Sunrise Fish Taverna

Restaurants in Skala

Barry A          6/10

Very good food,great view and service, only trouble is Victor has a problem with his mathamatics when it comes to the bill, time to stop ripping people off because you are getting a very bad name. Stopped using the sunrise many years ago.

Jennifer A          9/10

Have been to Scala at least 8 times and have eaten at Sunrise too many times to remember!! I have never been disappointed with the food as it is always superb. The fresh fish platter for two is fantastic and is  my 11 yr old sons favourite dish - we have to have it on the first and last night on holiday at least. For the last 4 visits I have stayed in the rooms at Sunrise. Victor and Fotini are superb hosts and the rooms are good value and clean - you cannot beat the food, ambience and company. I am looking forward to returning Summer 2011.

Susan W          8/10

Once again on our fifth holiday to Kephalonia in July, we were given a warm welcome by Victor and his family at the Sunrise Restaurant.
 Dismayed by the general 'clamour' and volume of music played in many of the other restaurants in the Resort this year, we sought refuge time and time again, at Sunrise. We were never disappointed. The sound of the sea, the cicadas, and the soft buzz of conversation and chink of glasses, is the only 'music' you will hear there- and what welcome respite!
The food  at Sunrise is reliably good, as is the service, which is 'spot on'. Whether it be a lunchtime snack, or dinner, we have found the fish to be wonderfully fresh and well cooked, the pork chops excellent, to rival any we have tasted in England, and the walnut cake light of texture, with a subtle honey syrup. Delicious!
Georgio and Andreas have introduced a few gradual changes to give the restaurant a slightly smarter more cohesive appearance, but otherwise have allowed it to remain true to itself in retaining its very unique personality. We found it to be a place where we could truly and utterly relax, in a beautiful garden ambience, surrounded by flowers, overlooking the beach, safe in the knowledge that no matter what we ordered from the menu, it would be just right.
There is no doubt that our holidays in Skala have been made all the richer and more enjoyable by our visits to Sunrise!  Sue and Russell

Paul B          9/10

Just back from Kefalonia, first visit.

Thankfully found Sunrise Taverna by chance. Is it the only restaurant in Skala without the ubiquitous britrock and pop music blaring away? Either way Sunrises natural soudtrack had me hooked.
I can only agree with all the good points as we didn't experience any of the bad ones pointed out elsewhere on here.
Also the comments regarding the tavernas looks are also correct, it does look rundown and even closed, but it is well worth the effort.
A more positive note is that the beach road is now illuminated. Not great but at least some light.
Enjoy it. Love light and peace paul Beckett

Tony F          6/10

I'm afraid after praising Victor to the skies here several times we have finally fallen out with him for the same reason as others.  After welcoming us on our return in 2009 he flatly ignored our order and brought us the lunchtime fish special.  It was a very good fish special, but not the sardines we had ordered.  We haven't suffered this before and had always thought he treated us well.  He knows we have recommended him on the Net and we have been very frequent visitors in the past - possibly our reduced rate may be why he decided to rip us off. The homely food, views and ambience are still good but buyers should beware. 

Tony & Kath

Belinda R          8/10

Went here a couple of lunch times had the sea bass and hubby had sardines the first time then sea bass both times very nice. The first time we went Victor kept giving us Ouzo which was very nice. He also told us he had rooms to rent so we said we would like to have a look he said come back another time between 11am & 12 we went back change over day then he said come back at 3pm as the rooms not been cleaned went back (had lunch) talked to him then never saw him again. think he just wanted to get us back but we would have gone anyway so never got to see the rooms :(

Alan H          3/10

  nice location , food ok but beware you order your meal and he brings you stuff you dont want then rips you off , comes over such a nice bloke

Tony F           

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We've been coming for years - see previous posts.  Glad of the opportunity to re-post the photo of the the great man Victor always ready to re-fill that glass.  Food seems to be improving over the years.  The "isikia" - peace and tranquillity remains the same.  I suspect the bites are not from cat fleas but from the day time mozzies who enjoy the lunch time shade as much as we do.  Tony Farson and Kath Jones.

Fi N           

Even to a couple of experienced foodies, the food was really excellent here .... traditional Greek food extremely well cooked.  Fabulous fresh fish ... ask for a recommendation to get the best.  I wanted to try the whitebait but was told that they did not have it is it was not very good that week as the sholes were off Africa but would be better the following week - how great that they know their food !  We ate Stiffado even though it is a winter dish in Greece and it was outstanding !!   Gorgeous creamy Feta with a tiny bite to it and the stuffed tomatoes were really delicious with lots of depth of flavour.  The Sea Bream was unbelievably fresh and beautifully cooked in its own juices.  It is a 4 minute walk to the restaurant along the beach and it can look quiet but it is really worth a trip - why not try it for lunch and then you can always go back later as we did several times !!   PS the house dry rose is very good for a local wine and very very drinkable

Michael C           

Nice tranquil location & authentic Greek restaurant (so you get all your courses in the wrong order & sometimes dishes you hadnt ordered!) Owner makes amends by sloshing free glasses of wine/ouzo around but then presents a rather hefty bill at end: over charging? : couldnt decipher the Greek. Watch out for flea bites from resident cat/kittens. Would still go back though.

Mark D           

This place was great although needed a little clean up and the menu on post it notes made me laugh proper old school. But that aside Id recommend it and people i spoke to who went loved it! Had the fish platter which was ace! lovely big prawns, 2 gorgeous bits of sole and kalamari, few days after I had the sardines at lunchtime which were very nice, and the guys were very friendly and attentive, if you watched your bill you'd realise it was cheaper than most out there and its in a great spot on the beach. Got lots of freebies thrown our way aswell like free Ouzo and Mythos. Id say give it a go!

Anne P           

A bit off putting from the road, but the sardines are great, if you go back again watch your bill! we were over charged and we met others that it had happened to

Elaine W           

Go here for your fish meal - it is lovely. We liked the setting as well cos it was really quiet and romantic. 

Linda L           

Not your average looking restaurant but it specialises in fish and apart from another couple we were the only ones in there but we weren't disappointed - food was excellent chefs salad to start was brilliant and my husband had red snapper - really good. Owner was so freindly and didn't want us to leave. Beautiful ocean view whilst you eat and another free drink with the bill - a glass of ouzo.

Barry S           

to Fotina, Victor and George. Thank you for making a memorable holiday yet again. It is always a delight to return to Sunrise. We hope to see you all again very soon. Barry and Leonard - from a very wet Birmingham/Dublin

Mark B           

Its worth the walk back after dark to visit only one of two resturants on the beach, it does not look too inviting from the front even during the day but get inside and it is lovely. We had the meze starter and the fish meze both were more than enough for both of us. The only drawback is the cost of the house wine which did boost up the bill, but did not detract from a lovely meal. We were made to feel very welcome by the owner and his family.

Mark B           

We put off a visit to the Sunrise as we thought it didn't look too appealing for an evening meal, however after several other guests reccomendations we ventured along the beach road at night. It is well worth the walk. We shared and enjoyed two mezes one meat and one fish. both good value and good food, the only down point was the price of their wine which made the meal above average in price, however who can count the cost of a beautiful meal sitting in the moon light by the beach.

Eric F           

My wife and I eat at "Sunrise"a few times(mainly lunches)and the traditional Greek dishes tasted just that bit better here.(Perhaps it was just the great view)We also went on an evening ,and on reading some of the compliments on this site,tried the fresh fish,WOW!!!!
The only downside to an evening meal is the walk back along the unlit beach road.

Pat M           

The salads were wonderful. the Mezes were great, the beer was cold & Victor is a great character. His sons were very Greek & very laid back. An hour or two out of the sun in the middle of the day is a good idea & Victors is a superb place to be.

Julie S           

We have known Victor,Fotini and the boys for some years now and they are always very helpful, especially since my husband became disabled. Not for the first time has Fotini taken us home in the car after our meal. Some things could be improved e.g. the toilets but as a family they work very hard. Dennis - Victor's brother does the cooking and the food is generally very good with portions large enough to satisfy my hungry husband. The fish platter is worth trying. Please upgrade the set out of the menu with regard to the specials - post notes are not good enough.

Lesley H           

We have just returned from holiday in Skala and we too were recommended to eat at Victor's place. Lovely location, right at the end of the beach and the food was very nice. On our first visit we weren't too hungry so we just had omelettes, which were light, soft and beautifully cooked, unlike the one later in the holiday which was pure rubber! Returned a couple of times (during the day for lunch) and had fish (sole in my case) which wasn't quite as nicely cooked (maybe I made the wrong choice) but the whole ambiance of the restaurant more than made up for it.

Tony F           

Great to be back in 2003 to see a few changes: easier to get to now the road has been surfaced to the end, and Victor has invested in some swish furniture (up on the terrace) and a new terrace roof. Ignore the posers' places on the way and head for the best food and real Greek hospitality it town.

Charlotte T           

spent a couple of lazy lunch times relaxing on victor's terrace, supping beer and getting away from the sunshine! great sandwiches which are huge. be wary of victor's hearing - he seems to bring you want he thinks you want rather than what you asked for( white instead of red, pizza with grilled melon rather than pineapple - bit strange but quite liked it!)at the quiet end of the beach it's great for just getting asay from it all!

Steve E           

We enjoyed 3 meals in the evening with Victor. The seafood was the freshest we had all week and the view lovely. It is fairly quiet there being a little out of the town and this to us was an advantage. I think the "free" drinks might have been added to the bill but can't be sure! Certainly somewhere we would visit again and agin next time we go back to Skala.

John P           

Food was good, but funnily enough all the free drinks Victor bought us appeared on the bill! Victor can be overpowering and as someone said previously he is a business man.