Casa de Blue Restaurant - (Restaurants in Lourdas)

Muffin R           

Got back from Lourdas yesterday..Loved our stay..Visited Casa de Blue twice..myself (aged 7) and my mum...mum veggie & choice not very good but the limited foods were good...staff were lovely gave me a lollypop & my mum a free fruit salad..(mum also got some flowers & the waiters name & number ((even though she didnt want it)).

Spiros Restaurant - (Restaurants in Lourdas)

Muffin R           

Nothing bad to say about this place..loved it..went again & again..didnt think any of the other taverna's compaired...& the staff really liked kids...Spiros even gave me a teddy bear..(I'm seven).....& mum said the veggie food was great & best choice she's ever seen in greece..(been to greece 18 times)

Doodles - (Restaurants in Lourdas)

Muffin R  (June 27, 2002)         

Food ok...veggie limited to pizza or spag;...staff were lovely...saw Danny...but they could do with some different chairs the ones they have are very uncomfortable....& the fruit salad was out of a tin.