Manolis - (Restaurants in Skala)

Victoria R          10/10

This was without a doubt the best restaurant in Skala, especially if you're a meat eater. I had the lamb chops one night which were so so good that we had to go back the next night so i could have a kilo of lamb chops (counted there to be fifteen chops in total)! My boyfriend had chicken and that was also good but the lamb chops were just exceptional. Basic menu as everything is based around the charcoal grill, but what they lack in variety they make up for in quality. Wine is also very good - and yes the owner is very generous with his free wine.

Socrates - (Restaurants in Skala)

Victoria R          10/10

Fabulous taverna - very traditional with everything tasting fantastic, and lovely people. My second favourite taverna in Skala.

Socrates Apartments - (Accommodation in Skala)

Victoria R          10/10

This accommodation is spacious by Greek standards and no more basic than most other traditional studio accommodation. However it is probably kept cleaner than most - we had towel/linen changed twice a week with bin emptying in between. Brilliant location and not far to crawl back upstairs after eating far too much good food downstairs.

Mikelatos (Scandinavia) - (Restaurants in Skala)

Victoria R          4/10

Ate here once - had the kefalonia meat pie and my boyfriend had moussaka - it was distinctly average, especially compared to other eateries, couldn't see why it keeps getting brill reviews. Least favourite taverna of the whole holiday.

Ta Pitharia - (Restaurants in Skala)

Victoria R          8/10

We ate here a couple of times and i loved it - had the beef stifado the second time which although was very good - tasted quite salty. There must have been quite a bit of salt in it as i probably drank 4 litres of water during the rest of the evening and overnight. Would try it again though.