Tour Operators in Kefalonia

Keith A           

Re the debate on OSKARS: I have been to Skala with Kosmar several times and never has any rep recommended or critised any bar, taverna or restaurant. At their welcome meetings they have all referred to the many establishments on the main street without actually naming any but also advised customers to seek out some of the tavernas that are off the beaten track. Given that I have been to Kefalonia on thirteen occasions and have never even seen Oscars I can only assume it is well and truely off the beaten track.

As I have never been to Oscars I cannot comment as to whether is is good or bad but equally I'm not stupid. It is noticable that what appear to be genuine comments from real holiday makers are mainly submissions from the UK and seem to indicate that Oscars is a place to avoid. Where as those that make derogatory remarks about Kosmar staff are submitted from within Greece. Could all of this latter group of people some how be connected with Oscars? If so please stop sending your silly submissions and stop your infantile ways. You are to best advert there is for not visiting Oscars. This is an excellent web site; please stop clogging it up with rubbish.

Penny B           

I have just come back from a fab holiday in Kefalonia. What a beautiful place. I have been several times and recommend it to everyone. The beaches are beautiful the people are friendly. The accommodation is basic but the island is to be explored and enjoyed so your room is only a base! I have to write about the last couple of comments about "Oskars". I am a nosey person so always go to the reps welcome meetings and not once has any of the reps recommended ANY restaurants (once when I asked for a nice place to go I was told that they couldn't recommend any as it was not allowed but I would be hard pushed to find anywhere that wasn't lovely in Lassi - they were right - the restaurants are all nice). I did go to Oskars ....... NEVER AGAIN! If you want to be talked at by a little man with serious mental issues and then be forced to dance to Agadoo and Wigfield all night then Oskars is your place. What a nightmare - don't waste your precious holiday time there. Why not try the classy Casa Grec in Argostoli (sitting outside amongst the vibrant flowers served by friendly staff with a varied menu?) or eat an amazing freshly prepared dessert and Frappe in Premier in the square? Try Captains table for fresh fish (the sea bass is higly recommended) Patsouras is nice for an authentic greek meal at a very reasonable price. Honestly Kefalonia has some fantastic eateries don't let this Jaxx fellow put you off and point you in the wrong direction. The best way to know about a restaurant is to see how many people are in there - look at Sirtakis that doesn't need to drop leaflets under your door and hassle you on the beach it is full every night.......... Avoid Oskars and enjoy your holiday.

Joanne B           

i would like to get a message to hazel evans in regards to the eleni studios not being on the website for 2005, i thought the same thing but after doing a bit of research, the eleni is there to book, but you have to do it under the search option, by putting in your dates and no accomodation the eleni will come up.


Samantha M           

WOW!!!!!!! This was the BEST holiday that we have ever been on. Thank-you so much to Elisabeth and her family for making it so perfect!!

We were there for two weeks from 25th July to 8th August. Flew from East Midlands with islandsflug, plane took off on time from east midlands and early on the return trip from Kefalonia (you never think it can happen).

It was the first holiday that my boyfriend and I had taken together and we couldn't have chosen a better island/resort/accommodation and tour operator. We stayed at the Andreas Studios & Apartments in Skala, our Kosmar rep was Stella and she is the best rep I have ever met.

She helps you with everything you need and takes a keen interest in how your holiday is going. She is very friendly but hard working at the same time. On her evening off she came along to the bbq at the Andreas but unfortunately spent most of the evening on the telephone dealing with a problem for a group at another accommodation. All was sorted and she enjoyed the rest of the evening, a very dedicated young lady.

We stayed in a studio which was cleaned twice weekly complete with linen and towel change and the bins were emptied every day. The pool area was immaculate and the room was gorgeous!!

We have already booked again for next year, but unfortunately we have booked the LAST room with Kosmar for 24/7 until 31/7. I understand that the main block is with Thompson for next summer. Hopefully we will be able to return year after year.

Cant wait for the next 48 weeks to pass quickly so we can return.

Stella we saw what that Mr Sullivan put (or what ever his name was), Id say he had the wrong airline/resort/accommodation/tour company and rep, YOURE ACE. Sorry we didnt say bye at the airport but you looked rushed off your feet. See you next year.

Sam and Dean xxx

Hazel E           

Stayed at Lourdas. Our rep Emma was very informative and professional and was more than happy to assist, if requested. She had a very good rapport with the holidaymakers. Even when 'off duty' she was accessible. We have travelled with Kosmar on a number of occasions and have found them to be a very good operator.

Our return transfer journey slightly took the edge off the holiday as it took us so long to get to the airport due to resort congestion (and irrate coach and taxi drivers) but this was really out of the control of Kosmar and just one of those things you have to accept on a Greek island.

I would however like to make a comment of the Kosmar website as it is very difficult to negotiate.

2004 has been particularly difficult for tourism in Greece. There wasn't the same hustle and bustle as in previous years and resorts were realatively quiet. On returning home, I spoke to a number of work colleagues who were contemplating last minute holidays and I therefore recommended Kosmar and directed them to the website. I was surprised to hear that it was indicating no availabilty for a number of dates.

Also we tried to book online for next year to the Eleni Studios in Lourdas but the accomodation didn't even exist on the website.
It is disappointing that not all available accommodation seems to be available online and it tends to require a phone call or trip to the local travel agent to check.

Kosmar I do think that you are losing valuable business because of an effective site!


Always use Kosmar for Greece.Prices are excellent and service is reliable.Found the trips on offer were expenive though and also the car hire package so did our own at a great saving!But this is usual for all operators.Rep was always around but didnt use/need.Flights and accomadation were great and as detailed.
Id recommend Kosmar for Greece everytime.

Trevor M           

my wife and i stayed in lourdas in june,the reps emma and john were excellent,polite and very helpful,we would certainly go with Kosmar again.
trevor stoke-on-trent

Jamie W           

This was our second visit to Kefalonia but the first time that we had used Kosmar. They were really helpful, didn't pressure you into anything and you really only saw the reps if and when there was a problem. Flights were changed a few times in the run up to our holiday but that was no major worry. When we did fly (with Monarch) both of our flights were on time.

Carol P           

We've just returned from 2 weeks at The Eleni Studios in Lourdas, Kefalonia. Booked through Kosmar - we flew from Birmingham with Thomas Cook airlines - on time, and no problems with the flight or transfers to the accomodation.

Eleni Studios are wonderful and we would recomend them to others.
Our Rep Emma was brilliant - extremely professional,helpful, approachable and knowlegable.

Kosmars brochure descriptions of the studios and Lourdas were absolutley spot on - especially describing the hilly nature of the area! With competitive prices - We wouldn't hesitate to use Kosmar again, either in Kefalonia or other Greek Islands.

Eric F           

I agree with Lydia Voxhall,Stella and the team were great.I don't do welcome meetings myself but whenever I needed a little advice they were there,on or off duty,it didn't make any difference.Keep up the good work and thanks.

Lydia V           

FAO: OSKAR OPA - this wouldn't happen to be the same Oskars that keep dumping their stupid brochures in all of our rooms is it?. I got stopped so many times while I was taking my daughter out in her pram by these boys trying to get me to go to Oskars. Eventually I went. What a nightmare. This funny (and not ha ha funny) little man comes into the middle of the floor and starts to talk. And talk. And talk. He slags off all the holiday companies for not recommending him and he says that he is the best. Idiot. Food is below par. Owner has serious mental issues (I spoke to a rep after going there and she said that even though he offers free meals to reps none of them go there because it is so dire! And let's face facts I am sure that these hardworking reps don't get paid that much that they will turn down a free meal - it MUST be rough). Avoid Oskars.

Lydia V           

I have been with Kosmar for the past 5 years to Kefalonia. I would just like to say what a fantastic team they have constantly had. I cannot believe Mr Sullivans comments. First of all I would like to point out that Kosmar manages to keep its very competitive prices (compare Thomas Cooks and Kosmars prices for Liberatos Village!!)because they don't own an airline (having only the summer season buying planes would make them bankrupt!). As they do not own planes they have to hire planes for the season and as Thomas Cook and First Choice have the monopoly on British Charter planes Mr Sullivan it sometimes means that they cannot get the private jet you probably feel you are entitled to. But I am sure that a well mannered gentleman like yourself manage to put any constructive criticism to the flight attendants without any problem. As for your comments regarding Stella I cannot believe them. I have had the pleasure of dealing with Stella in my time in Kefalonia. She is a hard working, friendly, genuinely nice person. I am sure that you see programmes like "CLUB REPS" and think that the life of a rep is all drinking and having fun. You do not realise that they are away from home for 7 months of the year dealing with all kinds of problems from dealing with trivial matters right up to serious moped accidents (people leave their common sense at home they wouldn't drive at 70mph in jesus sandals and a bandana in the UK so why the heck do it abroad?!). Stella is a great rep as is all of the team in Kefalonia. Luckily she gets many compliment letters and each one is well deserved! I do hope that anyone else who has dealt with Stella could put their thoughts on here because I am sure that if she ever has time to read this Mr Sullivans comments would hurt her deeply and it would be great for her to her from all the people whose holiday she has made extra special.

Jane G           

We have just returned from Skala, Kefallonia, stayed at the Andreas Apartments. Stella was our rep with Kosmar and I can honestly say that she was the best rep we have had in the 17 years we have been travelling abroad. I can totally agree with Keith Aylott and his remarks regarding Stella. In fact I would like to take her with us to our next holiday in Greece as she helped to make the holiday for us. Kosmar as usual, are excellent value for money, although they did change both the airline and the flight times we travelled. The airline, Astreus, was excellent, both friendly and efficient, although there was no flight entertainment an extra book sorted that problem.

Keith A           

I have just read the comments entered by Martin Sullivan on his visit to Skala with Kosmar two years ago and have to say, having just returned from a holiday with my wife in Skala with Kosmar, our experience could not be more different. We were very fortunate to have Stella as our rep. I can only describe her has excellent. She heads a very effective team. Stella herself is very efficient but friendly. Nothing is too much trouble for her. My wife was unfortunate enough to have a minor accident when taking a shower which resulted in the shower head being broken. Stella just happened to be present with the apartment owner when I reported the breakage. Stella immediately enquired after my wife's welfare and even though I told her she was only slightly hurt she still visited her. Not only did she do this, but the next day, her only day off that week, she arranged for her colleague Phil to pay us a further visit to check that my wife was OK. Our view of Stella is not just based on one visit. We have travelled to Skala twice a year with Kosmar for the past two years and each time have met Stella and she has never been any different. We are always pleased to see her and she lets us know she is pleased to see us by going out of her way to be helpful. When we were there last year one unfortunate lady travelling with Kosmar fell down a flight of stairs and had to spend a week in hospital. Stella gave up much of her own time supporting this lady.

While I like to read comments on sites like justkefalonia I have never before contributed but given what I feel is an unjust personal attack on a hard working rep by Mr Sullivan I felt I had to. To make such comments in such an offensive and smart aleck way two years after the event perhaps says more about the customer than the rep. I feel that many people would regard such an attack on a young woman who is probably not in a position to be able to answer for herself as both cowardly and despicable.

Out of interest our flights were all from Birmingham on modern aircraft that are part of the Thomas Cook fleet. All departed on time and arrived early. Our transfers were good with excellent commentries from the reps involved.

Keith A           

I have just read the comments entered by Martin Sullivan on his visit to Skala with Kosmar two years ago and have to say that having just returned from a holiday in Skala with Kosmar with my wife our experience could not be more different. We were very fortunate to have Stella as our rep. I can only describe her has excellent. She heads a very effective team. Stella herself is very efficient but friendly. Nothing is too much trouble for her.

My wife was unfortunate to have a minor accident when taking a shower which resulted in the shower head getting broken. Stella just happened to be with the apartment owners when I reported the breakage. Stella immeadiately enquired after my wife's welfare and even though I told her she was only slightly hurt Stella insisted on visiting her. Not only did she do this, but as the next day was her only day off that week, she arranged for her colleage Phil to pay us a further visit on her behalf to check again my wife was OK.

Our views of Stella are not just based on one visit. We have travelled to Skala with Kosmar twice a year for the past two years and each time have met Stella and she has never been any different. We are always pleased to see her and she lets us know she is pleased to see us by going out of her way to be helpful.

Last year when we were on one of our visits one unfortunate lady travelling with Kosmar fell down a flight of stairs and had to spend a week in hospital. Stella gave up much of her own time supporting this lady.

While I like to read comments on sites like justkefalonia I have never before added one. But given what I feel is an unjust personal attack on a hard working rep by Mr Sullivan, I felt I had to. To make such comments in such an offensive and smart aleck way two years after the event perhaps says a lot more about Mr Sullivan as a customer rather than Stella as a rep. I feel that many people would regard such an attack on a young woman who probably is not in a position to be able to answer for herself as both cowardly and despicable.

Out of interest all of our flights were also from Birmingham on modern aircraft that are part of the Thomas Cook fleet. All departed on time and arrived early. Our transfers to Skala were good with excellent commentaries from the reps involved.

Kevin B           

The only comment I would add is that the airline Kosmar use to fly out of Bristol (Islandsflug) seem to specialise in providing the most cramped aircraft on God's Earth (or up in the sky I suppose)featuring a six-inch wide aisle which is particularly unpleasant when one of the cabin crew is suffering from BO but I agree that the reps on the Island do a good job with trying to sort out the weekly chaos that characterises Sundays at the airport.
And one question - can anybody explain why Kosmar have fallen out with the Starlight?

Carol R           

Flew from Gatwick To Kefalonia 2003, airline out was Astraeus (very good) and back to Gatwick with Thomas Cook. Absolutely no problems concerning safety.

Carol R           

We have used Kosmar several times, and have never found a reason to make any complaint. Stella was our rep. in Rhodes 2001 and was efficient and friendly. Alison in Lassi/Kefalonia was also really pleasant and nothing was too much trouble. This year we are going to Skiathos with Kosmar, and very much look forward to another good holiday with Kosmar again.

Karen A

Can anybody tell me what the flights are like from Gatwick to Kefalonia, I am concened abotsafety mostly. Also can Anybody tell me what the apartment is like at th Nikos Studios?

Martin S           

Two years ago we vetured to our favourite holiday spot Skala, travelled with Kosmar from Birmingham on a flight from hell. The plane was a British Midland loaned thing, which the owners obviously did not feel they needed to use any longer. (The science museum had also refused it). But it got us there and I was able to put up with that. However having arrived late after a prolonged transfer around the entire bottom half of the Island we were then given the opportrunity to meet our holiday rep.

Stella is her name, a geordie lass. She promptly told us that there was no key for our apartment so we had better stay in overnight. I suggested strongly that she ought to speak to the owners which, she decided she would and said she would return an hour later.

She did not, but through our greek friends in the resort we were able to temporarily sort the matter which she was unable to achieve.

Although we did see her with her boyfriend a couple of hours later in the bar and she said she had forgotten. She faild to resolve the door problem for the entire two weeks despite reminders and requests, so we were forced to clean our own room and change bedding as we had to use the cleaners spare keys.

I did write a letter of complaint about Stella, to Kosmar, pointing out that she was about as useful as a one legged woman in a bum kicking contest. It obviously failed to excite them as I see she is still one of their reps this year in Skala.

Don't lose your keys or give her any hard questions.

Jenny C

EVANS STUDIOS - Please can anyone offer any information on the Evans studios as I am travelling there at the end of August with 3 children and would be most grateful for and comments regarding the standard and location of them and if the ground floor stucios have a sea view.
We can't wait! :o)

Suzanne T           

This was the second time we used Kosmar. The reps were great - very helpful. Our tickets were issued extremely late this year (2 days before our Sunday flight) due to flights being brought forward, only to find that one the way out it was delayed by 30 minutes (due to a passenger rather than Kosmar or Airline) and on the way back was delayed by about 50 minutes. The return delay was purely down to the airport but we were warned about this well in advance. The reps did their best to sort things out but Kefalonia Airport needs a kick up the backside as far as organisation goes. It still wouldn't put me off going back to Kefalonia so it cannot have been that bad. Our rep Emma was fabulous, not pushy with the excursions, but making sure that everyone knew when she would be around and how to get help if she wasn't available. Excellent job Emma.

Gordon S           

we went to kefalonia last year with kosmar,overall they are a very profesional company.but this tear we are going independantley as the accom, we want (afrato village)is no longer with kosmar.
i would tell anybody to go to kefalonia, as it is a wonderfull island,

Andy B           

Outbound flights and transfer were fine, landing around 10 mins early. Return flight landed 35 mins early! All well organised.

Reps were available, but not intrusive and sorted things out promptly. Excusions were not 'over-pushed'.

Booking over the internet was easy and straight-forward.

Would definately travel with them again to Kephalonia.


Weve never used Kosmar before and it depends on where we go if well use them again. I know its not their fault that Air2000 cancelled our return flight, but we lost a day because we were then put on an earlier flight. We were supposed to fly out at 21.10, but ended up going home at 12.10, which mean we got picked up at 07.40 from our accommodation. This all impacted on the rest of the holiday as it meant we had to pack the night before and get up early on the Sunday, so we could stay out late on the Saturday night. So just be aware that if you go near the end of the season, there is a high probability of your flight being cancelled if its a late one. Other than that, Kosmar seemed to be okay.

Robert C           

As first time users with Kosmar we were impressed by them. Everything was well planned and our journey from Manchester to Lassi went like clockwork,same for the return trip. Our rep Allison was friendly and helpfull and moved us to the top floor of our studios (to take advantage of the views)without being asked twice.We would certanly use Kosmar again.

P. A           

We booked over the internet with no trouble at all. The accomodation was as described and we weren't let down when we got there. Transfer from airport to resort was smooth. We were taxied to the door of the apartments and shown the direction of our rooms after a brief spell on the resort coach to a central drop off.

Our resort rep, Allison was knowledgeable at the welcome meeting and not pushy with the trips, although perhaps a little keen for you to use the car hire company in the same office building.

We flew with HOLA, who were in general a little dour and the steward on the way out was incomprehensible over the tannoy. The meals were ok, but nothing fabulous. (Sadly the woman next to us was a lactose intolerant vegetarian who was given a tuna tournados meal!!! When she tried to explain that she wanted no meat at all, was looked at as if she were from Mars.)

We got there and home in once piece, so thats a blessing.

Overall Kosmar are great and acurate with accomodation descriptions etc, but its the things that happen on the ground that perhaps reps cannot help you with (that annoyed some travellers)like wrong times given for flights, no seat booking on return flight and getting picked up an hour and a half before flight times etc. It seems that Sunday is the day all of Britain goes home and you can get fed up queuing all the time especially if you had "littlies" to amuse.

All this being said, we are looking at booking for next year.

Mike S           

used kosmar for the second year running. the standard was first class.
azzurra air were great.

Tim S           

This was the 2nd year we have used Kosmar. Generally vey good. It's a shame they use Air2000 who are a shambles. Grumpy staff and dire food. The doors not closing on the return flight was a worry.

But the service by the reps was excellent. Welcome meeting very informative and they excursions are their if you want them but with no pressure.

Highly recommended!

Keith T           

Just had our second years holiday with Kosmar. Cannot fault them as a holiday company. Just wish other destinations in Europe were covered by such a good company. Holidays are easy to book and reasonably priced for a good general basic standard of accomodation. Don't expect the Ritz and you wont be disappointed. The Reps are really good, knowledgeable and helpful and this years welcome meeting in Lassi, Kefalonia was excellent. Well done Allison. Flights, chartered to Kosmar through Air 2000 were comfortable and the food was actually pretty good. Met promptly at the airport and transferred right to our door by coach and taxi. The accommodation and resort were pretty much as described by Kosmar even though were actually had a non-brochured apartment as all the brouchured ones were taken. Thanks Kosmar for another smashing holiday. I just wish Kosmar covered other Med Islands as I would love to go to Malta but with Kosmar type accommodation.

Emma M           

Kosmar were very good. The rep who was on our coach was very knowledgable and told us many things about Kafelonia and Skala that we wouldnt find in a tourist book. The welcome meeting by Stella was good, and you didnt feel pushed into going on any of the trips. As it happened, we booked one, and it was a very enjoyable day.
The accomodation was ok.
The downside was the flights....It had been a very long time since I had flown and I was very nervous. we arrived early at check in to make sure that we got seats together, only to be told that we would have to ask the stewards if we could have seats together on the plane, which we did eventually get. However it meant the wait in Manchester, (with a one hour delay) was a very nervous time for me. I got a vegetarian meal on the plane which was delicious, and the pilot managed to make up half an hour during flight time both going and coming back.
The flight back was in some ways even worse. Due to kafelonia airport, you have to arrive about 3 hours before you are due to fly, and for some reason, no one had seat numbers, so basically it was just a free for all as to where you sat on the plane. We practically had to run across the run way to make sure we were sat together. However because everyone was there three hours early, it meant our plane could set off half an hour earlier than it was meant to.

Jane P           

Although I have done enough package holidays!!Had no problem at all with Kosmar.

Phil M           

We used Kosmar twice before we went independently. The only reason being that no operator semms to do a three week holiday. Doesn't fit in with their schedules. Stayed at the Ermioni on both occassions. Upstairs back rooms would be our choice for a more peaceful stay.
Would highly recommend.

Ellaina T           

Really nice apartment, good trips, good prices.

Sophie H           

The flight was good (Islandflug - airmiles) although the food was inedible. Once in Lourdas the reps were excellent - very helpful and knowledgable (Emma). Our only complaint was that we could have done with being told how long we'd be on the coach for on the 'Sami by night' trip - we weren't expecting 4 hours on the coach! We'd certainly use Kosmar again.

Gillian L           

We went to Kefalonia from Newcastle in May 2003. The flight was delayed 12 hours. We flew with a company called HOLA - no wonder we worried beforehand. We were due to fly with Excel but they changed this to another airline and then changed again to HOLA. What a disgrace. Before boarding this chap stated he used to fly this type of plane in the war (shows you how old and decrepit it looked). No entertainment - not even a radio - stroppy stewardesses and horrible food (not that its ever that good - but this was disgusting). We took out Kosmar insurance and they confirmed we would receive a refund for the 12 hour delay - we have now been told by the insurance company that we will not receive anything as we were only delayed 11 hours (3.15pm in the afternoon until 3.15am the following morning) does that not add up to 12 hours. The letter we received from HOLA showed totally different times to those we recognised. Kosmar need a good kicking for the way they treat their customers. Unfortunately once they have your money there's not a lot you can do. There were people from Bristol in our resort who had had a 12 hour delay going out the week we arrived and the middle week of our holiday - even when we left their flight was delayed by another 3 hours going out. Good luck - I hope your flight is/was on time - both going and leaving.


Has anyone flown from Bristol International with AZZURRA Air this year? Although I'm going to Zante this year, the same company takes Kosmar customers to Kefalonia. Each week the flights seem to be delayed which isn't fun when the latest check in time for Zante is 4.30 am. I hope they are better than Nordic Air last year.

Alison W           

We thought Kosmar were really good and would definately book with them again. Our only moan was we only found out a week before we were due to go, they informed us the flight times had changed and we had to land in Zante then go on to Kefalonia which made this a long trip. Not really Kosmar fault but was a pain. Reps were really friendly and were there to help if you needed them. Nice to see they employ older reps and just young people.
Checking in at Kefalonia airport is the worst I have ever seen but the reps organised it really well.

Mick B           

We have used Kosmar for the last 3 years and have had no problems. Cheaper than the other companies (still a family firm).
Reps were great, full of local history & knowlege etc on the transfer coach. Transfer to Scala does take some time as it is the last resort but not too bad. Have to disagree with a previous post that seemed to think they should have had a coach to themselves (get a taxi if you are so bothered)!
Reps also not in your face. Were there if needed. Also have to disagree with previous post that reps were pushy about excursions. They give you the facts and you sign up if you want to. The island tour was great!
Of course they want you to go on trips. 1. It can really enhance your holiday. 2. Could you survive on 500 per month wage? No? In thier shoes wouldn't you want a small commission. I have no problem with that at all.
Comment about reps haveing no knowledge in a previous post. The ones we have had were full of info and very helpful. Occasionally a brand new rep may be slightly low on knowledge, but you must remember that they may have been drafted in from another island at very short notice.
3 cheers for the reps with Kosmar, great job.


Beats Thomson into the ground. Customer service is best to date.

Craig S           

The rep jacqueline was excellent very knowledgeable and not pushy with the trips.Kosmar did us proud on our return trip as our air2000 flight was delayed by nearly 24 hours and kosmar put us up overnight in a 4 star hotel with dinner and breakfast.Have been with kosmar 3 times to various resorts in the greek islands and they would always be our no 1 choice

Mick N           

The transfer to scala from the airport was a nightmare as it took two and a half hours.Kosmar decided to economise on coaches and took us all the way down to lourdas before carrying on to scala.This trip by car only takes forty-five minutes.As if that wasn't bad enough the return trip set off back at 6.15am when the flight didn't leave until 11.20am.

Tamsin O           


Philippa Y           

WOuld travel with Kosmar again though the Rep was a little clueless.

Carolyn M           

Overall accomodation pretty good, location good, clean and linen changed regularly. Major pain in the neck was the introductory meeting. This went on far too long building up to the car hire and trip selling at the end. Not enough information about Lassi (where we were staying). Sorry Rachel did not need to know every miniscule detail about every grain of sand in Kefalonia.

Matt W           

Loved the accomodation, avoided the reps as had no interest in coach trips and the like, preferring to do it ourselves. Flight times were good but Nordic Airlink aren't. I've never seen such unhelpful miserable stewardesses and that includes flying with bulgarian airlines!

Barbs C           

We were very satisfied with this Company.The Rep was extremely knowledgable about all aspects of the Island and arranged our trips with no hitches.The Marinos Apartments were in a rural setting and we loved staying there.Couldn't fault the holiday at all.

Don T           

Overall Kosmar gave us a good holiday and at a very reasonable price compared to other operators. I can't really comment about the reps because we had no nedd for them. However, the flight by Nordic Airlink was a disappointment. Originally we were going from Bristol with another airline but this was changed. I asked to pay for extra legroom seats which Nordic don't do, they did however pre-book me some seats. Rows 21 both ways. luckily on the outward journey these were changed to row 22 (great) but in row 21 on the return journey there was no room to even lower the table to eat my meal (I'm big but not that big) and I turned down the offer of eating in the galley. The sausage and mash on the outward journey was just acceptable and I had no food on the return. An excellent holiday slightly spoiled by the flight

Jennie D           

The first time I travelled to Kefalonia was with friends to Lourdas the accommadation was excellent. Unfortunately kosmar do not seem to like single travellers as I have since found out and will only book them in at the last moment which is not always ideal for us.

Michael S           

we found kosmar really good, the reps helpful and not pushy, no preasure to go on trips. as for nordic airlink no problems, the staff both ways were as good as gold. would travel nordic airlink any time.

Russell P           

The reps were looking for their commision on trips other than that they did nothing not impressed. though the holiday was great accomadation was good the transfer and flightno complaints there. just the reps. ignore them and you'll have a great time.

M H           

The apartments, price,Lourdas etc were all great. The rep did not seem to know a single thing about the island - could never answer one question that I asked and only wanted to sell you excursions. Guess I had the same rep as the last person to post a message about kosmar!!

Sarah J           

Will never book with this tour company again. The only thing they are interested in are their poxy trips which are not worth the money. The rep new nothing about greece or their customs only what she had learnt about their trips (parrot fashion!!) Did not want to know about any problems, a very poor tour company that we will never book with again.

Steve T           

Overall we were impressed with Kosmar. The whole holiday went like clockwork with both outbound and inbound flights taking off bang on time. The staff were efficient and were only there if you needed them, (I hate intrusive Reps). One downer, our Rep insisted giving me a lecture about the hazards of mopeds. (I ride a 1000cc Yamaha in the UK but apparently mopeds are dangerous ).

Jo N           

I have been with Kosmar several times to Greece and always found the general service to be good whatever the island. We stayed in Lourdas for the second time in June at the Delfinia apartments which good, clean and quiet. I agree with others about the charter flight from Bristol with Nordic Airlink, although we did not suffer any delays, they were not great in any respect!

John S           

Bad News flying from Bristol on 9th June. Nordic are the airline and we had a 12 hour delay for no good reason. No Kosmar staff on hand and we were poorly treated. Kosmar must sort this out 'cos of problems three weeks running. Return flight ok but we lost half a days holiday.

Allison F           

Everything great, reliable. In fact the only thing they were let down by were Nordic Air who starved me on the plane!!!! Tip, don't request a special meal.

Sue C           

Charter airline used (Nordic Airlink - Bristol) very poor with 10 hour delays both ways. No introduction of hotel rep. and little other contact during our stay. Plenty of Kosmar staff assembled to deal with flight problems. Overall not very impressed with general service but hotel was excellent - although not in brochure.

Rosalyn T