Tara Beach Hotel - (Accommodation in Skala)

Ray C           

Great location right on sea front. Super pool which was never over busy. Rooms clean & reasonable size but the towels were as rough as hell(don't know who did the laundry)! Superb gardens ablaze with colour.
The breakfast is a waste of time, but so what.The food at the hotel was not the best but there are loads of top quality eating places in Skala.If you want a fridge(you can't possibly survive 2 weeks without one it costs 30 Euros) & the air con. was 80 Euros I think, although we managed without I don't think I could in July or August.
The bar & restaurant staff are superb especially Natasha & Costas who were so friendly.
Overall the best of all the Greek islands we have visited with the best quality food & the friendliest locals & from our travels around we thought Skala was the best resort to be staying in.

Symposium Restaurant - (Restaurants in Skala)

Ray C           

Lunch time eating place. Do a great omelette & cooling glass of beer right next to the Tara Beach Hotel just across from the beach.

Mi Abeli Restaurant - (Restaurants in Skala)

Ray C           

Ate at this restaurant twice & on each occasion had an enjoyable meal.
Prices very reasonable compared to some others.I had the Kefalonian meat pie which I tried at several restaurants(got a taste for it)& rated this one as about average to good.

Arkontiko - (Restaurants in Skala)

Ray C  (June 21, 2003)         

Great location with wonderful view out over the sea.
I had lamb with oven potatoes which was very good.
Gets very busy around 8.00pm & after so you might have wait for a table.

Flamingo - (Restaurants in Skala)

Ray C           

Ate here on a very warm evening & could'nt get a table in the garden area so ate under cover & found it very sticky.
The food was OK but on the expensive side. Plenty of better places to eat.

Galera - (Restaurants in Skala)

Ray C           

A busy restaurant which always seemed to have customers waiting for tables.
I had the chicken stuffed with spinach & cheese which was excellent.
Service good & prices not too expensive.

Siroco Restaurant - (Restaurants in Skala)

Ray C           

Ate here one night & found it very satisfactory on all accounts.
No complaints about the quality of the food although I can't remember what I had to eat(guess it was the Kefalonian meat pie).
Possibly the smartest toilets in town.

Old Village Restaurant - (Restaurants in Skala)

Ray C           

Don't know what the previous contributor was on about.This was the best place we ate at & I definately recommend their Kefalonian meat pie(excellent).The crockery was smart, cutlery new & clean, staff all immaculate & very attentive.
Joseph the barman was an artist with his cocktails, don't waste money on a suite if you are having a cocktail afterwards as you get enough fruit on the top for two.Happy hour prices after 10.00pm.
Hope to put a picture of Joseph on the site when I get my films developed.

Ta Pitharia - (Restaurants in Skala)

Ray C           

First place I tried the Kefalonian meat pie - different to all the others but very nice & a challenge to big eaters.Our friends who are vegetarians struggled to find a great choice but both agreed that the charcoal grilled Tuna steak was one of the best meals they had.
Very busy & finding a table for 4 at 8.30 pm was a bit lucky.
Staff OK but too busy to find time to chat.
Would have eaten here more often if up to me as I liked the look of the menu but not great for vegetarians.