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Karen D           

We went to  Sirocos nearly every night on our holiday august 2005. we made good friends with waiter dimitris. who said when we come back august 2006  he would take a day off and show us around the island. How anyone can say this cafe was terrible is obviously sitting in another cafe. If you happen to go before us tell dimitris that the irish girl , her partner and two red headed daughters minus sling are coming again soon.Clap

Bob and helen N           

we went to skala for my wifes 50th - best holiday ever!! We ate in siroco on a night - hello Karen and andreas, and we also were big fans of the bar - great atmosphere - wed and fridays were karoke and they were such fun - hello to dj makki and lauren who got us up to sing and a big hello to jenna who kept our drinks topped up!!! it was a lovely feeling in the bar - everyone was so friendly, and inviting, locals, workers and holiday makers, We now call the bar CHEERS as its just like that! See you next year - poor you - you will have to listern to my wife sing AGAIN!!  = Big hand to siroco and friends

Laura B           

We went to siroco for the first time half way into our holiday - after that we were never away!!! It was the kareoki girls birthday,Lauran and they were having a party - we were made to feel very welcome by all there - fellow workers - makis and jenna, her boyfriend, friends and family!!Hello to you all!!! We had a lovely time - and will see you again for your next birthday lauran as we have booked up for the same time!! See you there!!

Peter & jackie            

We had noticed that the Sirocco was always busy, so decided to give it a try.  I don't understand why people came here, I assume it must be because of the friendly waiters, not for the food.  I had a soup which was a packet soup, and the rest of the meal was just adequate. 

Spinksy @           

siroco is probally the best bar in skala for young people. it stays open till about 4 and the owner makis is a top bloke! the atmosphere was always buzzing and the alcohol always flowing. missing every1 and cant wait to go back next year. think i need to get a new liver first though! tip top see every1 soon

Peter G           

This is the second year i have been to Scala and both times the food at Siroco has been lovely and the service has been friendly and at times entertaining. I would recommend this place to anybody.
Peter Gannon

Rach and su            

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I was living in kefalonia for a couple of months and most of my nights were spent in here . Its is  a great bar for all young people i met so many great people in here (as you can tell by the picture of us all  i rely miss every1  lol ) everyone is so friendly and the owner maki is a star he is so funny and will play your requests if u ask for a song  the karoke nights are brilliant as its the only place in skala to do karoke  and its always busy the locals go in aswell . i ve got some good memorys of siroco it is a realy buzzing place and i would definatly recomend it to any young tourists going to Skala .

Rach x

Sam H           

I cannot believe that Siroco has been given a 3 out of 10 rating. My Husband & I ate here 6 times on our holiday in July this year & just as many last year. The place is so friendly; you are really made to feel welcome, the staff remembered us from last year. The food is fantastic especially the Stamna (lamb & potato cooked with wine in a clay dish) & Souvlaki Siroco. They also have some excellent wines that are produced on the Island.

The service is second to none. Iíve read comments from people complaining that the service is slow, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE? Itís so nice not to be rushed & to relax over your meal with a bottle of wine (or two or three) thatís what you go on holiday for!

We found the prices very reasonable; we were paying on average around 60-80 euros for two courses each & two or three decent bottles of wine.

Siroco will be the first place we visit on our return to Skala this September.

We give Siroco 10 out of 10!

Ray W           

Stopped here for a drink arrived at 8.50pm for happy hour. Had a cocktail waited to be asked by tall, balding, overweight waiter if we could have another - he said yes then I queried why we had been charged full price for cocktail when we arrived 10 mins before happy hour ended when the sign was still up. What a rude waiter. Said his watch said we arrive 9.05pm -  so told him to stick his drink and paid only half as he was ripping me off. He threatended to call police - I said do what the hell you like, I am not being ripped off and we left.

Terrible customer focus and the worst experience in Skala. Also bar is not interesting at all - dull place!

Phil P           

We were really dissappointed to read some of the comments - were you at the same place?
We visited this restaurant many times during our visit to Skala in Sept 2005. Not only was the food excellent (prepared by mama) the service was out of this world. These guys know how to make you feel welcome. On looking around the restaurant everyone we saw seemed to be enjoying themselves and a huge fuss is made of children.
Andreas, Mikey, Mike, Christa became our friends and overall added to a fantastic holiday in Skala.
We can't wait until our return in August to Skala. Guess where our first visit will be?

Deby and peter F           

Only had breakfast here but it was very good - Scrambled eggs a la Greque - but a little too much cheese. Good location for people watching. Coffee comes with condensed milk, be warned if, like me, you hate the taste!

Linda L           

We found Siroco excellent. During the day it is paper table cloths and napkins where food and drink is served and you get nice large mugs of tea and good breakfasts and after siesta the tables are re-laid with linen tablecloths and napkins. Service is a bit slow but they are all friendly and food is really good and you can sit as long as you like a people watch after your meal.

Karen G           

Fab place to eat, ex food, ex staff and great value for money. Must try the Siroco special spaghetti, dont know how i managed to eat it all. A meal for 2 adults and a 13 year old (who had an adult meal) and a 8 yr old including drinks and desserts for all was 50 euros. The 2* rating on this site is absolutely undeserved. Hope to be going back again Sept and will eat there most nights as we did this time

Karen G           

Just come back from Skala, ate at Siroco almost every night. Brilliant food, excellent service very friendly, prices good. 2 adults 2 children (13 & 8) main meal, dessert and drinks 50 euros. Cant believe the rating of 2/10!!!!!!!!!!!!! Going back in October and will be going to Siroco as soon as we get there.

Melina D           

We have neer been to Greece before and we visited Siroco for the first night my wife and both found it excellent and went back twice more. The service the food and value for money was suberb.


Great restaurant and bar! Friendly service and quality food, what more could you want?!

Susan J           

I was looking on site. I am really dissapointed with it because the rating is not fair. Siroco which is not the best but one of the best restaurants in SKala has 2/10 ???? Are you sirious ?? Shame on you ..Am sure you have get some money for this. Check the other restaurants and you will see that they have more negative rating. But all 10/10 !!!!

Miss E           

Siroco Bar was brillant, there was always a good atmosphere, drinks and music and there was a lot of good looking men in there which was a big bonus! The owner Makis was very friendly and welcoming.

Min A           

Glad to see Kostas having a slightly more relaxing time running the cafe after
his years slogging away in the restaurant!
Exactly what you need for a cafe. Perfect spot to watch what's going on, good
service and decent coffee.

Jackie C           

Siroco is the new upmarket of Skala. What to say ? About the food, about the bar, about the night sky ....with the stars .... about the toilets ??? oh, boy ....don't miss it ...because your holiday will be incomplete!
jackie x

Nick P           

Siroco, siroco siroco!!!!

We just came back from Kefalonia, the day before yesterday.
End of season, everywhere really quite, but Siroco prooved for one more time that is the best. People were leaving because restaurant was packed ...and everywhere else was just not very busy. Don't miss it while you are in Skala.


Good value, authentic Greek restaurant,well worth a visit, try the Orgion Red, you won't be dissapointed

Jo H           

Tried this resturant once, looks the part and staff were OK but food was very poor. Mousaka was just like school dinners used to be! Chicken dish I tried was virtually tastless (suspect the meat had been filled with water to bump up weight). Come on guys you can do better than this!! - quality of food round and about in other resturants (Skala and Katelios)is outstanding.

Laura S           

I am 19 and me and my friend went to Skala mid August this year. We soon found Siroco bar and it was the only place that stayed open until about 5am. It was small but very friendly and you can have a good laugh with the locals....( Hi to Petros and Andy! ). Also the coctails are the best......and the English DJ plays good music.

Carl W           

We ate at this restuarant several times. The food was good and tasty and the service was excellent. However, we got tired of the same menu and same faces. We both enjoyed the pepper steak at this taverna.

Emma M           

Really liked this restuarant. Always seemed to be busy. In fact we liked it that much, we went there for our last dinner before we felw home. You must try the pizzas, (especially the agrotika). The waiters were friendly and helpful.
we will return here next year!

Miss T           

Compared to the other bars in Skala, Siroco had the most welcoming feeling. My friend and I felt relaxed to dance and have a good time without feeling that we were out of place. The service is top, and the actual location and setting is perfect. Siroco became our favourite and was hard to catch us is any other bar! Not to mention the fantastic food!!!

Ray C           

Ate here one night & found it very satisfactory on all accounts.
No complaints about the quality of the food although I can't remember what I had to eat(guess it was the Kefalonian meat pie).
Possibly the smartest toilets in town.

Ros T           

We thought that the Siroco was very friendly and it was one of the best meals that we had. We stayed in Skala in October and visited the Siroco a couple of times and both time they were excellant. The breakfast was good too....

Leanne P           

We ate here once and it woz a good night. The staff spoke good English and were very friendly. The food was average but the Hawaian ice cream was the nicest in the town.

James N           

Tried it once for lunch - we sat down waited and waited and left after another couple who arrived after us were served first. Tables weren't cleared of the previous customers debris - tips left on the table!

Alan W           

Just returned home from Skala.We visited the Siroco 3or4 times over the 2weeks.You always recieve a warm welcome here.Good food and entertainment from the waiters.My grandaughter(aged 7yrs) fell for Andreas and his charms.When asked to have his photo taken with her, he used one of his well used comments "No problem" and made her evening,(Thanks Andreas).We tried various dishes from the menu and enjoyed them all.A nice family run restaurant.PS.Thanks for the round of drinks Andreas.Jammas.

Carolyn Y           

We tried this place out for breakfast because of all the comments on this site. We were very disappointed and I was extremely surprised when I came home to see more positive comments about this place. It always looked empty compared to the other restaurants on the main street and the one time we went there the staff were not particularly friendly and tried to short change us!

Katy W           

Fantastic!! We ate there during the first few days of out holiday and even after the first visit they remembered my daughter's name and used to call to her in the street. Very friendly staff and excellent food. The best taverna on the main street of Skala

Gilly D           

What can I say about this place, it was nothing less than brilliant !!!! The food, the service, the waiters were so good !!!! We went there several times and was never dissappointed. The meze for 2 was lovely, recommend this. My husband asked the waiter for some sparkling wine of some description. He actually disappeared off to the local supermarket to buy a special bottle for us as they didn't have what he thought was "good enough" for us ! That's what I call service !!!! . If you want a really great night out, go to Siroco, you will not regret it !!!!

Claire C           

I took my friend for her Birthday and it was by far the best meal we had, had all week and we ate very well the rest of the week. Well worth a visit.

Ian H           

A place to eat(everynight)and a place to meet the Sciroco beats them all. The food is great(especially the mushrooms in garlic sauce).The service is friendly with jokes and banter the whole evening through. A friendly smile will always greet you and believe it or not they always remember you, year after year after year!Thanks to the Solomos' for making our Kefalonian holidays so memorable!

Chris D           

Milly here (sorry this my Makis nickname). We go back to Scala every year. Sad people you may think. Siroco is the best Restaurant, believe me we have tried the rest over the years. Try the Siroco Sausage for starters beautifull... Peppered Stake...Chicken Souvlaki...Yogurt with Honey brill, hey Andreas!!...Large cold beer Pina colada. Thats made me hungry do you do take-aways ? A joke for you Andreas. Two roaches were munching on garbage in an alley when one engages a discussion about a new restaurant. "I was in that new restaurant across the street," said one. "It's so clean! The kitchen is spotless, and the floors are gleaming white. There is no dirt anywhere--it's so sanitary that the whole place shines." "Please," said the other roach frowning. "Not while I'm eating!" See you next year.

Jeremy Q           

Some restaurants you get food. Some others have reasonable drink. At Siroco, not only in the food brilliant, but you also get Makis and Andraus! Good food, good wine, and brilliant entertainment! You will be there all night.

Laura L           

We Went to Soroco about 3 times while we were staying in skala as it is such a lovely resturant the waiters are lovley people and very friendly. Makis is a lovely guy. hope to be back next year we will deffinetly be eating in soroco.


Siroco is one of the best restaurant in Skala. They even have an official web site where you can get special offers while you are on holiday. See The stuff is so friendly and funny that everyody were laughing with their jokes. Ask Makis to make you a shot and Andreas to tell you some jokes. No mention about the food and service because with no doubt is the best! When we asked for the bill they gave us a computerized bill where we could see what we had in English!


All round good food and service. Try the freshly squeezed juices( orange, appple, stawberries etc). Ask Makis to sign you Planet Skala as he will be famous one day. Definetely dont miss a visit!

Michael M           

The Chicken Souvlaki is lovely, but the pizza leaves a little to be desired. Nice place and service though. The phone lines were down when we tried to pay the bill, so they let us come back another day to pay. Very trusting people.

Cilla L           

Went here twice, food is very tasty with good portions. Try the following starters - spicy sausage sanyaki and eggplant parmesan (I think it was called) - which was deliciously covered in melted cheese - both were quite filling! Their bolognaise 'from the oven' was also quite delicious. Watch out though for the VAT/tax which appears on the end of the bill - we didn't see any mention of this being added on the menu.

Karen R           

Ask or Mamas Almond cake. It is excellent. The restaurant is good and the family are geat. We visit a few times every visit to Skala. Treat Makis to a Jack Daniels and he willbe your friend for life. He also produces the local magazine called Planet Skala