Casa de Blue Restaurant - (Restaurants in Lourdas)

Kate H           

We went to this restaurant twice and loved it. I had the Lamb Kleftiko which was amazing! If you like lamb, go for this one! Very good chicken also. Brilliant service, the owner was very friendly and really welcoming. Lovely view, and a nice looking tree bar and pool up on the roof open to the public.Well worth going to!!

La Mer Restaurant - (Restaurants in Lourdas)

Kate H           

Nice food but the service was a bit slow and they seemed to want rid of us quickly, we did go late so maybe would have had a better experience had we gone earlier. Food was good though and view was nice from the balcony. Bit chilly later on though so would be an idea to take an extra layer!

Greek Islands - (Restaurants in Lourdas)

Kate H  (May 23, 2003)         

Liked it a lot. Food was good and very quick friendly service.Nice all round and very central and easy to get to. Very eager to please and made you feel very welcome.
Overall a very nice place.

Fiona Aparthotel - (Accommodation in Lourdas)

Kate H  (May 23, 2003)         

My boyfriend and i were here for a week in mid may and it was absolutely brilliant. The rooms were spacious and very clean. Large balcony, with an amazing veiw across the sea to Zante. Lovely big pool that was never crowded, and you never had to fight for a sun lounger! Nice pool bar, with nice hot snacks and lunches, and lovely staff. Stayed open late aswell in the evenings so you could pop in there after your evening out for a drink. 3 mini markets within easy walking distance which stay open until atleast 1am, so never ran out of things (as they seem to sell almost everything!)
Everyone very helpful and well worth asking behind the bar for advice of places to go and see or eat.
Nice mix of guests, and just generally an excellent atmosphere.
I noticed that there were comments on here about a noise problem from the music bar up the road, but this never bothered us, possibly because we went just before the start of the peak season, so if you are after a quiet week, i would advise you to go around this time.
Very highly recommended and would go back in a heartbeat!

(would advise anyone wanting to explore the island to hire a car though, as there isnt really much of a bus service, and the beaches are quite far away by foot, but only about 5-10 minutes by car, and well worth the drive!)

Trapezaki Beach - (Beaches in Kefalonia)

Kate H           

We really enjoyed this beach. Very quite and scenic. You can walk out a very long way with the water still at waist level. Lovely clear blue water. Hardly any pebbles either which was nice. Sand got pretty hot though! Really worth going to. Quite far from Lourdas though, so i wouldnt try and walk it!! (unless you're fit)

Glass bottom boat trip - (Kefalonia Excursions)

Kate H           

This day was great. Although initially we thought it was a little expensive, it was definately worth it. It lasts the whole day and you see some amazing places, so dont forget your camera and plenty of film! The snorkelling is fun and the water is very clear and calm. We saw a dolphin and a Turtle. Lovely red sand secluded beach and delicious salad and barbecued kebabs and plenty of wine!
The captain and crew are a lot of fun, and its definately well worth going on.
Be careful not to get burnt though, coz its quite windy out on the sea and you dont feel yourself burning atall. The glass bottom is interesting though, but not a huge amount to see down there, so you're probably best off up on deck.

Really worth while!!!

Olympic Holidays - (Tour Operators in Kefalonia)

Kate H           

We didnt book directly through Olympic but found them very helpful and professional. The rep (Sue) was very friendly, not pushy atall and really made an effort to help in every way. We missed the welcome meeting, but still recieved details of everything we missed through the door of our apartment which was nice. She was able to answer any queries we had and organize us to get to the airport at the right time and things (we hired a car so had to make our own way to the airport, but she was very helpful in advising us of when to get there etc)
There were reps waiting at the airport for us to make sure we got through the terminal and onto our plane safely as well.

I would book with them again, i think they were excellent.