Lepada Beach

Beaches in Kefalonia

Dave P          9/10

Another favourite beach of ours - we just got back yesterday- use the ferry rather than the long drive around the peninsula. Good for swimming and snorkellng. Good for kids and swimmers.

David B           

Fairly low key beach, popular with locals. Nice and shallow until a long way out, so great for kids. Red sand, looks a bit scruffy but ok. Loads of little fish nibbling at your ankles.

Pauline O           

We are not really beach people now but did enjoy it in our earlier years, always found Lepada, clean, and safe for children as we took two grandchildren there in 1992, aged then 8 and 6, who loved every minute they were there, The Greek people love to swim and weekend is their only chance, and as Greek girls are not allowed to got topless perhaps it does make the young Greek boys to pass remarks. and lets face it some of our topless bathers can sometimes be all but naked, but Lepada is a lovely beach, you are not harrassed by sunbed sellers but now at our age and suffering knee problems, the steep walk down to the beach is becoming a problem for us 

Steve F           

We visited last week in May. Lovely red sand gently sloping into sea and safe swimming for kids. We liked it and only a few others on beach with us all morning. In the early afternoon however local Greek teenagers arrived in ever increasing numbers. Nice for a while but they got a bit boisterous and started walking back and forward past women sunbathing topless passing lewd comments - caused a couple of single women to get up and go, clearly harassed by them! Maybe best avoided at this time of day if you`re looking for a quiet beach retreat as more like a busy Greek school playground!

Chris W           

Brilliant weather - apart from 2 huge thunderstorms on the last 2 days. Being housed on the top of a huge hillside really didnt help either!

Stayed in Sissy Studios in Lassi from 25July - 3August.
(anybody else who stayed there around that time, contact me - chriswheatley123@hotmail.com) It's the sorta place you want to be going to with your mates really, as it has a pretty decent nightlife (specially friday nights) and it's the ultimate chill out area too.

Highly recommended....

Chris Wheatley

Lucy S           

The sand was a lovely red colour and there were loads of locals on the beach so you really felt part of the Greek community. All you have to do is shout "ela, ela" a few times and you could almost be one of them!

Linda D           

Nice small beach with beds available for hire off Mackie... who makes lovely frappe coffee. Good for families and yes it is the closest beach to Lixouri. Umbrellas also for hire as it gets hot and no shade.

Does anyone no of any accomadation in that area for hire?

Malcolm A           

mr goody must have been on another beach have been going to kef many times staying in lixouri never seen a naked person on this beach very good for families super taverna

Bob C           

 Lepada is a small beach used by locals as well as tourists. We have been going to lixouri for 11 years and the sand is good and the swimming safe for children.

Don D           

A small sandy beach with nice little housed virtually on the beach at the back. Interesting Rocks to swim out to and which attract fish. This is the closest decent beach to Lixouri and is well worth a visit. The only down side is the very steep slope down to the beach - I'm sure it got even steeper on the way back up!.