Anti Samos Beach

Beaches in Kefalonia

Mike R           

Great views on the winding round down to the beach, parking can be a bit tricky though when you arrive although there are some car parks which everyone seem to ignore. Facilities are at a minimum as regards food\drinks and there are sun loungers available for hire. The beach is a stony shingle affair, but who cares, by the time you reach it you'll be so in need of a refreshing swim you'd walk over hot coals to reach the sea.

Jaine H           

Lovely panorama of green mountains and fantastic view of Ithaka so peaceful and quiet. Although stony they are really comfortable to lie on and although tricky to get into the sea it is well worth it to see the fish. Will be going back shortly for the third time I spend all day on this beach and am always loathe to leave it !

Nick G           


Emma M           

The beach was fantastic. It looked beautiful from the mountain road, and although was pebbly, was really nice to swim in.
I would say though that you should invest in some cheap flip flops or sometjing similar when going on any of the beaches in kafelonia as the fine shingle can hurt.
Didnt mind paying to park....the car was safe and it menat that we didnt add to the congestion alreay caused by people parking on the road.
The only downside to this beach was the thin mountainous road that we had to travel on to get to te beach, but I would say to definetly pay a visit to the beach....its worth it!

Fay W           

This looked great from the approach road but couldn't believe
they charged you to park! We were only passing anyway.
We found the beach between Sami and Aghia Efima to be one of
the best on the island (even though it was a pebble beach). I
don't know what it was called but it was the only one and was
landmarked by The Saint Friday Restaurant/Bar. We had a
superb meal there and great snorkelling for the rest of the
afternoon (and the restaurants' car park was Free!!!).

Robert P           

Not bad but have to say the view from the approach road is better than the beach itself. The only one we found with a parking fee but blame the producers of Captain Corelli for that! Anyway, we just drove past the car park and rather smugly left our car further along the beach, nobody seemed to mind. Beach a bit too large and busy for us, bearing in mind the superb choice of small, more intimate ones nearby.

Irene C           

Stunning! What a back drop and the water was unbelievably clear for snorkelling. I could have spent the whole holiday here if I hadn't been staying at the other side of the island!

Martin W           

What a Fanatastic Beach!! Although the beach is not dane the veiws and the location are absolutely perfect. Had a real nice and the umbrellas weren't too pricey either.

Trevor M           

Fantastic views from the top of the mountain road, and just as good when you get down to sea level.
Lovely calm sea and crystal clear waters make this a favourite with locals and anyone who cares to venture out a bit and explore this beautiful island.
When we went, there seemed to be a lot more locals than visitors, so that must tell you something, as there's no houses for miles around.
Footwear is a must though,due to the pebbles, but well worth the visit.

H M           

A Brilliant bay/beach for snorkelling in, if you manage to survive the pebbles getting in and out of the sea.
Saw a Stone fish, Massive starfish, and lots of sea slugs. Well worth the effort. Beds and Umbrella cost 8 Euros

Oh a word of warning, there tends to be a freak wave that comes a long way up the shore and if your belongings are on the sea's edge your lose them when the wave comes in.

Lynne L           

Pebbles, pebbles and more pebbles.

Tracey G           

We have been to several of the Greek islands any many beaches and this has to be my absolute favourite. The waters are calm and crystal clear and are great for snorkelling. Last year i spent time following an octopus and this year saw a sea slug. Swimming with the shoals of fish is a real experience. The beach does shelve offvery quickly and it is advisable to wear some form of footwear due to the pebbles. Facilities are great. Will definitely be back next year!

Graham V           

Not the most user friendly beach on Kefalonia due to the pebble beach, but if you like clear water and beautiful scenery, this place is a must! We spent 2 restful days, just reading, swimming and eating our spinach pie,letting the peacefulness wash over us.

Kate F           

This was really beautiful, and very peaceful and relaxing. The water is crystal clear, and a lovely colour, and the waves were just ripples really. The beach was the cleanest we went to, and we weren't charged to park. We went in October and there were only four couples on the whole beach.

Marianne G           

This was one of the highlights of the holiday1 The water is amazing and it is such a quiet out of the way beach, that if you just want some peace, then this is the place. A steep drive to the top of the hill, but the view is worth it!

Neil R           

Beautiful looking beach I rate as possibly the second best on the island.

Julie W           

Fantastic to look at from the top of the cliff, fabulously clear water. Horribly busy, very hard to get in and out of the water because of the pebbles. Not a kids beach. Thought it was great how the locals had cashed in....Captain Corelli's car park gave us a laugh.

Don D           

We went in August, It was very busy and the only place where there were car parking charges. A beautiful bay set in amongst green hills. White pebble beach gave the water a beautiful blue clour and the water was very clear. The beach shelves very quickly and before you know it you are in VERY deep water. Not so good for those who are not confident in the water. I dread to think what it might be like if the water was not calm. Worth a visit, but be careful.

Christine C           

This was a really great place to snorkel. The beach is pebble, so wear some form of shoe to help you get in & out the water. Once you're in, it's fantastic. Surrounded by mountains. Lots of people there, yet somehow peaceful.

Michael M           

The setting is quite stunning, with a view out to Ithaka. The beach is very uncomfortable both to lie on and for walking. This was the most difficult beach for entering/exiting the water. The water wasn't as clear as elsewhere and the snorkelling was poor. Worth a visit, but not one for a full day.

Alexandra B           

This was our favourite beach, the water does get deep very quickly but it is very good for snorkelling. It is a pebble beach. There is also a really nice beach bar.

Malamo C           

This beach is very scary. The water gets extremely deeep very soon.

Angie C           

Absolutely stunning scenery.Beach of pebbles not sand but excellent for snorkelling.Wear something on your feet though as there are lots of black spiny sea urchins.Take care with children as the sea gets deep very quickly.