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Trevor M           

Have just returned from 2 great weeks (Sep 21st - Oct 5th) staying at the Paradise Studios via Oneria, this was booked last year. Excavation work was a bit hit & miss, in the first week a transporter turned up very early one morning (06:45) and removed a large digger only for it to return a week later, again early morning, talk about did the earth move for you dear!!!.
They seem to be creating roadways up into the hill and it was noisy during the day with the risk of earth & rocks falling down towards Paradise beach luckily the wall seems to be stopping anything going over at present.
Spoke with Nickos & Vangellis at Oneria and they believe work could go on for 4 - 5 years!! and I think they may stop offering Paradise appartments. However, Nicketas (Stavros's son) at Paradise restaraunt was quite possitive about being able to book direct with the owners next year although he did suggest speaking with him first to check on the state of the work.

Having stayed at the appartments for the last 3 years it will be a shame to leave as it is such a great location but it may be time for a move, has anyone stayed at the Andreas appartments with Oneria??.

Ken M           

you can hire bikes in ag ef from the hotel on the front, although the ride up to dendrinata is quite a climb on a push bike.the taxi fares are very reasonable probably about 3to 5 euros each way.By the way I dont think we are related, have a great time and give my regards to Vangelis and Nicos

B J           

Just returned from Aghia Efimia last Monday, had a lovely week. Stayed at Makis, which were excellent, cleanest place we have had in Greece. We had a good sized apartment overlooking the pool. The resort is lovely if you just want a quiet holiday. A wander round the harbour on an evening whilst deciding where to eat. lovely clear sea and the pebbly beach no problem just have suitable water shoes.

Caroline M           

Re: noisy building - we recently got a booking via Oneira who declined to offer the Paradise Studios for the week we wanted - 23rd Sept- as he thought that was about when they might start making a lot of noise in the area and he didn't want to risk us being unhappy ... we will be at Dendrinata.
Has anyone cycled (leisurely!) in the area ? I understand that bikes are available to hire at Sami but wondered if it is worth looking into or not?

Susan B           

Just a question to Alan Robson (if you don't mind Alan) - see that you stayed in Lassi but visited Agia Efimia - what would you say is the best place to stay in Kefalonia? We like to travel around a bit (generally use local buses) but do like to have a wander in the evening i.e. explore a village/town etc....

Any advice you can give would be appreciated.



Trevor M

Having read the comments regarding the building/excavation work beyond the Paradise appartments, can anyone advise if this is still going on. A couple of years ago we saw people measuring up the area and assumed they were going to repair the wall however, when we returned last year nothing had happened. We are due visit again in 2 weeks time so just wondering if I need to pack the ear plugs and dust mask....

Caroline E           

Hi Louise from Manchester, I just read the comment you wrote about the yellow boat company! When we stayed in Agia Efimia in June we hired a boat from them, when we took it back at the end of the day they told us that the handle attached to the steering wheel (there's probably a really technical name for it!) had be broken by us but it was faulty when we took it out. They tried to charge us 180 Euro. I would definately not recommend using this company

Ken M           

just back from Makriotika. Stayed at Adriana in a one bedroom house, booked through Oneira( villasge is 6km from Ag Efima and is so tranquil esp first thing in the morning.The house was brand new and well furnished and Adriana goes out of her way to make you feel at home. as usual the family at Oneira (Vangelis, Nikos,and Vicky) make you feel like one of the family.A car is an must and that was at the house awaiting us after we were mnet by Nicos at the airport and taxied us to Makriotika. we ate 3or4 evenings at the taverna in the village which was really buzzing with locals at the weekend. most other nights we ate in Ag Ef. leaving the car , and traveling down to Ag Ef by taxi (5 euros). Our fav Taverna in Ag Ef and has been for the last 4years was TO STEKI.excellent food good value and good and friendly sevice.Looking to returning next year.
ken mack

Louise C           

We visited Agia Efimia in late June 2004, we loved the place and really enjoyed our stay at the Makis Apartments. The weather was beautiful all week, the beaches are small and pebbley with lovely clear blue water. This resort is definitley ideal for couples looking for a relaxing week. The food was all really nice, we would recommend Perasma, very reasonable prices and friendly staff. We would recommend a car to get aroung as the bus services are not very regular. If you plan to hire a boat, dont use the Yellow Boat company as our boat kept breaking down and we had to be rescued and then we were charged for calling them out and their fuel, even though it wasn't our fault!! All in all we had a fantastic time here and would love to go back soon. Louise & Simon Manchester

Brian R           

My wife and I visited Makriotika, 3 kms inland from Aghia Effimia
in May this year. We stayed at Adriana Villas and fell in love with the village and most of all our hosts, Adriana & Dyonissis. If you want a holiday that is peaceful, being spoilt and enjoy a daily
dip in your own jaquzzi then look no further. We booked our
holiday with Oneira whose family operate from Aghia. Roll on October when we will be returning. y

Robert P           

Just got back and no, the whole village isn't disturbed by building work. They're digging out the rock at the far end (beyond Paradise beach. I don't know when they start but they don't do it all day and it could only be a problem if you're staying at the Gonitas or Paradise accommodation. Agia Efimia is so pretty you'll want to be up and about early anyway so don't worry about it - get out there!

Caroline E           

We stayed in Agia Efimia for one week from the 27th June 2004 and it is absolutely stunning. It is ideal for exploring and I would recommend to anybody thinking of going to Kefalonia to stay in Agia Efimia or a resort in the North of the Island. We ate most nights at Pyllaros hotel. Everybody we met there was lovely, Greek and English.
Would defiantely go back there again!

Colin W

Have you been to Aghia Efemia recently? If so, was there much disruption caused by the building work? Was the whole village disturbed by it or just a part?
Thanks for your help!

Elle W           

Wonderful! Agia Efimia was a lovely setting, everyone really friendly. Ended up making loads of friends, Greek and English. The Paradise restaurant is great, gorgeous setting and great food. I recommend the lobster which you have to order but if you have a mobile they'll phone you to let you know if they've caught one that day! During the two weeks you'll get to know everyone and even if you've never been to Greece before you'll end up learning enough words and phrases to get you through! We hired a car and travelled the whole island but nothing was more great than returning back over the mountain and seeing the harbour, it certainly felt like home. Definitely recommend a visit here and certainly a stay in this gorgeous setting.

Ken P           

Had a good two weeks here but it was very windy most of the time.It made it very chilly most nights,especially when eating out.There are enough bars/tavernas to last with a change most nights.It was quiet most of the time,but there is some building work where they have to drill out the rock!Not very good for walking as you can really only go in one direction towards Sami.

John H           

I recently returned from Ag.Ef (my second trip). If you want nightclubs and a full range of facilities, it's not for you! If you're into chilling-out, people watching and going Greek for a week or two, it's perfect. Good food (check out To Perasma, Pergola, Lakis and Paradise Beach Cafe), lovely people, great scenery (try a walk up the valley towards Makriotika). Even the local bus service to Argostoli is enjoyable, over an hour each way for 2.50 Euro.

Dave E           

Just had a really good weeks break in Agia Efimia, weather not great compared to same time last year but the place is really good to chill out and relax. Good choice of restaurants, particularly Paradise Beach which knows how to run a good kitchen.
Not for those who want a wild time, or for children but for others who like a relaxed atmosphere, Greek Charm and watching boats - a great place

Stephen R


Julia C           

We visited Aghia Euphemia in June 2003 and found it to be everything we wanted. We booked with Oneira holidays and arranged flights through them. We also hired a car through Nikos who is a member of the family run Oneira holidays. They were excellent and looked after us very well. We stayed at Paradise studios which were clean and basic but more than sufficient for our needs. The beaches on Kephalonia are mainly shingle and pebble in the north of the island and sandy in the south. Wear beach shoes or jellies when you can as it makes walking and swimming much more comfortable. We were made very welcome at Captain Correlli's in the town, (Aristedes made us feel very special, he looked after us as though we were family), and also at Maki's on the other side of the harbour. We dined there regularly and were made very welcome. We were allowed to use Maki's swimming pool although we were not guests of the hotel. They held a "Greek Night" dinner with entertainment that we enjoyed so much we went twice. We travelled all over Kephalonia in our (air conditioned)hired car, finding beaches and out of the way tavernas whenever we wanted. The public transport is not great, so you may find a car is essential. We found nothing but wonderful hospitality, excellent food and the most breathtaking scenery anyone could wish for. Watch out on the roads for deaf, blind or just plain stubborn mountain goats who always seem to pick blind bends for a nap. Don't go if you are expecting wild night life or 5* luxury as you will be disappointed. We went for the peace and quiet, the Greek laid-back lifestyle and a relaxing holiday. We could find nowhere better than Aghia Euphemia for this.

Graham P           

We stayed in Agia efimia for two weeks some six years ago and had the best holiday we have ever had. If peace and quiet is what you want then here is the place to go as long as you go out of season for during the Italian fortnight Kefolonia in general becomes a nightmare. Beaches in Ag are not the best due to their size and make up (stoney) but it isn't far to go to enjoy the islands best. The bakery (if it is still there) was a joy and the butchers meat the best we have ever found anywhere in Greece! Restaurants were excellent and a added bonus is new faces every night due to the continual changeover of incoming yacht personnel. The village has few shops but that was not an issue for us as Argostoli has everything you need but with only one bus a day it meant that a car hire was a must but then you have to do the island tour if only to experience the coastal road, clockwise being the best/worst? (it depends on how you like heights). We intend to return one day and look forward to another two weeks of bliss.

Anne B           

We are off the Makis Studios in May - Aghia Efimia for the third time. Wonderful, beautiful place. Very peaceful. Never stayed at Makis before but we know what to expect and we are really looking forward to it. Last time we went there were only two pools in the whole resort. Makis (which was brand new) and the Gonatas. Place to visit is the Paradise Taverna which is just past the Gonatas. Mentioned in the Rough Guide. Other good eating spots are Makis and I'm not sure if Spiro's Grill is still there. You really can't go wrong.

Chris R           

in answer to Michael Orchard, Makis Studios are 10 minutes walk from the harbour on the Sami road. they have their own restaurant and swiming pool with bar. I recommend the 1 bedroom apartments over the studios, especially for the view over to Ithaca. car hire, at least for some of the holiday, is adviseable as the only bus at a suitable time for most visitors, is one a day to Fiskardo. A taxi is needed for Sami and the Ithaca ferry.

Nick J

I've just booked a holiday to Ag. Efimia staying at the Gonatas Hotel. We're planning on hiring a car, but want to know if its best to hire one before we go, and collect it from the airport, or wait till we get to Ag. Efimia and hire one there. If we do hire in Ag. Efimia is it easy to do? What would we need (I've got my paper licence, would I need to update to a picture licence etc?). Any suggestion would be most welcome, Thanks.
P.S. From most comments on here I can't wait!

Michael O

I'm off to the Makis Studio's in July. I've been to, know all about, and love Aghia Efimia, but can anyone tell me anything about the Makis Studios please.

Alan R           

Although we stayed in Lassi, we hired a car and stumbled across Agia Efimia on our travels. A stunningly beautiful location.

A pretty harbour on one side with small fishing boats and crystal clear waters (as always on Kefalonia), and a fantastic hill on the other.

We only past away one afternoon here, but would recommend a visit to anyone

Shirley W           

The actual village is ok, with a couple of nice gift shops, but I wouldn't recommend hiring a boat from Jonny at the hotel as the seas can get very rough. Considering we had never been on a motor boat before let alone driven one I didn't feel that he explained how to use the boat very well. At one little cove we went to we jumped off the boat and did some snorkelling which was nice, but trying to get back on was a drama as the steps he had proivided were broken. On the way to the harbour we had to strap ourselves into our lifejackets as we thought the boat was going to tip right over, we were vertially saying our last goodbyes.

Emma M           

We liked it here although we never actually got chance to stop here to have a look round as we struggled to find somewhere to park. this place was recomended to us by someone from who we rented a car from because it is picturesque, and he was right.
Cant commnet on the nightlife as we only went during the day, but I would say get here early as it looked to be very popular.

Nick S           

We have just returned from our holiday in Agia Efimia and loved it. Two years ago we stayed in Sami - enjoyed the island but hated the hotel. This time we decided to do things differently: we found accomodation with Oneira holidays and booked flights independently. We have two small children, and chose to stay at Efthalia house. It turned out to be one of the most beautiful houses in Agia Efimia, with a walled garden for seclusion and safety. Nikos met us at the airport, we were taxi'd there & back and they even organised birthday cakes for two birthdays! The small bays (including paradise bay) just round the bend of the harbour road are fantastic and you'll be the only person on Myrtos beach at 10am. We hired a yellow boat for a day. We walked to the strawberry bakery every morning. We watched lizards catching moths in the evenings.

Agia Afimia is not a pubbing and clubbing hotspot - for us it was the perfect holiday.

Nick Shackleton-Jones

Natasha S

In September me and my boyfriend are travelling to Kefalonia and thinking about to stay in Agia Efimia. I read so much about it already, I'm just not sure about appartments and the connections with the airport. Can somebody help me with that? We would like to stay in Alexatos Studios. Any comments on that? What are the connections between Agia and airport (but not the expensiest one)?
Many thanks,

Laura H           

go scuba diving in agia efimia, very friendly, very professional,thanks to all for making my holiday once again

Robert P           

Just got back. Most comments we read before we left were accurate. Very peaceful, clean and little nightlife. People all very friendly as all Greeks seem to be. No regular ferries to other ports/islands, only excursions were available on the formal looking Ifiginia. Much more expensive than Lefkas last year otherwise would have rated it higher. Generally prettier island than Lefkas with little traffic. Do try the small Kantina about 100 metres up the north coastal road. Nicos' skewered meat and salads are superb and his Mum makes the best satziki in Greece! Also the small Marabu bar on the end of the harbour, near the bank if you like chilling out with a cold beer watching the world go by. Such friendly service. Hire a car from another Nicos (actually a friend of Kantina Nicos!) next door to the diving school - seems cheaper than our rep's prices with CBR.

Paula H           

We stayed at the Boulevard Pyllaros Hotel right on the seafront and it was superb. The rooms are great, fantastic sea views and air con which was wonderful as it was sooo hot out there! The service was excellent! for more info go to:

We hired a boat from jonny (at the hotel) and found our own private beach up the coast which was the hi-light of the holiday. Last year we stayed in Skala which was great, but we have fallen in love with Aghia Efimia - we will definitely be going back next year!

Alessandra V

I am going to agia efimia in September. I don't drive and my husband dives during most part of the day. Normally I take excursions or buses on my own. Do you think Agia Efimia is a good place to do that? Is it well connected by buses?

Thank you very much if you can help me.


Louise S           

Have stayed here five times now, perfect for relaxing holiday. Have stayed at Gonatas and apartments in vilage. Paradise beach is small but great snorkelling. Would recommend car and boat hire. Although some building going on hasnt really changed that much over last eight years. Have just returned and cannot wait to go again!

Emma S           

Dan - also dont worry bout cars/bikes or boats till u get there. there are places in the village so do it yourself with them and not through your reps - its cheaper and the ppl are realy helpful and friendly.


Emma S           

Dan - Gonatas hotel is situation above the 2 main beaches so its about a 5-10 min walk from the actaully harbour, shops and main stretch of tavernas. But it was nice and we used the pool and grill/bar on the first day we got there. It has sea views and generally had a really nice feel and setting to it. ppl we spoke to around the pool were very impressed with the hotel itself and were there as a result of a recommensation.

I'd say go for it.

Emma S           

My 1st visit to Kef and we chose Ayai Efimia - I've fallen in love with the place and plan to return in September. Beaches are small but pretty with excellent swimming and snorkelling but dont go if its sand you want. Bikes and cars can be hired easily in the village so dont bother sorting this before you go. All shops and facilites are at hand with out the resort becoming too over crowded and touristy. The locals are unbelivalby friendly and charming and the place is idilic. Weather was scorchio, large choice of tavernas but lacking on the night life so I would advise lassi or skala if thats what u are looking for. Defo hire a boat from Yellow Boats, opp the jetti and go exploring the coast to find your own private beach and make sure you have a snorkel - prob the best place for it on the island.

Above all Ag Ef makes for an excellent base to explore the 'must see's' on the island and they are all v near by. ie the caves and lakes 15 mins south on moped, Mrytos 20 mins west (do not miss out on this), Fiskardo 20 mins north, sami 20 mins south, Argostoli/Lassi 45 mins south west.

Any questions please feel free to mail me at


Nia E           

Wonderfull little village, lovely local people. One thing you must do....Hire a boat! You will find lots of little coves, and you can have them all to yourselfe! We hired our little white boat from a restaruant owner along the little pier (as you drive in to the town the restaruant is on your left with tables on the pier to your right)Very friendly and lnoeldge man.

Dan N

I am planning a holiday in Agia Efimia, probably staying in the Gonatas hotel. Has anybody got any comments about this hotal.
Also is it neccessary to hire a car and small boat in advance or can you arrange these when you arrive at the resort.
Would really appreciate some advice

Christopher S           

Agia Efimia like Kefalonia can be spelt in many ways similarly Ag, Eufimia can be enjoyed in many ways. The peace and tranquility that surrounds the village is uninterrupted. Yachties seem to love the place, towns people seem to like it, country folk adore it walkers and climbers are quite simply spoilt.

We stayed with the Vangelis family in their apartment "Vicky". The Angelesís all, are the most kindly and charming people you can meet and apartment Vicky is a two bedroom two bathroom + kitchen apartment with verandas at first floor level front and back East and West. See their site on http://www.Oneira.Co.Uk you will not be disappointed I'm sure.

The local people are the most charming people my wife and I have ever met in any country, local traders leave their stock outside their shops all night knowing it will be unmolested, wines are occasionally given free in tavernas as sometimes are parts of meals.

The weather in May provided us with wall-to-wall blue skies for the whole of the 14 days we were there. We are besotted with the island, the people the village of Agia Eufimia? You bet we are, try it you will be delighted.

David C           

Message for Martin Scott.

We stayed at Violatos and it was fine. Our room was on the upper floor and had a fan on the roof which we couldn't have done without. It wasn't brilliant, but the heat was so extreme I wouldn't have fancied risking a room without it. I don't think all of the rooms had a fan on the roof, but I'm sure those that didn't had a normal fan that you plug in.

The location is the strength of this accommodation. I say that without any reservation. It is in the middle of the "horseshoe" bay, set about three streets back. Ideal because everything in Aghia Efimia itself is within five minutes' walk.

Feel free to email me at if you want any more info and I will try to help.

David C           

WE LOVED IT! Came back on June 15.
Decided to put an end to rowdy, booze-fuelled, raucous Ibiza-style "drinking" holidays and treat ourselves to a peaceful, scenic break.
Aghia Efimia is beautiful - the type of place you fall in love with.
Beaches are ok, and there isn't much in terms of shopping, but that's not what we went for.
The tavernas are all of an excellent standard - we recommend Levante, which has tables and chairs on a stone jetty out into the sea. Beautiful on a night with a nice breeze.
Went for the week, which was ideal because we used four or five of the days up seeing the sights and the remainder "chilling" in the sweltering heat - it was roasting.
Can't recommend this place enough to adults of any age, (not much for young kids).
It's everything you expect it to be.

Martin S

I am travelling to Agia Efimia and will be staying at Violatos Studios. Can anyone tell me what this accommodation is like and whether the location is close to amenities.

Thanks heaps

Irene L           

Our favourite spot on the Island. Stayed 1 night in the Boulevard Pyllaros Hotel which has a beautiful view of the harbour. However, breakfast very mean considering a room is 80 euro p.n. Just toast and coffee! Fabulous bar above Finikes restaurant. V. quiet when we were there but great cocktails made with good amounts of alcohol (badly needed after our experiences with scabby drinks in Argostoli!) Well worth basing yourself here if you've a car.

Jo and julie            

We got back from Agia Efimia yesterday having had the time of our lives. It is a wonderful and beautiful place.. so so peaceful. The weather was great too and it was not crowded. Highlights of our trip were hiring a boat from Jonny's bar to explore the small coves along the coast leading to Fiscardo.. it is not hard to find a cove all to yourselves as we did. Another great day was had on Myrtos Bay.. we had never seen clear water like it. We got a taxi - 20 euros return -and our driver was there on the dot of our prearranged time to pick us up. Loads of places to eat - Steki's was good as others have mentioned on this site but so is the place next to it (cant remember the name.. but its the one with blue chairs). Our favorite though was Pergola's - not on the harbour so probably easier to overlook but well worth tracking it down. As far as beaches are concerned - from our point of view they were great.. there are 3 coves apart from the main harbour drag.. they are smallish and stony but were never crowded and always quiet and the sea was so calm with fish easily visible.. another great thing though was to find a spot on the rocks with clear blue deep water forming what seemed like a wonderful private pool right in front of you. We loved it! The night life was great because there was none ...other than the excellent tavernas

David C

I can drive but don't fancy hiring a car to get around because I want to enjoy a few drinks and will not feel confident on some of the more precarious roads.

Does Aghia Efimia have a decent bus service to get around the island? And can anyone provide me with a timetable? Many Thanks.

Emma S

Trying to decide between Agia Efimia - been offered accomodation in Nidri and Lekada. Can anyone help as i know nothing of either. What are the beaches like in Agia Ef? Arethey pebbly?

David S           

to Rebecca, Sunvil also do holidays in Kefalonia.
I am about to go for the first time - so hope all the comments are worthy of the place. My comments to follow (maybe plus some pics) in due course. Really looking forward to Agios Efimia !

Hazel W

you can get info. from Manos

Andy M

Rebecca - Olympic Holidays go to Agia Efimia

Rebecca H

Think I've put this in the wrong place but Agia Efimia sounds wonderful but I haven't seen it in the brochures I have got. Can anyone tell me which tour operators have accomodation there or where is good to stay? Thank you!

Helen K           

stayed in agia efimia in october 01, absolutely fell in love with the place. I would move there tomorrow if it was possible. I thought it had the most charm and peacefulness than any other place we have visited. Kefalonia is a gorgeous island with lots of dramatic scenery, friendly people (who love kids) and excellent food and wine. Having said all that, if you dont appreciate Greek charm, please dont go..go to Spain or somewhere...we dont want a MacD's or hoards of English bars on Kefalonia!!

Steven G           

We were looking for a quiet relaxing holiday with a taste of greek life. We got exactly that in this village. Location is ideal for touring the Island especially the North penisular which is undoubtedly the prettiest. Lake Melisani just round the corner. Myrtos beach approx 20 minutes drive, Petani approximately 40 mins but there are plenty of little swimming coves located around the village itself and along the road to SAMI (9km away). It was nice to stroll round the village early each morning watching the locals go about their business whilst the smell of freshly baked bread from the bakery on the quayside wafts across the bay. Also worth getting up early to watch the sunrise over Ithaca If you want a beach holiday with clubbing in the evening this is not the place for you (although looking at pictures in some of the Island guides the village does become a lot livelier in the summer. Just hope it doesn't get to over developed (at least before we have had chance to return)

Phil P           

A quiet and relaxing little resort with waterfront bars/resturants around a harbour. Nice views across the bay to Sami. The road from Fiskardo down to Efimia gives great views across to Ithaca with the last few miles having spectacular views of Efimia and the coast road to Sami.

Ruth S           

If you want to relax, this is the place, but don't expect wild nightlife. Excellent if you want to have a nice meal and a few drinks, and enjoy swimming/snorkeling.

Ken M           

Ag Efimia is a small unspoilt greek village with a couple of super markets,two bakers, and several good tavernas,the best being Stekis

Andy L           

Wish I was back there right now. Lovely place in a great location for getting to everything and the quieter eastern route from Agia to Fiskardo had some great little bays to tootle down to!!

Don L           

If you want a quiet,hassle free holiday you will be hard pushed to find anywhere to equal Agia Efimia.Beautiful,scenic setting with a good selection of restaurants and friendly locals. Centrally located ,you are within an hours drive of anywhere on the island and Sami is 10 minutes away with it`s ferry links to Ithaka.

Cathy M           

This is a lovely village to stay in, very relaxing. It has lots of Tavernas and Restaurants, all excellent. Its nice just to watch the boats come in and out of the bay.

Ivan M           

very attractive & peaceful fishing village in north of the island