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Jim P          9/10

just returned from skala this week- weather in mid 30's  2 weeks.
went to scandinavia, twice, had good food, beer and excellent service.
Great to see "POSH" working the bar.
Resort did not seem very busy though.

squawkj@aol.com 28th July 2007

Alan B          8/10

Had to go back here after seven years and it was nice to see George and Jimmy again. The food was good but a little more expensive than some others especially the drinks.

Sam W          8/10

June 2007   Ate here just the once during our two week stay . Both of us deciding to have the daily special which was swordfish steak ,and very delicious it was ,washed down by a can of diet coke each  the bill came to twenty six euros.  As the swordfish was only eight euros we thought that five euros for a coke was a little over the top so we never went back .


This place is a must for anyholiday to kefalonia, the meals are great and the disco at night is even better!!

Sabina S           

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Excellent food, fast services and friendly people, lot of fun in the bar/disco in the evenings. It is the best place to eat in Skala. Greetings and thanks to George, Jimy (their wifes), Nikos, George (and Clair), Mike and cook and the rest of the staff in the restaurant:-))

Sam B           

click to enlargeclick to enlarge We loved the Scandinavia and ate there everynight of our holiday. The staff especially George and Nikos were the best, the service was brilliant. Our boys enjoyed the childrens meals and we went through the entire menu over the 2 weeks. I did like the curry and the mousaka, the specials were also great, especially the lamb.We even had a couple of late nights in the bar which had such a variety of old and new music. We even saw a chuckle brother there! Back again next year hopefully!

Nikos H           

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Nikos H           

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Nikos H           

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Nikos H           

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Nikos H           

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Theresa H           

 This was our 3rd visit to scala (definately not the last) and spent most of our nights at the Scandinavia. What can i say everything is A1.Look forward to seeing George Jimmy and Mikalis next year. Also hope to see Dave and Linda and Ross and Caroline again. Thanks for a great time.

David S           

Our visit to the Scandinavia was ok - I had a chicken curry which was very tasty and the wife had a 'lamb casserole' dish which was a bit plain tasting, the service was quick and friendly. This is the one thing I do recall of the Scandinavia - we were in, served, food delivered and out in no time at all!

N........... H           

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Ian D           

Although the food in this restaurant was nice the only problem we encounter was the amount of wasps around, the owner did commented on getting wasp traps but every day we passed he had not done anything about it which put us off eating there again. 

Joanne H           

Scandinavia is excellent.  The food we ate in there (twice) is out of this world.  The Stamnaki is gorgeous (cooked in clay pot so very wam food, cools eventually though) and my husband had Kefalonia Meat Pie, which was loads better than the Pines. The Prawns Sagankai is also extremley nice, very large real prawns in a tomato sauce with melted cheese on top.  The prices here are very reasonable, we thought, but we mostly ate the Greek dishes which are cheaper than Steak and Chips.  The staff .... what can I say.  How comfortable do they make you feel, especially if you attempt to speak Greek as we did and got a few lessons from George as we were not saying it quiet right ! World cup was showing which my husband loved, can't say I was thrilled ! Great restaurant if you want wonderful food in a great welcoming atmosphere.

Victoria S           

We drank here a couple of times in the evenings and it was great. Food looked very average though.

Kato C           

Two of us ate for 28 euros. The food was rather bland: soutsoukakia meatballs (reminiscent of school dinners) and Kefalonian meat pie (inspired by the wonderful one we had at Aiolos, but in this case moderate at best) plus bread, half a bottle of retsina and two lemonades. The service was efficient enough. The atmosphere was spoiled by the screening of a football match, but this was of course our fault for not checking. We also ate at Aiolos, The Pines, Aquarius, Apostolis and Flamingo (all better than Scandinavia) and at Gallera (about the same). Aiolos was the pick of the bunch, for both food and location.

Jane S           

Excellent restaurant. We ate here most nights of our holiday. All the staff very friendly and were great with the children. Only place we could find where everyone would eat the food! The service is very fast and food well cooked and delicious.

Allyn H           

A great restauraunt offering a varied menu and a daily special.  As an alternative to the usual chips this place served excellent roast potatoes, or you could have salads, rice or jacket potato.  Good food and reasonably priced.  Try it but also try our favourite restauraunt The Pines. 

Martin W           

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Great service, good food always made welcome one of the best places to eat in Skala.

Martin B           

one of the best restaurants in skala we ate here most nights the food was great the service was great and as for jimmy and george they were both fab 

Ray W           

This is by far and above the best restaurant and bar in Skala. Why?  Firstly unlike some they care about customers - the food is varied, tasty and well cooked. But I liked th bar best it's the place to go and have a bop after midnight  -the bar staff and waiters are very efficient and friendly and the owner is very customer focused - offered us a free drink too. The music is good and the ambience so much fun. The bar is well decored and has air con. Fantastic place after hours - even beats Captain's Bar.


Katie E           

We ate here on 6 nights of our holiday and enjoyed almost all our meals.  We can certainly recommend the stamnaki and my husband loved the fillet steaks covered in lovely sauces which were so reasonable in price.  I ordered souvlaki one night which was disappointing as just tasted of grilled chicken (no marinade) and served with half a jacket potato.  I was starving an hour later.  The bolognaise pizzas are also very good.

The waiters are very friendly and the service was excellent.

Stephen S           

George your the man!

This is THE RESTAURANT in Skala. The best food, the best price and the best hospitality. The fish was great, the service and menu were excellent and the staff were warm and wonderful. DONT MISS IT! We will return for more in September.
From Steve and Steve

Ross and marie G           

By far and away the friendliest restaurant in Scala. George and all the waiters treat you like family no matter how many times you visit, or how much you spend!! The food is excellent whether you try a greek dish, or stick with something you can pronounce! Cocktails were great and the big screen TV's were put on whatever you asked to watch. Can't recomend highly enough!

Ross and marie G           

By far and away the friendliest restaurant in Scala. George and all the waiters treat you like family no matter how many times you visit, or how much you spend!! The food is excellent whether you try a greek dish, or stick with something you can pronounce! Cocktails were great and the big screen TV's were put on whatever you asked to watch. Can't recomend highly enough!

James P           

We visited Scala for the first time in May this year and were already aware of the good reputation the Scandinavia has from visiting this web-site.We had most of our evening meals at this place and all were of a high standard.We particularly liked the Scandinavia sausage and mushroom starters,bowls filled with either filling and topped with a generous amount of cheese and then baked in the oven.We would also recommend the Kefalonian pork hock,cooked by Giogio's mother.

 Spent many late nights in the Scandinavia disco bar,behind the restaurant.Found the staff very friendly. We send our regards to all the staff,in particular Giorgio,Michael the "COCKTAIL MAN" and Jimmy.
   Jimmy and Anne Phillipson,May 2005.

Ron C           

staff very frendly and food good i had a greek dish beef or lamb with veg potatoes covered with cheese it was great you must try it

Steve F           

Tongue I don't understand Hugh's comments. I have been going to Skala for 7 years now and have eaten mostly at the Scandinavia the majority of my visits and have never been disappointed. The owner, his family, and his staff are all friendly, and extremely polite, and the food magnificent. I don't eat English food when I'm in Greece, I stick mainly to Greek food which is excellent, and occassionaly pizza (Italian) which is equally good. In all the years I have been eating there I have never seen these "disfunctional families" Hugh talks about. Every year (and we normally go twice a year) we see the same customers coming back daily to the Scandinavia because the food and service is so good., and I personally don't find the tables any more cramped than any of the other Restaurants. All I can say is that Hugh is entitled to his own view, just the same as I am entitled to mine - just look at all the other comments - I don't see many bad reviews for the Scandinavia, but I do see lots and lots of good ones. Go to the busy Restaurants, a sure sign that the food is good (and the Scandinavia is always busy).

Wink  Incidentally, they now have a website - try going to http://www.scandi.gr/ and see a little history behind the Restaurant. They now have Apartments on the road to Poros (the Christina Apartments) which I can personally vouch for having stayed in them twice, the views are magnificent (see the pictures on the Scandi website..

Hugh P           

I don't understand why this place has been rated so highly! The tables were crammed close together so that the waiters, and diners en-route to the loo, were continually squeezing past during the meal. Additionally, our table appeared to be on the main cat highway between the restaurant and a dusty old cellar screened behind some plants but nevertheless visible. The prices were high, but the menu contained a large proportion of pizzas, burgers and chips which attracted large, noisy, disfunctional families.

Linda L           

We found this another excellent restaurant - the Kefallonia meat pie is great!! Very friendly people and good service. Cocktails are only 3 euros between 7-9pm.
When we got our bill we got a free brandy each which must have been triples and it wasn't cheap brandy either - excellent.

Michelle H           

We ate here on the first night-----just a basic meal I had tzakiki and my husband had a pizza and both dishes were delicious.We ate here again later during our stay and again the food was excellent (can't remember what we had just that it was good!!).Friendly staff makes all the difference

Jim T           

We have been going to Skala since 94 , only missed a couple of years due to my sons birth , eaten vitually all our meals in the 'Scandie'. Have booked accommodation with George on several occaisons and always had a brilliant hoilday. Met some lovely people in the early hours in the bar, still see some of them going back year on year.
The owners George and Dimmy can't do enough for us. The food is very good, large portions, my wife's favourite is the Shark steak, mine the Stamnaki!!!!Did'nt go this year but have booked up for 05, just as well, as hardly any accommodation not booked.

Hollie F           

The Scandinavia is the best taverna we have ever eaten at.
I have been going to Skala twice a year for 6 years now and discovered the Scandi on our 4th night of the first year, we have tried some of the other tavernas but have been dissappointed in comparrison to the Scandi, so now we eat here every night of our 2 week holiday!

The food is absolutely delicious, especially the pork steak, homemade pizza, chicken curry, chicken souvlaki and saganaki... I could go on! I never get bored of the food.

Michael serves lovely cocktails which are very cheap. The atmosphere is so friendly and relaxed, with good music playing.
We always have fun when we come here.... Especially with the white socks song!! :)

The owner George and his family and staff are lovely people and very good friends, I can't recommend this place enough to people.

I am certain you will not be dissappointed!

Catherine T           

Probably the most enjoyable meal of our stay. We both had kebabs and were delighted that they came with chips and dips (previous restuarants just seemed to give the main dish on its own with no extras or sauces!) The swordfish was delicous and my partner really enjoyed his mixed meat kebab with was also a special and defintely a bargain. Wish we'd eaten there earlier as we would certainly have gone back!

Denise H           

We have just returned from Skala and ate in the Scandinavia every evening for two weeks! There is a good menu selection and you can eat a different meal every night if you wish. We have travelled to Greece many times and the food here was as good as any we have ever had and we do NOT like burgers, chicken nuggets and the like. We adore Greek food. Our particular favourite was the lamb stamnaki!! The garlic mushrooms were great and the Kefalonian meat pie ...yum! Excellent. Great hospitality, very friendly. They reserved our table every evening and decorated the table with flowers on the evening I recovered from bronchitis, finished my antibiotics and was able to have a drink again. Will definitely go back.

Katie E           

Unfortunately we discovered the Skandinavia quite late on in our holiday to Skala in June. I just fancied a pizza after eating a lot of Greek food and the bolognaise pizza was gorgeous. My husband had the steak with garlic mushrooms and said it was absolutely delicious. We then went back on our last night as we enjoyed it so much. Excellent service too with very polite waiters.

Katie E           

We discovered the Scandinavia late on in our holiday but then had 2 great meals here. The bolognaise pizza and my husband's steak with garlic mushrooms were delicious.

Stephen F           

Went to Kefalonia this May for our 13th time, and as usual ate most of our meals at the Scandinavia - we've tried the rest, and now eat at the best. They have a fantastic menu, and as the previous posting says you could eat a different meal each day and still have dishes you have not tried. I particularly like the Pork Steak, Beef Stifado and Stamnaki, Karen's favourite are the home made pizzas and the chicken curry which although not as hot as at home is extremely tasty!
Like Stephanie I find it hard to understand Martin's view of the Restaurant. You will find as many authentic Greek dishes at the Scandinavia as anywhere else, on top of that they cater for children and their likes and I've never eaten in a Restaurant that didn't offer a selection of Beers (the Scandinavia's is particularly good). I wonder if Martin did go to the Scandinavia at all, in his posting he keeps calling it the Scandinavian which is NOT its name. We will be back in September and eating authentic Greek meals, receiving true Greek hospitality and having some great meals AT THE SCANDINAVIA.

Lizzie T           

Havng just returned from Scala this afternoon we could not wait to tell the world what a fantasticaly hospitable restaurant and bar the Scandinavia is, not to mention the mouthwatering selection of food available. The owner George and his staff could not do enough to ensure that our stay was one of the best holidays we have ever had. Thank you very muuuuch. We would reconmend the Scanda to anyone young or old looking to have a great time. We cant wait to get back to savour the taste of the fillet steak and sample the local greek delicacies again. See you in September boys!!!! P.S Jimmy, Carol says sort your hair out!!! HA HA HA Love Lizzie, Ann, Julie, Carol xx

Warren V           

Me and my girlfriend came back from skala yesterday. I first discovered the scandanavia 3 years ago and have been going back ever since. We always eat at the scandanavia because we know we'll never be disapointed. You can eat there for weeks and never have the same thing twice. I did though because the Piquant Steak is just gorgeous, with its mustard sauce and mushrooms. Lucy also loved the mushroom home made dish (mouth watering). The owner George always makes us very welcome and has a little chat in between running around.
In the restuarant people sat around us were all talking about how many years they had been going back, some as much as 20. Now that must tell you something. See you next year Scandanavia.

Stephanie B           

Just found this site having visited Kefalonia many times. I was shocked to read the previous comments from Martin, as I have just returned from Scala and had many meals at the Scandinavia (all of them wonderful). The Scandinavia caters for everyones needs, serving Greek Specialities like Stifado, Stamnaki and Kefalonia Meat Pie to name just a few. They also cater for children (a lot of them will only eat fish fingers etc). All I can say to Martin is if you don't have children, don't like to hear the news on tv sometimes, don't like beer and don't enjoy the music at night try SAGA holidays they have some really nice peaceful holidays for the over 50's. Better still why not take some tins in your luggage next time, then you can stay in your apartment and eat! To everyone else who reads this I say read everyone else's comments and I mean everyone's, there is not a bad word from anyone else, and I can personally vouch for the great standard of food and 'true Greek hospitality'

Roy B           

Friendly restaurant with attentive staff for both breakfast (if you wish) or for an evening meal. Do a mean King size prawn souvlaki which was one of the best during our holiday. We ate here on two occasions for main evening meal - my steak on the last visit was very good; also enjoyed three breakfasts.
Would give them top marks for helpfulness and reasonable prices.

Martin S           

I remember this taverna several years ago when you could still believe that you were in Greece whilst eating here.

If you want a menu that includes chicken nuggets and fish fingers, pizza and egg and chips, if you want to watch sky television whilst you eat and if you eat late and you want the resteraunt to turn into an interior disco, then come to the Scandanavian. The other awful touych is the selection of English beers, now available in cans and displayed at the front of the eating area.

You could eat elsewhere off the main street and experience some true Greek hospitality and flavours. Or if the Scandanavian is your choice, why do you come to greece? Save money and stay at home.

Kerry -           

We had a really nice meal here - boyfriend claimed his steak to be the best ever! Food is good, service is excellent what more would you want?

Lisa F           

wen there in october last year! great place! i had chicken curry and it was really really nice...although not as spicy as i'd hoped! sally had a steak and it really was value for money! she got more than she could handle. the waiter george was very friendly (and good looking) made us really welcome and gave us free drinks (might've had something to do with us being 18yr old british girls lol) fun at night staying open till the early hours playing cheesey pop and dance music! going back in May...can't wait! deffo go back there for our first meal!! xxx

Emma M           

my boyfriend, two friends and i recently to travelled to skala and ate around for the first few nights but on 4th night of our holiday we discovered scandinavia. Excellant food particularly the pizzas, kind and friendly staff and wonderful atmosphere! it made our holiday! we do intend going back next year.

Stephen F           

Scandinavia is the best Restaurant by far. We tried others when we first went, but decided the 'scandi' was easily the best in Scala, so for the last 10 holidays we have eaten our main meals there (we know we will never be disappointed). The service is excellent, the owners and staff extremely friendly and meals cooked to perfection. I would particularly recommend the Special Roast Pork, Pork Steak, Chicken Curry and Pizas, however, whatever you choose you will not be disappointed.
This September we went 'flight only' and stayed at the Scandinavia's new Studios. They are situated just outside Scala on the road to Poros so you need a car or bike to get around (unless you are a keen walker), but the views are magnificent and have to be seen to be believed! The prices are very reasonable too, if you are thinking of trying 'flight only' give George (the owner) a ring at the Scandinavia to see if he has any vacancies.

Dave A           

All the other comments say it all! An excellent restaurant all round.
Not to be missed!

Pele I           

My goodness, I am glad the Scandanavia has had a good review we have been eating there for the last fourteen years and the food is always first class and of course the Mikalatis family and the waiters and the kitchen staff are always wonderful. The lamb is always meltingly mouthwatering, the salads zingy and fresh, the lobster special is a real treat, all presented to a high standard with love and care. Most of all the hospitality is just brilliant. Thank you Skanda!


We visited Scandinavia twice during our holiday, and both times enjoyed a
lovely meal with good service and at a reasonable price. The beef stamnaki
was mouthwateringly delicious, and the sausage alla scandinavia appetiser
was pretty damn tasty too!!!

Sue B           

we ate here 4 times and thought the food was good, well presented, good prices, and friendly staff.

Leana R           

Scaninavia is brilliant. we went there neally every morning for breakfast and twice for dinner. the staff is very welcoming and friendly. food is great. loads of greek dishes to choose from but also english dishes too.

Roger S           


Linda F           

Best food in Scala. Lots of good vegetarian options. Ate there the last 3 nights of our stay, wish we had found it earlier. waiters very friendly and helpful.

Lynn C           

my sister and i ate lunch there on our last day we had chicken salad it was really good, the waiter did not get tip because he asked for it (very rude)you can dance every night it gets started around midnight and went till 4am.Micheal the owner was great really looked out for ladies watched there belongings while they danced, the Dj (brother)was really good all watching out for you.

Alan W           

Returned home two days ago,had our breakfast here most days over two weeks.This was our 2nd holiday in Skala.We used the Scandinavia the first time for our breakfasts.The 'English Breakfast'was always 'Spot On'.Nice friendly staff.The waiter gave us repeat drinks on the house for being regulars.Keep up the good work.

Andrew S           

Very friendly staff and great value food.

Emily S           

The blandest food we had ever eaten. We started with the meze for two which was nice but the mains - meatballs in tomato sauce and moussaka - were just tasteless. We were placed below a telly showing English channels - not exactly why we went to Greece.

Helen C           

A brilliant restaurant with friendly staff, a small dance floor inside for when the night livens up, a larger eating area inside, very relaxed friendly service and cheap too!!! Rooms to let above which are very nice and also cheap! A must, brilliant!

Colin S           

Best breakfast we had on our holiday. Well worth the money.