Resorts in Kefalonia

Taz C

Hi, I'm wanting to visit Svoronata with my daughter next summer and have read articles about stray dogs.  My daughter is frightened of dogs and I wonder if anyone knows whether they are all over the resort or just in certain areas and whether they are friendly.  Thanks

Lynette M          10/10

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Have just returned from Svoronata last week 31/05/11.  Always stay there when we go to Kefalonia makes an ideal base for travelling all over the Island.  We stayed at Eleni Apartments if you go by the tour companies but Helena Appartments and Studios if you go by the signpost at the end of the road  Had the best holiday in Greece ever, Hubby is Greek.  Helena and Joseph and their daughters were really lovely, very welcoming, could not do enough for you, and the apartments were lovely, they went in everyday made the bed etc.  The grounds were full of trees, perfectly kept, we had an second floor, top, and had a lovely veranda when you could sit, eat, relax.  Would not go anywhere else now we have been there.  Helena, Joseph and family made the atmosphere they were so nice.  Did not quite believe the reviews we saw before we went now we do.   We hired a car from UK through Travel Agents will not do that again, Greekstones was recommended to us when we were travelling home, you can even book it online from UK before you leave pick it up from the Airport, we will do that next time, went by it every night, lovely cars.

Paul H

I am going with my Partner & our 5 kids to Svoronata for the first time in early August. We would like to hire a motor boat to take us all for a couple of days to explore some of the local beaches and bays. Can anyone recommend the best place to hire a boat given that it is high season?

I am also looking for a big boat/catamaran to hire for a day with crew etc to go further afield. Any ideas?
Thanks, Paul

Annette P

click to enlarge click to enlargeI went last July/August and it was still the same - walk into the terminal from the plane.  We stayed at Ammes Beach studios it was great - quiet, relaxing and a beautifully clean pool and friendly owner & staff. 
Hope to go back this year too

Sharon M

could anyone help me please??  I travelled to Kephalonia last May and it was an amazing experience for me.  You see I am extremel claustrophobic and suffer massive panic attacks if I have to get on one of the transfer buses that actually take you from the plane to the airport - I was so happy to walk across the small runway into the airport terminal.  Is this still the case or have I got to look for another holiday location.  If there is anyone who can answer my simple question, it would be really appreciated.  Thankyou.

Jackie F           

Svoronata is a very peaceful resort. Stayed at Olive Grove apartments which were basic but very clean inside.

Not impressed with First Choice Rep as she informed us that the E111 wasn't valid in Kefaloina and advised our friend to go to a named doctor in Argastoli who would have charged her 50 euros just for consultation.  E111 IS valid as we checked with Airtours rep who told her to go directly to the hospital, which she did. The only thing she paid was 15 euros for her perscription.
Because of quite location you need to hire a car I totally reccomend Greekstones car hire. Far cheaper that Liberatos. The insurance is fully comprehensive everything is covered. No excess. The only thing you would have to pay for is loss of car keys.
The tours offered by the reps are very expensive so car hire is the cheaper alternative.
The Acropolis resturant is brilliant. Dennis the owner is a lovely man who looks after all his customers no matter how busy the resturant is.

Paul S           

My wife and I have just returned (06/08/06) from a week at the Avithos resort in Svoranata. The brochure does not do it justice! Quiet, spotlessly clean, with hard working staff. Don't go expecting great shops and a pulsating night life, but if you want p & q with a handful of tavernas and a great bar (Crazy Georges) this is the place for you. If you want some night life get a cab into Lassi or Argostoli. Better still ask at reception and they will book a mini bus which work out a lot cheaper if there is a few of you travelling.

 We met up with lots of friendly people, hello Mark( the barman!)  and Leanne, Stuart and Kerry, not forgetting Chas,Jo and the four kids, who all gave the Avithos top marks.
We'll be back, next time with the kids!

Amy S           

Having just stayed a week in Svoronata (we got back today) i can honestly say it was the most relaxing holiday i have ever had. very peaceful very quiet but dont go if you are looking for rowdy clubs etc. Most restaurants were friendly and welcoming and the beach was fantastic. Not too much in the shops (the decent ones were around 15 mins walk away). Svoronata is a very beautiful part of the island with not too many hotels. I would have liked a holiday a little less quiet but i think it would be a shame to spoil this village by building on it too much. If you are a keen walker there is a lot around but a taxi ride to Lassi is 10 minutes away and Argostoli 20 minutes.

Dan S           

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Svoronata is so laid back it takes a bit time before to get use to it
i don't go for the night life if you want, go to lassi or somewhere like that.
la calmas cocktail bar excellent,Philip,nickos and Thanos the "Great" will make you
fill more than wellcome.   ps
Thanos i will be back

Ann S

I've just returned home from my third visit to Svoronata, staying at the wonderful Pythos appartments. Isoloated, yes. Peaceful, yes. Lovely family who make you feel very welcome (this year mama covered me in kisses and hugs everyday unbidden...!) gorgeous food, and some of the most tranquil and stunning scenery you'll see. I'll be back every year till the time I drop dead!

Barry K           

We have been going to Svoronata for the past 23 years! We have seen it change very gradually but more quickly in recent times. We usually stay at the Irrina hotel which appears to be just at the end of the runway but is anyway quiet and the few planes don't bother us at all! We would recommend Svoronata without reservation although we usually have a car [CBR car rentals in Lassi give you a good deal] There are a number of excellent restaurants, in order :- The Piano Bar, La Calma, and the on at the top of the road that keeps changing its name! I could fill pages and pages about Kefalonia as we have been going there so long. Discover it for yourself, - you will go back again and again like us!!!!

Katherine W           

We have just got back from a week's holiday in Svoronata and it was exactly what we were looking for.  Very peaceful and relaxing.  Perfect if you want to get away from it all.  Halfway through the week, we commented how lovely it was not to have heard any sirens or seen a single police car!!  Don't think there are any speeding laws, etc in the rural Greek islands!
The weather was perfect - we only had one day that was a bit cloudy but we used that to explore.  It does get rather chilly at night though and I would recommend you take a light coat with you when you go out.
The only drawback is that places are quite spread out and therefore a fair amount of walking is needed - not so good if you are lazy like me!!  It is therefore best to either hire a car or, if you are just going a short distance, get a taxi.  The fares are quite reasonable.

Sue & john M           

We have just had our second holiday staying at the Marketos studios in Svoronata with Voula and her lovely family,we had a brilliant holiday,the studios are always clean,also Voula makes every-one feel relaxed and enjoy a good holiday,we enjoyed her welcome and barbecue evening,with Greek dancing,thank you Voula,her mum,Mikey,Dennis,Costus and Esme

Annemarie L           

We stayed at the villa paradise in svoronata and really enjoyed it.The nearest supermarket is along a stony winding road which can be hard in flip flops pushing a pushchair and carrying shopping! we went to 2 of the 3 nearby beaches- Avithos was great, we walked it from paradise it took around an hour but was worth it, there is also a couple of nice restarants down there, we found Ammes beach easier to get to and although there was a sand hill to slide down on the beach! we found it quite safe for our children, and we loved watching the planes fly right over our heads whilst we swam in the sea! This is mainly sunday's and tuesday's (airport day). 2 places to eat near this beach,Ammes was really good, best food we had in 2 weeks,best Lamb Kleftiko on Kefalonia! Also a place which i think is called Koutapas next door to Ammes where my brother in law had his wedding reception after getting married in Argosoli! The service was good and the food was ok. If you fancy a trip to Argostoli most bar owners,apartment owners will call a taxi for you, to go to Argostoli it cost's between 12 and 15 Euro and to Lassi only 10 Euro There is also a bus from Irinna hotel at 10.20 ish! which is 1.50 Euro. Make sure you take absolutley every thing needed for a baby as the prices of things are mad, 12 Euro for pampers! 36 Euro for shorts and t.shirt set for a baby!Which I didn't buy even though my suitcase was missing for 2 days with all the baby's clothes in!!! Make sure you pack a few things in each case..........Just in case!Would definatley recommend svoronata for a nice, quiet, relaxing holiday.

Ann P

Can anyone provide me with the email address for the Avithos Resort, Svoronata - this is a newly built complex just further along the road than the Olve Grove apartments.


Kate S           

We loved it and would definately return!! Svoronata is very quiet but I personally hate the whole 'brits abroad' resort scene, so Svoronata was perfect for us!! Although we did go to Lassi for a wider choice of restaurants and bars, we felt svoronata was an ideal place to be based as it was so peaceful and relaxing during the day and very quiet apart from the wildlife (sheep, goats and cockerals) at night!! The walk to the nearest bars and restaurants didnt put us off as this is a typically greek village untouched and unspoilt by tourism! Svoronata is a very greek experience! Don't forget to pack a torch! The local beach - Ammes - was the best in the area due to having umberellas and beds for about 8 euros - though for truly spectacular beaches, you should head up to Myrtos and Antisamos (pebbles) or the beaches along the road to Skala. Although the beaches are busier there, the sand is nicer. We stayed at the george / stefanos apartments and they were very clean and run by a wonderful family. The pool area was also lovely, with poolside games available free of cost and a perfect snack bar with lovely beers in frozen glasses!! The george apps. also have fans in all of the rooms which saves you having to hire one! Car hire is definately recommended though so you can really benefit from being on such a picturesque island. I recommend the caves at Drogarati and a trip to Fiskardo and Sami is definately worth the drive. It only takes 1 1/2 hrs to drive the length of the island, so car hire for 3 days was enough for us. If you are buying souvenirs by them in argostoli as in Lassi they may rip you off. And all who drive the bride at Agristoli - just go for it, put your foot down, point the car, and hope you don't end up in the sea!

Ashley A           

We have just come back from a week long stay in the Sunrise village appartments.Weather was glorious, just a bit windy in the afternoons.May is a good month to go as it is very quiet.Accomodation was not that special, walls paper thin fixtures & fittings very substandard.Pool was nice though, very clean!We were 2 minutes from the airport, last plane about 10pm, quite noisy if you have younguns like we do, trying to sleep.Average 6 planes a day, more on sun & tues, surrounding area not that attractive. On the whole the island is very pretty, you need a car! Friskado is a must, just beautiful wish we'd stayed there.Stray animals weren't a problem, actually I found them very polite.One last thing, don't let your kids wander round the touristy shops as the pictures on their cards, calenders, keyrings etc are very pornagraphic ( quite puke inducing!)

Michelle G           

I cant quite believe what I'm reading. If British holidaymakers refrained from feeding these stray dogs and cats then the Greek authorities might be forced to give them the help that they obviously need. I was attacked by a dog in the second week of my holiday as I took a morning stroll. There were children in my resort and it could have easily happened to them. We are constantly warned not to feed or pet stray animals while abroad but the British in particular ignore this. And before everyone accuses me of being unfeeling towards animals, I'm a vegetarian and I give monthly donations to various animal charities. I adore animals and would have gladly given up my time on holiday to help the authorities build extra animal shelters or collect money from tourists to provide suitable care for the strays. There are wooden boxes situated all over Kefalonia and we were informed that these are for donations to look after the strays. But in the two weeks I was there, I saw no evidence of the Greek Authorities doing anything to help these poor animals. The capital Argostoli was free of strays but the less well-off resorts were full of them. By allowing the Dogs and Cats to roam free, the Greek authorities are dodging their responsiblities. Not only is feeding/petting these animals foolish and dangerous, it ensures that the Greek Government does not have to do anything about them.

Claire T           

Ooh! And John at Sunbird Car Rental was very helpful. Always giving us advice for how to use the car. Thanks John!!

Claire T           

Stuart you nasty nasty man. I saw Jane Perry buying cat and dog food everyday to feed all the poor animals you have obviously taken her the wrong way. She even saved her food after her meals so that the dog over the road could have something to eat. Hi Jane and Graham!!

Jane P           

Stuart Fox - I could not beleive that you called me a sad person. I have compassion and a great deal of love to give animals. WHEN I SAID IN MY EARLIER COMMENT (SHAME ABOUT THE STRAY CATS AND DOGS) IT MEANT I FELT SORRY FOR THEM. You obviously jumped to the wrong conclusion there..!! Everyone one that knew me whilst on holiday there commented on me taking pity on the strays. I give them TLC and only wish I could give them a good home. I help with the charity The Cats Protection in my spare time - SO STUART FOX - YOU OWE ME AN APOLOGY for slandering my name. Hello to everyone I was fortunate to meet...!!!!

Stuart F           

Jane Perry - what a sad person - the cats and dogs are an integral part of Greece.
Love them - help them - feed them

And yes I have children and grandchildren - they are not 'surrrogate'
family - just have compassion

Stuart F           

Svoronata!! - Nice place - peaceful - scenic - not a place if you need access to beaches.
You need a car.
Conveniently situated - not far from airport
Not a place for kids
The Olive Grove Apartments - clean - modern - nice pool - but oh dear lacking in the basic 'self catering' equipment.
We booked 'self catering' - no way. one medium - one small electric ring - two mugs - three plates - two dishes - Sorry.
Get it together !!
We always 'fit in' with the local environment
If this apartment were to offer a toaster - kettle - a little more furniture in the rooms(no chairs - no tables - in fact very little) we would go back.
Incidentally the resident 'surly' Manager was hardly ever there!!

I informed him of a broken basin plug and a lady who I believe to be the owner was particularly hostile!! (about a plug?)

No perhaps I won't go back!!

Gary M           

Stayed in Erietta apartments,these were not as good as some we have stayed in but the pool is lovely.Nice pool bar staffed by the friendly owner for whom nothing is too much trouble.Stayed in Lourdas last time and preferred it to Svoronata which is too spread out for my liking and hiring transport is a must.

I S           

The best things about Svaronata are
- the beaches. Very safe & probably the best three on the island from the point of view of safety & clarity of water