Mikelatos (Scandinavia) - (Restaurants in Skala)

Stephen F           

Scandinavia is the best Restaurant by far. We tried others when we first went, but decided the 'scandi' was easily the best in Scala, so for the last 10 holidays we have eaten our main meals there (we know we will never be disappointed). The service is excellent, the owners and staff extremely friendly and meals cooked to perfection. I would particularly recommend the Special Roast Pork, Pork Steak, Chicken Curry and Pizas, however, whatever you choose you will not be disappointed.
This September we went 'flight only' and stayed at the Scandinavia's new Studios. They are situated just outside Scala on the road to Poros so you need a car or bike to get around (unless you are a keen walker), but the views are magnificent and have to be seen to be believed! The prices are very reasonable too, if you are thinking of trying 'flight only' give George (the owner) a ring at the Scandinavia to see if he has any vacancies.

Mikelatos (Scandinavia) - (Restaurants in Skala)

Steve F           

Tongue I don't understand Hugh's comments. I have been going to Skala for 7 years now and have eaten mostly at the Scandinavia the majority of my visits and have never been disappointed. The owner, his family, and his staff are all friendly, and extremely polite, and the food magnificent. I don't eat English food when I'm in Greece, I stick mainly to Greek food which is excellent, and occassionaly pizza (Italian) which is equally good. In all the years I have been eating there I have never seen these "disfunctional families" Hugh talks about. Every year (and we normally go twice a year) we see the same customers coming back daily to the Scandinavia because the food and service is so good., and I personally don't find the tables any more cramped than any of the other Restaurants. All I can say is that Hugh is entitled to his own view, just the same as I am entitled to mine - just look at all the other comments - I don't see many bad reviews for the Scandinavia, but I do see lots and lots of good ones. Go to the busy Restaurants, a sure sign that the food is good (and the Scandinavia is always busy).

Wink  Incidentally, they now have a website - try going to http://www.scandi.gr/ and see a little history behind the Restaurant. They now have Apartments on the road to Poros (the Christina Apartments) which I can personally vouch for having stayed in them twice, the views are magnificent (see the pictures on the Scandi website..