Casa de Blue Restaurant

Restaurants in Lourdas


Good food and a good selection. The staff are friendly and make you very welcome. One of the more expensive restaurants.

Jake T           

This place should be re-named Casa Bleeurgh!!
Things didn't go well from the start. The owner was very pushy to get us to eat there. The 3 of us had Garlic mushrooms for starters which were tinned mushrooms covered in raw garlic, served on what can only be described as white school dinner plates.

The main course was no better. I had Spaghetti Bolognese baked in the oven which was so congealed, I could have picked the whole dish up with my fork in 1 go. My friend had Moussaka which was more like a pie (with pastry around it). Finally my other friend had Fillet a la Creme - We never did find out what the meat was - we guessed at Rabbit. It was served with Spaghetti and very large chunks of courgette - Yuk!

Not recommended.


Ok, the food was nice, greek pizza and Greek salad, but the complimentary wine we were given when we asked for the bill could strip cars!!! When we asked for the bill the second time the waiter cheerfully told us it had missed its flight and would be back soon??????? Eventually i braved the bar area to again request the bill and was letched at by the owner, who letches quite alot, on the beach, in the street, when you sit down to eat, we noticed that being in a couple does nothing to deter him!!!!! On the whole this place was average, gave us a laugh though!

Chris & hannah            

Visited this restaurant after reading reviews on here. The service was okay, if a little slow at times. The waiters give you Greek lessons as you order your food. The food was very disappointing, arriving cooler then usual and no thought seemed to have gone into the presentation.
We would not recommend anyone else to go to this restuarant.

Kevin R           

The food was terrible so was the service. We ate there on our first night as we were staying at the Casa De Blue apartments and never went back.

Don't even bother eating here. La Mer, just down the road is much nicer and you don't get a free fly with your meal as I did!

C R           

We've eaten here many time over the last 2 years and have no complaints.

The owner is misunderstood. Yeah, he's a bit "familiar", but he's just trying to earn a living to support his family.

R L           

We were warned by numerous other guests to avoid casa de blue due to poor service and food quality but the owners over pushing intrusive attitude made us feel very uncomfortable about even taking an evening stroll past his resturant as he all but drags you in. Possibly the only thing that spoilt an otherwise perfect holiday. Make up your own minds and see for yourselves.

R M           

tempted in on our first night by the overpowering staff at the entrance, however waited over and hour for starters, and the food was very poor compared to other restaurants. we later met other families who agreed, plenty of better places to eat in lourdas.

Louise D           

Went here just the once. food was ok, we had omlette and chicken with pineapple.omlette came with nothing but a few pieces of tomato though so make sure you order a side dish if you want a decent size meal! Service was ok although i was with my boyfriend and still felt threatened by the owner/waiter who seemed to be after any woman that he could get!

Xaxas X           

Nice food nice drinks...Excellent view If the owner was not trying to convince everybody on the road to eat there by pulling them and then picked on their wives to sleep with him it should be the best..He has no manners

Ellaina T           

It was OK here, we only went the once but if your are vegetarians then I wouldnt advice you to have the stuffed tomatoes because you get peppers and there is meat in them! Although the waiter had quite good english and went through the menu with us.

Ann D           

Perfect food with perfect service

Kate H           

We went to this restaurant twice and loved it. I had the Lamb Kleftiko which was amazing! If you like lamb, go for this one! Very good chicken also. Brilliant service, the owner was very friendly and really welcoming. Lovely view, and a nice looking tree bar and pool up on the roof open to the public.Well worth going to!!

Martin W           

fantastic staff fantastic food what more can you say.....

Viv G           

We ate at this taverna about 4 times and were never disappointed. The house wine was always very good, usually a sign of a good restaurant. We had tried other tavernas but this one had a wonderful traditional atmosphere. The service was quietly efficient and very welcoming. I especially enjoyed the stuffed tomtoes. Our favourite starters were the peppers and the stuffed vine leaves. An added bonus was the fantastic view. We wished we had tried this taverna earlier in our holiday.

Wayne W           

The waiter and owner was very welcoming, the food was great, lovely calamari and sole was really tasty. Very reasonable prices. The owner invited us in later for a free drink just as we were passing. You might spot the owner collecting the sunbed money on the beach, Lourdas is one of those places where one person does three jobs. One tip though don't talk about how everything costs so much in England and how English people really aren't that well off, the Greeks don't like it...they like to think England is some sort of paradise...little do they know!

Gareth J           

Only had a drink in the top bar view excellent

Ian W           

i ordered the chicken parmesano which came as a large bowl of spaghetti with a small amount of tomato sauce,three small pieces of grilled chicken all covered by 3 slices of kraft cheese slices flashed under the grill so the cheese was like a globby mass!wife had mousaka which was hardly warm and has very little if any meat in it.

John S           

Visited once. The food and service were good but the taverna lacked atmosphere.

Muffin R           

Got back from Lourdas yesterday..Loved our stay..Visited Casa de Blue twice..myself (aged 7) and my mum...mum veggie & choice not very good but the limited foods were good...staff were lovely gave me a lollypop & my mum a free fruit salad..(mum also got some flowers & the waiters name & number ((even though she didnt want it)).

Geoff D           

Very good, traditional Greek food. Friendly service. When we were there everyone got either complimentary Baklava (honey cake) or a shot of Metaxa (brandy) after the meal. You can see the food being prepared as they have large windows on to the kitchen so you can be sure they are proud of their standards.