Dionysos Taverna Menu - (Restaurants in Lourdas)

Steve T           

Seemed to be an all female staff who were very efficient. Clean, friendly and centrally located.

Greek Islands - (Restaurants in Lourdas)

Steve T  (July 23, 2002)         

We were promised Greek dancers on wednesdays and saturdays. We discovered that 2 waiters kicked about for around 10 minutes, what a climax to the evening. Food was OK but like every place on the island, they have hiked there prices by around 40% with the Euro as a smoke screen.

Klimatis Restaurant - (Restaurants in Lourdas)

Steve T           

As per the other comments, service slow (V slow) and you have to CHASE the bill. Ate their twice and both meals were excellent. As with everywhere else, price is 40% up on last year (Euro smoke csreen).

Delfinia Apartments - (Accommodation in Lourdas)

Steve T           

Nice and clean but basic. The shower units had no fixtures so you had to hold the shower head and try to shower at the same time (this was in all studios as standard). No shower screens so all the water splashed over the bathroom. Away from all the other studios but thats the way we like it. Supermarket 75 metres away and nearest restaraunt is about 10 minutes walk.(Uphill). Beach is FAR away, don't believe the brochures, it takes 25 minutes (Only If you're Sebastion Coe). Go to the beach the long way because after a day swimming and bathing, It's a marathon session up the cliff using the nearest dirt track.

Lourdas Beach - (Beaches in Kefalonia)

Steve T           

Don't attempt the donkey track Uphill after a hard day at the beach in 38'c, It was the hardest climb of my life and I'm a fairly fit young bloke. Beach is shingle with a bit of sand. Water is the best I've ever swam in and I've swam in many countries around europe and south-east asia including Australia.

La Mer Restaurant - (Restaurants in Lourdas)

Steve T           

We had our last meal of our holiday here. We tried to get a table the night before but it proved that popular we were unable. Meatball starters with tomatoes followed by chicken kebabs were delicious. Excellent view being high above the resort and sunset is spectacular.

Kosmar - (Tour Operators in Kefalonia)

Steve T           

Overall we were impressed with Kosmar. The whole holiday went like clockwork with both outbound and inbound flights taking off bang on time. The staff were efficient and were only there if you needed them, (I hate intrusive Reps). One downer, our Rep insisted giving me a lecture about the hazards of mopeds. (I ride a 1000cc Yamaha in the UK but apparently mopeds are dangerous ).

Lourdas Resort - (Resorts in Kefalonia)

Steve T           

Lourdas was our first visit to Greece. The beach is a Long hike down and an even Looooonger hike+ back.(especially at 38'c). The water itself has to be the best I have ever swam in and I've visited many countries around the world including south-east asia/Australia. Perfect weather, good food (but pricey coz of the 40% post euro nervousnous increases). The only thing missing is what to do after you have sun-bathed, drank, swam, drank, eaten, drank, rested, drank, dressed-up to eat again. Some might not want anything else, well before I retire I need a little, I said a little night-life to dance away all that 'Drank'.

Doodles - (Restaurants in Lourdas)

Steve T  (July 24, 2002)         

This was the worst meal we had during our stay. The stiffado had 2 little pieces of meat with too many onions. My meal was 6 king prawns with all the heads and shell on with melted cheese over the top, I was spitting shell and spikes all night after. Thought it was very expensive with the highest cover charge of the restaraunts we dined at. Did not go again of course.