Restaurants in Skala

Barry K           

the flamingo was the best restaurant in scala looking forward to going back next year to taste a bit more of the excellent mediterranean chicken

Kato C           

Flamingo appears to have scored quite badly on this website, but evidently only owing to the reviewers being irritated by cats and the upper classes. The restaurant was, we thought, better than that. Two of us ate for 32 euros. The food was fine: chicken Caesar salad (easy enough to do well, but the chicken wasn't warm) and a steak charcutiere (very tasty medium rare, done very well) plus bread, half a bottle of robola and two lemonades. The service was good. It was rather packed in the courtyard, and consequently a little hot. We also ate at Aiolos and The Pines (which were great), at Aquarius and Apostolis (similar to Flamingo) and at Scandinavia and Gallera (the poorer relations, we felt). Aiolos was the pick of the bunch, for both food and location.

Gail P           

We love the Flamingo. We've eaten here every time we've been to Skala. The staff are fantastic and always give you a great welcome, especially if they know you are 'regulars'. Eleni is a real gem and always makes time to talk. We'll be back soon.

Dawn D           

Great place, best in Skala for dinner. Even the chicken nuggets for the children were homemade. Excellent value and great with children - 4 people, wine, drinks, 3 courses all for 50 euro, could not be beaten

John K           

Easily the best place to eat in skala - very friendly staff, free tea and coffee with meals / breakfast etc - excellent service and the main part, the food was perfect!

Peter and lynda M           

Just returned from Skala for the 2nd year running and the food, atmosphere, service and staff were fantastic. WE WILL BE BACK !!!!

Chris S           

Just Back July 2005

I can't understand some of the comments other reviewers have place here, the Flamingo was a very nice, good value restaurant, set in a lovely garden. Staff all very friendly and helpful, food was also to a very high standard. Would recommend this place one hundred percent, we went about 3 times and enjoyed it every single time.

Liz K           

This was one of our favourite restaurants in Scala. Food amazing - could recommend the Meat Balls with cheese served in an individual casserole dish.  Iced peach teas and banana milkshakes very good as well. Friendly staff, always have time for a chat. Nice and shady if you want to get out of the sun for a while.

After you have tried it you will come back - we visited for lunch on several occasions.

Hugh P           

In our view this was the best restaurant in Skala, beautifully decorated, with that nice half-inside - half-outside feel. The food was excellent, and the tables well separated from eachother, with well-trained attentive staff. I confess to being a great cat-lover, but don't necessarily want hordes of them beseiging my table while I'm eating. The Flamingo was the only restaurant we visited which was effectively cat-free.

Deby and peter F           

We used this restaurant for lunch most days as it provides good food at an excellent price, and although the portions are a good size they're not enormous. They're happy to substitute parts of the dish - I don't like chips, for instance, so they gave me skordalia instead whenever I had souvlaki. Very friendly - as with all, if you order from the grill you'll have a wait!

Mark B           

Ate here once, it was OK but that was all, Food arrived to soon and no setteling time between courses. Other people we spoke to said they liked it, so did we catch them on a bad night?

Lance F           

Only just back from Skala, great time, lovely place the Flamingo, service with a smile. Shame we do not get it here in England. Food lovely and always they looked after us.
Keep it up Burts dad!!

Stu & jo            

Had two great meals here sat in the lovely garden area at the back. We had the giant beans, saganaki, steak a la flamingo, chicken souvlaki, tzatiki, steak a la mexican and peppercorn steak. All were delicious, the service was very good and the prices excellent for the quality of the food. Luckily we got there early as it was always packed with people queuing to get in later on.

Catherine T           

We loved the garden setting and my partner loved his dish of meatballs! However I was slightly disappointed with the salmon, as I have had better in the UK. We were eating early so there were plenty of staff available but it was incredibly difficult to attract their attention as they stood leaning in the wall staring into space! Obviously preparing for the rush later in the evening.....

Peter M           

Ate here many times during our very recent visit to Skala. Excellent food and service. The staff were brilliant, even Burt Reynolds dad!
The T-bones were excellent, my wife loved the avocado starter and the Mediterranean chicken. Beware of the peppered steak - it is more like a vindaloo! Will certainly visit here again next time.

Peter M           

Just returned from Skala 2 days ago. Dined regularly in the evening at Flamingo. Cannot fault ANYTHING with the food, service or price. T-bone steaks were to die for. When we go back will most certainly eat there. The garden area is a wonderful setting. Owner/staff could not do enough. Beware of the peppered steak - it was the finest "vindaloo" I had while we were there!

Helen A           

We really loved this taverna and ate there 4 nights during our stay. We went there on my 24th birthday and we were given free drinks of our choice. (My mum had a bit of a soft spot for one of the waiters and wanted to bring him home!!!)

Kerry -           

Flamingo does the best breakfast in Skala! They're Flamigo breakfast with English sausage and bacon it delightful and you get freshly squeezed orange juice too!

Arlene B           

We have been travelling to scala for 5 years now and always make a bee line on the first night to flamingo, wonderful food like the greek speciallity , stifado or the klefitko which you must try.Staff are wonderful and friendly and even gave us a complimentary metaxa at the end of our meal.Not long till July when we will be returning .Whoopie!!!P.S their Baklava is to die for!!!

Ian C           

we spent every day there for breakfast, the staff very attentive and couldnt be more polite and helpful. the brother and sister work alternate days and were really verey nice. the food was excellent served quickly with a smile.! the waitresses are indeed very pretty but we both thought the son of the owner had the most fantastic backside in the greek islands.
the comments entered by other customers do suprise us, as we never had any cause for complaint. we witnessed a lady complain about her meal (after she had eaten it and had been asked twice if everything was to her liking). the daughter of the owner offered her a free meal the next evening which she accepted, i would have been less generous.she was clearly a professional complainer. we would reccomend this restaurant unreservedly but if youre a nit picker (my chicken was served too quickly if you please!) then go elsewhere, im sure they wont mind.

Ray M           

Visited Flamingo for both breakfast and evening meal.Breakfast whilst good is not on the same par with The Pines.Our evening meal was served within 10 minutes of ordering which I always think is far too quick especially for chicken.Despite this it tasted fine.My wife had the spaghetti carbonara which was delicious.The house wine was more than adequate especially at the prices they charge.However after our main course we were made to feel as if we in the way because the restaurant was getting busy, despite us still drinking our wine.A little bit disappointed after all the good comments we had read.

Sarah P           

Im a little surprised at some of the other comments as we were delighted with this restaurant - i guess its just a matter of different tastes. I think we all agree that the surroundings anr beautiful - the patio garden id a little piece of paradise and we did apreshiate cloth napkins and table cloths instead of the usual paper ones you seem to get everywhere eles. the restaurant has an upmarket elegant feel about it, which explains why you pay more for your food. i meen you wouldnt expect to pay the same for a meal in your local pub and a eligant restaurant in england would you? Our food was lovely and the staff very attentive. i think we would have eaten here every night if we had been staying in Skala.

Dave A           

A lovely restaurant, great setting in the rear courtyard. Nothing negative to say. The red house wine was quite pleasant for Greek wine.
The Kefalonian meat pie is delicious.

Mark H           

Don't know if this was a marketing ploy but had the best looking waitressess in town. Burt reynolds has got older then because he now looks like Des Lynam. Very attentive but still, girls made up for it.

Elizabeth M           

We found this the m ost disappointing restaurant in Scala, once the meal was ordered the decided to inform us they had no bottled water left!!!! we were very disgruntled.

Emma M           

Went here on one of our last nights because we thought it looked nice. As a vegetarian I had been well catered for in Kafelonia, and ordered Vegetarian spaghetti, only to find that it turned up with meat in it. My boyfriend ordered a mixed grill and it was swimming with fat.
I wouldnt go again to this restuarant.

Stuart W           

Burt Reynolds? Well I thought he was nice and he offered our children a free ice cream and me a Cognac so I thought that was good stuff. Found all the staff really kind and the general atmosphere calm and friendly. Priced o.k and food was good.

Derek G           

We ate here twice during our stay and found the food to be lovely. They didn't have much in the way of childrens portions which made it slightly more expensive than Mi Abella

Alan K           

have been to scala four times.
keep going back to the same tavernas.
Flamingo is normally great but this year the portions seemed a lot smaller. I ordered a main course but when it came it was the size of a starter. Thought this was a Greek Jeremy Beadle moment but the owner who looked like Burt Reynold's dad did not respond !!
He grins like a cheshire cat in his weird loafers and cheesily swipes your credit card.
happy holidays !!!!!!


The best place we found in Skala for breakfast. Prices were by far the cheapest and the staff were friendly. However, you'll find when reading the breakfast menu that the Kefalonian breakfast and the full English breakfast at one euro cheaper are identical!

Mark M           

Good service. Don't keep you waiting at your table avoiding your attention like some of the other restaurants. Food was good, one of the fewer places to serve Dolmades as a main meal, much to my girlfriends delight. Better looking waitresses than the other restuarants! Can be a little pricey, depending on what you have.

Chris S           

Surroundings and staff great however meal was not up to much. Small portions and more expensive than anywhere else. We did have breakfast here and it made up for the meal!

Chris W           

Cheese pie starter very good,Mexican chicken tasteless, lamb kleftico fair/average, may be it was just the meals we chose, staff and surroundings good.

Natasha S           

We eat here every year we go to Kefalonia. The Service is fab, so is the food, and very reasonably priced. The Kefalonian Meat Pie is the best!!

Ray C           

Ate here on a very warm evening & could'nt get a table in the garden area so ate under cover & found it very sticky.
The food was OK but on the expensive side. Plenty of better places to eat.

Claire S           

What can I say? By far the best resturant on the Island. Fantastic service and even better food. Don't leave Scala without eating out here!

Jan S           

Great breakfasts!

Rachel D           

the food was ok but quite expensive. the fishermans salad was quite disapointing as there was too much dressing and not a good selection fish. hamburger was ok but the bread was soaked with oil.

Tony H           

Friendly service, attractive setting. Food excellent Kefalonian meat pie; home made soup; stuffed vine leaves; stifhado all excellent.

Cath D           

We had breakfast in here every day and it was lovely. The Kefalonian scrambled eggs are fantastic.

Stephen S           

Great Breakfasts - Especially the Fresh-Fruit Waffles !! Ate there a couple of times in the evening and the Main-Course Meze is a 'carnivors-delight'!! - Owner and Staff a delight!

James N           

Not bad, good service - drinks over-priced compared to other places.

Don T           

We have eaten at the Flamingo in each of the last two years and have enjoyed our meals. The setting is very nice but can be a bit crowded. Although this year we enjoyed the fish platter for two, we felt it was expensive at 32 euros.

Chris T           

We were on Kefallonia for 1 week - it was the first restaurant we visited - we then tried several others throughout the week but ended up going back to this one for the last night and it proved to be just as good - I disagreed with the previous comment about the price - the prices were on par with the rest of the island - what made it better was the service and the quality of meals - the staff were excellent (especially the older moustachioed guy)

Alex M           

Quite expensive for what you got. Service was good and people friendly. Found better places to eat that were much more reasonable in price.

Jed W

Trying to find my good friend Jerry Spilliotis. His family used to own the Flamingo (I think his uncle has it now). We have been going to Kefalonia since 1985, but havn't been for a few years. Please can you help.

Carol H           

Food was wonderful,staff all very friendly. Will be there again as soon as possible!

Andrew S           

Fantastic food, great service, and a Magnum PI look-a-like - what more could you ask for? If you end up in the garden, though, beware the bird droppings!

Roger H           

The very best in Skala. Excellent staff were so friendly and helpful, and the food justified our many visits. If you prefer to queue for your meal and pay more for it, then try the Pines next door, and leave the Flamingo to us. I really enjoyed having so much space between our tables!

Emily S           

We had lunch here one day and decided not to go back, since the food was nothing special at all. The waiter hardly spoke a word of English which provided some entertainment. Ok for lunch if you are on the beach and don't want to go to the Pines.

Michael M           

The best restaurant in Scala. The food is magnificent with the largest menu in town. We went back on the last night, to ensure a perfect evening and we were not dissappointed. The "Chicken a la Chef" is one of the best meals I've ever had. Try it. The staff are extremely friendly and also very good at their job. Its worth waitng for a table in the garden, as its trully lovely. I can't give this place enough praise.

Nick F           

Setting was very nice, the foliage and mini waterfall in the garden area is a nice touch. I would recommend the Greek Meze for 2, especially the 'saganaki' - fried cheese.

Cilla L           

This was one of the first restaurants we went to during our 2 week holiday. We were impressed by the quick and first class friendly service, the prices are reasonable, menu varied and the stifado was very tasty! The surroundings are also very clean and pleasant - particularly the 'garden' area to the rear of the restaurant.

Jo P           

We were only in Skala for a week but ended up coming here 4 times because it was just so good. The food was excellent, the staff were very friendly and the whole atmosphere and layout was just perfect!

Laura C           

try the soup

Arlene B           

wonderfull meals and you will be served by truly excellent staff.I had the beef stifado which is a greek dish followed by the baclava for desert .both dishes were super.So you must give them a try.

David K           

A great place to eat any time of the day, especially in the tropical garden!

Christine K           

Lovely resteraunt! We enjoyed it so much we came here for lunch nearly every day of our 2 week stay on Kefalonia!

Paul S           

Probably the best restaurant in Skala. Friendly waiters, excellent food, good prices.