Libra Grill Bar - (Restaurants in Lourdas)

Geoff D  (May 13, 2002)         

If you get the opportunity I would recommend that you try the Alexia Restaurant. It is rather different. For a start it is run by a gentleman (Egyptian I believe) who is a colourful character to say the least. As well as being quite passionate about the food he will also accompany your meal with some unique jazz/blues arrangements of music improvised to the stage where they are barely recognisable but nevertheless excellent. They have excellent fish and seafood, a very good vegetarian range, curries and North African cuisine as well as more traditional Greek fare. It is certainly not the cheapest place in town but the quality is excellent and the atmosphere is great. It is quite small (only about 12-15 tables) so they recommend booking in advance. For information their telephone number is 0671031017. (Prefix with 0033 and drop the first zero if dialling from UK or UK registered mobile) And no! I'm not on commission from him, we just liked it very much!

Spiros Restaurant - (Restaurants in Lourdas)

Geoff D           

There are better places. It was cheap and the food was fine but unexceptional. Don't expect to to get your bill and pay at the table (you'll wait a long time). Go to the till and pay there. I would reccommend the Tricolore which is immediately next door upstairs.

Casa de Blue Restaurant - (Restaurants in Lourdas)

Geoff D           

Very good, traditional Greek food. Friendly service. When we were there everyone got either complimentary Baklava (honey cake) or a shot of Metaxa (brandy) after the meal. You can see the food being prepared as they have large windows on to the kitchen so you can be sure they are proud of their standards.

Klimatis Restaurant - (Restaurants in Lourdas)

Geoff D           

Excellent fresh food right on the beach front. They have a vegetable plot next to the restaurant. When we ordered mezzes (mixed plate of starters for two to share which is excellent) and greek salad, the salad came dressed with fresh herbs picked from the garden especially for our order. You can't get fresher than that.