Greek Islands

Restaurants in Lourdas

Keith T  (August 23, 2010)        10/10

In this review we are referring to the new Greek Islands taverna about 100m down the Trapezaki road from the Garbis junction, not the taverna that preceded 'Captain Zorbas'.

This became our favourite taverna, proven by the fact that we have never before enjoyed the food, the ambience and the service at a taverna so much that we have made repeat visits. We ended up spending 7 evenings out of 14 here.
This is a real Greek taverna, carrying an estiatorio style, whereby the menu is smaller than most, but is almost entirely authentically Greek with the food being of superior quality, and all homemade onsite no frozen items here apart from the complimentary ice cream with your bill. The waiter, Antonio, made us feel incredibly welcome, and what he doesn't know about Kefalonia isn't worth knowing. He was chatty and welcoming, and unlike in Spiros, this was not to the detriment to first-time diners. Every single meal was delicious, good Greek food cooked superbly, with excellent value, generous portions and a nice view across to Zante. From what we could see, the fact that the new Greek Islands has only been open since June this year and is not on the main Lourdas strip, led to fewer customers than this lovely little taverna deserves. We suspect that the many people who walked past on the way to the Lourdas strip may have thought they would be getting better quality, value etc. in the other Lourdas restaurants than at this traditional one with its smaller menu and once on the strip, did not want to turn around they should have as they missed a treat. To us this has become not just our favourite restaurant in Lourdas, but our favourite on the island. We would strongly recommend that you give this taverna a try.

Pat M  (July 13, 2008)        7/10

We ate here for two of the nights during our weeks stay. The food was lovely. I had lamb chops, which were done perfectly to my liking and my husband had kleftiko which although looked good was a little bit too salty tasting. The service was very good and all the staff were helpful and friendly. 

Abbigail H  (July 08, 2008)        7/10

A lovely friendly restaurant whose owner was very honest indeed when we asked if the fish was frozen or not.  My mum had the fish anyway and thoroughly enjoyed it.  We shared the skin with a patient little cat who was very grateful but unfortunately this attracted another 3 cats who were not so well behaved and the poor owner had to shoe them away!  We felt very guilty.  But the fish was excellent.

I had the seafood risotto which wasnt so great unfortunately - it was long grain rice instead of arborrio so not a real risotto and the seafood was scarce, only a tiny amount of squid and a couple of mussles and prawns.  For the serving I guess it wasnt badly priced though.
Other than that it lacked a sea view that so many other tavernas in Lourdes benefit from but we couldnt fault the service.

Eric S  (October 17, 2006)         

   Just had 2 weeks in Lourdas, apart from the first 2 nights when we ate at Spiros and Noodles we ate every night at Greek Island and found the food and service superb. We tried most things on the menu and they were all very good. The calamari was so much better than what was served up under that name at Spiros which was more like car tyres. The portions were very generous and we received numerous free brandys coffee and wine.
    Eric Steele Rotherham

Sam M  (October 08, 2006)         

Fantastic! Brilliant service, attentive but not intrusive, wide choice on the menu and always delicious sounding specials, welcoming and comfortable atmosphere. We ate here twice and both meals were lovely, only word of warning is the size of the portions - they're huge! We also found it best to request what you wanted with your main meal i.e. only salad or potatoes no rice, otherwise it all seems to arrive on the one plate as standard. We would definitely recommend the bruschetta (to share), chicken souvlaki and mixed grill. Prices here were also very reasonable at 30 for the 2 courses, wine and water. Of all the choices avaiable make this one the top of your list!

Marc   (June 20, 2006)         

Good food and friendly staff.

Around 30 euros for 2 coruses for 2 people with 1 litre of local wine.

Jodie P  (October 25, 2005)         

Disappointing.  It was crowded and we seemed to get forgotten - we waited 1.5 hours for a main course!  Got a free drink to compensate, but poor all the same.  the food was not great, a bit cold and very English in style - poor selection of greek dishes, and can get enough chipps at home, do not come to Greece to get chips on everything.  They do have fresh fish some nights though, which is something.

Steve C  (June 14, 2005)         

We only visited this restaurant on one occasion, that was enough. The food was badly prepared and presented. It was obviously pre cooked, then warmed up.I had the Lamb Kleftiko which was a large portion and it was cold and not as high quality as some of the other restaurants. The waiters were not very friendly and they just seemed to sit about, chatting up the girl who operated the cash till.
I have had worse meals, but not in Lourdas. This restaurant is surrounded by good ones, so why take the risk.

Della   (June 11, 2005)         

My comment is in response to Mary Brown's previous remark about Vaggelis, the guy who used to be the waiter at the Greek Island, (who happens to be my boyfriend!) and the 'DOG???!!!'  she talks about that happens to be ME!!!! Ha Ha!!  That has to be the funniest comment I have ever read!!   May I please just clarify that I am not a dog  and that Vaggelis is sadly not available!!! However, although Vaggelis is not at the Greek Island this year (I know all you women out there will be terribly disppointed!!!) business goes on as ever. The service and food are still great so go and visit Dennis and his team now!!!

Mary B  (September 28, 2004)         

When me and my family first got to the island we were recommended to eat the the greek island resturant. Vaggelis was a huge hit with my daughter Ann-Marie and we were made to eat there each night. Me and my partner Gerald didnt mind the fact that we ate in there each night because the food was amazing. My daughter and Vaggelis have been sending text messages to one another and she found out that he likes to walk his dog(???????) DELLA. We were on the island in August and we are returning back there in October, to Argostoli.

Hazel E  (August 14, 2004)         

We had a very disappointing meal. Starters were very nice (meatballs and fried cheese). We had Lamb for the main meal and it was absolutely disgusting - just a big piece of fat. Unfortunately for us I just think it was the wrong choice of meal.

The service was extremely poor. My 5 year old was looking forward to the Greek dancing as we had passed the restaurant so many times and observed the waiters encouraging the diners to participate. But by 10:45pm we left as this hadn't materialised.

Andy   (August 13, 2004)         

Bit disappointed.Decent menu but food lacked care and presentation compared to others.Low prices and decent service.Great beach front location (also is one in Village)and entertaining kittens!

Karl &  (July 29, 2004)         

We only found this taverna on our last night, otherwise we would have come back several times as the food was the best we experienced in Lourdas. The service was also very good and we were not harassed to leave even though we were busy chatting to the family on the next table. All the food was served freshly prepared and hot. Overall good food and friendly service, recommended.

Michelle   (July 27, 2004)         

Our favourite taverna in Lourdas. If you visit try to sit upstairs as the views are stunning. Vagelis was extremely helpful and friendly - and a big hit with my daughter! We went twice; I had the chicken with melted cheese the first time and the best moussaka the second. My daughter had the chicken marsala both times as she loved it so much. Deserts were refreshing and the starters (we had shrimp salad and tatziki) were delcious.

Kristie B  (July 03, 2004)         

We loved it here. So much so that in our two week holiday we went there FOUR times. The service was great(always a freindly smile) and the food was lovly. Also a great menu, lots to choose from.
From kristie and family

Lee F  (May 28, 2004)         

We ate there almost every night in our second week the waiter Vagelis was brilliant very helpful and always chatty and wanting to keep the customers happy. The food is superb you have to try the Pepper steak and the lamb kleftiko amazing.
Dennis or as me and my mum called him (manuel from faulty towers)was great very friendly and will do anything to make sure you are happy.
We were offered free drinks every time and the chocolate cake , the baklava and the cheese cake are yummmmmmmm

Lee Finley

Paul G  (February 10, 2004)         

First time we went it was ok,second time the food was cold,we didn't
get what we ordered on the menu and there wasn't enough food to fill
a mouse.

Kevin R  (October 12, 2003)         

There are 2 in Lourdas, one on the beach front and one near the top of the hill. We found the one on the beach front was by far the best and had the best choice of meals in Lourdas.(Both traditional and standard food). You cant beat this place.

Becky   (September 13, 2003)         

We visited here once.The food was good but not as good as many other restuarants but they definatly made up for it and more wiyh service and friendlyness..child friendly too.when we arrived they had cartoons on in the corner which kept the kids quiet until the food arrived.

Michelle P  (August 19, 2003)         

Our favourite beach front restaurant. Nice service... wonderful roast/oven cooked potatoes. Very friendly.

Louise D  (August 07, 2003)         

went here twice during our was ok and the service was very good. made a swift exit when greek night started however for fear of being made to dance infront of others!!had chicken here and pasta and we enjoyed both. this isnt the best restaurant in the area but its worth a try if you want to vary the places that you visit.

Shelley P  (July 25, 2003)         

Excellent food and very good service. The view from the balcony at the back is stunning. Our favourite restaurant in Lourdas!

Sophie H  (July 24, 2003)         

This place is great! The food is excellent, well cooked and fresh; the staff are friendly and the owner is always on hand to help you with the menu, check things are OK and to hand out the free metaxa (and on occasion, plates of watermelon). This was our favourite place to eat in Lourdas - try the swordfish.

Bernie   (July 18, 2003)         

me my partner and five kids ate here 5 out of the six nights we spent on our
hols the sixth night we ate at his other resturant at the end of Lourdas beach
also called the Greek Islands fantastic food fantastic value fantastic staff they
will bust a gut to make sure you have everything you want once again 10 out
of 10 Dennis the Best food in Lourdas we will be back next year try the Greek
dancing if you dare great fun Wed and Friday night after 11 pm try anything
off his menu and you won't be disapointed breakfast is also a must only 5
euro enjoy !!!! we did

Rebecca T  (June 22, 2003)         

Excellent food. Get there early though so that you can go up the stairs and eat on the balcony at the back - great views of Zakynthos. I would also recommend the steak with green peppers.

Good service and we thought the owner looked a bit like Magnum.