Resorts in Kefalonia

Steve Jones          6/10

busy town,walk along the harbour oposite the alpha bank to see the turtles,magic!

Keith B

We have been to kef 14 times in as many years, however I must say 5 years ago we went to Argostoli for the day, a young man was herding a pack of dogs across the bridge, all of the dogs were friendly and happy all together there was no fear as you could tell they had all been for a swim and came over to us for a stroke and cuddle. I am talking approx 8 dogs all different breeds and mongrels. They all passed us after saying hello but one stayed after attention from everyone a lovely girl mongrel she loved the attention. However I am sorry to say that the young man went over to her and kicked her full in the ribs against the wall and she yelped and then struggled to walk I doubt she survived it. I spoke to a waiter and he said it would have been an Eastern European gipsy who mis treat the animals, my wife had to stop me from confronting him, I shouted my feelings to him however he just laughed, the poor dog hobbled away in agony We love kef but they need to treat the dogs better if they want civilised people to return I will return to kef but we do look out for ALL of the animals when we are there please do the same

Beth R          6/10

Watch out for the turtles!! They are quite common and quite friendly Lots of tourist shops, selling mostly the same stuff. The shops in the pedestrianised area are particularly good and quite varied, with the tavernas and restuarants in the square near it being also very good and quite young and up market  Went from a swim in the harbour- lovely!

Jo H          10/10

After travelling all over Kefalonia, we always return to Argostoli, it's a truly wonderful place. We love watching the fishermen and the turtles in the bay in the morning, the fantastic bakeries, Cafe Kafenion for lunch with it's fantastic round chips and wonderful staff, we sit and watch the yachts while eating, then the Rock Cafe at night! If we are feeling energetic we even walk around the square! Love it!!

Caprice B          10/10

I am in Olive Gardens (In Lassi) at the moment and I've just enjoyed a lovely barbeque! I think if you are looking for good resarants in Argostoli then go to the Captain's Table, lovely food, kind Waitors, Great view! If your lucky in the day you might meet the Dock's turtle He is very nice but he doesn't hang around for too long your lucky if you get over 25 minutes! But it is worth it if you video him!

Tammy M          1/10

Avoid La Gondala restaurant it was 3 times the price of other restaurants and we found out that the owner isnt from Kefalonia he is just making a quick buck. we really didnt like the food, the waiters were warned...

Tammy M          10/10

Argostoli is a lovely little place. we have been 7 times and its just great. very clean, very friendly locals and the food is excellent. we also took some videos of tommy the loggerhead turtle who swims in the bay at argostoli so look out for him. a great little island.

Mark G          10/10

Argostoli, what a wonderful place to spend a warm summers evening, there are many resturants to choose from, i have to say we have tried nearly all of them, a walk along the front after your evening meal, if your lucky you will see the turtles swimming in the bay, i have yet to try the evening cruises so looking forward to that experience.

Lizzie R          5/10

Great base from which to start your trips around the island.  The Glass Bottom Boat trip can be booked from here, directly with Captain Markis, whose boat can be found moored outside Captains Restaurant most evenings.  Siesta is 2pm until 6pm and hardly any of the shops are open on a Sunday, although it may be different in high season(?)  There are no parking restrictions - which was very liberating!  Be careful crossing the road, particularly at pedestrian crossings believe it or not - as it doesn't seem to stop the cars, even when you are part way over.  It was a mystery as to what they were for, they didn't seem to serve any meaningful purpose.

Janet C          10/10

Wonderful place to visit in the evening, looking at the boats in the port and sipping coctails in the square where the local children play and familys meet. Take the ferry over to Lixouri for 2 euros it runs every half hour.

Look out for the turtles in the port they are amazing.

Dave P          9/10

Lovely small town but be careful of prices in the main square - some are ridiculous. 18 euros for spag bol??!! eat on the very front and eat where the locals eat. Great atmosphere. Take the ferry to Lixouri.

Stefan N          10/10

Visited Argostoli on a couple of nights and it was great the town comes to life later in the evening, with some great shops and restaurants. definately worth a visit

Kev S           

We were staying in Lassi, but Argostoli is within walking distance.It's easily the biggest town on the island. Thee is a nice pedestrian shopping street called Lithostoto, which also opens some evenings. Plenty of bars and restaurants around the main square, which was lively at night time. Parking was easy but possibly not in the summer. Well worth a visit if you are staying on Kefalonia. [also recommend Premier and La Gondola restaurants]

Kevin M           

click to enlargeclick to enlargeclick to enlargeWe only went shopping here,but enjoyed it all the same.

The only warning i can give for here is:if your going shopping choose your time carefully as they close for siesta from 1400-1800. 

John H           

if you go go at night much better atmosphere.

Heather W           

Last year my husband and I we went to Kefalonia.We stayed at Eleni Studios in Lourdas.One day we visited Argostoli.It was O.K. Lourdas is nicer thoughou.We will be back.


we stayed in lassi, but went into argostoli every night, or should i say morning, for the night clubs and bars. lovely big area, full of lovely people! we went with some of the locals, and had a great time! some mornings, we were going back 2 our apartments in lassi at around 7am! cant wait till august 2 go clubbing again! xxx

Jessica W           

stayed in Lassi but walked here in the day or got a taxi at night. Loved the Gondala restaurant in the main square, and the street bars are pretty chilled out. Really enjoyed it here, but as the guy earlier said, please be nice to the dogs around. They are very affectionate but arent shown any, it upset me alot!

Gillian N           

just to let you know about the fantastic boat hire that is just 100 yards away from the road that crosses the lagoon, its a fantastic service you get a waterproof moblie phone, full training, life jackets and a cool bag-everything is thought of. you can hire it for the day or half day and find those secluded beaches that nobody else visits we had a brilliant time! The man that runs it speaks perfect english, and to ring him if you need to book it phone 6945957986 or just turn up at the boats by the pier, please tell him that you saw this on the internet as I promised him I'd put this on for him, its well worth it 50 euros for the full day and 25 for half. Everywhere else it was at least 85 for the day. a fantastic way to see the island

P. A           

We visited here nearly every day and enjoyed drinks at The Bell Tower which is helping reintroduce people with mental health issues into the community. The far end heading towards the ferry terminal is where all the cool hip and trendy youngsters seem to hang out.

Visit The Portside for a meal and a drink. The staff are nice and although we couldn't have our stifado and wild greens as ordered, we enjoyed the substitutes of fried cheese, whitebait and tomato salad.

We saw a turtle in the harbour beside the cruise ship and the market, lazily swimming about and popping up to view us.

The we chilled out in general over iced coffee and freshly squeezed orange juice at the harbourside bar beneath the huge cream canopies watching the sholes of fish.

Go and buy from the markets and the bakeries, the pineapple custard pastries are delicious (and dangerous to the hips.)

Whilst there is no beach to speak of, a short 5 EURO taxi ride to nearby Lassi is all the beach you need.

Mark S           


Alan L           

The shopping in the town was pretty good but the clothes shops were really expensive but they had a wide choice.
One thing.....Please if you go to the town.....please feed some of those poor dogs! heartbreaking! we spent most of our time on a mercy mission giving out Bonios, ham, sausages and water to these unfortunates. Did anyone see the pregnant dog? poor thing!

Luke G           

I really dont see what all the fuss is about just got back,its like every other harbour town.very tacky and dirty in areas,reminded me more of iraq on the tv to be honest!

Fay W           

Visit ”The Portside” taverna opposite the Port Authority building,
its where the locals eat and you get the most friendliest service
from the fluent English speaking owners (and the food was
excellent too).
DO NOT go to the first restaurant on the promenade itself (if
you're walking from the direction of the waterbreak road). We
sent our meals back and walked out. The Kefalonian meat pie
and the pastito were both reheated in a microwave, dry pasta,
burnt at the edges and soggy fat filled pastry DISGUSTING!!! (first
time on any holiday we have ever had to do that!)
Lassi is the local beach, Shopping is excellent and Café Culture
nightlife is enjoyable.


Visited Argostolli around midday, and after parking our little Atos took a stroll
alongside the harbour. Upon glancing at the water we were shocked and
delighted to see a turtle emerge, swim towards us, gracfully turn around and
disappear back deep into the blue water! It really was one of those moments
that made our holiday so special. As for the town itself, it was very much like
Zante Town, perhaps a little nicer, and very hot walking along the nice
pedestrianised bit! The causeway road that cuts across the harbour is mental
to drive along!!!