Resorts in Kefalonia

Ally M

Just returned back from a glorious week in Kefalonia - 24/5-31/5/2014

Visited a wornderful restaurant for lunch on the harbour called Akrogiali, friendly service, great food, superb value for money with a stunning view. Highly recommend xxx

Shona W          8/10

We're just back from an amazing two weeks in Kefalonia and whilst we were there my partner and I got engaged...we took the ferry across to Lixouri and then he drove us over to the west side of the peninsula, to a little place called Kapouria, and we had a picnic on the cliff at sunset - very romantic!!

Nikki W

Has anyone been to Kounopetra village on Kefalonia Island?  It is located 15 minutes from Lixouri apparently.  I have read the comments on Lixouri that have been posted and it sounds lovely and lively to visit. 

Dave P          8/10

Second biggest town on the island - a little more upmarket than Argostoli but still very friendly and laid back and very pretty indeed. Some prices are a bit steep but shop around. Take the ferry rather than drive all the way around.

Andrew W

This is in reply to Kevins post about the Wedding.

We are going over for friends wedding in June this year. I dont know to much detail, other than they are having the reception at the Palatino Hotel in Lixouri and that they have organised a pig roast. Not sure where the actual wedding is but if you pass on your contact details I can link you up with our friends. One of the parents lives in Kef so getting a photo of the Town Hall might be easy enough.
The Palatino is doing very competeive room rates for guests, its worked out a lot cheaper by booking hotel and flights seperate. Good luck anyway.
If you need more info have you tried Trip Advisor?

Kevin O

We are getting married in Kefalonia in September 2008.  We are staying in the Princess Hotel, Lassi and the wedding venue is Lixouri Town Hall, despite never seeing a picture.  I have a few questions if someone could help with.

Does anyone have a picture of Lixouri Town Hall they could send me?
Can you get a ferry from Lassi to Lixouri?
Can you hire a motorbike on the island?
Does anyone know of a friendly Greek restaurant in or near Lassi who would arrange our reception?
Thank you


2 apartments for rent, sea view, lixouri

send email for prices and photos

Pauline O           

  Kefalonia is a beautiful Island with lots to see we  always stay in Lixouri and will be returning 26th Sept for our 22nd Visit since 1989 Please do not be put off by the Aqua Beach not opening there are some other great hotels maybe not in the brochure The Kefaloninia Palace, Palatino, Summery, La Cite Hope if you book you have a really good holiday, beaches are well out of town also nightclubs, people out of this world for friendlynerss.

Julie P           

Lixouri has been our base for the last 6 years and we still enjoy its pace of life and the buzz of the evenings in the square. Our grandchildren adore the cake shop at the top of the square along with Seranos! There are many good tavernas..Zorbas being high on the list for quality food and company. We may see the place through rose coloured specs as members of our family live in the neighbouring area...but  we do enjoy the town and its comparitive peace with Argostoli.

Pete A           

As far as I am aware the Kefalonia Aqua Beach Club will not be offered by anyone during 2007.

The building works ran into significant problems due construction and suffered subsidence.

First Choice have now withdrawn  from all of the proposed Aqua Beach Club resorts due to the problems they have encountered with each of them.

The only one to be completed was Kos and this has now been opened by the local Greek operator, early reviews of this resort have been rather mixed.

Tina T

HI, I am looking to book the kefalonia aqua beach club hotel for july 07, just wondering if anyone can tell me where to book it please as first choice tell me they are not doing it anymore, thanks tina

Rachel A           

I have finally managed to get thru to first choice who we booked our holiday thru. They have confirmed that the Aqua Beach club will be open at the earliest 13th June (they never said which year!!) We were supposed to fly out on the 4th June, they offered us the Pegasus Palace in Turkey but i said no. They said that if we looked for another holiday then they would check availibility and move the booking. They will put the full amount you have paid plus another 20% towards the cost of a new holiday.I am dissapointed not to be going to Kefalonia as we love it there but the upside is we are now having 2 weeks in the Bahamas and it hasn't cost me a penny more!!!!

Sarah D           

We are thinking of staying in Aghios Dimitrios near Lixouri, is the distance from the airport too far and would you suggest a hire car to get from the airport to Aghios Dimitrios?

P. A           

We took the ferry from Argostoli to Lixouri at a very small charge of 1.20 EUROS each at 9.30am.
We walked around the town and then along the harbour before getting the ferry back at 11am.
A very sleepy and quiet town but a nice place to stop and take in the air and views.
Perhaps we just came too early to appreciate it?

Melissa P           

Lixouri is a working town and is full of locals who are very friendly. Not at any time did we feel uneasy with the locals and enjoyed mixing with them. They absoutly love it if you attempt to converse with them in greek and will always put you right if you say something wrong. We did have one problem with a taxi driver. He really sold himself as someone who would, for a price, take us to see the best sunset on the island and then to the best restarant for our meal. The sunset was good, but by the time he took us the the restarant, at 9.45pm it was pitch black and he left us at the restarant in the middle of nowhere,(he did come back to get us later). The food was awful and we were bitten to pieces by the bugs. I traveled with my mother and two small childre. Although i never felt afraid or in danger on the island, we were in the middle on who knows where and at the mercy of strangers. The taxis drivers name is Themis (pronounced Demis) and he takes you to Kipouria. So please be aware of charming taxi drivers.

Trev H           

I'm sure Lixouri, is as the other comments. BUT, my experience was at the beach, Xi. We drove there (stayed in Lourdas - fantastic place)and on our first walk and last walk down the beach we noticed TWO used needles. After this this we left. I accept the tide etc.. but PLEASE watch your step if you visit.

Phil P           

Lixouri is a working Kefalonian town and as such is not great as a 'holiday' destination, although it is trying and may be OK as a base. The whole peninsula is picturesque and the drive to and from Petani beach in the North is spectacular as is the beach itself....second only to Myrtos.

Chris A           

We have been going to this side of the island for the past 20 years. Some of the best beaches on the island Mega Lakos and Xi with access to all water sports, and one of the best beaches in all of Greece, Petani, next to Myrtos. The sunset view from the Monastery at Kipouria is a must see. Lixouri is a big town with lots of restaurants, bars, cafes and shops. You could find many clubs in the outskirts such as Michalitsata and Agios Dimitrios. This part of the island has many breathtaking views and the access to these locations are easy since the road network is very good. Lixouri and the surrounding villages is definitely a must see!!

Bob C           

We have been going to Lixouri for 11 years we find the locals charming and friendly and beaches on this side of the Island are among the best, Lepada (Lepada bay in the book Captain Corelli) Petani, Xi.

Julie H           

lixouri itself not so attractive but we actually stayed just outside. really lovely peaceful countryside on this peninsula with olive and fruit groves. you can get a quick ferry across to argos