Pacifae Golden Village

Accommodation in Katelios

Alex D           

Hey nikos its me alex wahooo!!! missin ya loads i loved staying at doumas wid u i had a great time i loved every second of it hope to see u soon my friend sian would like to say hi! hey hows it goin in greece i went 2 greece wen alex did but in sidari corfu an i miss a my friends if u know any1 from the clypso say sian gerrard said hi. P.S GREEK MEN ARE SEXY XXXX ALEX N SIAN LIVERPOOL

Brian W

I would like to contact Nikos at the Dumas Apartments at Katelios

Angi S           

AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nikos, we thought we had lost you forever. It is Mark and Angi from Scotland. We will see you in June, yes? We are bringing 2 friends with us, so you will meet them too. We miss you!!!! We will bring you a Scotland football top. We will see you soon!!!!

Super M           


Carol C           

We stayed at Doumas in October 2003. My son whos is 15 and myself, we found the owners Catalina and Spiros excellent hosts. The bar was small but was cosy. We were sorry to hear that Nikos has gone, he was a real character. Wev'e been talking about returning to Katelios in 2004 to stay at the Doumas again.

Karl G           

Any one needing info can contact karl shirlie and shannon at Hi to all the nice people we met, We hope you are all fine and will look forward to talking to you all again.

Karl G           

Are you thinking of sun sea and sand, If the answer is yes STAY CLEAR of the Doumas Studios As to be sold by Sunquest in 2004.
Why you ask, having stayed there me and my family where not made welcome as many guests felt unwelcome, nothing for the children so if you have a family stay well clear. You will pay over the odds for snacks and drinks at the Bar.
The bar is small and itís what the owner calls a night club bar lol if you can swing a cat in there, and the lights went on.
And all who rave for NIKOS he was sacked while we were there so you will not see him next year.
But donít be put off Kefalonia it a nice place has much to offer but you will need to hire a car for the time you stay there Ps:- say hi to Andreas at the Mythos for me if you visit A really nice Apartment and the Galini too. We will return in october 2004 see you then

Natalie T           

Hi, from the airport, follow signs for Skala/Sami (one junction nearer Katelios you will come to and need to head for Skala) and just stay on the main road until you come into Katelios and as you come round about the third hairpin bend, Doumas is there on the right with a plastic illumiated sign...turning for carpark is after the main one just on the bend. Its pretty easy, you can't really go wrong.

Barbara P

Can anyone give me instructions to drive to Doumas Apts, Kastelio from Airport please. Leaving for Katelios this Monday 29th Sept.

Ashley H

We visited Katelios this year and stayed at the Blue Sea. we intend to re-visit next year and Doumas sounds even better. Can someone describe where it is and which tour operators run packages there?

Jen H           

My boyfriend Carl and I have been to Doumas 2 years running now and would go back again and again and again. It's the best place to go if you want a laid back, not too many people kind of holiday. The family at Doumas are lovely and Nikos is a scream, he is one bloke you won't forget in a hurry. Katelios is nice and quiet and every bar or restaurant you go in they remember your face, by the time you go home you feel like you,ve expanded your family. Crackin bar just down from Doumas called Nemisis, we spend nearly every night in there this year. As for the rooms at Doumas they are basic but with the weather like it is you really won't spend alot of time in there.

Sue H           

We have just returned yesterday from Doumas apartments and we found them great.
Katalios is so unspoilt so if you want just swimming and walking (a good walk from Doumas) then this is the place for you. The bars are not noisy and packed, with no thumping music until early hours. Our apartment was approx. 50 yards from the bar and we not bothered with music or noise once during the week. The food is not that good in the bar but would tide you over for lunch. Try some of the restaurants on the beach which are excellent especially the one to the left of the news stand with the ducks and geese and an aviary in the actual restaurant. Food is excellent. I would suggest that you hire a car as there is very little to do other than swim in the pool or the sea but this may be enough if you are looking for a relaxing holiday. Also take up the air conditioning, though a little expensive to get a good nights sleep you will need it. We took our 15 year old son with us and he swam and snorkled and fished and had a great time.

Natalie T           

Hello people, I'm in the process of booking for October (bit late but only week I
can go!) and am trying to decide between Irene/Irini and Doumas apartments.
I'd like to know why people think Doumas is 'basic'...can anyone be more
specifc? I've been to many Greek Islands including Kefalonia (Lourdas) the Doumas apartments have cooker rings? fridge presumably?
anything else?? Also, can anyone assure me that the evening 'entertainment'
isn't too 'british' as far as loud and boozy goes???

Joanna F           

hello everyone!i have just got back from Kefalonia and i had a brilliant time!more to the point,the Doumas apartments made the holiday even better!with the most friendly staff and beautiful scenery!sakis?nikos?harry?if you are reading this then its jo!yes,the blonde girl who had a thing for sakis!hello nikos,leave those girls alone :D (but keep on dancing crazy!) and sakis,dont worry,i will be returning to Doumas VERY soon!;) the staff made the resort the most enjoyable place to be in....harry,sakis: me and kayley and you two will go 2 Skala beach again one day!WE LOVE DOUMAS!! x x x joanna

Viv E

We are booked at the Doumas from the 19th August with our 13 year old son. Is there much on offer for a boy of this age.

Charlotte R           

We first came to Kefalonia in July 2001. Since, we have been twice a year for the past 2 years, and we are coming back on the 7th August for our fifth visit! The weather is fantastic along with local cuisine and the people are so friendly and totally relaxed. Accomodation is basic but thats what you should expect if visiting Greece. Katrina and Michaloes are extremley helpful and will do anything for you. Nikos is totally mental but good fun. The Doumas Studios are in a great area and the swimming pool is the best in the area with pleanty of sunbeds for basking! You do need to hire a car to see the island. Renee at Panam Cars in Skala will be able to help you hire a car, if you give her english bread in return.
Once you've been to Kefalonia you will never go to any other country again!

Angi S           

Hi folks, myself and my boyfriend mark have just returned from the Doumas Apartments. It was AMAZING!!!The owners Mikalos and Karina are two of the nicest people you will ever meet in your life, it was a pleasure knowing them. Nikos and Sakis were two of the best and most friendliest people you could ever meet, and even took my boyfriend to Argostoli for physiotherapy!! Nikos and Sakis, if you are reading this we love you and we miss you! Karina, I miss your cooking so much, and Mikalos your hospitality will always be remembered!! Keep in touch and see u next year!!!!!

Robert K           

The apartment was very clean as was all the complex. Setting is beautifulwith mountainous scenery. Beautiful large pool, plenty of sunbeds. Excellent outdoor dining areas. Will definitely visit again. Walk into town not too bad really. Lovely place for a quiet restful holiday. Selection of tavernas and bars on the sea front. If there for two weeks would recommend a hire car to see the Island. Favourite spot was Assos.

Nikos K           

hi to every body im the barman from doumas. my name its nikos and i want to make pepole happy. we have nice bar here the pool its exelet and a verry hot weder for the moment. i want to thanck you for the good moments how some pepole give to me. so lots of kiss to every body nikos. my mobile its 00306942882517 my adress doumas hotel katelios kefalonia greece


hello dave it Rachel ( sister number 5 ) ha ha do you remember . i cant belive you have gone from doumas . who is the dj now ? why did you leave ? next time i come to kefalonia i will come to visit you at skala . hope you are ok . Luv Sister number 5 . : ) . hows Nikos is he still working there .

Dave L           

we'll folks anyone who has read my last comment and has booked to go to dumas will be in for a suprise..i'm not there any more,can't say too much but lets just say i've moved on to pastures new and a better work environment.So if you still want to go,do but if you want that free beer i offered then you'll have to come to skala and see me in siroco bar.well thats all for now except see you all in skala

Nell B           

i have jusy got back from doumas the apartment was fine but the disco was excellent i was there everynight and i do love nikos's cocktails they are brilling dave in the best dj and anyone who goes stay away from my man he is called geogre he is the fit one who is always at the bar talking to nikos and by the way he has got a girl friend he told me about her and i have seen her and talked to her she is really nice anyone shpuld go to doumas definatly the best apartment in the world i loved the discoing

Amy R           

We stayed in the Galini Apts down the road but we were at the Doumas all day and most of the night! I really have to recomend Nikos's cocktails, and daves DJing is awesome. we were there from 1-8 may 03 and hopefully going back at the end of sept/beginning of oct. A word of warning for the young girls: do not succumb to Nikos' charms! HE'S MINE! hopefully i will be living in kefalonia this time next year, as soon as a finish my exams. Anyway, anyone who goes will probably have a quiet, relaxing holiday unlike us, visiting the islands nightclubs and bars! Cinema club in Argostoli is the best.
Anyone who reads this who remembers us: Hiiiiiii! especially adele and pete, unfortunately i didn't have chance to get their number, just incase you 2 read this my email is that goes for anyone else who remembers us, get in touch....AMZ!!!!

Jacqui L           

Yes i am related to the other two!!!! at first i thought i wouldn't be able to back to Doumas this year( myself and my son have been twice before. He is 7 this year)I was really gutted! We have had such a great time, Great laughs and plenty of jokes with the locals, Mike, Karina and their staff and family, and other residants on my nlast two visits. Well blow me, i've got the chance to go again, and between you and me, i can't bloody wait. Using a small amount of the local language will gat you a long way, its not that difficult, even my 7yr old can manage it!! IF you want peace, quiet, beer, pool, sun this is THE place to be. If you need anything,Mike and Karina will bend over backwards to help you. Marinos in the local shop is also extremely helpful. Doumas is also the place to find the best barman in Kefalonia, His name is Nikos, and he makes THE best Alcoholic or non-alcohlic frappes ever! Roll on September!!! If you get to Doumas, tell the D.J Fernandez, you'ye been on this site and he owes you a pint. If You're Welsh and proud you may even get two!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS.

Dave L           

the first time i stayed in Dumas,was my first time in kefalonia.i went with mum,sister and nephew.i am pleased to say that we had no problems with the appartment or the staff as stated by some idiot who stayed there..he obviously was in a minority of those brits who think you have to shout and speak down to the greeks.michaelos will do anything within his power to sort out any problems you may incure at this wonderfull location..speaking a little of the greek language will do more for you and will win you many friends as it has done for me,so much so,i will be working at dumas this year as the resident dj and helping nikos on the bar,so if anyone has doubts about visting this great the nike ad says...just do it,and i'll even put my hand in my pocket and buy anyone a large beer who reads this and comes on my recommendation...i promise you'll be back every year and you will not be dissapointed

Pam L           

Have been to Doumas apartments twice with my family - and it just gets better. The apartment is spotless and Kyrina and Michaelas make everyone very welcome. Last year my friend broke her leg and the care we received from everyone was outstanding - they even delivered our evening meals up to the apartment for us. The pool is kept very clean and although there was some noise from the bar when the doors were open it wasn't enough to keep us awake. My 6 year old grandson loves the area and the apartments in particular. He's a fussy eater and he's known throughout the village as "sausage and chips". He always greets the waiters in the village by saying "kali spera" to them as we pass and they respond well to him. I'm going back this year, and staying for 3 weeks this time.

Chris D           

had wonderful 2 weeks honeymoon at doumas apartments. very clean, owners and staff very friendly, only disadvantage was long walk to beach and shops but we like walking so didnt mind hard late at night when youve had a few! about 1mile there and back cant wait to go back. highly recommend

Emma M           

Surperb holiday at the Domas Studios, room was basic as you would expect for Greece, but always clean. The lack of shower curtain meant we played a daily game of 'who could flood the bathroom first'- its adds to the holiday fun! The owners were VERY friendly and Nicos severed the best G&Ts in Katelios. We are going back next year.

Anne R           

Spent two idylic weeks in Katelios in May 2002 I think this must be one of the best times for a visit, hot enough for sitting in the sun but cool enough for some sight seeing. Katelios is not the place for you if you like a white sandy beach,but if you are at the Doumas studios there is a truly excellent pool with plenty of sunbeds. The accomodation is basic (this is Greece) but spotlessly clean, if you needed anything it was attended to immediately. Restaurant serving good simple food I recommend Michaels lamb chops and Giant Beans,perhaps by now the Taverna is also open. You need a car to see the island and a torch if walking home from the village at night.

Sandra G           

We have just arrived back from a weeks holiday at the Doumas Appt. This was booked not knowing where the location would be with Thomson. The appt had the largest pool in the area, cleaned every night with a robot mouse. very clean. The accommodation was adequat with air conditioning with a charge of 5 euros per day. The staff where very friendly. The bar staff would chat and by the end of the week they knew you by your first names. The rooms where cleaned out every second day with clean towels and the bathroom was spotless. We certainly will be returning to the Doumas Apartments.

Ged S           

Stayed there for a week before Thomsons would move us last September. Complained as soon as we arrived but had to suffer 7 days. What a disappointment. Room wasn't finished with live wires hanging out of the plaster! Toilet bin wasn't emptied for 5 days!! Furniture in the room was falling to pieces. The owners were grumpy, rude, dirty - imagine seeing the owner pouring your drink and putting ice cubes in by hand with hands so black and dirty. Dreadful. Thomson describe it as away from it all. It is away from the beach, but not away from the only main road through Katelios - it's right on it! Try the Albouro or Gallini apartments - much better.

Laurie S           

We were there in June 2001. We had watched the building site for a couple of years and we finally go to stay in it. The building site, that is! We had to report to the rep that there were six inch nails sticking out of the concrete steps where the construction shuttering had been stripped of in preparation for the season. Some of the steps had been finished in marble and were good, but otheres were positively dangerous. The pool surround was rough and unfinished, with a trek over uneven bare soil to reach it from the apartments. The rooms were basic, but could not be faulted on cleanliness, and the staff were friendly. Blaring disco from 9 in the evening until 5 in the morning was none too enjoyable. Then the drunken Brits foulmouthing their way back to their rooms, only to be followed an hour later by a noisy generator starting up to service the pool. To shut this out with the nice modern doors and windows meant suffocating to death whilst being slowly cooked! We were told that the owner had been away and "naughty staff" has set the disco up in his abscence, and had since been dismissed. They seem to have come back again into favour the day after we left! The walk up the hill was a long drag last thing at night, but hey, the bus top was at the end of the drive. Shame there were no buses at night! One plus point, Persas superb Restaurant was a short walk away. As I said, we were there in June 2001, things may have changed, but I would not risk it again. Had the tour operator sold it to us a night spot, we would not have gone. We booked through Thomsons and it was in their "Small and Friendly" brochure, and we were told that it was an "Away from it all" holiday!

Kathleen D           

Although the island as a whole is lovely, we were slightly disappointed with Katelios and the accommodation. Our 'self-catering' studio apartment contained 3 beds, a small fridge and stove. The bathroom was very basic with a shower and no cubicle which meant the bathroom floor got very wet. There was also some building work in progress, with large mounds of earth around the apartments and the swimming pool was shut. I guess this is why it was only 2 star and was a very cheap deal.