Restaurants in Skala

Lisa T          10/10

Have been going to Manolis now since 1995 when we went last may (08) it had been 7 years previous (2001) we only got as far as the steps when the owner(Freddie we call him you'll know why when you see him) came straight up to us and shook us firmly by the hand and was so pleased to see us again, to which I replied that I didn't think he would remember us after all this time. but of course he did.

He made our first night back in scala so special the food was fantastic and the wine we ordered seem to multiply because I'm sure we only ordered 2 jugs and staggered back after our meal having 3 (1 given from Freddie).
It is a typical greek place were when we first went there was an old lady on the bar b que.
If you are looking for a posh top price restaurant then this place is not for you having visited Scala at least 7 times I would never miss this one out.

Jed W          10/10

Great restaurant for basic well cooked food.

My son had a Pork chop the first night and Kostas told him he wouldn't eat it all.  When it came it filled the plate and then some!  He ate it all and Kostas held his arm up and smacked him on the back so hard his teeth nearly came out.  Then it was free ice cream for the kids and another free kilo of wine.  I don't think I ever left this place in a straight line.
Like others have said, great food but basic menu, but extremely well prepared and great service from everyone.
When we return it WILL be our first port of call.

Victoria R          10/10

This was without a doubt the best restaurant in Skala, especially if you're a meat eater. I had the lamb chops one night which were so so good that we had to go back the next night so i could have a kilo of lamb chops (counted there to be fifteen chops in total)! My boyfriend had chicken and that was also good but the lamb chops were just exceptional. Basic menu as everything is based around the charcoal grill, but what they lack in variety they make up for in quality. Wine is also very good - and yes the owner is very generous with his free wine.

Michael R          10/10

what can i say you have to visit this place if you like grilled meat. the kilo of  lamb chops is not for the faint hearted! the house wine is very good and served in copper jugs.the owner tends to bring you 2 and charge you for 1.and then a free metaxa!!! he is laid back to the point of falling over, you realy wont have a nite qiet like it! its fantastic value for money and you find alot of locals eat here. its off the main road just enough to be peacefull.

Sam W          10/10

Simple ,plain, good value food ,with nice friendly owner, a back to basics restaurant ,dont expect anything fancy here , as soon as we had eaten a free bottle of beer arrived for me, unbelievable , totaly laid back atmosphere, superb chicken on the spit ,   (only one toilet )

Lisa & peter            

By far the best restaurant for meat! We were told about this place at the start of our second week but I wish we'd found it sooner. O.K everything comes with chips but even so, the food was great! It's also quite cheap. Beware the gallons of wine!!!!! The owner is great! We will be back next year!

Lee & juliet P           

Great place, and the Guvnor is really friendly and loves a laugh. This is one of our favourite two restaurants in Skala, and we never visit the resort without eating here at least three times.

But beware! He is also very generous with the wine. We can strongly recommend the rose, but three litres is a little too much! Even if two of them have been forced upon you gratis.

The kilo of lamb chops for two is an excellent meal. I cannot remember ever having meat so succulent or well cooked.


Charlotte T           

fantastic place! You eat at little tables in a rose garden which is very pretty. It's a basic grill restaurant which is unbelievably reasonable! we had 2 starters, a greek salad, 2 litres of red wine and a mixed grill for 2 ( which isn't for the faint hearted - it's nearly as big as the table!) and it came to just over 30 euros! they gave us an extra 1/2 carafe of wine as good will!!! Went back a second time and it was just as good again! Limited choice menu but well worth a trip!

Graham V           

Not a great variety of food, but very well cooked. We ate here on 3 occasions during our 2 week stay, and can recommend the mixed meat souvlaki. Service is not exactly lightning, but if you are not in any particular hurry, just sit back, sip the excellent house wine and chill out. It also has the added bonus of being excellent value for money!

Alex M           

Excellent value for money. Lots of locals eat here - food primarily based around the charcoal grill - variety of greek dishes - souvlaki etc. Slightly off the beaten track. House wine good value for money. Can recommend the kilo of lambs ribs - although make sure you are hungry!!!!