Agia Efimia Beach

Beaches in Kefalonia

Maggie K

To Sonia Smith on here, You are correct Sonia, the goats DO climb into the trees!, saw a few of them up a tree on the road from Fiscardo to Ag Ef in the taxi! What a beautiful island, I have relatives there right now and I'm so jealous! Visited about 4 times and still can't get my head around the stunning scenery, lovely sea and the kind locals. The food is great, the krasi (wine) knocks your head off, the scents of the rosemary, jasmine as you travel along the roads is amazing. It's like being in a lovely dream. Read a bit about the island before you go, it's fascinating. Hopefully I'll live long enough to return some day 'dreams'.

Penny L          10/10

  Go to Stekis - we went there at beginning of Oct 08 having tried all the other restaurants around the port.  It was end of season and we had truly wonderful meals - we are both foodies and enjoy cooking and this restaurant is the best you can get at Agia Efimia. Certainly better than that touristy place next door.  We had the sardines, lamb stew  in fact we worked our way through the menu ! Smashing family run business we couldn't fault it.  Partner failed on the super raki unfortunately but then he never could handle ordinary raki anyway.  Go there its fab !

Trudy B          7/10

visited this beach october 2007.

what a fantastic place...................pebbled beach very clear water.will need rubber sandals as it hurts your feet.
other than that fabulous................

Steven A           

      We loved it and we're going back in 2007.

Loved the sun and the food was great! Beautiful Place!!   

Gareth J           

Saw this cove on our first day in Ag Ef but didn't visit until last couple of days. Very clear water, but large pebbles - a mat and swimshoes are musts. Surprisingly quiet given its fairly central location. Good for observing yachtie comings and goings. We liked it.

Kevin 3           

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 We called it hideaway beach, if you come out of the Makis apartments and turn right,approx20yds on your left is a cemetry wall, walk down beside this and you will come to a secluded little beach.

The cemetry is also worth looking at,very nicely kept.

Keith D           

Visited this year as part of the island tour and loved the place.Can anyone answer my query - my mother is 73 and although she loves the beach needs a sunbed to lie on.Are there beds for hire on any of the beaches in Agia Efimia?

Elle W           

There are three small beaches in the village itself all within 10 mins of the harbour. They are quite uncomfortable owing to the pebbles but the sun is hotand the water clear and they are never crowded so just buy yourself a mat. It's worth hiring a bike to knab yourself a small cove which can be found all along the road towards Sami. Alternatively, hiring a boat is brilliant. For three days running we had a huge beach all to ourselves with a cave for shelter in the hot sun. Beautiful!

Ken P           

There are several small beaches here with pebbles.If you walk into Sami(9kms) you pass several others of varying size and there is a much larger one this side of Sami which has some sand.There is also a small lake right next to the sea here,complete with ducks and geeseand a broken water wheel.

Sonia S           

We went to Agia Efimia a few times and I am really kicking myself, whilst driving there we saw a goat in a tree and I didnt take a photo, now I am back in the UK no-one is believing it, please just make sure if you see it please take a picture and post it on this site.

Robert P           

For sand, read pebbles, lovely rounded ones! Steps lead down to the water along the road north out of town, past the main harbour wall. Only very small beaches but that's what we loved. Never crowded (in July) but you need a parasol (and pneumatic drill to erect it!). You must take goggles and a snorkel because the water is so clear. Take some bread and feed the fish - it's absolutely brilliant, must be what it's like to swim in an aquarium. I got some of them to feed from my hand!

Chris W           

The beaches in Lassi are good however beware of the over-priced sun beds. They cost about 8-10 Euros/day which soon adds up. We opted to buy lilos from the supermarket for about 10 each which was much cheaper and much more fun. The water is so calm, you can take your 'sun bed' into the sea and sunbathe there instead.

You can also buy sun brollies for just 8. These are a saviour at midday.

David C           

Message for Chloe.

I may be wrong, but I'm pretty sure this beach is just a minute outside of the main street in Aghia Efimia. And it is lovely. It's small, and there's no sand (like most beaches over there) but it's lovely and peaceful and very calm. The sea is also calm and ideal for a swim. There are lovely views and we went once at about 8.30pm when it was starting to get dark just to gaze across the waters towards Sami and Ithaca.

Anyway, how to get there (if it's the same one - which I'm 99 per cent sure it is!): head down the main street in Aghia Efimia, the one with all the restaurants. You should be passing To Stekis and other restaurants on the left and the yachts on the right. You pass the breakwater on the right (which usually has a big boat "parked" up) and then pass some tables and chairs on a raised area on the right, opposite a two storey bar, with a restaurant on the balcony. The beach is about 20 metres past the chairs on the raised area, on the right, and there are stone steps down (which you can just about make out in the picture). Hope you find it coz it's lovely.

Chloe C

where is this beach?

Alison W           

We found this little beach when we stopped here for a couple of hours on the island tour, and it was gorgeous, would loved to have stayed at this resort for a few days, some nice little coves as well.

Ruth S           

Beaches are small and pebbly, and the sea is excellent for swimming and snorkeling.

Ken M           

Ag Ef has a number of small pebble coves some of which can only be reached by boat,

David L           

We hired a motor boat and found our own private beach which was inaccessible by road or foot. There are plenty of coves dotted up and down the coast. If you fancy something a little more adventurous there is a scuba-diving school which caters for everyone from beginners to experienced divers.