Myrtos Beach

Beaches in Kefalonia

Jane B           

Magical beach, enough said

Don L           

Myrtos is certainly an impressive sight but not the sort of beach for families. Very pebbly and uncomfortable to walk on.The waves can become treacherous at times and it slopes off sharply.I imagine it can be quite dangerous at times. There are better beaches on the island, notably Xi, on the Paliki peninsular.

Cathy M           

What a view down the road to the beach. Again the colours of Blue's Snorkeling was wonderful there. While we where there the water was very still, so no crashing waves. But very very pebbley, you need snorkeling rubber shoes to walk over the beach. The caves are also fantastic.

Sharon W           

We passed Myrtos Bay on the way to Fiskardo, & the views going throught he mountains were incredable! So on the way back we HAD to go down for a dip. Though we did find the pebble uncomfortable on the feet both in & out the water. Beautifal as it was.

Allison F           

Lovely, worth the drive down.

Daniela T           

Ein Strand zum Erholen. Man kommt sich fast wie in der Karabik vor. Ein Besuch zahlt sich unbedingt aus. Schon allein der weiße Kies ist ein Gedicht!!!

Arlene B           

we fell in love with the place, its a truly magnificent beach. The waves are quite ferocious for poor swimmers or kids. Although when we were there we saw more kids in the water than adults! Its a must if you are visiting the island this year.One of the main reasons that we hire a car.

Chrysoula B           

Kefalonia for me and my family has become our favoret island!We love every ting about it...The people,the beuty,of this island is the best in the world!Kefalonia is magical...we will go buck next year,and next.....

Maria H           

absolutely stunning beach. i believe it was voted as one of europe's top ten beaches. looking down to the beach from the road above is an experience in itself. gorgeous. however, it does get very busy which does spoil it a little. but with a beach as breathtaking as it is, you can hardly expect anything else.

Malamo C           

I love Myrtos! The beach is crowded, but the waves are crushing! It's so much fun and the scenery is beautiful.