sea very cool. pebbles were lovely and i cant wait to go again!

Christine W           

This was stunning, it is that lovely silver crecent of sand/pebbles when you see it from the cliffs above, but it is something else actually sitting down on the beach. The water was a beautiful aqua blue, with a sharp drop away from the beahc dege, not for little ones. Our two teenagers had great fun, as we did, lovely for a swim. I'd fully recommend it, don't listen to the reps they must not be able to get you down there so hire a car and check it out

Christine W           

This was every bit the magnificent beach the brochures show. We went here for the day when we hired a car. It was very calm the water was like a warm bath. The steep drop from the shore would not be good if you had small children, but our two teenagers loved it, it was fun. The white pebbles/sand that make up the beach are startling to the eye, this is what makes it look so stunning from the cliffs above.

Andy F           

myrtos bay QUALITY gettin there is quite an expeience in itself with those cliffy roads- park by the highest car 2 avoid italian road rage when leaving! get a sunbed (9 euros for 2,but worth it) watch the flyin' umbrellas when the gustos hit- quite entertaining in themselves ! the place is magical and perfect-what a beach ;) the sea is chilly at first with big old waves and a strong current but still beautiful and great fun for adults ! we found this to be our most fave greeky beach and returned every day we had a car myrtos we will be back soon

Louise C           

Absolutely lovely!!! Take your camera - it is like paradise! Reps will tell you not to bother going down because the of water currents but do not miss it. The beach is a mixture of large pebbles and sand and the water gets deep very fast but as long as you like sunbathing and stay near the shore you will be fine - watch the sea is you have children but no harm in them paddling!!! Think it was 9 euors for two sun beds-bit more expensive than most but def worth it. There is also somewhere to get shelter and food!!! A sight worth seeing x x

Laura S           

Beautiful beach, a favourite for locals gets quite busy. Your rep will tell you to avoid it because of the current, just be careful as it gets deep quickly! Well worth a visit though.