Ta Pitharia

Restaurants in Skala

Geri G           

One of the best charcoal restaurants in Skala. The food is very reasonably priced, and the service is very attentive. The atmosphere is friendly, and it's really worth the wait to get in. The shrimp Saganaki is wonderful, as are the souvlaki and roasted chicken. I suggest you try this excellent food more than once when in Skala. You won't regret it.

James N           

Not that good. There are better places to eat such as Zorbas. Food very salty ... so you drink more! Can't understand why it was so busy all the time.

Derek G           

food was really good quality, service was also very quick,efficient& polite. we found that if you arrived after 20.00 you would probably have to wait for a table. the greeks ate there as well, always a good sign

Don T           

Despite the previous comments, we felt that the food was average but I must agree that the waiters were probably the most sullen people I met in Skala. The atmosphere, food and waiters didn't suggest it was worth returning for a second visit and I cannot understand anybody queueing. There are much better places to visit in Skala.

Amy B           

I had a gorgeous lemon pork in Ta Pitharia. But the highlight of that restaurant was the service and getting with one of the waiters that worked there, who was the best looking waiter on the island.

Andrew S           

Ta Pithara might not look much, but it's one of the best restaurants in Skala. The waiters are a bit moody at first, but once they recognise you they start to warm up... a little....

Emily P

I have been to Skala, Kefalonia and loved every minute of it! I enjoyed eating out at each of the different restaurants and tavernas especially 'Ta Pitharia'. Would it be possible to be given their address? Yours sincerely, Emily Petley.

Cilla L           

Went here several times as the food was excellent and very reasonably priced - prawn sanyaki, stuffed vine leaves and meatballs were all delicious. My husband tried the special (which changes each night) of fresh tuna steaks cooked on charcol and it was just perfect (I wished I'd chosen it!). Also the mixed fillet main (beef, chicken and pork) was extremely tasty and filling. Staff are quick and efficient too. Go early on in the evening to avoid the queue!