Kalafatis Restaurant - (Restaurants in Argostoli)

Sarah C           

Very pushy waiters practically forced us in this restaurant. Food Ok. Nothing more to say.

Penolopes - (Restaurants in Lourdas)

Sarah C  (September 02, 2004)         

Excellent! The best taverna on Kefalonia. Food excellent and waiters excellent. Diana was brilliant, very friendly and very hospitable! Went to this restaurant 5 times on our 3 week stay. Moussaka highly reccommended.

Klimatis Restaurant - (Restaurants in Lourdas)

Sarah C           

Gorgeous food. Waited nearly an hour for 4 toasted cheese sandwiches! Service good .

Myrtos Beach - (Beaches in Kefalonia)

Sarah C           

Saw all of the pictures on the postcards, but what a mistake! When we got there there were 3 people there. The waves were enormous so we couldnt swim. The waves had swept up all of the seaweed which was deposited on the beach which attracted lots of flies. So in the end we left. Beach snack bar very nice though!!

Seven Cafe Bar - (Bars in Lourdas)

Sarah C           

Gorgeous view, shame about the food!!. They didn't even have any feta cheese!!! Prices a bit steep too. Wouldn't come here again!