Spiros Restaurant

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Food was decent.

Souvlaki very good but the microwaved frozen veg spoiled it really (could see an array of 3 white microwave ovens from seating area!!).
Service good and they use the old fashioned credit card machines too!

Georgina G           

 Spiros is da best! The food was great value for its size.The staff were very friendly and helped us learn some useful greek phrases.

I'd recommend it to anyone who is going to that part of Kefalonia.
 I went from July 3 to July 17 and his food stood out from all the rest.

Ben G           

Wow! what a great time we had here. we were lucky enough to stumble across it on our first night a perfet welcome to the island. service is superb and food is of plenty. mousaka was our favourite as was the little table under the tree. make sure you go

Jodie P           

The staff here were extremely friendly and will try to teach you a bit of Greek.  The food was ok, the moussake was erally goos, so were the meatballs.  very erasonably priced.  sadly has given in to an English menu and does not offer too many traditional greek items, but still well cooked and well presented.  Did not live up to all the hype for me though sadly.

Sarah S           

Spiros what a gentleman you were to us at all times.  What can we say about your restaurant other then good food, very pleasant and helpful staff, and of course yourself.  We were always made to feel very welcome and we frequent your restaurant often in the two weeks we were there.

Thank you also for the lovely bottle of Ouzo when we left - we felt very sad to say goodbye.  Thank you for making our holiday for us, and we will definitely be eating with you again in the future.  Keep up the extremely good work.

John G           

ahhhh spiros i yearn for your lamb country style your friendly greetings and the kind way you spoke to my children .

i can highly recommend this restaurant
what more is there to say

Steve C           

Having read the other comments about this restaurant, I can agree with all of them apart from the one who said the staff are not friendly. They were the most delightful people we met on the island. Spiros the owner takes on too much himself and this is where the service is let down, this restaurant gets very busy and seats alot of people he only has two waitresses, whether this is the case all through the season I don't know, but they do get a bit swamped at times.  It is true that you have to queue up to pay at the till and more often than not the till doesn't work, but this is Greece!!! Lighten up you moaners.  We ate here more times than anywhere else at the resort and the service varied every night. Two hours for your meal was not uncommon, but what else are you going to do in Lourdas at 10 at night. Sit back and enjoy the atmosphere, relax and eat the best cooked food. Lots to choose from, starters, main courses and make sure you have plenty of room left for his massive desserts. We tried most of the Greek dishes on the menu and the only complaint is the that some of the dished are too large, and can be a bit daunting. His squid is wonderful the best I've ever had and so fresh it was difficult not to have it every night. Also his Mousaka is first class. Oh, and the Fried cheese and the Kleftiko and...........
We got a complimentary bottle of Ouzo on our last night.which just adds to the charm of the man. This is the most popular restaurant in Lourdas and as the saying goes, you can't please all of the people all of the time. But we met the same customers night after night, which must say something about the place.
 Thanks Spiros, I know he reads these comments because he has them pinned to the till. I would not hesitate to recommend this restaurant to anyone and if we go back, thats where I'll eat.

Lee O           

We visited the Spiros on our last night and wished we had gone more often - it was lovely.   The location was really nice and my husband and son had the Kefalonian Meat pie (shared with my 11 month old daughter) and they all loved it.   It was a great place to go and very friendly.


I have just returned from 2 weeks in Lourdas and after having had a few average meals elsewhere at the start of our fortnight we walked all the way up the hill and ate at Spiros everynight (when you have seen the hill you will understand)!  The food and service was excellent and all of the staff are very friendly, especially if you try to use a few greek words.  Also, I can highly recommend trying the kefalonian meat pie here, as it was the nicest we found.  Spiro, if you are reading this I would like to thank you again for helping to make our first wedding anniversary wonderful.   

Fred R           

We visited Lourdas in May/June and August/September last year and went to Spiros most nights - the food was good,the drinks were good,and the prices were very competitive compared to other restaurants,additionally we always found Spiros to be very welcoming and his staff friendly and courteous,particularly Anna weho also worked at the Eleni. We are going back to Lourdas this May/June and August/September and will have no hesitation in going to Spiros for a good many evenings.

George U           

We have stayed in Lourdas twice a year for 8 years, so have seen many changes.In our opinion Spiros Taverna is without doubt the best, and we have tried them all.This taverna deserves max. stars,and remember you are in Greece,where G.M.T. stands for Greek Maybe Time.Yamas and enjoy.George & Maria Underwood.

Tarina W           


Spiros and his family were very welcoming and gave you plenty of time to look of the menu without hovering over you.

Prices were very reasonable and the portions were big.

For a three course meal for two with four bottles of pop it came to about 31 euros and when it was our last night he gave us a bottle of ouzo to go home with!

All in all the best restaurant we went to in Lourdas.

Amy W           

Very good prices, huge portions, and tasty food. Service could be pretty slow and this was even out of peak season but we liked the informal atmosphere of Spiro's though - so I guess we can't complain. Worth a visit.

Myfanwy L           

On holiday in Lourdas we just had to keep going back to Spiros's everyday! Full of Greek tradition with a brilliant, friendly service, Spiros's made our holiday even better! Also got a gift as we left- what an amazing place!
Food was delicious- we tried as many lunch and dinner dishes as possible. Spiros always brought it to us with a smile and a chat- I learnt quite a bit of Greek from him too- couldn't beat it! Couldn't recommend it more!!


Average food, nothing special apart from a betetr childrens menu than most. Service slow, there are othe rbetter restaurants.

Frank B           

We ate in Spiros a few times and always found it excellent.Regarding the service,if you make the effort to use some greek words you will be rewarded!This goes for all the restaurants we sampled.Remember,we are not in the U.K. and we are the foreigners!


Cant comment on the food as the service was so bad we didnt get served!
Had to walk out after being seated for 15minutes+ and nothing-not even a menu!
It wasnt even busy,others who came in after us were served but they seemed to ignore our table!Found better elsewhere.


Tried to eat here but had to walk out!After being seated we waited 15 minutes for serice before giving up.Others who came after us were seen first and it wasnt even busy!
Cant comment on the food but service was terrible.

Mark P           

A typical greek restaurant with food to die for, my family of 8 tried nearly everything on the menu with no complaints. Spiros ask's you to pay when you are ready inside if you don't like the meal he tells you not to pay a very friendly staff and on your last visit a free bottle of ouzo what more can you say 5*

Mark P           

The best restaurant in lourdas, there where 8 people in our group of all age ranges, the food was superb the staff very friendly and price out of this world. Anyone visiting kefalonia must visit spiros as for the bill he tells you if you enjoy your meal when you are ready to pay come inside,if by chance you do not don't pay what more can i say

Kristie B           

Sorry spiros. Maybe we caught it on a bad night. The place was absolouly swarming so we thought, People seem to like it. When we got it took us ages to get served. so we ordered finally. Then we waited TWO hours to get our food. Then my chicken was RAW. We were to exausted to complain.
Kristie and family


Really good food and well priced, however the staff are not at all friendly and the service is slow. You also have to go to the till and wait to pay, they didn't do bills at your table.

Joanne B           

We visited Kefalonia during 28th September - 5th October and ate at Spiros everynight. We had the same table every time and the food was lovely and so was the service, we had a free bottle of Ouzo when we left on our last night. Spiro is very nice and always has time for you, he even taught us some Greek.

I highly recommend Spiros to eat in Lourdes.

Tim G           

Ate here about five times in two weeks - primarily due to largest variety of veggie food, the fact that it took credit cards and for Spiros, who during the day collected the 6 for sun-lounger rental on Trapezaki beach.

Very Kefalonian. You didn't receive your bill at the end of the meal but went up to the till, Spiros would ask you what you had and that's what you paid for. They had no tabs. Very tpical of the island and on the day we left he gave us a bottle of Ouzo.

An experience.

Patrica E           



We ate here twice during our holiday.on the first night and the last lunchtime.Were very impressed by the friendlyness definatly the most friendly place in laudas and well sittuated.Try the vegitarian mousaka ,it was DELICIOUS.kids got free icecream and were tollarated well.Definatly visit once in your holiday.You wont regret it.

R M           

absolutely excellent. probably the best place to eat for price, portions and service. the mousaka was superb.

Sam P           

Easily the best place to eat in Lourdas! You are always ensured a friendly welcome from Spiros and his family and the food is fantastic. I recommend the little cheese pies and the strawberry and chocolate kebabs!
Thank you Spiros and your family for making us so welcome. We hope the jobs are still there for us!
Sam & Darren
P.S. Take care of the black & white cat if you see him!

Dave F           

Ate at Spiros, near the end of my second week in Kefalonia, Food was excellant, and the owner spiros was very welcoming and attentive to all of our needs. The menu was very extensive, and when arrived was delicious and hot. Can recommend this restaurent to all vistors to Lourdas.

Lee T           

nice people - service excellent - nice food - nice time - my son joseph loved it - and the two daughters of spiros were diamonds to my son -

Karen H           

we have just returned from 2 weeks in lourdas we spent most of our holiday eating at spiros ,the food was excellent staff was excellent spiros the owner was a lovely man and couldn,t do enough for you .On our last night there was 12 of us varios people who we had met and we all went for a meal together they went out of there way to make sure we all sat together .My son loved the spaghetti bolgnaise we also got a free bottle of ouzo thankyou spiros and staff for a wondrefull holiday from karen paul and karl we were the family who thought one of your waiters was ginola we also sat with ephy from california please tell her we are asking after her if you read this we will see you next year

Louise D           

We ate here once during our two week stay in Lourdas. The food that we had was nice although perhaps not the best that the area has to offer. we had spaghetti carbonara and pasta mexicana. we heard lots of compaints about this place but have to say that our meal was absolutely fine.

Carolyn D           

My husband and our 2 children have just got back from our hoilday in Lourdas. A wonderful island !!!. The worst part of the holiday was our evening in SPIROS , we ordered our meals , my youngest son decided to go for the kids menu of chicken nuggets and chips . After a long wait this arrived, my son tried to cut into his chicken nuggets and placed it in his mouth . When I looked closer I realised that the chicken was completely raw. We could not believe it !!!Spiros took it away and then brought back another plate of fresh nuggets , which I must say he did not dare eat. I made a complaint but he just laughed it off. The kids got free ice cream ..WOW. and we still had to pay for it all. Thankfully my son was ok the next day. It really is the worst place to eat in Lourads , Absolute horror!!! P.S THE WINE WAS AWFUL TOO. I recommend Greek Island in the village where Dennis is the owner !!

Veronica G           

My boyfriend and I went to Lourdas in July 2003 and ate at Spiros' Taverna approximately 10 times during the 14 nights that we stayed in Kefalonia. The service was fantastic, Spiros himself was extremely friendly, genuine, and keen to encourage his customers to learn the odd word of Greek!The setting was pleasant as there weren't too many tables crammed in together and it was very near the resort (if you can call it that!) area. The food also was great, I tried a number of pasta dishes as well as Greek specialities, all of which were utterly delicious and very reasonably priced, particularly considering the portion sizes, which were huge!The service really was very efficient, even during the power failure!Indeed, we were even rewarded by Spiros for our numerous visits with a bottle of Greek aperitif!A wonderful place all in all and well worthy of its high position in the Just-Kefalonia charts!

Ellaina T           

Do you like your food luke warm? If so this restaurant is for you. We went here once for my fathers birthday, after a long time we were told that the meals we had chosen were not available so we pick tomatoes, they were luke warm so my father went to speak to the waiter. He asked him if they were supposed to be hot or cold and after spluttering for a while he said "Ah,..ah well see there was power surge, power down," flapping his hands around, my dad asked why he hadn't told his customers that and he couldn't answer the question. After many grumbles and groans he said we could have the meal free of charge. We did not come back here again.

Sophie H           

Try the Greek Island or La Mer! The meals we had (Kefalonia fish pie/ vegetarian moussaka) seemed to have been reheated in a microwave, the fish pie is to be avoided...

Ann D           

We have just returned from Lourdas and we must have eaten at Spiros' at least 4/5 times whilst we were there. The service was always great and the food was beautiful too, apart from the Kefalonia meat pie which was rather dry, apart from that I have no complaints.

Trevor M           

We only ate in Lourdas once and regretfully we chose here.
My wife had seen me have kefalonian meat pie elsewhere, which i really enjoyed, so she made the mistake of ordering it here.
After tasting it, she couldn't see what the fuss was, so i tried it myself. YUK!
It was just so tasteless that it could have been anything.
Her sister ordered the kleftico which looked fairly good when it arrived, but there must have been two tins of peas hiding under the surface, which really spoiled it as there were no other vegatables in there.
The service was awfully slow,and we were the only ones there!

Victoria B           

We loved this restaurant - it was our favourite in the resort, and the only reason we didn't go every night was because of the heatwave and the hike up from our apartment. My stiffado was delicious, and a much bigger portion than when I had it elsewhere. I had crepes too, which were sinful!! We found the staff to be very friendly and helpful, very laid back and not at all rushed off their feet even though every table was full. Spiros himself was friendly and took time to speak to everyone in the taverna. I really can't recommend this place enough.

Lucy C           

Ed - we're with you on this one.....how DID this restaurant get so high on the list?!!!! Having never been to Greece before we really wanted to try good traditional dishes. But the fried hard cheese (turned out to be fried Feta cheese) was so salty it completely masked any flavour the cheese may have had. The stuffed tomatoes were ok - but didn't taste as fresh in comparison to the same dish at Klimatis. We can only assume Spiros has been better in previous years.

Lucy & Aaron

Ed F           

How did this restaurant get so high on the list!
Service was poor, because they were simply too busy too cope.
Need more staff.
Food was very good, but took 90 mins to have 2 drinks and 1 course. Get there early or very late.
Again ask for the bill when ordering last course otherwise be prepared to wait.

Louise S           

Spiros is an o.k place with resonably good food. There are only 2 bad comments we have about this place * long time waiting to be served * chef smoking in kitchen can't be good. Two nice meals we had was the Mariniere which is pasta with seafood ( large prawns, large mussels, squid etc)which i really enjoyed and the children's beefburger which my son had, was to die for, so good my husband wanted it the next day and was pleased to find out it was also on the adult menu. I'd give it 5/10 but wouldn't reccommend it

Harry S           

The food was poor it certainly hadn't been cooked fully the price?well, because we complained we weren't charged anything but We'd rather have a meal we enjoyed rather than not pay for it.

Alison S           

one of the things I was looking forward to on my return to the Ionian Islands, was a traditional Greek Meze. I opted for the vegetarian Meze as a starter, only to be presented with half a plate of chips, a small amount of traditional fare, and a large dollop of houmous. Very disappointing. My main course of Kebab also came accompanied by chips! My parter had ordered a meal that should have been accompanied by rice, but that also came with chips, minus the rice. We always enjoy local food when abroad and avoid chips like the plague, so this was disappointing. The staff were however very friendly and Spiros gave the odd Greek lesson. The local dog and cat also visited!

Dave B           

very friendly staff especially spiros, the plants and flowers around the perimeter looked stunning. it was the perfect place to unwind and relax at the end of a hot lazy day. fantastic choice of traditional greek and english style foods to try, by far the best restaurant in lourdas.
be sure to try the sweet red "madrdaphne of patras" wine, many nights of giggling on the way home......

Kate J           

We found the people at Spiros very friendly and courteous. We always ate early in the evening, the atmosphere was relaxed, and they were extremely attentive and efficient. The menu was extensive, the food was good - generous portions. I particularly enjoyed eating crepes for pudding.


I have to say we were honestly disappointed with our meal here especially after the glowing reviews.
We stat at a table near the back and I had to raise my hand for service everytime and they were very slow at taking our order when we first arrived.
The food was ok although we were put off by the bank of microwaves visible from the kitchen !!
We didnt eat here again and I cant say I was that fussed :(

Caroline C           

My boyfriend and I spent a happy week in Lourdas in August 2000. We tried other restaurants in the area, but once we found Spiros's we ate there every night - everyone there, especially Spiros, couldn't have been any more friendly and helpful. Our particular favourite were the cheesy pies.

Colin C           

Definitely our favourite restaurant.We ate there 4 nights out of 7 and never had a complaint.Spiros and staff always pleasant and the food was always excellent.Octopus,Swordfish,Stifado and Kleftico were our most popular choices

Katrina P           

Quite a walk from where we were staying (vrisida) Service was quite slow, however the food was excellent, and the staff were very friendly, as were the faimly of cats.

Christine B           

we ate at spiros most nights of our 2 week holiday and found everything very good very friendly staff. we loved the homemade tomato soup

Liz S           

We went here the first night of our holiday and had a great meal, my boyfriend had the Kefalonian meat pie and I had Stifado, both were good. The atmosphere was relaxed and we didn't feel any pressure to leave once we had finished eating like we found in other places. Overall a good start to the holiday.

Steve K           

Excellent meals, particularly liked the bread rolls and stifado. Went there 4 times in the week, very well priced. A bit busy later in the evening, a bit too quiet if you went there too early!

Marilyn S           

We sampled the local dishes on menu throughout the 2 weeks there and never had a bad meal. Spriros and his team are all lovely people and made us welcome every time. Our favourites were pork souvlaki, moussaka and kleftico

Linda M           

We had an excellent meal. Lamb in filo pastry as main course. Spiro took time to explain how it was made. Big portions, so no room for dessert.

Ian I           

went early in evening, place was busy but once seated , had to wait 30 minutes for service, the food when it came was like a school dinner, staff unfriendly, Spiros was a poor host and overall a great disapointment.

Jackie R           

Meal was ok nothing spectacular toasted bread very nice but garlic already pasted all over it

Tanya L           

It was ok- the staff were really friendly but the food did not seem that traditional. As a starter we had the meze which had some nice things on but on top of it was a load of chips - bizarre!!

Andy N           

we ate here 3 times and enjoyed the meal each time ,recomend you have the greek meze as a hot appetizer and hold off ordering a main course until you see if you have room , the desserts are very generous and worth skipping a main course for.Spiros is always willing to talk and is very friendly ,been in the trade for 15 years.We counted 8 kitchen staff and 7 at table so I cant understand where people are saying they got poor service from unless they were tnemselves rude !!! The best we found in the area.

Simon W           

A warm welcome from the boss. Good quality food if a trifle bland at times. Well worth a visit

Louise C           

Lovely place-lovely waiters! Nice food at reasonable prices-wouldnt have the vege kebabs though-some strange veges on there!!! Can see all food being prepared and def have a desert-they are rather large! One of the nicest in lourdas x x

Stewart D           

Ate here on 19/8/02: it was OK, but the Greek flavours seemed to us to have been 'toned down', presumably to appeal to the overwhelmingly English clientele; everything was a little bland and inoffensive, not bad but nothing to go back for! Nice service and atmosphere though.

Martin M           

Always enjoyed our meals here, staff v friendly. Massive swordfish steaks, enjoyed the cats but then again we are cat lovers

Alan J           

I found this to be my favourite restaurant in Lourdas.The staff were friendly and efficent with the best veggie selection bar none in Lourdas.

Rory F           

We ate here 4 times and never had a bad meal. Have to admit we miss the old style taverna's but times move on. The vegetarian food is excellent. Loved the vegetable kebabs with yogurt. But would have liked the yogurt to have had garlic in and some chilli oil would have given it and extra kick. The waiters in general were very friendly and efficent. They even give my niece a soft toy after a drama of her front tooth coming out. The bread rolls are lovely and the fish pie here is good. The price was more to do with the rate of inflation and the exchange rate on the euro.

Gareth J           

Eat there on two occassions, the food and service was great.

Cathy M           

Again worth a visit, food average, but you do need to go into the room to pay, but they like to let you enjoy your meal and did not rush us at all, even when it was so busy.

Ian J           

good bit of food, pretty industry standard fare, stifado was very tasty though bit above average, and YES do just walk into the room and settle the bil its an awful lot quicker!!

Ian W           

the service did leave a lot to be desired some nights but it was always very busy while we were in which may have accounted for the slowness.the food was well cooked and always hot and there was plenty of it-recommend the kalamari.we also had a selection of starters to make up our own meze and this was not a problem to them as it sometimes is in other tavernas when you as for 7/8 starters.owner very friendly and yes it is easier to go to the till and tell him what you had and then pay as i think this is expected.he also gives you a small bottle of ouzo if it is your last meal of the holiday.the saganaki prawns were good if messy to eat.

Allison F           

Food cold, too dark, too many wild cats being fed by customers while you eat. Poor service.

Muffin R           

Nothing bad to say about this place..loved it..went again & again..didnt think any of the other taverna's compaired...& the staff really liked kids...Spiros even gave me a teddy bear..(I'm seven).....& mum said the veggie food was great & best choice she's ever seen in greece..(been to greece 18 times)

Ron H           

I have just arrived back from lourdatus 19/5/2002 and would agree with Geoff Davidsons comments, I found the service to be poor and the food adequate.A much better restaurant is located next door at Tricolour and the prices are comparable.

Geoff D           

There are better places. It was cheap and the food was fine but unexceptional. Don't expect to to get your bill and pay at the table (you'll wait a long time). Go to the till and pay there. I would reccommend the Tricolore which is immediately next door upstairs.

Jim M           

I have visited this taverna since it opened many years ago, and the service, food and atmosphere has been consistantly good on every visit (8 years). The owner Spiros and his 2nd in command Anna never fail to give everyone a warm welcome.

Rosalyn T           

very good service/friendly and plenty of choice