Emblisi Beach

Beaches in Kefalonia

Aimee W           

A beautiful beach.  Pebbles instead of sand but this only adds to the clarity of the water.  Water was very clear, great for snorkelling and swimming, and unlike some of the other beaches didn't go too deep to quickly. 

Lucy S           

I thought this beach was fabulous! The water was so clear and the beach was very quite. Also, the sea gets deep fairly quickly so it is lovely and cold when you get in. There was some good snorkelling round the rocks, although, as the Med is overfished, these days you only get to see little fish.

Lisa D           

I think Andrew (below), got the wrong beach. Emblisi has lovely fine sand, with some pebbles further up the beach. The only thing spoiling this small, quiet beach was the pylon that you could see if coming back in from the sea. Beautiful view (going outwards), on the sides of the beach there is some slanting rocks which are great for sunbathing and also for exploring. If we weren't based in Skala, 2 hour drive away, we would have gone here every day.