Trapezaki Beach

Beaches in Kefalonia

Lance F          9/10

Difficult to comment really, Brilliant place to swim and laze around, the taverna is good and everyone is friendly. Looking forward to our next trip (4th year) in 2007

Jodie P           

This beach made our holiday, we came here most days.  It is really not a bad walk there, with a bus back at 5.00 so you can get a full day here easily.  It is a really pretty walk here too.  A gorgeous beach, small and intimate, with not too many sunbeds.  Tehse were a bit expensive though, at 7euro each.  the bar is nice, playing chilled music, there is one taverna which is nice and quite reasonable, with the most clean toilets i have ever seen, rare on a beach.  the sand is lovely, fine and golden, the sea is shallow for ages and  great for swimming and relaxing.  There is a lovely backdrop of trees to this beach which makes it a perfect relaxing day, definitely woth several visits, and preferable to Lourdas beach, which is shingly and a bit noisy.  Dont know about posing, I often had sand in my pants!


Melissa F           

Absolutely fanatastic - made our holiday, a great place to relax and chill out! Nashia the bar owner was absolutely brilliant & very generous.  The chill out music he played just put the finishing touch to this great beach setting.  We visted most of the other beaches on the island and found this to be one of the best.

Andy L           

Top beach. Top bar. Top chiled out time. Spent all bar one of my days on this beach and just cannot understand where any criticism has come from. Cannot recommend it enough.

Julie M           

We loved this beach musch nicer than Lourdas, we spent 12 days of our 2 week holiday here.  The guy that runs the beach bar is realy friendly our daughter who is 7 thought he was great - he lent us his large dinghy most days.

Cannot understand the negative comments great for swimming and is so shallow for so far out.

Lee O           

Awful.  Didnt stay but the little restaurant was good and worth a visit for lunch.

Daniel P           

the beach was excellent also the and mates had excellent time in there playing vollyball, bat and ball and even swimming.excellent beach def come again.

John P           

Hi ,I was one of the owners of Trapeazaki beachbar and sunbeds before 2 years. I think that 4/10 is to low for this beach.Before 1 year this beach was about 9/10 - 10/10. Is far the best organized and clean beach in South Kefalonia. Maybe is not to long but if the weather is good this beach it's a small paradise.U can hire two sunbeds and one umbrella for 7 euro all day and u can eat and drink with 4-5 euro.Everyday they clean the sand so children can play .Also u can listen to good chill out music and u can use the free shower as long u want.....So i think that someone must change this rating it's no fair...Thank U and Enjoy Your Holidays

John J           

Very clean beach with free shower and safe for kids. The beachbar was great with chill out music.Also u can hire 2 sunbeds and umbrella with only 7 euros.I think that is the best beach in South Kefalonia. U must try this place.

Vicki H           

This beach was bliss - obviously been cleaned up since some other people on this site have visited. Well worth the visit !!

Suzanne T           

We found Trapezaki beach to be one of the best on the island. It may not have been the best to look at but the beach was real sand and the water shallow for a long way out which meant it would be ideal for children to play in.

Sam C           

Terrible beach - I know it didn't help that we arrive 2 weeks after a storm, but it was litter ridden and seaweed filled....the beach bar was open but didn't look at all interesting....really not work the bother at all!

Patricia P           

The trek to this beach from accomodation is not worth the bother, the beach itself does not have much going for it, what little there is of it, the other half is covered in litter and generally a rubbish dump, no water sports or anything else for kids to amuse themselves so a very boring place, with no transport, shops and only one eatery.
Now La Scala has a lot more going for it.

Sarah C

are there showers and toilets on trapezaki beach?

Stephanie N           

This beach should be 10/10 not Lourdas. This beach is quiet and chilled out. The music is really chilled out and you can get a drink at the beach bar.

Another great feature was the shower, which allowed you to get the salt and sand off of yourself before getting back into your car or walking up the long hill.

The loungers are cheaper here and in good condition. Overall excellent beach.


We were staying in Lourdas, but went to Trapezaki beach, as it was nicer in our opinion. When you go down the hill to the car park, I felt the beach on the right was much nicer than the one on the other side of the small harbour. Amble sun beds and umbrellas and a bar with chilled out dance music on the beach and a taverna a minutes walk round the corner. If you’re into snorkelling, then there is plenty to see under the water if you’re prepared to swim a bit. Definitely better than Lourdas beach.

Dave F           

Trapezaki beach is beautiful, loads of soft sand, gentley sloping down into the sea. Calm crystal clear water, excellant for children, great views of the mountains above - what more can i say - apart from I hope not too many people read this, as I would hate the beach to get too crowded for my next visit (hopefully next year).

Paul C           

Best beach we found all week, and plenty of room away from the umbrellas. Go after 4pm when it's cooler, walk in the waters edge and within minutes you have the beach almost to yourselves. Fanatastic.

Ken S           

This was our favourite beach in Kefalonia. Mainly sand, hardly any shingle, it slopes gently into the water and is superb for swimming. It's wonderfully long too and you can walk along the water's edge for miles although you are likely to encounter the ocassional nudists bathing in the quieter sections the further you walk. It's quiet too and although we were there in June we had the feeling it would never get too busy even in high season.

Lucy S           

We were a bit disappointed with this beach. We went in early June and there was still quite a lot of seaweed that hadn't been cleared away. There was a bit of litter on the beach too. The service in the taverna was a bit a slow too. It is supposed to be a naturist beach, but we didn't see anyone who had taken more than their top off. Also, I would warn people who are thinking of staying here that the apartments are quite a long way up hill away from the beach and you would need a car unless you fancy a schlepping up the hill in 37 degrees heat!

Sharon B           

great beach . only one taverna - Dennis's to get your lunch although there was a beach hut thing which was being built when we were there which may sell drinks and snacks eventually. Must go to St Thomas beach which you can walk to if you pass by the back of the Trapezaki Bay Hotel/front of the Villa Rosa. there's a car wide dirt track which takes you (after about 10 mins) to a normal road, turn left on to it and it leads down all the way to the beach. There are a couple of cafes and you can hire sunbeds on the second cove of the beach for 8 euros. Do try the restaurant at the Trapezaki Bay Hotel too in the evenings - it's open to non residents (but the hotel does not accept kids as residents so not sure about the restaurant) and is very good value and great food/hosts!

Martin H           

If you are walking down by road from Lourdas direction, bear left all the time and don't make the mistake of following the signs for cars - it will give you a nasty extra half mile up hill and down dale.
100 metres before 'Crystal Palace' restaurant there is a donkey track which takes you down the cliff. The track is muddy in places and not suitable for kids or the infirm. It brings you down fairly close to Trapezaki.Leave plenty of energy for the walk back up!!

Jon M           

Just had to amend my previous rating.

Jon M           

Lourdas beach is ok but if you want soft sand and shallow bathing then you MUST go to Trapezaki, a real gem of a beach!!
Walk down the beach past the sunbeds and you'll enjoy peaceful sunbathing with rarely anyone within 20 yards of you, or so it was in May. The sea was clear and excellent for "bobbing" as we poor swimmers are most likely to do. However if you do walk there and take the "short-cut" path back up from the beach to Lourdas, then take a stick with you for support as the path is steep and rough, plenty of bamboo-like canes lying around on the beach. These are also useful for building little beach huts too. Hours of fun :-)

Kate H           

We really enjoyed this beach. Very quite and scenic. You can walk out a very long way with the water still at waist level. Lovely clear blue water. Hardly any pebbles either which was nice. Sand got pretty hot though! Really worth going to. Quite far from Lourdas though, so i wouldnt try and walk it!! (unless you're fit)