Restaurants in Skala

Victoria R          10/10

Fabulous taverna - very traditional with everything tasting fantastic, and lovely people. My second favourite taverna in Skala.

Michaela S          7/10

Lovely restaurant situated in a quiet area of Scala.  The food was good but not alot of choice for veggies

Emma M          5/10

Would say that this restaurant is ok, but nothing to write home about. My partner enjoyed it, but as a veggie, the choice was very limited.

The chocolate cake was nice though!

Carmel B

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Carmel B          10/10

Just back after a beautiful week in Scala.
We spent the last 4 nights eating at the Sorates.
Dimitri & Socrates had a busy winter working on their lovely new extension.
We are not happy as we had to eat inside last night as it is 12 deg here, and we left when Scala is having it's hottest May.
Thanks to all for the best food in Kef, definetely!!
Dimitri and the ever smiling Denise will tell you what the specials are each night, but all the food here is fab. Try Helen's homemade choc cake, it is to die for!!
See you all in Sept, can't wait.
Kevin & Carmel

Karen W          7/10

Very good family run taverna, with excellent lamb chops (and lots of them). Situated in a nice quiet part of the area.

Linda L           

This was a great place to eat as it is really family run and the food is fabulous with different specials nearly every night. The homemade cake was wonderful.  Would certainly recommend here

Carmel B           

Kevin and i are returning to Scala on tuesday 10th October for 1 week. We feel like we are going home when we get to Socrates.
All the reviews the taverna get are what this family deserve. We are so looking forward to the lovely greek food and hospitatily we get there.
Looking forward to catching up with all the family in the last year.
If you visit Scala and not have a meal in this taverna, then it is your loss!!!!

Hilary S           

Just back home on 26th Sept. We tried out Socrates because i read so many great reports about it. It was fab, so much we ate there for the full 2 weeks.There were specials on the menu every night. Great value. The cooking is done ny the grandmother and it all good Greek food. We were given a bottle of wine on our last night and some evenings they gave us free pudding to try- all home made. Dimitri and Denise usually served us and were really friendly. Had our first experience of a tremor when we were in the taverna. Denise told us they happen often.
Socrates was not far from our apts. the Marietta, on the way into Skala from Argostoli. It is around the corner from the Roman Villa. You should go!!!!!!!

Claire B           

A lovely traditional Taverna, we sat under the grapevine and enjoyed the traditinal greek special dishes offered and of course a jug of the red house wine. The atmosphere was calm and friendly and my 8 year daughter praised them on the best homemade burger ever eaten!!!
I believe that once the apartments around it are built, it will be difficult to get into it due to the good cooking and friendly atmosphere. Highly recommend.

Rob P           

I can't praise this place enough - we ate here on 9 of the 13 nights in Skala.

The setting is lovely, down a quiet backstreet near to the Roman remains with vines and lots of bunches of grapes overhead. Theres lots of space as the tables aren't on top of each other and if you have kids there is room for them to look around without getting in the way of others eating there and you are never rushed.
The food was absolutely outstanding.  Check the specials every day - Denise the lovely Greek/Aussie waitress will guide you through them.  They're all freshly cooked by Grandmother and are wonderful - good ingredients (most of the veg grown by the family) cooked and served simply.  Personal favourites were the beetroot with garlic (which I could eat plate upon plate of every day and never get bored of it), the aubergine salad (which has a slightly smokey flavour I've never had elsewhere), the meatballs, small fish cooked in the oven, green beans (that rank alongside the beetroot), lamb kleftiko and stuffed pork but we never had anything that didn't leave us mopping the plate clean with bread!
Whilst the food and setting were excellent perhaps what really differentiated Socrates was the family that owned, cooked and served there.  They made everyone feel so welcome and after your second visit you knew everyone from 13 month old Nikos through to Grandmother and Grandad and that made eating out far more of an occasion. We met a lovely couple there who had even had their wedding in Skala and a truly memorable reception at Socrates and the family brought out the photos they'd taken and kept because they regarded them as real friends (Hi Jane & David!) and on the final night Demetrious  the owner gave us a bottle of wine as a thank you but specifically asked us to save it until Christmas to think of them then.
Go there.

Lydia B           

Socrates is very traditional and welcoming and has the most wonderful food. I love the setting with the grapes growing overhead. Look out for the pumpkin pie on the specials, it was delicious. Their stuffed tomatoes were second to none. Homemade cake for desert was gorgeous, try their coffee one - divine!

Anne C           

We stayed in Scala for 14 nights and ate at Socrates every night.  The service, atmosphere, welcome and home cooked food is unbeatable.
Every night there are at least three specials - all the food is cooked by Mama and is truly tradional Greek fayre.  Many locals eat here, which proves that it is good.
We tried everything from grilled Snapper to stuffed aubergines.  The home made desserts are a joy and well worth making room for.  The greek coffee is superb, the wine is fantastic.
The family make you feel at home, and you will be given a great warm welcome every night.  The night before we were due to leave we were asked what we would like to eat for our last meal.  We were also given a bottle of wine to take home.
I am already looking forward to my next visit. 

Richard L           

Best in Skala, probable Kefalonia. Wonderful

Alastair D           

 Easilly the BEST restaurant in Scala!

 Found it very friendly and the food was superb!
 We are back in May 2006 and will definately eat there every night!
  We love all the staff! Especially "Better the Botox" - you know who that is if you are a regular!
   See you soon
   Alastair & Daron

Martin D           

It is nice to read all the good comments about Socrates and the family.  I first went in 1994 and last went in 1996 but am looking at returning this year.  Spent a lot of time with the family including shooting at 5am in the mountains with Dimitri.  A true and welcoming family and would recommend visitng and certainly eating at the Taverna which although simple has outstanding food, surroundings and company


Martin S           


Once again back at Socrates at the end of September, beginning of October for our second Scala holiday this year.
I've said it before and forgive me but I'm going to say it again. Rebecca (mum) thank you your food is wonderful, so is your family.
If you want real Greek fayre, truely outstanding laid back service and enjoy it in one of the quieter backwaters of the village then visit Socrates.
Don't rush like so many people do, savour the evening, savour the food and get to know some delightful people. I appreciate that it might not be everyones cup of tea but as some one who has travelled quite extensively, enjoying some outstanding and sometimes odd restaurants this is one of the best consistenty.
Whether you are a fish, meat or veggie lover then be adventurous, ask Dimitris, Anastasia or Denis for some guidance. If the younger members of the family are in the taverna, Denise or Costas get them to crayon the odd dog or pig on your table cloth.
It all adds to the ambience of the place.
Thanks all of you at Socrates looking forward to next June and September 2006 when we return to the island having already re-booked.

Julie S           

Will be coming back on 11th September.  Have just logged on to find news of Helen and Socrates new baby. Yippee - hope all is well - see you soon.

Fred and Julie

Michael V           

We stayed at the Socrates appts,and ate in the tavererna ,the food was very good and the service friendly ,the appts although quite basic were adequate and well maintained.

   We would recomend both to anyone looking to visit Scala,as we had such a wonderful holiday at the resort.

Lesley S           

Yet again we visited Socrates Taverna every night during our recent holiday. The welcome we get from Tasia, Dimitri, Socrates, Rebecca and Dennis never fails to delight us. The food is always outstanding and as we like to sample a starter as well as a main course we never go away hungry. We look forward to seeing them all again in September.

For those of you who regularly visit Socrates Taverna Eleni & Socrates are the proud parents of a new baby boy born 23rd June.

Stu M           

My Missus is a Vegetarian - how well served would she be while dining out in Scala? We're planning a trip in August.

James R           

Socrates Taverna - the best in town
You may try others as you go around
But Becky's cooking is a joy to taste
Melts in your mouth - can add to your waist.

Nightly Anastasia greets you with a smile
Demetri explains the menu - leaves you for a while.
Chicken, lamb, pork and rabbit too
Becky makes the most marvellous stew.
Make your choice , order it with wine
Sip that slowly , while you wait to dine.
Socrates grills and also writes the bills
Try his snapper - you with joy it fills
When in Skala your stomach you want to please
There is but one answer- go to Socrates.
Eating at Socrates- this was our year eight
For our next visit, we really cannot wait.

Jim and Anne Riding last visit Sept. 2004


We have been back to Skala twice now and everyone is very friendly,especially at Socrates where the family ran restaurant offers tradional home cooked meals such as the delcious meat pie or fantastic fresh fish, but what made us go back was how welcome we were made by the family at Socrates and you realise that many families go there year after year and are treated like part of the family,often there is dancing and parties. Always alot of fun and can't wait till next summer.

Martin S           

Just returned from our second visit to Skala this year and another holiday of eating each evening at Socrates Taverna.

If you want authentic Greek fayre in hospitable surroundings, away from the more commercialised area of Skala then visit this family run taverna.
The lamb, whether it's the Kleftiko or the chops, or the beef stifado or rabbit which takes your fancy or if you are in to fresh fish then try the Sea Bass or Snapper. You will not be disappointed.

The family, Costas, Rebbeca, Dimitri, Socrates, Anastasia, Helene are a delight and they are more than efficiently assisted by Dennis and Vasullia. Young Denise is still drawing on my table coverings and her creative 'pigs', 'cats' and 'alligateroses' are improving.

Bravo to you all and thanks yet again for being such an integral part of any holiday.

Oh and by the way, after 18 years of eating in Greece, why has it taken me so long to stumble upon the tastiest of all dishes prepared by Rebecca! Squids in Tomato with Potatoes done in the oven!

Absolutely delicious and I defy even a non fish lover to not want more of this beutiful recipie.

Charlotte S           

The meal i had at socrates was meat pie followed by the choc cake- all home made and tasted superb! Can i also say that i have proof all the vegetables they use for their meals are HOME GROWN! i know this as socrates himself game my dad and i a tour of his vegetable patches! so a lot of effort from the whole family goes into giving u the best meal ever (which it is!)

Charlotte S           

I just sooooo can't wit to go back next year again! socrates is just the best! look forward to seeing you again Anastasia, Dementri and family! xcharliex

Charlotte S           

socrates is by far the best place on the whole island. despite being on a side street is is forever full! Clearly it rocks so pack ya bags and get down to socrates- u wont regret it!

Charlotte S           

Me and my family have been going to Kefalonia, Scala since i was 3 and socrates has always been our fave restaurant- one of the reasons we go back each year! we are good freinds with all the staff there- particulary Dementri and Anastasia. The food is great and you always feel welcome there- nothing is too much trouble for them to do for you. If you don't go to socrates all i can say is- your loss! it has to be the best taverna in the world! (Try the meat pie! and the home-mede chocolate cake!!) See you next year people!

Janine E           

Very traditional. Food was great. The staff are very friendly. We ate there on a few occasions this time and were never disappointed. Prices reasonable and a free drink at the end of your meal to wash it all down! Who could ask for more?

Don F           

Superb we had plenty of great meals here the beef Stifado,Kef meat pie,Mousaka and the kleftiko all well cooked and yes the white house wine at 4 euros a litre was good. the open air part of the taverna especially nice. We liked to round off our meal with a Greek coffee.
we were recommended this taverna by previous people and we were not dissapointed.

Tina C           

went to socrates on our first night in skala and was very disappointed, although the food was good, it was very pricey and not enough of it. we left still feeling hungry and 70 worse off.

Barry S           

we've been many times and we now feel we are friends of the family. Best wishes - and a hug - to Anastasia, Demetrius and other members of the family, Barry and Leonard

Neil L           

The best restaurant we found, and one of the few "proper Greek" places in Scala. Outstanding food, excellent service, polite enough to let you struggle in Greek even though they speak fluent English. One of the few Greeks in Scala who would actually strike up a conversation, and even recognised us in the street after visiting their restaurant the first time. Also, with notice they are prepared to provide special food and drinks, birthday cakes, etc. We recommend everything, just stick a pin in the menu and enjoy.

On our last night, September 2004, dinner for 4 with sparkling wine (Italian Prosecco, specially bought for us, and served to us more cheaply than UK supermarket prices), normal wine, salads, starters, and more lovely food than we could eat, cost about 10 per head.

Barry S           

Leonard and Barry are always treated so well when they go to Socrates by the delighful Anastasia, the charming Demetrius and also Alexandra who has now moved on. We hope to visit you again soon. Good Luck from Barry and Leonard

Mark B           

Socrates was about the only tradional family taverna we found in Scala. It always had a good mix of Greeks and other holiday makers. The food had a real home cooked flavour. Apart from their main menu, there was always a list of specials, which changed each day. It was from this list we tried to choose. We can recommend the stuffed aubergines, briam, rabbit or little fish. We were never hurried by the friendly staff who greeted as friends each time we visited.

Carl B           

We stayed in Scala from July 2004 for 2 weeks and we eat here for 11 days of our stay. My wife is a vegertarian and on two occasions they made a very special platter for her which made my mouth water, she also asked if they did houmoes, they explained that they did not have any but the next evening they made it special. I can only say that the food was the best the meatballs are mouthwatering, the Stiffado is the best I have tasted try the village sausage for a starter. The service and friendliness and welcome of the staff is second to none.

Elaine G           

Fabulous, Fabulous, Fabulous. Our first visit to Kefalonia and so we tried the infamous Pines 2 first - what a dissapointment. We were thoroughly disheatened with eating out our first week. Then we found Socrates and didn't eat anywhere else after that. The welcome you receive is wonderful and so friendly. We noticed the same people eating there every night so we knew we were not on our own in thinking this is the best place in Skala. Just try it!

Claire S           

Unfortunately we only discovered Socrates Taverna towards the end of our holiday but still managed a few visits. The food and service were excellent, I would recommend the specials, also the stuffed tomatoes, french beans and giant beans - all fabulous!!! they also have their own wine which at 5 euros a bottle is excellent value, the rose and dry white are exceptional. Tremendous value for money in a beautiful setting - can't praise it enough!!!

Claire S           

Unfortunately we didn't find Socrates Taverna until quite late on in our holiday but still found time to visit on several occasions.The food was excellent, especially the specials. all vegetables organically produced by the owners father and unbelievably good value too. They also have their own wine, which again is wonderful and fantastic value at 5 euros a bottle, I can recommend the dry white and the rose. Definitely our favourite resturant in Kefolonia!!!

Ged & jane M           

During our stay in Skala we had eaten at several 'anglicized' greek restaurants and felt we were missing out on a true greek culinary experience. Luckily we tried the Socrates taverna and all that changed.

In addition to the fantastic authentic food cooked by Socrates' mother, we found the attentive nature and friendliness of the rest of the family extremely touching. When you try this taverna the warm welcome you'll receive will be genuine, the service you'll receive will be superb, the food and wine will be excellent.

We became regulars here during our 2 week break, not because we lacked the energy to explore Skala to find other authentic restaurants, but because it was the best in town!

Try the Socrates Taverna, meet the friendly, helpful family who run it so will NOT be disappointed!

Eric F           

Wonderful Greek home cooking,simplicity,every dish a delight,no padding it out with unnecessary items to make it look good.This restuarant is not on the main road but do take the trouble to find it,you will be glad you did

Julie S           

We have spent the last 10 years visiting Skala on holiday and count ourselves fortunate that we met Socrates and family. They are all such lovely people and once you are known to them it is like coming home to family. We have had the odd joke played on us but it was all part of the holiday, and done in the best possible taste! It is difficult to choose from the meals we have had which would be the best - I have so many favourites. It is worth noting that if you have a special request e.g Papoutsakia or a particular fish that they will try and provide. Nothing is too much trouble for any of them. Certainly for authentic Greek cooking it is the place to go - keep up the good work Heleni and Rebeka! We were there in June and are going back in September. Tassia,Dennis,Dmitri,Socrates, Costas,Denise and baby Konstandinos are all terrific and we love them to bits!

Charlie ?           

me and my family have bin goin 2 kef 4 10 years now and always make sure we eat at socrates at least 4 times during our stay in scala as it is the best taverna u will ever find! we have become friends with the staff, anastacia and demnetri- they greet us in such a welcoming manor every year- they will always make time for a friendly chat as well. i wanna say that socrates is by far the best and u r a fool if u don't go there! see you next year demntri and anastacia!

Lee & juliet P           


What can I say, other than we love it. It is one of our two favourite restaurants in Skala.

The only thing that stops us eating there more frequently when we are on holiday in Skala is that you need to try new experiences to broaden your horizons.

However, each time we visit this magical island, and wonderful resort, we always end up agreeing that Socrates is fantastic. This time we were ther form the 1st to the 15th of June.

The food is always authentic Greek, and people that complain about the portion sizes or quality are missing the point; this is a Greek restaurant, on a Greek Island doing proper Greek food. You want Anglisized Greek food, stay in the UK. Or eat at one of the places in Skala that have 'sold out'.

Everything is mouth watering; from the Feta Psiti (roast feta), to the Giant Beans, white beans in vinegar, red snapper.. I could go on and on.

The local wine (dopio Krassi) is excellent, and fantastic value. We especially love the white (aspro). And for a treat - ask for Dad's home made wine!

We first visited in 1993; we were walking past and happened to stop to peruse the menu when we were waved in, sat down and presented with a free glass of wine and a small bunch of grapes by Costas the father. These people really are delightful and welcoming.

Anastasia, the daughter, and Dimitri the eldest son are fantastic hosts along with Denis their 'assistant'. Helpful (Dimitri has offered to help find me a property to fulfil my dream of opening a gym in Skala. If only...), charming and humourous. And delighted if you drop the Brit arrogance and attempt to speak Greek (say 'sarandapotharousa' which means millipede and they'll love you!). Oh, and 'Ene karafe dopio krassi meghalo, parakelo.' That's a large carafe of the house wine!.

Efkharisto, Anastasia. Efkharisto Dimitri. Efkharisto Denis. Hopefully, we'll see you at Easter.

Juliet P           

We first visited in 1993, and have been back to Skala 3 times since - most recently June 04. This is our favourite all round restaurant and we always end up eating here at least 3 times a week.
Superb fresh fish and giant beans. My husband loves the rabbit and the skordalia too. Go for the local white wine sold in kilo carafes - generally it has only a faint hint of resin, much nearer to a sauvignon and can be quite lemony. The family who own it are great fun and very courteous, and will be delighted to assist you with your attempts at Greek. Not to missed.

Martin S           

We have been visiting Skala since 1988 and first ate at Socrates Taverna, three weeks after it opened in 1992. This village is but one place we visit throughout the year, during our travels to varrious Countries throughout Europe and North America.

Skala and Socrates Taverna have now become a second home to us in the summer months and Costa's (father and grower of tomatoes to die for) and his family, who run the taverna, are great friends. There are very few eating establishments which will rival this one,for quality, authenticity and a relaxed atmosphere. Ask the locals who also eat there!

Some comments I read, criticise the limited menu. However, Socrates offers genuine Greek cuisine and does so at its very best. Such resteraunts do not need to supplement its menu with other non greek dishes.

If you want a pizza then fine, go to one of the other taverna's in the village. I for one visit any country in the world to enjoy both local and national customs. I certainly do not wish to eat food prepared or served, as I would expect to receive at home.

Rebekah (mother), Helena (dughter in law) and Socrates (son), daily cook outstanding fayre. Whether its the Lamb Kleftiko, Beef Stifado, Fresh Fish or simply the Giant Beans, Feta on the grill or Helena's now infamous chocolate cake. I have not met a dissappointed patron during the last 9 consecutive years of visiting Skala and eating at Socrates. Having returned yesterday we are already plotting a Setember return.

The resteraunt is tucked away from the main street, ideal to find a retreat. The staff out front, Dimnitri (elder son), Anastasia (daughter) and Denis(I'm sure he's related in some way) face the customers out front with a smile and friendly banter.

And if your really lucky, Denise (Anastasia's young daughter) will draw pictures on your paper table cloth and keep yopu amused between courses.

We have had the pleasure of eating at some very good and some not so very good resteraunts in our travels. This is consistently one of the best in the world. If it was not then I can assure you that we would not seek it out and look upon it as a fundamental and integral part of our Greek Holiday.

Please go, enjoy the fabulous food and speak to this lovely family.

Peter H           

We found Socrates in May 2004. Very friendly staff, good food at very reasonable prices. Well worth a visit, don't be put off by the uninspiring views.

Sarah M           

The restaurants we visited on the main street were very samey and we tried Socrates on a recommendation. I wish we had found it earlier in the week. Yes, the menu is limited but the food is at least all fresh and not just slung together with an attitude of "that'll do for the tourists". The service was great and very fiendly, on our second visiit they gave us a bottle of their wine to take home. I could have done with a little more seafood (I don't eat meat) but everything we had was just great. I was reassured to see seversal Greek people eating there too. Despite the fact that it is out of the way it was always busy, even towards the end of the season.

Nick G           


Colin W           

I was very impressed by the personal service. Asking the charming waitress - Annastasia - which of the specials was best, she would always decalre something to be "fantastic!". I was never disappointed. Later I learnt that she was biased, as her mum cooked the food [and her dad made the wine]. I met Irene here, who was very good company, but sadly never saw her again. If I go to Kefalonia again, the friendliness of the folks at the Socrates will be a major motivation.